Our Daily Thread 7-27-16

Good Morning!



Where’s Waldo?

And a bonus question…..

What’s Waldo?


Mumsee wins! 


7-26-16-2 009

Here’s a closer look.

7-26-26 019


70 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 7-27-16

  1. Me neither.
    I was going to say “What is it?”
    So? The title of the picture is “Where’s Waldo”?
    Hiding somewhere else laughing at us, that’ s where.


  2. Peter got 100 last night. But there wasn’t anyone around to notice but Jo.
    Everyone but me was watching the convention. I was reading a while and went to bed.

    No. The TV was on. I just wasn’t watching. I was reading my Kindle.

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  3. Good morning. It’s 5:48 here—we are supposed to leave for Yellowstone at seven…. I don’t think I’m going to be able to go because my stomach is really bad this morning…. And to make matters worse, I broke part of a tooth last night and am in quite a bit of pain…may have to see a dentist today (if they can get me in). We don’t have dental insurance so it doesn’t matter if I go here or in Texas. I’m deathly afraid of dentists–so I don’t like the idea of going to someone new, but also don’t think this can wait until next Monday…

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  4. Is “Waldo” in the middle of the picture? I see something grey and reddish colored, but it might be leaves.


  5. Good Morning…I’m thinking there is something reddish brown smack dab in the middle of that photo….?
    Ann I’m so sorry to hear of the broken tooth!! I too do not like to go to the dentist….once I have trust in a dentist I never switch…my dentist retired a couple years ago and it has been awful trying to find one I trust! Praying the Lord will lead you to just the right one…gentle and kind…and knowledgeable!
    Gotta get ready for work…looking forward to finding out where Waldo is when I get home tonight 🙂

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  6. Nope. It’s not a skunk, possum, or weasel. Sorry Janice.

    Those are leaves in the middle Peter, but that’s not what you’re looking for.

    Keep looking. 🙂

    This is fun!


  7. First we watched The Secrets of the Pyramids on some channel. When Mr. P switched it over to the Homage to the Hildabeast I went to the bedroom to read my Kindle. I heard that Slick Willy gave a moving speech of how he asked her to marry him 3 times and finally got to marry his best friend. Maybe she should have stuck with her first instinct.
    I have told you before that I have 3 friends that for about 6 or 7 years now we have had a FB messenger conversation going. So far no topic has been off limits between us. The two guys are gay, the other woman is so liberal that I am not sure she is able to see straight. Which of the 4 do you suppose is “different”? Well that would be me. She lost it Sunday night and went on a rant about how she despised anyone in the Republican party and swore that if Trump is elected she will protest in the streets, then she turned the venom on me. After that there hasn’t been any communication between us. It feels like a family feud.
    I don’t know how the rest of you are feeling but I feel like everything is skewed to the left and no one is rational. What has happened to us that we can’t have differing opinions and still calmly discuss things. I would never let politics come between me and someone else. I can’t stand to listen to the news. Mr. P has it on all the time. I can’t even have a rational discussion with him over it because his hatred of George W Bush is off the charts. He also has one son who is suffering from PTSD from Afghanistan and a second one who is about to be deployed. I am not J’s mother but the fear is real. My solution is to drop a couple of atomic bombs on the Middle East and let them sort out the rest, but that isn’t realistic either.

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  8. A white face? Pink nose? You guys are are delusional. I see no one in that photo and I keep scanning and scanning … This is a hard one.

    Chas, I didn’t watch (or listen to) the convention either, but then I didn’t hardly see any of the GOP convention either. I usually watch both. But not this year. It’s all so depressing.

    Ann, so sorry about the tooth. That’s happened to me before, it is good to get in right away. Hopefully it’s mostly on the outer/upper part of the tooth, away from the gum, and fixing it will be easy.

    I met the new neighbors last night, I was coming home from the dog walk and they were out so I went over to introduce myself (they live across the street right next to the coyote-canyon and where the bad guy was arrested a couple weeks ago in that standoff). But that aside, I told them it’s a very nice and safe/settled neighborhood. 🙂 He works on the docks, the wife works at a bank in town; their son looks to be around 9 or 10; and they have 2 Labs. They seem like a nice family.

    I was researching windows last night online as a real estate friend suggested I look into replacing all of mine with the double-paned glass & vinyl frames. Aside from being shocked at the prices I was seeing, I have something of a vintage house with long, narrow windows (one of the best features in the house, I think) and I read several articles that said DON’T do it, the vinyl will look cheesy and really can change the look of old homes, thus affecting their intrinsic value. I think with my prominent French windows it definitely would change the look, potentially.

    I realize it’s energy efficient, but don’t think I want to do that (especially since I don’t really need to do it).

