42 thoughts on “Rants! and Raves! 10-25-14

  1. 🙂 Excellent few days away with my hubby for our third anniversary.

    🙂 We had lovely weather–nicer than last year–and this year I had the camera with the longer zoom (better chance at bird photos).

    😦 We didn’t get the chance at the two bird species I’d have gotten good photos of last year if I’d had this camera last year: adult bald eagle (I did get a youngster) and pileated woodpecker.

    🙂 We did get some cedar waxwings show up and let me get some great photos.

    🙂 I got photos of at least three species I’ve never photographed before (and never seen before, in at least a couple of cases), possibly four.

    🙂 We got some good exercise, which both of us needed.

    😦 The fall color wasn’t as good as last year; it was mostly yellows and golds, and I far prefer the oranges and reds. It was still lovely, though.

    🙂 Since it hasn’t been as cold yet as it was this time last year, there were a lot more wildflowers and pollinators, plus I got some great photos of a butterfly and a few additional views of butterflies.

    😦 Somehow we ended up on the 11-mile trail yesterday instead of the 1.3 mile trail, plus the two miles roundtrip back to the parking lot. Even with some shortcuts, it was longer than either of us wanted or could easily handle. (The good/ bad thing is it was four days in a row of hiking, so our legs were probably better able to deal with it than a week ago. And the park we went to yesterday didn’t have the steps that some of the other parks had.)

    🙂 The girls are old enough to be left alone for three or four days without worrying about them or even checking in on them.

    🙂 We got a really good rate at the hotel, since our daughter is still listed as a substitute at the hotel she used to work as full-time; she worked four days the last two weeks, and they renewed her “code.” And with a Prius, gas costs are minimal too.


  2. 🙂 Author Luncheon in SF today

    😦 no authors I like

    🙂 Midwest guests meeting us there

    🙂 Afternoon touring SF sites with them

    🙂 Writers retreat this week in Monterey

    🙂 Busy fun week; you may not see much of me!


  3. I was just going to say, I’d hate to have a name like “Deleted”. “On Hold” or “Under Review” would be better. And I’m always anxious for Deleted to reappear. It always does.

    😦 We’ve been bush housecleaning this morning.
    🙂 My sister and friend have been to Florida. They are going to stop by on their way to Maryland. Our house was already cleaner than theirs is. But Elvera isn’t satisfied. So, we’ve been busy.
    😦 I will likely miss seeing the SC/Auburn game tonight.
    That may not be all bad.

    😕 I wonder who Deleted really is?


  4. Deleted can always type her name in the place provided without using an email. That’s what I sometimes do at school when I don’t feel like remembering my password. So when you see my name with the quilt block, I am at either the high school or community college. If you see the avatar of me and Mrs L looking at Niagara Falls, then I am at home or used the password at school.

    🙂 Speaking of Mrs. L., she came home last night after spending two weeks taking care of grandchildren.
    😦 She and D2 left for a wedding two hours away. I might have gone with them, but I had some bug this morning and couldn’t hold breakfast down. I feel fine now, but am staying home alone just in case.
    🙂 Got a new CD of Nat King Cole’s “ten best”. I never realized how smooth his voice was.
    😦 The CD doesn’t have L-O-V-E. 🙂 But I already have that song anyway. Yes, folks, my taste in music is eclectic. As long as it is not rap or hip-hop, and doesn’t have foul language, I like it.


  5. 😦 I forgot to hit enter twice between each line. I forget that WordPress doesn’t put the next line on the next line for some reason. I mean, hitting enter at the end of a line should start a new line, shouldn’t?

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  6. 😦 My boss resigned yesterday. He was overworked and felt he was neglecting his family. We shared some tears – I hope I was of help to him and that I will be a good help as he transitions out. His last day will be in December. I will miss him and his family – his wife hosted our ladies’ Bible study and his 3 kids are so sweet.

    🙂 Getting to know the young outdoor recreation crew – so much fun, so much love, so much energy. I love eating lunch with them each day and just getting to know them. I love hearing about their personal devos – very encouraging and inspiring

    🙂 Most of the crew will be back in January for the winter outdoor rec program, staying right through the summer. 🙂


  7. 🙂 Cheryl’s anniversary get away

    🙂 Hospitals

    😦 The need for hospitals

    🙂 Breakfast out with husband

    🙂 Prayer

    😦 2 cars with indicator lights on

    🙂 Got to finish my assignment

    🙂 Break from teaching Sunday school

    🙂 AJ and family vacation

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  8. 🙂 Saturday after a long, too-hectic week — but I slept 11 hours. I was so tired.

