39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 8-6-16

  1. Janice: Re. Your phone from yesterday.
    Get someone who you follow on “friends” to tell you where you are.
    The location isn’t precise, but you’ll get an idea where your phone is.

    Good morning everyone else. Except Jo & Tychicus. and Ajisuun. (haven’t seen her in a long time. Got an e-mail some time ago.)

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  2. Good morning, Chas. Finishing up my night shift. You and AJ are up and at it early.

    Hoping to pick up a dog at the humane Society on the way home. Son and I stopped to look at them yesterday. Exciting!!

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  3. Ann is up and about.
    She left her mark.
    On “find friend” foe example, I can tell that JK is at a Hardees in St. George, SC. All my other people are at home.
    Leastwise, their phones are.


  4. AJ’s up and about. I’m in VA. until tomorrow. I don’t know how you southerners deal with this heat. At 7:15 this morning it was 88 with 92% humidity. Yuck. T-storms later they say.

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  5. Good Morning Everyone. The dogs and I are up and I am having my first cup of coffee. We have had so much rain this past week I haven’t been able to mow. I could have done it last night but I volunteer at the Art Center on First Fridays, so I put together a cold appetizer that my friend M had done all the prep work on. Roasted yellow squash, zucchini, mini tomatoes in an assortment of colors, artichoke hearts, marinated baby mozzarella, tri-colored tortellini, sugar snap peas, and some sort of dressing over it to marinate a little more. We served it in big bowls with extra long tooth picks then we had lemon cream cheese on crackers. It is usually the same crowd every month. It is their First Friday Free Dinner and wine, beer, or bottled water.
    There are two exhibits there right now that I love. I don’t need to possess ANY of it but I do like looking at it. One is painted on silk banners. The artist is Japanese so imagine some of the scenes you see in that type of art except it is in pastels and the paints seem to have a light in them to make them jump off the white or cream silk. She was there last night dressed traditionally. I spoke with her briefly.
    The other is a gentleman from Selma. He takes twigs, vines, and other “natural” things and makes art from them. One of the displays was a form of a woman dressed in 19th century type dress with a rabbit’s head made from twigs and moss. It made me think of Peter Rabbit’s mother in the Beatrix Potter books. Other things were painting that he had enhanced with the natural “elements”. I would not want to possess Mrs. Rabbit but I did appreciate looking at it. He also had a painting of apples that were on slats so that there was space to see through the boards. It was probably 4×6. I loved it. First of all I do not have a wall where I could hang it and second I would be hard pressed to pay $1,200 for a painting of apples. Not in my budget.
    Yesterday even Mr. P became convinced that Guy has some sort of tracking device on me. He was in a meeting and BG needed to get to work, so she was going to take the Xterra and I would be driving the Titan. I was going to quickly run over to Nana’s and have BG bring me back home. I thought “this is the perfect time Guy is in a meeting”. I got tot the end of my street and he called needing something!!!! Mr. P said he needs to look under my truck to see if there is a little box or something that alerts Guy to my movements.

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  6. Anon- Not just Southerners, but Midwesterners deal with it for a few weeks every summer by staying close to air conditioning.


  7. Good morning.
    Yes, Chas, I checked the thread earlier…but was too dopey to actually write anything!

    We’re all moving slowly this morning…it’s only 8:30 and already 85 with 90% humidity….

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  8. Nice and cool here at almost midnight.
    Praising God for some rain this evening. I got my umbrella and went out in it to see if water was flowing into our tank and it was. So nice to see God fill up our tanks.

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  9. I made a reservation today at a missions place in Cairns Australia for Christmas. Everything here shuts down for two weeks so I will leave.
    It is close by and the price is right, it is safe and sweet. Just relaxing

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  10. Annon. wasn’t me, but it was funny. 🙂

    We are headed to Stinson Beach this afternoon to a fancy engagement party. This couple likes to travel, so we’re encouraged to bring a travel related gift.

    I’ve got some typical gifts– including a TSA- approved lock since the bride works for Homeland Security– and then a sassy gift.

    The mother-in-law can’t do it, but I can (and she’ll thank me when the laughter is done). It looks like a Dr. Seuss book and is called, “Oh, the Places You’ll Feed” about ridiculous spots women have had to nurse their babies– while traveling!

    I also just realized that I could come up with a truly unique and poignant gift and so to my computer I go. I have all the family photos and there are a bunch of travelers in the group. I’m going to be scanning photos this morning for the groom’s family back–I think–at least 5, maybe 6, generations.

    I think the bride needs a copy of the family history, too. Then she’ll really understand what she’s marrying into!

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  11. Good Saturday! It’s going to rain here and the weather has turned cooler…loving every second of it all.
    Rkessler what kind of dog are your adding to the family? Exciting times ahead I’m sure….

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  12. I was able to make it to my writer’s group without GPS. It was only the last little bit I had not memorized so I we t past my turn and then backtracked a few blocks. Iwas thankful my memory served me well.

    Chas, I think my phone is lost somewhere in our house. It is only taking voice messages and not ringing so it’s out of power. I need to do a big clean up to try to locate it.