    Anyway, my window glass is fine (but thin) — But I will need to find someone who works with wood to replace and/or repair a couple of the outside frames on the south side the house.

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  9. I thought, “my how subdued this photo is compared to the last couple days.”

    I’m not seeing straight yet this morning.

    It’s difficult when people you love are unhinged by politics and for some reason if you don’t completely agree with them, you’re the problem.

    I was reading the lament on a young friend’s FB page this morning about how judged they feel by “the establishment” who insist they’re immature and cannot think straight and so forth . . . you all can fill in the blank.

    I responded with, “It’s the same if you are over 40 and feel different from what is being pushed and if you’re a woman, you’re also a traitor to your sex.”

    The kid laughed and liked my comment.

    So, who are the outliers here if the old AND the young see problems and are condemned for pointing out the emperor is not wearing any clothes?

    Many military types we know are not GW Bush fans, either, Kim. It’s like that Tom Clancy movie, A Clear and Present Danger. My husband likes it, I cannot bear to watch the ending where the cynical White House abandons the soldiers in the Central American jungle to die.

    It guts me every time.

    Your family lives with those decisions every day.

    I was reading something about General French from the British Expeditionary Force during WWI. He made some comment, perhaps about the ghastly Somme, early in the battle about the British public just having to get used to bodies and I felt sick inside.

    When your leader has lost sight of the humanity of the soldiers, it’s time to . . . . I don’t know what.

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  10. Donna,

    You might, but not in the picture…. 🙂

    I took the photo in a way that would make it tougher than usual. 🙂

    If nobody finds him, or guesses what he is correctly by say noon EST, I’ll answer the what question, to give you a hint what you’re looking for. 🙂

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  11. This also reminds me of a conversation we had with a friend of ours early in the second Gulf War, about summer 2003. We were spending a week in Virginia seeing sights and visiting friends. One night we had dinner with a friend who sat in the CNO’s office in the Pentagon and wrote the orders sending enlisted men into Iraq.

    One of the people he sent was his only sister’s only son–the young man parachuted into Baghdad with his medic kit on his back.

    I looked him in the eye, shocked, and asked how he–a wonderful man we’d known for nearly 25 years–did that. He has two sons of his own, the same age.

    He looked back unflinching. “Michelle, I never lose sight of the fact or forget every person we send is someone’s son, husband, wife, mother, daughter, niece, uncle, or other relative. They’re all individuals to me and they’re important and valuable.”

    That always made me feel better.

    Of course, he retired 10 years ago. 😦

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  12. I’m having to bite my tongue a lot at work, I’ve resolved not to “get into” political chatter. When Obama ran in 2008, the entire newsroom was literally swept off its feet, creating an especially uncomfortable atmosphere for the very few who maybe had other thoughts. I was horrified by how openly political the journalists around me were that year and told my editor so afterward, said I’d never seen anything like it in a professional environment.

    Sure, we all had opinions, but the unwritten rule was you left those partisan views at the door when you came to work, for the most part. That mold was broken in a big way in 2008. The copy desk, arriving for the night shift on election night, came in ready to party, I believe one of them even had an Obama T-shirt on.

    Anyway, one of my editors is also conservative (not a social conservative, just a disgruntled, grouchy, old-guy conservative) so it sometimes is tempting to get into the banter with him. But thinking about how awful it was for me 8 years ago, I refuse to repeat the same behavior I so condemned in others.

    Thus, I’m mum — or as mum as is possible. 🙂

    A few reporters were raving about Michelle Obama yesterday. Guess I was glad I hadn’t even seen the speech. I had nothing to say.

    I’m used to being surrounded by liberals. It’s harder when I at least somewhat “like” the Republican nominee. This year, whatever. (Although I still think, in heart of hearts, that Clinton would be worse.)

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  13. Among some of my earliest memories is that my mother worked in the registrar’s office at the University of South Alabama when I was very small. At quarter change, she had to work late and she came home crying. She received the grades and had to report the men who were failing to whatever entity it was. It was the tail end of the Vietnam War. I also know that when they had a protest there and pulled the American flag down, she and a student went to put it back up. The student was the widow of a soldier who died in Vietnam. She had a son my age and ended up being my 6th grade teacher.


  14. I think that is what bothers me most Donna, I am old enough to remember when journalists maintained the air of impartiality even if they weren’t. Now they don’t even try to hide it and it seems everything is a “gush fest” for the left.

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  15. I have never been afraid to go to the dentist . so, I don’t understand those of you who fear the dentist but I have enough friends who are TERRIFIED of the dentist to know that it is a real fear and sympathize. I am sorry Ann.

