14 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 7-9-16

  1. 🙂 I closed on my Hendersonville house yesterday.
    That relieved me of a lot of stress.

    😦 Peter L said yesterday that he has everything in one place and can find things.]
    I have, supposedly everything in one place. Been here two weeks now.
    I still can’t find my pet rock, the picture of my parents and the graduate.

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  2. If you look on the second list of pictures, about four rows from the bottom. You will se a picture of a green rock, a plastic graduate, a Father’s Day card and a picture. All of those are important to me for some reason. I have the card but can’t locate the others.
    (The black thing on the side is the recharger for my flip-phone which I no longer have.)

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  3. 🙂 All the pictures.

    🙂 Visited with a woman who winters in Alabama at Orange Beach. Asked her if it was close to Gulf Shores. So nice to have an idea of the area from the descriptions and pictures here.

    😦 Wish we could send some of our rain to those of you in drought. My hubby’s jam group played on an outside patio last evening and it poured right before they played. They decided to stay outside and it did turn out to be a nice evening after all. Today is supposed to be even nicer when they perform at the same place. 🙂

    🙂 All this violence and division. Real division where it is needed is one thing. Trumped up and division for no reason is another. What a blessing to realize that we CAN all love our brothers and sisters in Christ and that some day there will not be these types of division!

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  4. 🙂 Saturday

    🙂 Houses; but also 😦 Houses. Trying to set up work for long overdue projects so this one doesn’t fall down around me anytime soon. What was I thinking buying a house?

    🙂 Roofing job should get done this coming week, plans moving forward for 😦 more-expensive patio and front porch wood frame replacements. May also need to consider termite treatments.

    🙂 If I can get all that done, along with a new coat of paint, the house will look a lot better & should be structurally OK for a long time to come.

    😦 Barring an earthquake.

    😦 The state of our nation that is so divided. A time to lament and to pray. Lord have mercy.

    🙂 Fun story lined up for Monday — the gigantic clock on the front of what was our old (1941) ferry building — which now houses the LA Maritime Museum on the waterfront — has finally conked out and will be fixed by an antique clock repair guy from Great Britain. Photographer and I will get to hang out with him as he gets ready to put the new custom motor in & then gets onto the roof to replace the 10-foot long hands that had to be temporarily removed for the job.

    🙂 Finally getting the Jeep in for overdue maintenance on Tuesday.

    😦 I’m headed for the poor house


  5. 😦 That Noah’s Ark tourist attraction in Kentucky has stirred up some vicious anti-Christian posts on social media.

    😦 That very scary, upsetting incident this past week.

    🙂 It could have been so much worse. But wasn’t.


  6. On advantage of “His and Her” bathrooms is that the linen doesn’t have to match.
    Trivial thing, but I was amused.
    I was shaving and looked over and noticed the green washcloth and cream colored bath towel. I thought “Elvera would have a fit.”
    In Hendersonville, they had to match.

    Women are the civilizing force in the world.
    Men just want it to work.
    Put them together and you have civilization that works.
    When women get on the battlefield, we will have chaos.

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  7. 🙂 daughter got to Nica safely.

    😦 lots of rain and mosquitoes.

    😦 only one Peace Corp worker available to translate (normally 4-5).

    🙂 teenager pressed into service.

    🙂 Nearly done wading through more than 250 pages of Oswald Chambers Publishing Association minutes!

    🙂 Beautiful weather.


  8. There was a young couple I knew in my former church with a husband who cared about a clean house more than the wife did. She was a stay-at-home mom, but he would come home from work & do some housecleaning. She said he didn’t mind, & I hope she was right.


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