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  13. I have not been eating sugary sweets for about three months (except for a few cough drops along). I thought it would get easier, but it does not. I still want sweet treats. It’s hard to dip out Fudge Ripple ice cream for Art but none for me.


  14. Things do seem to slow down here on Saturday & Sunday evenings.

    I think it’s kinda funny that Facebook gets fewer posts on the weekends than during the work-week. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    Babysat Little Guy yesterday afternoon into last night. Wasn’t expecting to, but 1st Daughter was asked if she could come in, & she said yes. 2nd Daughter wasn’t here to help, but L was here for most of it with me. (He got home about half an hour after 1st Dtr left, & went to bed earlier than Little Guy.)

    One of Little Guy’s routines when 2nd Dtr & I are babysitting him is to want an evening snack of a “ham & mayonnaise samwich”. He used to say “mayonnaise & ham samwich”. 🙂 Like his Mimi, the boy likes his mayonnaise. Sure enough, that’s what he asked for last night.

    I’m trying to think of better pseudonyms than 1st Daughter & 2nd Daughter. I’ll let ya know if I change their names.


  15. Good Morning ya’ll…we have had rain both days this weekend and it smells delightfully fresh in the forest! Headache this morning (it’s the chocolate cupcake’s fault!)
    Karen I think you should just go with D1 and D2 like Peter refers to his girls… 🙂
    Husband is off running in the mountains this weekend and I am listening to Charles Stanley this morning…his sermon is on anxiety……be still…and know…

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  16. Mumsee I never ever make cupcakes but I did have a chocolate cake mix in the pantry and chocolate buttercream icing…and it was taunting me. I didn’t want to make a cake and leave evidence that I had eaten an entire cake! So I made cupcakes….after the 5 I have eaten (yep I had one for breakfast!) there appears to be many cupcakes left sitting on the platter! 🙂 And the only reason I had the mix and icing in the pantry in the first place was I was supposed to take cupcakes to my friend’s home for July 4th….she changed her mind at the last minute and asked me to bring a cheese ball instead…what’s a girl gonna do?!!

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  17. Just checking in with all of you. Sweets are not my weakness. Potatoes are a weakness.
    I mowed, edged, and blew the yard yesterday. I made Mr. P take me to Tazikes yesterday


    They opened here a few months ago, but I had the Signature Pasta when I was at JH Ranch. We had Chik Fil A lemonade there too.

    Seeing some more maturity in BG. It is “tax free” weekend here for back to school shopping. I sent her a text yesterday asking in there was anything she needed or wanted. Her response was “No ma’am. Thank you for thinking of me”. Wow! She doesn’t just love me for my bank account. 😉

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  18. Cheryl, I visited this morning, but didn’t say anything. We went to the early (8:15) service.
    That service is poorly attended, not like Hendersonville.


  19. NancyJill – I thought of that, but that’s Peter’s thing, so to speak. I like something a little less utilitarian, which is why I wasn’t too thrilled with 1st Daughter & 2nd Daughter (the names, not the girls 🙂 ).

    So, I’m thinking of Mommy & Auntie, & I will refer to L as Papa. I assume you all will know that they are not my Mommy or Auntie or Papa. 🙂

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  20. Heard some really good preaching this morning from Pastor Billy. His preaching usually is good, but today was especially so. I am so impressed with the depth of maturity, faith, & Bible-knowledge this young man has. So grateful God has brought him here.

    When they were youth pastors of a larger church in Massachusetts, they sensed that God had something different for them. So, in a huge step of faith, they resigned from the church. They had no idea what was next, or how they would pay the bills if something didn’t come along soon, but they knew they were acting in obedience to God’s leading.

    IIRC, there was only a month between them leaving that church, & getting the call to ours.

    God is so very good.

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  21. We’ve occasionally tried adding an early service as our facility is pretty much maxed out (or close to it) on Sundays (and with a city firefighter among our elders, we were always being reminded of the occupancy limits 🙂 ).

    But only relatively small group of mostly older people would go to the early service when we had one, so it didn’t really do a lot to relieve the situation (considering the extra effort it required of our pastor, elders & deacons).

    I went to the early service when I was driving Norma to church as she preferred it, but I missed the energy and the larger, more diverse crowd at the regular 10 a.m. service (along with being able to take advantage of adult SS which the early service couldn’t have).

    Our remodel last year added a good number of seats by reconfiguring some things & making use of more space that had been taken up with some cabinets that sat along one wall, so that’s relieved the problem for now.

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  22. We had a very good bluegrass band today at church. They are called My Brother’s Keeper and are from Cincinnati. They played a nice mix of old hymns and new songs.

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  23. foggy Monday morning here. I had such a relaxing weekend, it is going to be hard to get going.
    Made progress on my new computer organizing pictures. And even went back and did some deleting of older photos

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  24. Karen, I think that referring to your daughters in ways other than their relationship to you could be confusing.


  25. I generally just refer to my older daughter or younger daughter (not “oldest” and “youngest” since, like you, I have only two).


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