    🙂 Busy Saturday ahead, though — I need to pick up some meds for Tess, get over to see my friend Norma (who is now in a rehab, yay!) and make a casserole for the mission to bring to church tomorrow. Got the shopping for that done last night, at least.

    😦 Jeep needed maintenance (overdue) and they also found a leak in the water pump. I knew something was leaking but I’m good at ignoring signs. Anyway, it spent 2 days with the mechanic but I picked it up last night. And they did wash it. But it’s all so expensive. 😦

    🙂 😦 I’ve been put onto two multi-paper special projects coming up — it’s a compliment but also more work in an already crazy schedule (we are seriously short-staffed at our paper). In the first project our 9 papers are looking into the area’s cold cases and writing stories about the victims and the families over the next year; the other one is the Rose Parade magazine we’re publishing, so for that I have 2 more Zamperini stories to write. And they’re due in a week already.

    😦 Had to go to our sister paper in Pasadena for the staff meetings about the above. But there were 3 of us going so we carpooled and I didn’t have to drive (took us an hour each way with traffic). Still, it basically killed a day for writing and left our editor grumbling.

    🙂 Only one more election story to do before the election. We’re all pulling extra duty for that since our political reporter slot remains open.


  9. 🙂 Our beautiful weather. If you have seen the latest map on world temperatures for last year, you will notice that our area had the coldest average temperatures in the world. That is probably why we appreciate good weather so much. Yesterday my husband and I took a drive along Lake Superior’s beautiful north shore. We never tire of that drive or the hiking we do along the way.


  10. That’s a pretty drive, Kathaleena — a very beautiful area of our country.

    We’ve got fantastic weather today, too. Sunny and mid-60’s. I’m heading back outside now. 😉

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  11. 🙂 Sunshine and 80°. Can this be late October? I just went to the state park and read in the sunshine. Now to mow the lawn, hopefully for the last time of the season.


  12. Peter, the young reporter who sits next to me flew home to MO for a week, she left on Friday, and she was saying how there was such unseasonably warm weather there.

    🙂 Saw my friend Norma, wow, she’s looking great. She’s in a rehab now but tentatively will be ready to come home on Tuesday. They’re doing PT with her and she ate all of her lunch while I was there. She also will sign up with this place: http://www.marthasseniorgourmet.com — for good meals when she gets home. She has something of a specialty diet due to a blood thinner she’s on so this place does all of those specific diets, better than Meals on Wheels (although pricier, too, but worth it).

    🙂 She seemed to really like the framed photo of her kitty I bought, it’s sitting on her side table now.

    🙂 Sweet story she told me about the hospital where her surgery took place (these are all Catholic run facilities she’s using through her insurance). She kept noticing they’d play the Brahm’s Lullaby at all hours, randomly, day and night. She finally asked and was told that every time a baby was born the hospital played it. Maybe that’s common now, but it’s the first time I’d heard about such a practice.

    😦 Pet peeve — Trim people who obsess over weight and are always making comments about how they are somehow “overweight.” n’t thin. Sheesh. Stop already (referring to one of the other visitors from church who was there today). Seriously, there are so many more important things to *obsess* about in this world. And when you’re truly overweight & sitting next to these folks, those comments can be annoying.

    🙂 Dishwasher running, will have to get started on the casserole after that.


  13. Chas- It’s not that Nat King Cole is eclectic, but my mp3 player has a little of everything and a lot of some things. I have classical, country, hymns, Christian rock, not-so-rock Christian, lots of jazz, some blues, big band and even some secular hard rock and alternative. But no rap or hip-hop.


  14. I have a wide variety of music also — from gregorian chant to classic rock to R&B/soul to show tunes & sound tracks to more recent rock to Shaker hymns and psalms … It goes on.

    No Nat King Cole. But I have his daughter on there. 🙂


  15. 🙂 Financial problems getting a little better and medical problems under control.
    😦 everything seems to be breaking.
    🙂 Hubby fixed the dryer.
    😦 Both moms having health problems. Don’t know how much longer either can live alone.

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  16. 🙂 Today was Forrest’s fourth birthday. His Auntie Chrissy & I babysat him while his mommy was at LPN school taking finals.

    We treated him to his favorites for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. And cake, of course! And presents!
    He’s in the midst of a cold, but I think he had a fun day anyway. Love that little firecracker!

