64 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-27-16

  1. Cheryl beat me by a minute. Comes from checking mail first.
    Kim, Re: the scam I reported on last night.
    Those days are numbered. If someone called me like that, I would immediately find the person on “find friends”. I told you before that I once got a call from Becky’s husband. He was in jail in Mexico. I knew immediately when he called me Grandpa. That isn’t what they call me.
    I also told you before that I was almost taken in by a time share scam. I wised up before it was over and went to a lawyer. Took fifteen minutes and cost $50.00 for this bit of advice I give you for free.
    “Never, under any circumstances, wire money to an offshore bank.”

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  2. Morning all.
    I felt like I was visiting Kim tonight. A group of ladies did a community theatre presentation of Steel Magnolias. Very well done. Funny and profound.

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  3. Good Saturday morning all….I’ve been up since 4…it may be a nap day this afternoon! Off to have breakfast with a friend….prayers cherished for our meeting this morning….she is a Buddhist/Hindu….she embraces anything opposite Christianity….but she likes me 🙂 I am her “praying friend”…..she knows I love her…she knows I cannot save her…she knows I follow Christ…dying to self is not within her comprehension….how I pray one day soon she will comprehend His love for her…..

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  4. Good halos to all! Can you imagine if we all wore halos or some other immediately distinguishable mark of being a Christian? Would that change our behavior in any way? I think it might make more Christian pause and think before acting.

    Our God is the only living and personal God. Prayers for Your friend, Nancyjill. We are sometimes the only Ambassador for Christ in the lives of those around us. God entrusted and empowers us for that awesome responsibility.


  5. Last night Art and I watched The Theory of Everything about Stephen Hawking, so we visited the world of British academia. Amother truly awesome movie which covers a lot of ground in Christian themes, too. It is a “watch again” type movie for me. The movie is two hours, and we ended up watching the special feature about the making of the film which was about that long so I stayed up until about 1 a.m. The film score is wonderful for 6 Arrows and Roscuro.


  6. We got to watch our daughter in Steel Magnolias last year. I loved it. The play was so much better than the movie, IMO. Plus, the fact that it was based on the playwrights experience, make it even better.

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  7. The book is better and a fuller story, Janice. I came home from the movie and bought it as an ebook. I finished reading it the next day.

    Writing was not as skilled as I expected from a literature PhD (albeit medieval Spanish), but I enjoyed it. Obviously.

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  8. We have a relative we help out. He once gave out his bank account number to someone on the phone. Fortunately, he told us and any fall out was minimized. He did have to get a new account. Hopefully, that lesson will stick with him and it won’t happen again. Thieves that target the vulnerable are the worst. Better to be poor than face God after a lifetime of that.

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  9. Summer camp is done. Today was to be a day of rest and relaxation. I woke up at 6am. 😦

    Oh well, I’ll try to make the best of it and maybe have a nap later today. It’s always a let down to say goodbye to our amazing young staff – I love them so much. I also had to say goodbye to the young man who ran our outdoor rec program – we worked very well together and he had a great sense of humour. That’s one thing about camp ministry; most of the workers are young and move on after a few years so there are lots of goodbyes. He’s getting married to a beautiful (inside and out) young lady in December. As I hugged her goodbye, I said I was still mad at her for stealing him 🙂

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  10. Our cop reporter was trying to track down one of those “you owe the IRS or you’re going to jail” calls someone he knew had received. He called the number, pretending to be the person, several times, guy kept hanging up on him.

    I picked Cowboy up after work — they said he was still “under the influence” from the morphine-derivitive they give them for dental cleaning surgeries so I didn’t let him drive.

    He has some mild (holistic) pain meds & antibiotics I need to give him for a few days, but other than that it all went well, no complications and no extractions needed (though she did “fill in” some of his gum line areas as he is 9 years old and is getting that receding gum issue that can loosen teeth, which we don’t want). Vet wrote a sweet note saying what a sweetie and wonderful dog he is. That would be true. 🙂

    She told me when we checked in that he’s very “zen” and she’d like to just take him home for a week for the calming effect.

