15 thoughts on “News/Politics 8-8-16

  1. I think the presidential election is over. Trump shot himself several more times, and this time the press finished him off.

    There is a rumor that Bill Kristol has another unknown conservative who may announce today. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, this might help conservative congressional candidates by keeping some conservatives from just staying home. On the other hand, Trumpkins will blame conservatives for his landslide defeat.

    So I will remain a neutral observer while rooting for Lithuania’s basketball team and that certain female shot putter from New Zealand.


  2. I think Trump will lose, perhaps in a landslide. But it’s a little soon to write him off completely.

    It’s still relatively ‘early’ in the general election campaign, time to recover.

    The polls after Labor Day and heading into September will be more telling.

    Of course, whether he can or will recover remains to be seen. The party is so badly fractured at this point, he’ll have to win over a lot of independents and disaffected Democrats to be competitive. And they’ll all have to turn out to vote in droves come November.

    All very iff-y.

    After that, the way forward for the GOP and/or conservative movement seems very clouded. There’s been so much infighting in the past decade or two that putting it back together won’t be easy or quick. And maybe not even possible, at least in the short-term.

    The Democrats are delighted, of course.


  3. There’ve been several Republicans (on both the federal & state levels) who have announced they are voting Libertarian this year, & some have even changed their affiliation to Libertarian. I’m sure you’ve heard that Mary Matalin has done that.

    Have any of you seen the articles or videos that purport to show Hillary having a seizure or needing help walking up a set of stairs? One guy on Facebook shared a video which laid out a theory that she had had a stroke – or brain injury – or is autistic. (Guess he was trying to cover all the bases.) But I haven’t yet seen anything about these things from websites I know for sure to be reputable. (The photo of her being helped up the stairs is shown from the back, so it could be someone else entirely.)


  4. I changed my affiliation to no affiliation. 🙂 Seems like that’s what most fits me these days (and it’s the largest growing category for voter registration so I’m part of a trend again).

    It’ll be interesting to see how party alignments (or non-alignments) eventually shake out following this election.

    To be honest, I can’t imagine how Hillary is handling the nonstop campaigning, it’s hard even for younger folk. Trump is, I have to say, in amazing shape from all appearances, however.

    But it looks like it’s a bit of a physical strain on Clinton.


  5. Sorry. It is a picture of Trump and Bill Clinton golfing with the caption: “Sometimes it seems like this whole thing was planned out on the golf course.”

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  6. Election Day 1992 I ran into a friend at the polling place I ran into the youngest son of my own personal WWII Veteran. I told him I didn’t know who I was going to vote for. He told me to ask myself if I was better off now than I was 4 years ago and vote my conscience. I was young enough that I really didn’t know if I was better off or not and I was still idealistic so I voted for Ross Perot. I know, there aren’t many of us who will admit to that these days, because we split the Republican vote and gave the United States Bill Clinton. I have been ashamed for 24 years.
    I have told you many times that I would NEVER, EVER, in a MILLION years vote 3rd party again. I would NOT split the Republican vote. I find it curious that 24 years later we have Hillary Clinton running and it is even worse and a 3rd party seems the best option. I hesitate to “split the vote”, but after some soul searching I am about 80% certain I will vote for Johnson. I am sure Alabama’s electoral votes will go to Trump, and I am afraid I will be handing another Clinton a win, but I can’t in good conscious vote for either of them and whichever one wins I don’t want them to think they have a sweeping win and a mandate from the people. I want them to know they got it by the hair of their teeth. I have issues with Johnson, but he seems the best way to send a message. I also like a lot of what he says too.

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  7. Kim – You can stop feeling guilty. I read an article recently that showed that Perot pulled voters in almost equal numbers from both Republicans & Democrats, & that Bush’s numbers were low to begin with.

    Unless you are in a swing state, your vote isn’t going to matter much. But a vote for a third party will “send a message”. It will be interesting to see how it all falls out on election day, as the Libertarian & Green parties are polling higher than they ever have before.

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  8. I cannot stand Joel O’ Steen and the poop eating grin he has. You can look at him and tell he isn’t trustworthy. 60 Minutes did a piece on him too. It goes back to my trust issues. O’Steen was “ordained” by his father who started the church. He never attended seminary. There is not doctrine except whatever Joel makes up on the fly. May as well be a snake oil salesman


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