26 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-1-16

  1. An e-mail from the Director of Outreach at Friendly Avenue BC Dr Henderson was an administrator in Guilford Co. schools before retiring there.


    We are so proud of our own Dr. Brian Muller, who was a finalist for Principal of the Year with the Guilford County Schools! This is a real honor. I believe we have around 125 Guilford County Schools!
    Doris Henderson

    We just call Dr. Muller ‘Brian”. He’s husband of our oldest GD.
    A good guy.

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  2. 🙂 A while back, before she got her current job, I said that I was hoping that Nightingale would not have to work an early first shift, because I really, really didn’t want to have to deal with getting Little Guy out of the house & on the bus.

    Well, she does indeed often work first shift, which means having to leave the house at 6:30. Towards the end of the summer, she talked to our next-door neighbor, Denise, who runs a daycare (& who Little Guy is familiar with), about putting him on the bus on those days. Denise agreed, & only charges $15 for that time. So that concern is off my shoulders.

    🙂 Cataract surgery went well, & my eye is healing nicely. Even though my vision in that eye is still somewhat blurry (the kind of blurry when you don’t wear your glasses), it is amazing how much better it is.

    🙂 On the way to my first post-op appointment on Thursday morning, Nightingale stopped at Dunkin Donuts & treated me to a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I don’t think I’ve ever had a latte before. It was delicious.

    😦 Certain matter heavy on my heart, with lots of tears.

    🙂 The word that God keeps dropping into my mind is “Trust.”

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  3. Correction– Just . . . Thankful for everything but Spelle correction.

    And I’m going to leave it spelled wrong, since that was it’s idea!

    Great, now I’m spiteful.

    I think I’ll read Deuteronomy . . .


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  4. 🙂 Very busy week, but those often remind of what I enjoy about my job — all the crazy variety. I wrote stories on:

    (1) our horribly hot weather at the start of the week

    (2) a ceremony, patterned after the Hollywood walk of fame, coming up in October to honor sports stars

    (3) an increasingly heated political race for county supervisor (wrote 2 stories on that, back to back)

    (4) the uproar over opening a homeless storage center in town

    (5) an effort to purchase and restore a Korean War-era helicopter that would be on permanent display on the deck of our WWII battleship

    (5) Donald Trump and his preference for only the young and beautiful when it comes to those being employed at his national golf club in our area (one of my FB friends was a hostess there during her college years, so that provided a good, first-hand interview); and

    (6) (the week wouldn’t be complete without it), coyotes.

    I think there was one more story I wrote, but I’ve forgotten what it was about. 🙂

    😦 Bathroom overhaul feels like it’s on hold, though it’s provided me with time to order what will be needed when work finally does begin. Still need a window, faucets, lights, tile & bead board, though.

    😦 I wish I knew more about all of this (building, designing rooms, etc.) Grateful for the Internet.

    🙂 And I have Kim for advice on the decor part and my cheapskate real estate buddy for the rest. But he recently began a new job (with a new agency) and understandably isn’t very available of late — but he’s my go-between with the workers who I believe are tentatively lined up to do the job(s), just no time frame established that I know of.

    😦 The state of the nation. But in an odd way, I feel this is (and will be) good for the church in the U.S. It’s something of a wake-up call, no? We’ve had it so easy for so long and that doesn’t seem to be the “normal” pattern for believers that we see either in Scripture or in history ever since (not to mention in other nations during present times).

    As our pastor said recently, we’re no longer “the home team” (drawing on his coaching years and how hard it was to play and keep up morale in an opponents’ gymnasium, with the crowd mocking and scorning you at every opportunity.)

    😦 Still, what’s unfolding in this national election is simply not “good” (as we understand it) for the nation — for our neighbors, our families. Generally it seems not to bode well for the future. Although in God’s view, and in the big-picture sense that we can’t really see, we can trust that it is all counted as good.

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  5. If we aren’t “the home team”, who is?
    Is Satan running things completely?
    Pastor Steve (FBCHNC) thinks it will get worse.
    Pastor Pat hasn’t commented except on our lack of choice.
    Do you know why we’re in this situation?
    It’s because 17 men decided that there was no downside to running for president.
    That means that the person who got the most votes, though never a majority, is the one we have chosen. More on the Politics Thread.


  6. hmmmm….opportunity….does one correct a writer, or let it go……more later…maybe.

    We are in this situation because we like all of our forefathers, chose sin. The results continue to snowball. We are the visiting team until God cleans out our home with fire.

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  7. Are you referring to my faulty math skills again?

    I like the number 5.

    Chas, I agree in the more immediate sense (that it was 17 candidates, maybe 12 too many who ran this year) regarding the fix we’re in.

    But it all goes back a ways, really.

    Home team? The spirit of the age would seem to belong to the secular progressive movement.

    Of course, as Dr. Boice used to point out, there are only 2 kinds of humanity — believers and nonbelievers. When it comes to our particular nation today, I’d say the nonbelievers are clearly the home team. They may always have been the home team, but there is a deeper divide now between the two when it comes to accepted values.

    Which really makes the true picture (of what is and always has been/always will be the spiritual reality) so much clearer.


  8. We are missionaries in a foreign field (always) — though some fields “feel” more welcoming at various times than others.


  9. 😦 Little Guy’s other grandmother is ticked off at Nightingale. She wanted to take Little Guy to visit one of his great-grandmothers, but Nightingale said no. Nightingale noted that this happens to be Mr X’s birthday weekend, & she doesn’t trust her to not let him see LG.

    I feel kind of sorry for Other Grandmother. She doesn’t really know what happened, only whatever version Mr X may have told her.


  10. We run into that with a grandmother. One of my children has chosen to not yet reconnect with her birth mother. She went to the prison hearing for one of her bio brothers after being informed that bio mom never showed up for those things and lo and behold, their was birth mom. Daughter was very unhappy with grandma as grandma knew daughter was coming up and had been trying to get them together for several years, underhandedly.


  11. Mumsee – I realize that was wrong for that grandmother to try to reconcile them underhandedly, but I sympathize with her wanting to do that.

    Oh what painful messes adults can make for their children. It breaks my heart.


  12. Oh, I understand and encourage my children to have relationships with their folks when they are ready and realizing that the reasons the children were removed are probably still there.

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  13. Michelle, its and theirs and hers do seem that by all reasonable rules, they are possessive and should have apostrophes. But imagine his as hi’s and it’s clear they aren’t supposed to.


  14. 🙂 Such a fun day yesterday. Went horseback riding with son, husband and future dil.

    🙂 She called husband “dad” yesterday! I love it (and her)

    😦 My rear end is very sore today

    🙂 Church with them this morning and then lunch out and if it stops raining we’ll go track hunting just south of our place and then play some more games.

    🙂 A short but very sweet visit with them.

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  15. 🙂 Another great day – church with the kids, good message, nice lunch out (their treat!)

    🙂 Came home and went for our walk – found coyote tracks, raccoon tracks, badger tracks and bear tracks of various sizes – one set from a very large black bear, but no wolf tracks today.


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