Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 6

And so it goes on. Another week of college football is upon us. Here are your ten games. You know the rules. The first game is another Friday night game, this time featuring a Pickled Pigskin favorite from Idaho. So, you need to get in your guesses by game time, which is 7:00 Mountain Daylight Time (9 EDT/8 CDT/6 PDT/00:00 UTC)

     1.#19 Boise State @ New Mexico

  1. East Carolina @ So Florida

  2. Iowa @ Minnesota

  3. LSU @ #18 Florida

  4. #9 Tennessee @ #8 Texas A&M

  5. Georgia @ So. Carolina

  6. #23 Florida State @ #10 Miami

  7. Arizona @ #24 Utah

  8. Pillow Fight: Texas-San Antonio (1-3) @ Rice (0-5)

  9. Tie breaker Pick winner and final scoreTexas vs #20 Oklahoma

31 thoughts on “Peter’s Pack of Pickled Pigskin Picks 2016-Week 6

  1. Second first!

    ​1.Boise State even though visiting the New Mexico Lobo stadium can cause a good team to play badly.
    2.East Carolina – Kbells’ Purple Pirates make another visit here.
    3.Iowa – Gotta go with the team near my in-laws’ farm.
    4.Florida – The Gators aren’t Mizzou.
    5.Tennessee – This could be their year.
    6.So. Carolina – For Chas.
    7.Miami – It’s been a long time since the Hurricanes had a good season. And a long time since the ‘Noles had a bad one.
    8.Arizona – Here’s hoping.
    9. Rice – only because they’re at home and desparate to win.
    10. Oklahoma 24-10


  2. Last time I had help. I did not do well.

    East Carolina
    So Carolina
    Texas 42-35


  3. Chas’ wild guesses.

    1. Boise
    2 East Carolina
    3 Minnesota
    4. Florida
    5. Tennessee
    6 South Carolina (no, but I can’t vote against them.)
    7. Miami
    8. Utah
    9. Rice
    10 Texas 14-10

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  4. Peter: The UTSA-Rice game is not until Oct 15 – are you sure you wanted that game? How about UTSA-Southern Miss, instead?


  5. Travis:
    South Florida
    Florida State
    Southern Miss (UTSA’s opponent)
    Oklahoma 42-30


  6. Oops! I only looked at Rice’s schedule as the only major college with no wins. I wanted the idea of “pillow fight” to go along with the ESPN Bottom Ten blog page choice of two teams with rotten records, but there hasn’t been one published this week, so I chose it without looking at the date. And with the possibility of several games being affected by the hurricane, we may have to cancel this week’s poll. Let’s see. Tell you what. We’ll go with UTSA-Southern Mississippi, and not call it a pillow fight, but the David vs Goliath game of the week (So Miss is 4-1). All those who have picked Rice have the opportunity to re-choose on that game. If any games get cancelled or postponed we’ll just have to deal with that.

    I hereby change my selection from Rice to So. Miss.


  7. My strategy this time happens to be to go with the first team mentioned on the listing. If Texas-San Antonio is still first then I still pick them.


  8. So, Janice- I normally list them with the visiting team first, but with the change, Texas-San Antonio is the home team. So do you want So. Mississippi?


  9. kbells and Janice: You still need to pick the Southern Mississippi @ UTSA game.

    So far, only two of our games are affected by Matthew. UGA @ So Carolina is postponed until Sunday while LSU @ Florida is postponed indefinitely. When that game is rescheduled, I’ll add it to that week’s list as an extra game.


  10. I didn’t see it last night, kbells. Sorry. Either that r I did and forgot to mark your choice on my spreadsheet.


  11. I don’t feel like doing what the network news channels do, in that I’m not going to proclaim a winner before all the votes are cast.

    There are still two games to finish, one which has not been rescheduled. Right now, Travis is the projected winner, regardless of the outcome of the two postponed games. So I hereby (tentatively) proclaim Travis the winner with 7 correct out of 8 completed games. The best anyone else can do would be 7 out of eight, but since they have the So. Car./UGA game picked the same as Travis, he’ll have 8 of 9. The game is in progress with Georgia ahead in the 1st quarter. So, unless something happens that I forgot about (like hanging chads or a Supreme Court decision), Travis wins.


  12. I will tell Travis. Travis and his wife are the proud owners of Presidential Candidate Arnold Weaver. If it is OK, Arnold will pick next week’s tie-breaking game.


  13. I confused myself. Travis could get 8 of 9 while the best others could get is 7 of 9.

    Well, Georgia won so Travis finishes with 8 correct, kbells with 7. The LSU/Florida game would not make a difference, so when it is played I’ll make it count for that week.


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