44 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-12-16

    You know what that means?

    I have a luncheon with my SS class today. We meet every months. Second Friday.

    I got an e-mail from bro-in-law, Heading: “I’m in the hospital”. It turned out to be a joke, but I was immediately worried because he has heart problems. He is seven years younger than I. He blames me for getting him and Polly together. They’ve been together 53 years, so it’s not all my fault.

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  2. I wasn’t lonely Linda, but thanks anyhow.
    I have had breakfast since my last post. I’m drinking coffee and finishing a muffin now. 😉

    You can tell I don’t have anything to say either.

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  3. Morning Chas.
    Glad that this week is over. So many emotions and lessons on how to communicate.
    Lots of work to do this weekend. Need to at least begin newsletter and they want documents for my eportfolio. Being close to retirement, I don’t feel that I need one, but I will do it. I hear from others that figuring out how to get the documents online could take hours.

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  4. To those Californians on yesterday’s thread who said you love barns: Come on over to Indiana; we have them everywhere. When we first married, my husband would point them out and ask me to take photos, and now I usually get a picture before he can ask (unless I haven’t seen it yet, or my camera is on the floor of the car). We have them in multiple shapes (different shapes and styles served different purposes, e.g., the horse barn and the hay barn) and most are red but not all. My husband paints watercolor, and he keeps wanting to paint a barn, though I’m not sure he has done any yet, so for Christmas a year or two ago I even bought him Indiana Barns. https://www.amazon.com/Indiana-Barns-Marsha-Williamson-Mohr/dp/0253015219/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471002026&sr=8-1&keywords=indiana+barns

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  5. Good Morning…what a lovely birdie in the maple tree up there!! It is 48 degrees this morning…we had a lovely rainstorm move through last night and it’s feeling downright autumnal!!
    Cheryl I love love love barns!!…and your photo did incite a gasp from me! Truly it was my favorite of all your photos! We have many barns here in CO, but there is just something about driving down a country road in Ohio and Indiana and spotting that old barn. When we drove out to pick up Lulah we were on many single lane country roads in Indiana…and saw many an old barn….I do love the Midwest 🙂

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  6. Good morning, and good evening, right now! Please accept the greeting that applies to your longitude and latitude 🙂

    Everytime I think I am finished with something, I find there is more to be done to make it better. I am learning that situation to be a given in the field of writing and tweaking. With accounting, there is a definite end, when the numbers all balance and everything is classified properly. That is like doing a finite jigsaw puzzle and getting every piece in its proper place. With writing, it appears to be an ever expanding jigsaw puzzle with the original picture changing along the way, and then previous pieces put in are removed and new pieces in different shapes Inserted. Am I beginning to have a clue about this process?

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  7. We watched the movie Tomorrowland last night. It was highly entertaining and gave me the sense at times of being a child again with dreams of what could be. The special effects are fabulous.


  8. We have a ton of barns here in Pennsylvania, too. We also like to ride the countryside and take pictures – ours are of unusual or ancient buildings, barns, and even foundations (and a couple funny road signs, like “Cow Crossing.” We have many framed and hung on two walls. Red and yellow are the primary barn colors here, although we captured a picture of a green one.


  9. The photo today almost looks like a painting, since the clarity is off a little. My kindle produces a similar effect. It’s not an HD and it shows.

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  10. The Midwest is wonderful for barns, I remember the ones all through Iowa with the corn fields, and Illinois Amish country.

    I’ve seen some beautiful barn landscapes on the east coast too, though — Pennsylvania, NY (where my friends live on a farm outside of Rhynbeck and Poughkeepsie, and had several barns as they shared a large piece of land with other neighboring farms). Love going down a country road and seeing a red barn. 🙂 One of the photos I remember taking on their property was when it was snowing and I was outside talking on my cell (checking in with my pet sitter). Right in front of me were a few of their oxen behind a fence and the barn in the background, so picturesque.

    I got two stories done yesterday, two more to go today — including a long one on coyotes ( 🙂 ) —
    I’m set up to interview the state Fish & Wildlife guy who was involved in the closing of that park earlier this week (they killed 5 coyotes, the fifth one they think was actually the guilty ‘offender’ in the three human attacks, I need to ask him exactly how they determined that). I believe they’re reopening the park, but I’ll find out from him today.

    Yesterday I interviewed a local woman who lost her Chihuahua to a coyote in her backyard earlier this week. Her other Chihuahua was bitten but probably will be OK. They saw the coyote scamper back over their fence when they heard the dogs crying & ran out & grabbed a pitchfork to go after it (the gun was coming out next, she said) — fence was 10 feet tall.


  11. Unfortunately, they let their Chi’s sleep in their backyard as they whined indoors & were used to sleeping outside when they got them (the one that was killed belonged to her dad who passed away a couple years ago). They figured their fence was more than tall enough for any protection (and coyotes were never reported in their neighborhood, which is very densely populated, she said). But leaving small animals out overnight just can’t be done anymore, they will very likely get taken. I suspect we have a very large local coyote population now.

    And the coyote will likely be back as he knows there’s “food” there now (and he was chased away before he could take his kill with him, though the little dog had crawled under a bush and didn’t die until later when the owners found him 😦 )


  12. The header photo reminds me that it’s late summer now, fall is right around the corner — but for now, everything is still green (well, except for my yard).


  13. We have some of the old wooden barns here but mostly it is metal siding and roofing. We are a relatively new place here. Though sometimes you see a little tiny old shack out in a field and you realize that was somebody’s home a bit over a hundred years ago and few to no neighbors for miles around. The reservation was taken from the Nezperce just over a hundred years ago. So people were living out on the prairie without water and electricity and a grocery store just down the road. Amazing how times have changed and what people could do not so long ago.

