17 thoughts on “News/Politics 7-16-16

  1. Kim, it is uninspiring. Unfortunately, no one on what would have been an “A” list would say yes, understandably. The ticket of two middle-aged+ extremely-white guys will be too easy to paint as a throwback liberals. Pence may bring along some conservatives who have been dubious about Trump, but that’s probably about it.

    Then again, VPs don’t usually cary much sway in an election, one way or the other — people still vote for the top of the ticket. So as long as he’s not a liability with the base or with (more importantly these days) independents in some kind of a big way …

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  2. Poor Pence! Talk about being unequally yoked! The one thing he shares with other Trumpkins such as Palin, Carson and Huckabee is a lack of intelligence. Speaking of which:


    I am now like a kid going to a car race to watch the wrecks. I’m actually rooting for Trump to win so that he can make a fool of himself on a daily basis and turn the Perverted States of America into a pariah state. True, his protectionism may cause a worldwide recession or even depression, but that is a small price to pay for a sharp reduction of the toxic influence of American culture.

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  3. A Condozeeza Rice or a Joni Ernst, both of whom were courted but said no. Just two examples.

    Someone with some intellectual gravitas, respect & representing the future for conservatism.

    I don’t know much about Pence, but I think a strong, serous woman (not a Palin type) and/or a minority would have been a much more compelling pick that could have countered some of the expected criticism over “old white males” (no, I don’t think that’s fair that white men are these days considered so taboo, but when it comes to election optics — those things do come into play; and Trump is the epitome of the White Male, so some kind of contrast to offset that would have been refreshing and helpful, I would think).


  4. I have heard The Trumpkin Convention will focus on Hillary. There will be a film on Benghazi and one on Bill molesting women. That is good strategy. No one can paint a believable rosy picture of the US under Trump or Hillary. This election is all about who the country hates and fears the most.


  5. The different opinions on Condi Rice are interesting. During the Little Bush administration, I always considered her to be an underqualified affirmative action hire, an expert on Russia who lacked the knowledge and confidence on the Middle East to stand up to Cheney, Rumsfeld and the neo-cons.

    However, compared to Carson, Huckabee and Palin, she is a heavyweight. Unlike Gingrich, Christie and Trump, she has poise, manners and wisdom. Unlike Pence, she has enough self-respect not to want to be associated with someone like Trump. You have to respect her for that.


  6. Amen and amen to the comments made at today’s news conference by officials in Baton Rouge.

    Still waiting for the president — I heard a little of what happened on the radio driving to church (I was running late today and hadn’t been on the computer) and heard the news conference driving home.


  7. One of the points from the police chief, I believe: it’s not so much a problem of gun control as it is a problem of what is in men’s hearts.

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  8. Pence tweeted a picture of himself, his wife and daughter eating at Chili’s on the way home to Indiana. He is really a decent, conservative man whom I always admired. Sadly, he was seduced by a very bad man.

    Ryan and McConnell should begin making plans to impeach and convict Trump on his first day of office in the unlikely event he should win the election. Trump can be counted on to provide ample grounds.


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