19 thoughts on “News/Politics 9-28-16

  1. I mentioned before that I’m reading Second Term which tells how the President, by a single vote of congress and a review by the Supreme Court has established The Lawrence McAlister Hate Speech and Hate Weapon Elimination Act. He has proceeded by arresting some gun owners to create fear and compliance. Now he is using executive orders, as FDR did, to recreate the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) which will monitor meetings and other situations where hate speech might occur. They define “hate speech”.
    That reminded me of something that really happened. It was years ago. I was working in a SCHD asphalt testing lab. I had this part time job for four years. There was a discussion among us concerning states rights. That is, the rights of states to create and enforce their own laws. During the discussion I made this point.

    Some of you young folks need to remember that. It will prevent lots of useless mumbling about what is and isn’t Constitutional. It’s coming soon. Somewhere near you.

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  2. More than any article I have read this year, this one articulates what Republicans have lost:


    Previous Republican leaders demonstrated personal responsibility and encouraged it among the people, thereby lowering the need for government intervention. Abandoning wives, conning poor people with a fake university and stiffing workers and small businessmen with bankruptcies, Trump is a Democrat poster boy for the need for government to protect people from such amoral predators.


  3. Chas, you terrify me. Looking back over my life I can see how this has slowly creeped in with political correctness starting in the early 90’s through BG’s school years and what they have taught the children. I have done my best to de-program her but have probably failed. I am afraid I may have been among the last taught to think for myself.


  4. Kim I so resonated with that clip…and ya know I shared it on my timeline….it’s so funny because it’s so true…or should we be weeping and gnashing our teeth?!

    The header photo spoke this to me today….I have said it for a long time….it happens in our government and it is happening in the church….like a frog in warm water…. 😦

    Suppose you want to boil a frog. How do you do it? You could place the frog into a pot of hot water, but as soon as it feels the heat, it will jump out. So, what can you do? Put a pot of cool water on the stove and then add the frog. Not sensing danger the frog will stay. Next, turn the burner on low to slowly heat the water. As the water warms, the frog relaxes. The warmth feels good. As the water gets hotter it acts like a steam bath draining away energy and deepening the frog’s relaxation. The frog becomes sleepy and has less and less energy while the water is getting hotter and hotter. By the time the frog realizes its danger, the water is beginning to boil, and it is too late to take action. There is neither time nor energy left to do anything. The frog perishes in the boiling water.

    What is the moral of the story? Be vigilant. Don’t let unexpected change creep up on you. Don’t become a “boiled frog.” Pay close attention to what is going on around you, so that you can notice when the “water” is getting hot.

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  5. Kizzie, It was just a cartoon. I run my Facebook wall like Snapchat.

    Cheryl, Your article was scarier than mine. I had never read the story about the treatment of the great-nephew with cerebral palsy. I have this very bad feeling that if we elect Trump, his profound character flaws are going to lead to something horrific. That feeling is made worse by the knowledge that we will be getting just what we deserve.


  6. Tychicus, My mother watches Fox News all day long and knows all about all their anchors. I told her on Monday that if Trump wins, it will be because of Gretchen Carlson. Carlson’s lawsuit forced Fox to dismiss the predator Ailes. This freed Ailes up to work full time for his fellow reprobate Trump.


  7. Apropos to my 8:07, I see on FoxNews that California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a law permitting convicted felons to vote.
    This step is necessary to get a majority for the take over. Makes it legal.

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  8. For the first time ever, I agree with Obama. This bill passed by a vote of 99-1. That means something is wrong to get such a vote.
    It isn’t that I oppose “getting things right by the 9-11 families.” it is that there will be a lot of commotion and nothing will come of it.


  9. Chas, I think KBells’s comment was an intended as an example of the kind of stuff Kim said we need to de-program kids from. Outrageous that teachers can say nonsense like that. I wonder if they’re intentionally lying as part of their indoctrination, or if they actually believe what they’re saying. Either way is hard to believe.

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  10. Chas, I agree with you on the 9/11 bill vote. Sovereign Immunitiy is an important principle of international law. If the US abandons that principle, no nation will be a bigger target than the US with our drone strikes, Iraq invasion, etc. Obama was right to veto the bill.


  11. Watching a FB discussion by my pastor on this predicament.

    Some excerpts:

    So instead of a rock and a hard place, we’re stuck between an abyss and an empty place.

    Do you think it’s un-Biblical to have a woman president?

    Least of my concerns at this point

    Who are you voting for?

    Writing in Nixon

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