    He’s always been like that, even when he was young. One of the vet techs once told me he just has an “old soul.”

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  11. I was up at 6:30 today, but I went to bed at 10 last night, earlier than usual for me on a Friday.

    I’m still dealing with what seems to be a leak from the bathroom right after a shower, this one may be coming from shower water getting into the wall liner and dropping down to the ground. It dries up quickly and is not constant, only when shower water is running.

    So I’m trying some electrical tape just for now around the window there to see if that works as I can’t see any breach, but there is a gap behind the wall liner in one area that I can feel when I push on it. Any opening likely is at the base of that (ugly) louvre window “sill” which is plastic also. How I wish I could just go in and rip all of that ugly stuff out. But I’d need to be prepared to deal with what we’ll find …

    The real fix will probably be a wall tear-out & rebuild. I have no idea what something like that would cost or if I want to go there (or even can) right now.

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  12. Thanks, Michelle, for recommending the book. It has to be great. I may get it for Art. I am still behind on reviews and can’t fit in other books for the moment. I did get to meet and sit in a class with the founders of bookfun.org, the main group I review for, at the writer’s conference. Really nice folks.


  13. Oh, Janice! I’ve just been looking for your answer to my question about what blogs you read. Can you tell me again?

    And everyone else, could you list possible places that people frequent who might be interested in Biddy Chambers? I’m working on that section and after looking at several list of great bloggers, I’m not seeing much that pertains to me.

    There’s an awful lot of blogs about how to love your husband and homeschool your kids–which sort of fits in, but not well enough . . . .

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  14. Kare, it might be your comments about camp that made me dream I was teaching a class of kindergartners. I think in the dream it was toward the end of the school year and I had not been the sole teacher, but the other teacher was absent that day. Another adult was present who knew the kids, and she was giving me helpful hints, but it was my class. In the dream some children were coming up to me and saying things, and I was responding to them, but most of them I wasn’t calling by name, because I didn’t know their names (and I felt bad about that). The other adult reminded me they usually went outside for the first part of the morning to blow off some steam, and I decided to take them outside, and then realized I’d misplaced my shoes.

    And I kept thinking, “I’m not equipped to teach kindergarten! I should have told them no! Second grade maybe, but not kindergarten! I need to make sure they don’t put me down to teach again next year.”

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  15. I am back. I have mowed, edged, and blown. I draw the line at weed eaters. I don’t like them and am afraid of them. Of course, you all know that. Mr. P is outside taking care of that chore. BG had today off and I was going to try to do something with her, but when she called me this morning it was to tell me she had picked up some hours at work.
    I have a restless feeling today. I want to do something but I don’t know what….I may just haul myself back outside later with a good book.

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  16. Speaking of scams. What does Ann, Amber, Greg, etc from Credit Card Services get from calling people. I block the number they call from and I can get a month or two of peace without them calling, but then they pick back up. I think I got about 4 calls last week. Why? Everyone I know hangs up and blocks them. I heard that we can stop them because they are calling from offshore. I am also sure that President Obama doesn’t care what my credit card debt is and is not looking to help me pay it off.

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  17. Kim, they don’t need a high-percentage success rate, just some. And I’m guessing they occasionally get a naive 18-year-old who just loves having a credit card and also an occasional lonely widow whose discernment skills have lessened.


  18. I’ve cleaned the bathroom window & window sill area (plastic, all part of that ugly surround tub liner), will figure out how to secure that spot later today to see if I can stop that water spot from appearing outside. Trying to find a way to seal it so it won’t look awful, so I may see if I can find some colored electrical tape (white/gray) that will at least somewhat blend. Very temporary fix, but it’ll have to do for now.

    I also bagged & boxed up some old cookware from kitchen cupboards I am not using (and will not use in the future, near as I can fathom). Now I have a whole new (handier) space for newer cookware that I do use. And another bag to ship off to the Salvation Army. I have a pick-up appointment with them for Monday morning.

