30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-28-15

  1. Good Morning Everyone. One day closer to my goal. We went over to the new house on Saturday to put more flooring in the attic so we can store stuff. I had secretly (in my head) been planning a garage sale. I thought we can unpack EVERYTHING keep what we want and have a garage sale with the rest. Oh no! We have VALUABLE junk. Oh and he has figured out how to keep his father’s massive (ugly) desk. It has to be lead under the wood. It is 1950’s institutional. It has a light stain and no hardware. Grooves are cut into the wood to open the drawers. There is just the perfect spot for it in the garage and we can store things on it.
    I had said before that I had gotten rid of everything I was willing to get rid of, but I have been thinking of more things I can release to the world.
    I tried to explain that the beauty of a garage sale was you sold what people would buy and you had the Ecumenical Ministries or Goodwill truck lined up to take what you couldn’t sell.

    Oh well, it will be interesting. He did live with all boys for 18 years and he did keep some quality items that belonged to his mother.

    Just so you know that I am being fair I am willing to part wiht a stainless steel prep table that has mostly lived in garages since my dad died. I am willing to part with a kitchen pub height table, a table with a chess/chhecker board inlaid in the top, some lawn furniture, some extra kitchen items and perhaps a set of bedroom furniture. So it isn’t as if I am valuing my junk more than his.
    But seriously, why is he still hauling around a box of middle son’s shoes and clothes from high school when said son is 26 and in the military. Why is he hanging on to a mis-matched set of cookware when I have Salad Master? Mis-matched dishes when we have FOUR sets of china that matches?

    These are things to ponder. I may have married a pack rat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Good morning, noon, and night from the doctor’s building. It was a 45 minute drive in the rain. I’ve learned the easy way to get to our good parking spots. And it’s covered parking for a rainy day. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. So, did anyone other than Jo get a good view of the moon last night? I was outside nearly an hour and combined glimpses probably totalled a minute or two. One of my favorite photos (the best showing an actual eclipse) is now my gravatar. I also got some fun photos, toward midnight, where the moon would peek out but various colors of light were reflected off nearby clouds. They reminded me and my husband of some outer-space photos.


  4. It was completely clouded over last night here. We didn’t even have a glimpse of the eclipse.

    Donna, I’m certain that there are a lot of politics in the papacy. I just think the rumours of a liberal plot are wildly exaggerated. There certainly is a liberal faction in that denomination, as there is a conservative one; and undoubtedly they both pull a lot of maneuvers. Undoubtedly, the college of cardinals take sides and wrangle during the election process. But how shall I put it? I am no more inclined to believe that there is a plot to liberalize the Catholic Church than that there was a concerted plot made to liberalize the PCA or even the United Church. Sometimes, things just happen. I doubt even a faction of Cardinals could force a Pope to resign if he didn’t want to. Even the medieval kings who tried to hold popes hostage found it hard to make one resign. It really does men like Rod Dreher and Eric Metaxas a disservice to be caught up in what is essentially a conspiracy theory. They should know their church history well enough not to be surprised at what comes out of the Vatican. I remember Pope John Paul making liberal statements in support of things like evolution, and I remember a ‘tell-all’ book by one of his Vatican servants about the politics and corruption. It all came to nothing in the end.


  5. We had a great view – clear skies, no ambient light other than from the stars! I posted pictures on Facebook ๐Ÿ™‚ Our pets kept getting in the way of our picture taking – the cat’s tail is in quite a few and Keva is also in several. We just have a small tripod, so the camera was on a low bench and then the ground as the moon moved.

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  6. It was too cloudy for most of the evening then a Facebook friend posted that the clouds had parted and she cold see it. That inspired me to try one more time and I got to see it for a little while. The part I got to see looked a lot like Cheryl’s gravatar.


  7. Kare got some great shots, particularly the one with the dog! Amazing sight. I agree with one person who said, “if I was an ancient and hadn’t known that was coming, I would have been terrified, too.”

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  8. Mmm., sorry, but I still agree with a number of observers that what’s coming out regarding the Vatican now is at a much different level than mere “scuttlebutt” or tract-worthy conspiracy theory speculation. Interesting times. Not a movie-style conspiracy, but an intentional inner push to steer the future of the Roman Catholic church, all for its good in the minds of those supporting it. Time will tell I suppose. Glad I’m not Catholic, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ This pope alone would be difficult for me.

    I saw part of the eclipse (and took a horrible phone phone as I was walking the dogs) but we had too much cloud cover last night. Some good photos, though, from the pros who had the right equipment and were set up in good spots.

    My first guess on the photo today was it may have been a head covering. ๐Ÿ™‚ A pet rock sweater though?

    How was your trip Chas, are you home?


  9. Yes, I saw kare’s photo with the dog! That was the best one, of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Meanwhile, this was our story:

    LOS ANGELES โ€” Mother Nature pulled a cloudy curtain over the Southlandโ€™s much-anticipated supermoon lunar eclipse show this weekend.

    Overcast skies throughout Southern California limited views of the regionโ€™s first such eclipse since 1982, dampening somewhat a rare celestial event for area sky-gazers.

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  10. Absolutely clear skies. We watched from the deck from start to finish. Had a fire going in the chiminea and good conversation with the boys. Another excellent evening. Woke up at three thirty this morning to watch the morning star rising and thanked God for the amazing creation He has put together and how well it works.

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  11. We had low expectations because of the early evening cloud cover, but It cleared up for awhile not long after the eclipse started and stayed clear until after the eclipse had been total for a few minutes. So we had a nice show.

    I’ve let the shrubbery surrounding our back yard get way overgrown. This was a blessing last night because it blocked all the surrounding house and street lights. So you see, I’m not really neglecting yard work, it was actually smart planning…

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  12. Jo, my per tock is the proudest rock in the world.
    Well, the proudest in North Carolina. And there lots of rocks in NC..

    I saw the sun for a few minutes today. Does that count for something?

    Lots of old folks come to Williamsburg in late September.

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  13. I was not home, where it was raining, so I was able to watch a bit of the eclipse. I would have missed it,if not for my daughter and husband persisting. Lots of clouds,but they were moving. Glad we got to see, at least, some of it.


  14. I found this rock at my daughters home. I had to keep trying different places to take a photo. it looked the coziest in this spot. And I knew it would inspire Chas and his rock.


  15. I was glad I was able to see the eclipse & Blood Moon effect last night. I had almost forgotten about it, but then saw a friend mention it on Facebook. It was too bad Forrest had to be in bed asleep.


  16. It was completely clear in NM. Too bad I spent 3 hours of the eclipse driving . I did stop a couple of times to get a good view.

    On a different note, border checkpoints are back to asking if you are a US citizen instead of an American citizen. They did that for almost 9 months. I suppose to allow central Americans in.


  17. rkessler: Does I-10 still have Border Patrol check points? I remember driving from Tucson east and having to pull off the highway at least once in New Mexico for a Border Patrol check point.


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