29 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-16

  1. Good Morning! Not sure there was a winner last night…I know who lost…the American people!!
    It is still very dark here in the forest…the dog needed out at 5:30….that’s better than yesterday when it was 2:00 AM…ugh!
    After being in KY and NC for the past week, the Mr is coming home today and he can take care of Lulah…she has worn me out…..a very needy, ask not what I can do for you but what you can do for me canine!! 😎

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  2. Your brilliance shines through to Atlanta, Jo!♡

    That moth is in a jam. Quite an unusual photo. Is it symbolic of our nation and all its debt when the bubble bursts?

    I did watch the debate. Art did not watch it. He said he could not stomach it. Miss Bosley watched it with me. Neither of us barfed, and neither of us purred.

    My friend, Karen, went to ER yesterday with a severe and life threatening asthma attack. That means her surgery tomorrow may be postponed.

    Art has a follow-up doctor’s appointment today. I expect the doctor will be pleased.

    That all that’s news from my side of the wandering views🌎🌏🌍

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  3. Well when Donald went on and on about his good temperament, she was glowing in the moment and did a little shimmy with excitement…yeah…she perked right up didn’t she?! What a disaster these two are for our country! Dumb and Dumber….not certain which is which….

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  4. We cut our Bible study short last night so those who wanted could get home to watch the debate. I tried. I just couldn’t do it. Donald has a limited vocabulary for a man of his wealth and accomplishment. Who really says “braggadocious” anymore? Who cares where you own property? I can’t really critique anything she said because I have trained my ears to tune her irritating voice out.
    We really don’t have a choice in this election. I vote neither.

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  5. I watched about a minute or so during a commercial break while watching reruns of Supergirl. Too bad she is not running for President. But then, she is not native born. In fact, she and her cousin Superman are illegal aliens. Do you think Trump would have them deported?

    Anyway, the minute or two I watched was more of the same drivel we’ve been hearing for the last year. Trump calling names and repeating adjectives over and over, and Hillary lying over and over. I did get a laugh when she said we need to respect the law. What irony!

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  6. Peter – Did you see my reply to you last night (regarding Jesus’ brothers & sisters)?

    I’m thinking of private messaging Tammy on Facebook & getting her input on that. Her son went to a Catholic university, & she did a lot of research into Catholic beliefs.

    Something I have observed with various Catholic family & friends is that many don’t really know what their church teaches. My parents would called themselves Catholic, but we never went to church, & they really didn’t hold to Catholic beliefs, but they identified, so to speak, as Catholics.

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  7. To give you an idea of how bad my left eye is. . .

    Looking with my left eye, with my right eye covered, I could not recognize Chrissy, nor make out the features of her face, from about two & a half (maybe three) feet away.

    (Did I already write this? I don’t see that I did, but I thought I did. Maybe I was just thinking of writing it, & then thought I did. But I don’t see it on yesterday’s thread.)

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  8. “I don’t see it on yesterday’s thread” 🙂 Got a chuckle with that after what you’d just written.

    Our pastor has said today’s (lay) Catholics are much closer to Protestant beliefs — they’ve adopted an evangelical outlook, and are not really being well versed in how the church believes differently on some of those issues.

    The cat is needy here, she climbs on me and over me and pesters me, pawing my face, trying to play under the covers overtime I move, and continually bugging me in bed in the mornings, until I finally relent and get up.

    Header picture is SO symbolic of the state of our nation.

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  9. Ah, poor moth! But it’s a cool photo.

    I watched the debate, or most of it. I left the room for 15 or 20 minutes toward the end, but went back when I knew they were close to their wrap-ups. I thought Clinton was “better prepared” than Trump, but he was more under control than I expected. You could tell they loathe each other, but she seethed with it and from him you could just tell in what he said. Her response when he said he was visiting all those states and she “stayed home” and she came back sarcastically that she had to prepare for the debate, and she’s also preparing to be president? It sounded smart, but I hope people catch how stupid it was–if a woman who has been the first lady and secretary of state has to “stay home to study” so she will be prepared for a few questions in a debate, then she’s hardly prepared for the work of being president. He came out later and said it, the real reason–her stamina is suspect. I think she could have gotten away with the truth, that she had pneumonia, or tell us that she was working on policy planning, or something, but she has to stay home to “prepare” for a debate?

    I think it’s gonna hurt him big time that he all but admitted (by first nor denying, and then by giving a smart-alec answer) that he made the better part of a billion dollars last year and paid no federal taxes. Her “make the rich pay their fair share” will resonate more than his responses to that. She did start to look visibly tired. He already has too bad a reputation to get away with saying he has the better demeanor or whatever word he used, though last night it certainly looked true. She managed to get more of the focus on his tax returns (a non-issue) than on the illegal server (a huge issue, but one she casually called “a mistake”–no, a mistake is signing your tax return with pencil rather than pen because you grab the wrong writing tool, and it’s something that’s usually quickly correctable. If it were a mere mistake, it would prove incompetence and criminal negligence, but it’s much more than that.

    My husband only watched 15 or 20 minutes and then said sorry, that’s all he can take, and he went in the library and closed the door.