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  19. Kim: Weed eaters are perfectly safe if you wear protective glasses and long sleeve shirts and pants. They aren’t strong enough to do damage except in stuff they throw.


  20. I also have an aversion to weed eaters. I don’t own one, but I do remember former boyfriend coming over to the house I was renting once to take out my backyard weeds with one. Scared me to death, I cowered in the kitchen, watching through a window.


  21. I was terrified of the weed eater until I realized it was not really out to get me and would do what I said. Now we get along fine. And I have never chopped my legs off or even been hit by the string. It does throw things so you want your eyes and ears covered and SHOES and long pants and probably long sleeves but I rarely get that far. And I have done a lot of weed eating. Understand the tool and it works fine. I thought I might cut a board today with a power saw but I did not as I am not comfortable with them. If I could find my jigsaw, I could have done it but have not seen it for about eight years. Others have seen it but don’t know where it is. So I finished my goat shelter with a long board supporting the middle and I will attach a birdhouse to the top in the late winter. I can now use a power screwdriver.

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  22. Forget what I said on Rants and Raves; I’m close to an emotional meltdown out here, caused by the tyranny of the electronics devices . . . .

    Smart Kid #1 will stop by to help between soccer games. Meanwhile, Stargazer wisely has gone off and left no forwarding address . . . I’m afraid to let my eldest into the house for fear of contaminating him!

    This morning I have been unable to
    work the copier
    work the scanner well
    turn on the bad computer from last night (but at least it shows a new photo)
    Download a Bible study from CBD
    and have wrestled with the router–which keeps threatening to quit.

    I’m hunting chocolate now that I ate a BLT for lunch.

    (Stove worked! A miracle! And the dishwasher and the washing machine, too. I’ve moved up the tech food chain into–whatever this is!)

    LOL Maybe this should have been on the prayer chain . . .

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  23. Michelle, have you ever tried a slot machine. With the energy you give off maybe you would hit a jackpot. Of course don’t take gambling advice from me. I can lose $20 faster than the cocktail waitress can bring me the free drink they give you for gambling. 😉


  24. Michelle 🙂

    My dishwasher is locked, loaded and running, thankfully, and I finally cleared out all those old cleaners, etc., that had gotten jammed under the sink. Whew. It had reached a point where I wasn’t sure what all was under there, especially way in the back, and there was no room for new cleaners anymore.

    I’m not getting done what I planned to get done — which was to finish clearing “stuff” out of the computer room for the Salvation Army — but I’ve been working somewhere in the house all morning, so I guess we’re good. And I’ll have plenty to haul out to the front yard for Monday’s pickup.


  25. Michelle, I did not list blogs I read, but thought of places you could check to see if they have anything. Try women’s history sites, homeschooling girls supplemental reading, what happened this or that day in Christian history, maybe a blog on researching ancestors or famous relatives, influential Christians, women behind the men in ministry, traditional devotional reading sites, maybe something on church or pastor’s book collections and recommended readings lists? I am just doing a brain dump. Maybe you can dig out a gem or two.


  26. Donna, one option is to put another shower curtain on the wall side of the shower. That way you have shower curtains all around. At the Missions house at my church, another old home, there is a window in the shower and that is what they have done. I must admit that I hate it as it always feels like the there is no room as I am bumping into the shower curtains.

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  27. Not a bad idea, Jo.

    But yeah, I can envision getting completely encased and wrapped up, trying to fight my way free of all that draped plastic. 🙂 Help! Help!!

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  28. I have rediscovered a weakness. I bought painted ceramic pumpkins today and a table runner and a flower pot container. I didn’t need any of it but I brought it home, put the table runner on a side table/buffet in the dining room, put the pumpkins on top and put a plant in the orange container with pheasants painted on it on the entry hall table. I almost bought a Christmas table cloth, but talked myself out of it because it is still August.