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  14. Remember when a “push mower” was one without a motor? Now it’s either a self-propelled one or a motorized but non-ride-on one because no one (except for Mumsee) has one without a motor.

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  15. We had a coyote that looked like it wasn’t going to get off the blooming road, so we could turn into our driveway. It was dark and from a distance we thought it was a small deer. In the headlights we saw differently.

    We have a local tour company that does barn trips. We have plenty around here, but these are not local ones that they tour.

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  16. Kathaleena, we’re told by our animal-friendly city officials to just shake a can of pennies & wave your arms around lot. They’ll turn and run right away.

    It works — until the coyotes figure out that nothing comes after that. That’s all there is, it’s all we’ve got. “There she goes, shaking that can and waving her arms again.” Silly humans.

    They’ve learned to just wait it out or stare at us until we turn and run right away.



  17. Cheryl – I really liked your barn photo, too, but I think I neglected to include its number in my list. The area we live in has a lot of rural areas, so we see a lot of barns, & tobacco barns. I enjoy seeing them. There is even a barn on the other side of our backyard, shaped like a house, but in the classic red. 🙂

    Btw, have you seen my comment to you on the secret room thread about an idea you & your sister could use, if she was willing?


  18. DCF Lady was here again this morning. (She’s not investigating Nightingale per se, but is still gathering info on the situation in general, & also offering advice.) She tried to ask Little Guy some questions about his father. Little Guy replied that he is “scared of Daddy” & doesn’t want to answer any “Daddy questions”. 😦

    You may remember I mentioned that she & another lady were here on Wednesday, offering advice & suggestions for our safety.

    Later that night, as Chickadee & I were upstairs, babysitting & waiting for Little Guy to go to sleep, we heard some sort of loud alarm, & it seemed to be coming from downstairs. So we all ran down the stairs, only to find no alarm going off. (Thinking about it, it wasn’t the same cadence as a smoke alarm, & Hubby would have awoken if there had been some alarm going off downstairs, so I suspect we heard something from outside or from one of the neighbors’ houses.)

    Now being kind of spooked, & it being well after dark, Chickadee was scared to go into the basement to get her laundry out of the dryer. She wanted us to go down with her, but then Little Guy felt scared to go down there. So I went down, but stayed at the bottom of the stairs, so Little Guy could see me from the door & Chickadee could see me from the laundry area. Kinda funny, now that it’s all over.

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  19. Not many old barns around here. Lots of old rock structures though. Went to see the grands in northern NM. Old rock walls and buildings through the land grant areas. We canned green beans and butchered a dozen chickens. Young son got to swim in the river with the boys. It was a blessed time.

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  20. The best things on barns are the painted quilts. There are whole tours of those alone. Not that I have gone on one. Neither the barn or that particular type of tour. 😉

    People should not have to worry about coyotes getting them, their children or pets when they live in an urban area. Too bad some people see humans and animals as equals.

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  21. RKessler – We have some nice rock walls in our area. I love seeing them. There’s a partial one between our yard & the apartment house (large house turned into apartments) parking lot next to us.


  22. Earlier this week, Nightingale was told that the shift she had been hired for is not actually available, so they can only give her a day here & there, & every other Sunday. She was very disappointed, & also angry at them for not coming through with what they had promised her.

    Then this morning, she found out that the nursing home wants her to train on the rehab wing, & after her training (five days next week), she will have the hours she was originally supposed to have. She is relieved & happy.

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  23. I notice that Yahoo mail has made some changes. .
    I can only delete three e-mails at a time now. Same for my spam filter. i can delete three, then click that I, indeed, want to permanently delete them. Then I go back and do it three more times. Also, when my spam folder is empty, I get a commercial.
    I suppose that this is the way I pay for free e-mail.


  24. To expect people to run around with a can of pennies is so stupid, I cannot even believe it. Oh, wait; I sadly can.

    After a week, we established that the insurance will look into our car repairs and need for a rental. The other owner was going to just pay for it, but finally decided not to do so. So, we are sort of back to square one and facing another weekend with an unusable vehicle. It makes me wonder if we were too nice at the scene of the accident or this man is just so insensitive. “Do unto others…”


  25. And “Do unto others, as you want done to you” should apply to employers, as well. It would go far to making the world a nicer place for us all.

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  26. Home now to work, still looking at all the sentences using the verb “was.” I rearrange or substitute a different verb to strengthen the sentence and improve the writing.

    At the rate I’m going, it will take me all month to finish these 20 words, but the manuscript should read better.

    Meanwhile, I was so tired yesterday, I was going to punt on today’s blog post, but then I remembered I had told you I would write about the emotions of typing the end.

    So I wrote it, very quickly, and it’s been well received and retweeted a bunch of times.

    I don’t understand what happens in half my life.

    Back to was.

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  27. Chas- I am able to delete the entire SPAM filter at once in our yahoo account. Also, I can click “Select all” in the inbox and then “Delete” and all of them go away.


  28. Spam, mine is more like Chas’s. It used to delete them all, now just groups. Though this morning I pushed something different but I don’t know what, and it deleted them all.


  29. I was proud of Nightingale for calling HR (or whomever she knew to call), & complaining about the lack of hours. By doing that, they initially gave her alternating Sundays, then called today with news of having her train on the rehab wing.

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  30. I found this house in Idaho. I will bring my cans of pennies.

    Secluded hunting cabin … wired for electricity and runs on included propane generator. There is a water collection system. 18 x 18 2 story pole building is over engineered and stout, perfect elk camp. Building is insured.

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