    My take (having read nothing about it from anyone) is that she was overall better prepared, but that anyone who has not seen any of the debates and such so far (as I have not) and had not heard any of the news of the campaign so far (on this one I have) would be inclined to be swayed toward him, since she is an “insider” and she presents “more of the same” but he was careful to present himself as a businessman who can actually fix stuff. Anyone who IS familiar with the news and stuff so far was going to be repeatedly reminded that yes, he is much more of a jerk than he managed to be last night, that she is in fact a criminal who got away with it, and that she isn’t physically ready (health wise) to be president. And they are going to be inclined to believe Trump is a soft-spoken but genuine racist, and that she seethes with hatred toward people who disagree with her. My prediction? She will “look” softer next time, but will come across as more firm and less hostile. Maybe not–she’s old enough to have learned to control herself by now if she can. But my hunch is her coaching will be very much along that line. She looked better when she smiled or laughed than when she glared.


  10. Kizzie- I saw your response. I know that Catholic beliefs vary from place to place. After all, look at the Kennedys and other American Liberals with their beliefs compared to Mother Teresa.


  11. Yeah, big difference there! It is so easy for one to claim to be a Catholic or a Baptist or whatever, but it’s another thing entirely to actually live it out.


  12. There are so many mysteries about the Catholic Church. Some rumors are false about what they believe and some are unfortunately true. I have known some really good people who were Catholics and I have known some who were not. Just like any other religion. The Catholic church falls within the catholic church as a whole. I hate to see any of us disparage another of our faith. I did not grow up in the Catholic church but I did grow up around it and I have a respect for it.

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  13. I hope my comments (last night & today) did not come across as disparaging Catholics, because that was definitely not my intent. My comments were more about those who are mostly nominal Catholics. I’ve known some wonderful, godly Catholic people, including in my extended family. My dear friend Renee is a Catholic, & I respect her faith.

    Although, some of what I said last night – about many Catholics not realizing what their church teaches – also applied to my MIL, Mary, who was a lifelong devout Catholic, & her brother was a priest.


  14. This is interesting:



    “Be still and know that I am God.” —Psalm 46:10

    Often this verse is used as a source of encouragement, and it is one of the most “liked” verses in the Bible. I remember hearing this verse often in Bible studies back in college and reading it in a daily devotional. Sadly, though, it has become just another cliché Christian phrase that is repeated in Christian circles.

    Notice to whom this line is directed. It’s actually not an encouraging verse written to Christians. It’s a call to the nations to cease fire and bow down to the Lord who is God. “Be still and know that I am God” is not a great devotional memory verse; rather, it’s a severe warning.

    Psalm 46:10, in context, is a warning to all of the armies of nations who oppose God and his people. It’s as if God is saying, “Be still! Stop!!! CEASE FIRE! Know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.” In other words, “If you oppose me, I will crush you. This is a battle that you cannot win.”

    Context is extremely important in the interpretation of Scripture. We can’t extrapolate Bible verses and use them however we choose. We have to read every passage as God the Holy Spirit wants us to do. This verse is a warning to the rebellious nations. …


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  15. And yet, that does apply to us and is worth learning. When we are being rebellious in our own small ways, we need to stop. Cease fire. Stop muttering about things. And know that He is God.

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  16. A few years ago, some catalog I got had a plaque with “Be still and know that I am.” I thought since “I am” is God’s name, technically that is a “correct” quote, but I have a hunch they were treating it as more of a centering, psychological mumbo jumbo than as theological truth, and they chose to leave “God” off for that reason. (It didn’t include the reference as I recall, so I think they figured some people might not even recognize it as a Bible quote, but some people might buy it because it was, and they’d win both ways.)


  17. My take on Roman Catholicism: First, all people are made in the image of God and we should respect all people. But we owe no “respect” to false belief; we are to fear God, not man, and it is not kindness to refrain from saying “This is an apostate religion.” If it helps, the RCC still officially considers us apostate. But the Reformation isn’t over, with some newly corrected RCC as the twentieth century Catholic believers.

    Also, it is my personal theory that the RCC tends to syncretize (join different belief systems into one) wherever it goes. In Haiti that means it syncretizes with voodoo; in places where other religions are dominant, it melds with them. In the USA, Protestantism is more dominant, so it tends to use Scripture more here and put less emphasis on the idolatry and other features that wouldn’t play as well in the USA. But it is still a false religion (with some genuine Christians among its ranks). We’ll only be “unified” with Rome if we give up what we believe, because as a religious body they are not choosing to repent.

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  18. The rest of the “be still” link is good, too.

    Reminded me of when I realized at some point that asking God to search and know my heart was really a rather fearful request, and very possibly could result in some “bad” news about myself. It certainly was not a request to throw out there with a lot of self-confidence! 🙂

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  19. Cheryl – When I said that I respect Renee’s faith, I meant her personal faith. She strongly believes & trusts in Jesus, & is interested in getting to know the Bible better (she is somewhat familiar with it) even though that is frowned on in some Catholic churches.

    I was surprised to see an admonition against reading the Bible without your priest’s permission, in a Catholic Bible Mary had (but never read).

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  20. I have “Be still and know that I am” on my wall. It is right by my front door. It is a reminder that God IS and He is in charge. I do believe that verse can be a comfort to us. The whole psalm begins with that and ends with that. Those who need to fear are not God’s people, but those who are fighting Him. We do not have to be afraid anymore than we have to be afraid of His judgement, if we trust in Jesus for our salvation.

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  21. Feeling a little nervous about my cataract surgery tomorrow morning. I know it is routine, & I am not anticipating any complications, but I am nervous about the discomfort & bright light during the surgery. My eyes are very sensitive to light, so I don’t look forward to that.

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