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  29. Kare I have been on Wayfair shopping for bedding. I’ve narrowed it down to two but the one I really want is the more expensive. It is a Laura Ashley pattern that reminds me of a Laura Ashley dress I bought in Denver in 1992

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  30. Meanwhile, the white duct tape and electrical tape actually don’t look bad in the shower. (I mean, it’s hard to make plastic surround-tub liner look tackier than it already does, right?)

    I’ve managed (I hope) to seal up the plastic “window sill” that was bowing out just a bit, I think that is probably where shower water is managing to get to and then drip down to under and outside of the house. I’ll be able to tell after taking a shower in the morning and then checking the driveway, to see if there’s that tell-tale ‘wet spot” on the ground seeping out.

    Cousin wanted me to go to a play & lunch out tomorrow with her and a friend, but it’s at 2 p.m. and I really think that I’ll be ready to crash after church tomorrow. Busy work week ahead with the LA Navy Fleet Week coming our way for Labor Day weekend.


  31. 🙂 Kare and Kim would be dangerous shopping together.
    That was the problem when Elvera and her sister went to the mall together.
    “Elvera! Look! This would be just the thing to go with your……..”
    But it was her recreation. And it was usually on sale.
    But it worked the other way too. Polly didn’t hesitate to tell her that she was too old for some things.

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  32. We have not been shopping, we have been herding goats. I had three separate herds but I wanted them all back together. The goats do pretty well, it is my herders that are challenging. But they keep trying and it did get done. Whew. Patience.

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  33. Talked to real estate guy at the dog park, feel (slightly) encouraged on the bathroom front. Slightly.

    Cowboy appears to have fully recovered from his dental surgery, I finally had to leash him up as he was trying to hump everything that moved.

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  34. I finished the questionnaire so the major task is done. 30 pages left to input into Biddy (corrections from both me and my assistant) and that is done.

    Packed, tomatoes given away from the garden, Stargazer has returned and I’m checking out.

    The electronics did NOT defeat me, and I’m grateful.

    I’ll pick up my sailor home from the sea and then we’re off to the Olympic Peninsula.

    I’m taking NO electronics except for my phone. I’m not touching a computer.

    Of course, daughter just called. “Won’t you read email? Won’t you check my essay?”

    Nope. Her father can do it. LOL

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  35. Michelle, great braids (FB reference)

    My louvre window in the bathroom apparently hits below the ‘moisture line’ (shower-wise) which is part of the problem.


  36. Recently, the topic of the Eternal Subordination (or Submission) of the Son was discussed a bit. I’ve read some on the debate, & it seems that a lot of the debate has to do with whether or not the Son was subordinate in eternity past. There seems to be some agreement that He chose subordination/submission in the Incarnation & afterward. The point was made that He was & is subordinate in function, but not in essence.

    Anyone want to share any thoughts on this?

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  37. Jake and Barney are doing very well. Unfortunately, Jake and Barney love chicken more than they ought so they are penned. But, as hoped, Jake is the good buddy of ten year old and he takes them for long walks every day and otherwise spends time with them. Barney is getting older but Jake is quite happy. For a starting dog, sheep would be easier to herd than goats.

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  38. Cheryl, Jake would do much better at anticipating the intent of the goats than several of my children can do. However, the goat herding effort ran through an area filled with free ranging turkeys, chickens, guineas, and rabbits. The goats would not have been noticed.


  39. No leak/wet spot outside the shower today, I think I’ve barricaded it — but I did also order a shower liner to put on that side of the shower as the taped area around that window is still getting wet. The extra curtain will make it pretty claustrophobic in there, but I’ll figure it out — and it should protect the area enough so I won’t have to keep reapplying tape.

    Classy bathroom remodel 101 🙂 = Duct tape and plastic.

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  40. Monday morning here. Hard to get going after a three day weekend. I finally got in a long walk yesterday.
    Prayers as I have new boy today. I don’t think he has ever been in school before. I may need to have a talk with him that school is work and he has a job to do, but there will also be play time. He seemed a little wild when he toured the room last week.

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