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  16. Some reporters have been known to take their impartiality so seriously in the past that they refused to even register to vote (which I think took it too far). But old-school journalists were all taught that your own political views had no place in your reporting duties. That belief was almost sacred.

    And maintaining a neutral, non-partisan newsroom was/is crucial in promoting that attitude. Oh, there were always breaches and slips here and there, we are people after all and we have our strong opinions.

    But the goal and the agreed-upon gold standard was to leave all of that at the door when we walked into the newsroom and were officially ‘on duty.’

    In some respects, Fox (I’m afraid) has opened the door to a more open partisanship among journalists. That and the wild, wild west Internet, of course. 🙂

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  17. I’m not overly fond of going to the dentist, but I force myself to get the regular cleanings and endure the occasional lecture-y tone of my current, overly-flossing obsessed hygienist (my old one retired).


  18. I’ve had two bad experiences with two past dentists. My current dentist is just who anyone would think of as the greatest. So I have two opposite perspectives on dentists and understand both points of view.

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  19. And Mumsee gets it!

    Find the middle of the pic. Go straight up to the top edge. Just to the right you will see Waldo’s head. Straight down from that is his foot. 🙂

    I realized I’d been making it too easy by putting the subject in the middle. I shot this one with him way off center on purpose. 🙂

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  20. Here’s Waldo’s story.

    My neighbor Jim has a row of 15 ft. tall arbs in his yard. We would see cardinals in and out for the last couple of months. Yesterday was throw babies from the nest day. The first 2 out flew off. The 3rd, Waldo, didn’t really fly, it was more of a glide. Right into the netting around Jim’s garden. Jim got him lose and called me. I brought my camera over hoping to get a pic because a cardinal fledgling is something I’d never seen. He stayed in the chain link fence for a couple of hours while his parents chattered up a storm and fed him.

    We were getting worried that a cat might find him if he didn’t find cover. After dinner I went over and he was gone, but mom and dad were still around. We sat and talked and all it once in the next yard the mother was chattering up a storm in a holy bush surrounded by sticker bushes. Next thing you know, up pops mom with Waldo right behind her. She was a good mom, and smart. She found him the only spot around the cats can’t get too. He’s still there this morning, and mom and dad are still feeding him. 🙂

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  21. They say that if you stare long enough, it will pop in. Maybe I didn’t stare long enough. But even with Mumsee’s clue, I don’t see Waldo.

    I’m not “afraid” of the dentist. But I understand. There are two functions that are un-natural. One is someone messing around inside your mouth. and -women don’t have to put up with this- the prostate exam. I have always thought there must be a better test.
    Imagine what doctors have to do to learn this.
    While Elvera was having her problems, I was in the waiting room. I talked to a guy who has the same female doctor. He said she gave the prostate exam, just a natural thing.
    But most don’t see it that way.


  22. Cloud cover made for favorable yard mowing conditions. I mowed until the grass catcher bag was heavy and full. Then I took a water break and chilled for a short while. It was not for long enough. When I went back, I soon felt the need to come back inside for a longer rest/cool down before attempting more. It’s just so awfully humid! At least I got the worst of it done.

    I checked the high school reunion site and Library Assistants has been removed from the top of the list and moved down. Well, I guess we had our few moments of glory! I think I saw the cost will be $75.00 at the Westin. It’s just hard for me to want to pay that to see a lot of people I do not know from all the other classes, and I don’t care much to be around all the drinking because it’s just not what I enjoy. The friends I would attend with would drink wine which has not bothered me when it was just a small group of two or three girlfriends, but it feels awkward to be the only one around in a big group who is not drinking.


  23. Um, Chas?

    Women put up with considerably more medical invasions than men. Stirrups. Just sayin’

    Yeah, I still don’t see the bird either. Mumsee must have X-ray vision or magical powers or something.

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  24. Now the sun is back out. I lost my window of opportunity. I hope the left over portion is mostly shaded by now. I like to mow at the end of the day, but with all the rain, I want to avoid those late in the day mosquitos looking for a bloody mary, john, or janice.


  25. You women win the “AWFUL” prize. I didn’t think of that.
    But I remember hearing about it. Elvera hated going to a male doctor.
    Which she did for years.

    🙂 I got a lot done outside this morning. You wouldn’t notice because it’s still bad and you don’t know how it was.
    But I got a lot done.

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  26. Mr. P and I went to lunch. He has to go for blood and some other test tomorrow. I made the comment that I don’t think I have ever had a physical exam. I really can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor. I think about 2 or 3 years ago. I could have all sorts of things wrong with me, but why mess with anything. You go to the doctor long enough they will kill you.

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  27. I could only take a minute of that, Kim.

