5 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 8-6-16

  1. A wonderful week, especially since husband got home. Husband and son went to the funeral of that young man who died last week, leaving a new wife and new baby.


  2. 🙂 Beautiful day for a beautiful wedding.

    😦 Five hours sleep over two days is not quite enough to sustain 11 hours from leaving home to returning home.

    🙂 I have a brand new computer.

    😦 Few of my old photos are on it yet, and my husband asked me not to put new photos on it yet, though I have some I dearly want to look at.

    🙂 It was truly a beautiful day in spite of my exhaustion and my husband being tired and not feeling well.


  3. cheryl, was this “The” wedding?

    🙂 Saturday

    🙂 The cousins came by, guy cousin, who’s restoring what was nearly a tear-down Craftsman house when he bought it several years ago in a neighboring community, gave me advice on fixing wood trim on windows, suggested going with a handyman instead of a fancy-schmancy “historic window” restoration place. Doesn’t sound as serious as I thought it would, but definitely some repair work that needs to be done

    🙂 Talked external paint colors for houses, took a walk around my neighborhood to show them one house I’ve admired (beige, but a very deep, robust, warm/substantial shade that is more interesting than the rather thin and uninteresting-washed-out “sand” varieties I see too often on houses)

    🙂 We ate out at the seafood grill at the local marina and had a table with a view so we could watch the charter fishing boats coming and going and all the gulls and pelicans and sea lions begging for (or looking to swipe some) fish from the vessels after they tied up

    🙂 A cool breeze is blowing through the house this afternoon; thankfully, it’s not been as hot or as humid as it was in the past couple weeks here (but we also reminisced about the Iowa humidity we all experienced in our days growing up — guy cousin also has roots (and another house) in Arizona)


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