    Anon. I still have Hendersonville weather on my Iphone. I notice that H’ville is almost always about five degrees cooler than Greensboro. Actually, even cooler at my house because I lived on the south side of a mountain and got a breeze.

    I just checked, and that isn’t the case now. It’s 93 in Greensboro, 90 in Hendersonville.


  28. Jumping in here before reading all the comments, because I’m not sure I’ll catch up any time soon.

    YF has been commenting on my Facebook posts more often, since I have not been commenting much on hers. After one of her long comments to me yesterday, Linda commented that I am “so fortunate to have a FB friend who is an expert on so many topics.” I had to laugh.

    Then today, another friend, Nadine, made a pointed comment to YF as well, in response to another of her comments, noting that she had a belittling tone. (And she really did.) Later, Linda commented further on YF’s attitude towards me.

    I was glad, but not in a vengeful kind of way, to see two people willing to “call her on” her attitude. (Her response to Nadine was a “sticker” character giving a shrug, kind of like “Whatever” rather than an apology.)

    The reason I have not done so myself, on my own posts or on hers, is because I tried, gently, a while back to point out how hateful a couple of her posts were, & she came back at me with a reply along the lines of “Well, you do that, too!” (Like kids in the schoolyard. And no, I don’t do that.) That happened twice, & I realized over time that she projects her own behavior onto me, & is pretty clueless as to her own haughty attitudes. So it was good that someone else could point these things out to her.

    My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would prick her heart to acknowledge that these things may be painful to admit, but they are true, & she needs to deal with them (hopefully through heart-felt repentance).

    If she were to unfriend me, that would be fine, but I don’t want to be the one to do the unfriending. I have my own reasons for that. Mostly, though, I now stay out of trouble by refraining from commenting on her hot button posts. It actually amuses me that she is now commenting on my posts, & I don’t get bent out of shape about it. But I appreciate the caring comments from Linda & Nadine.

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  29. Nice to see this reminder, Karen, because a kid I sheltered years ago just shared a highly offensive meme. One of his peers took him through a long discussion about how offensive it was, so I didn’t say anything, but I’ve been itching all day to be sarcastic on FB (not just to him) and reminding myself “say nothing. say nothing, say nothing.”

    Back to work. OC is saying plenty on the subject of money today on my computer concordance! LOL

    But only three, maybe four, chapters to go!

    I don’t think I’m going to make the second time revised August 1 personal deadline (which really will be Saturday anyway, writing-time-wise). I have until Dec 1, but the permissions requests are going to take a long time plus once I finish this first draft, I can start the rewrite.

    But like Congress, I can’t know what’s in the book until I pass it, er, finish writing it!

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  30. I was thinking maybe a little moolah. Dinero. Ka ching. A nicer car than I got the last time from this outfit.


  31. Hey! Be nice to the little birdie.

    Especially since she’s the prize you win. I’ll need your address so I can mail her to you. Don’t worry, shipping is free. 🙂

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  32. Karen,

    I read Linda’s comment on Facebook. And cracked up. The written word is sometimes a difficult area in which to properly reflect the sarcasm intended. Linda pulled it off.

    And thank you Linda. You won the internet for today. 🙂

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  33. Busy day, and I missed all the Waldo commotion, but glad you guys had fun with it.

    Places to go, things to do, at home and elsewhere… Around 4:30 I realized I hadn’t had lunch yet. Too busy and didn’t get hungry. Third Arrow, bless her heart, got lunch for the others while I was out and about.

    Good news! Piano student will up her 45-minute weekly lesson to 75 minutes starting next week. She is doing wonderfully with composing and preparing for the hardest level of contest participation next year, and along with her theory and technique, and playing other repertoire, she really needed more lesson time.

    Last week I offered the possibility of having two 45-minute sessions a week, whenever in the future it may work out schedule-wise for her. (She has two years of high school left, and has some difficult college-prep coursework.) Anyway, I suggested one of the two 45-minute piano lessons per week be entirely devoted to composition and related support activities for that endeavor (like ear training, which we haven’t done much of, but should), and the other 45 minutes a more traditional piano lesson with repertoire, technique, etc.

    I wasn’t expecting that they would have an answer for me already this week, and that they would like to start extended lessons (albeit 75 minutes instead of 90) already next month, which is next week! But I’m ready for it, and am so pleased my student’s mom is so supportive of her daughter’s music studies.

    A real blessing to work with this family, and watch how the young lady grows in musicianship.

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  34. woohoo! Just successfully downloaded 688mb of Microsoft office 2010 onto my computer. A friend at our computer help desk found the product key and I was able to get it at no cost as it was what was on my broken computer
    After several months, I may soon have a functioning computer

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