    😦 Today was R’s day to have Forrest. No call, no show. (The 😦 isn’t because we didn’t want to take care of Forrest for the day – we did – but because it is so sad that his daddy didn’t bother to spend time with him on his birthday, or even call.)

    Today was actually a kind of strange day. Forrest, who has been pretty easy to take care of lately, started getting kind of hard to handle this afternoon (turned out he was getting over-tired).

    Then our plans for a family dinner to celebrate his birthday got blown out of the water when, while trying to get home, Lee was caught in stand-still traffic on the highway, & then Emily took Forrest out for a bit, & he had an unexpected nap in the car. Also, Chrissy & I realized that Emily had used a lot of the shredded cheese we were going to use to make pizzas. So, we had one smallish pizza, with a couple random sides, & we all ate at different times.

    Well, at least Chrissy & I ate together. 🙂


  17. The traffic that I mentioned Lee was stuck in was due to an accident. People were turning off their cars, or getting out of their cars to talk. At least one guy was using the side of the highway as a restroom.

    Haven’t heard if anyone was hurt in the accident.


  18. 🙂 Vacation
    🙂 All kinds of birds I haven’t got pics of before. When I get back I’ll post the coolest one first. I have no idea what he is, but he’s gorgeous, and a fellow fish stalker. 🙂

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  19. 🙂 I love the music of Nat King Cole…and his daughter Natalie
    🙂 A beautiful day in the 70’s…went for a ride on country dirt roads, had breakfast and visited with friends who own antique shoppes in Elizabeth…
    🙂 Kicked my feet in the fallen leaves on the sidewalks as we walked through the little town and inhaled the sweet aroma of a fine autumn day


  20. 😦 AJ had his vacation the same week I did, and my vacation photos will probably have to get in line. 😉

    Seriously, AJ, I’m glad you and Cheryl are having a good time. Especially if you needed it as badly as my husband did.


  21. Yes, happy birthday to Forrest! Four is my favorite age. (Assuming the child is being raised to understand the concept of obedience, anyway. It can be a nasty, pouty age otherwise.)

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  22. Kare, glad your hubby could fix the dryer. So nice to be able to save it! Sorry about the moms. That is a difficult time for all involved.


  23. Happy Birthday Forrest!

    Sat in front of a toddler at church today who was giving his parents grief. Twice the dad decided to just carry him out — with the little boy saying (loudly) all the way to the door: “Put me down!” “Let me go!” “Put me down!” 🙂

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  24. 🙂 Perseverance pays off. Tess often hovers at my feet when I’m in the kitchen, but I don’t too often drop anything that’s very appealing. Still, she never loses hope and appears nearly every time I’m cooking something, in her border collie crouched stance, staring at the floor for whatever morsel might tumble her way.

    This afternoon I dropped a whole slice of cheddar cheese. Right on the floor. Splat.


    “All yours,” I said as she gulped it down fast enough to make herself briefly choke.


  25. Donna, I have friends who are a mother and daughter. The daughter was laughing one day that the dog is very quick at getting to the kitchen if the mother says, “Oops.” I guess she figures she has no competition and doesn’t need to sit there watching. Misten generally only comes to the kitchen if I’m working with a food that I will share with her. She gets a nibble of raw hamburger, for instance, or a piece of a slice of cheese. She knows the sound of the cheese package opening.

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  26. “Splat.” LOL, Donna! 🙂

    That reminds me of, well, not an animal story, but one from my days working in a daycare center. There was a little boy who was served some food that he really loved — I don’t remember what it was — but he wolfed it down so fast, it prompted a little girl to admonish him, saying, “Don’t eat so fast — you’ll get choke.” 🙂

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  27. Tess is often disappointed as raw veggies are the more likely food items to drop onto the floor as I’m cutting them up for lunches.

    Really? she seems to be thinking. A radish?

    So the full slice of cheese was a mega-bonus. I think she’s still out there in the kitchen, in fact, I haven’t seen her in a while now. She may not leave that spot for some time.

    You never know when a slice of cheese will just fly down from the sky.


  28. Donna, Misten doesn’t like any fruit (except that sometimes she’ll eat a piece of apple or a blueberry–but who wants to step on the blueberry if the dog decides not to eat it today?), but she likes all veggies she has tried except the leafy ones. (She won’t eat lettuce or spinach, except sometimes she’ll eat crunchy lettuce. Generally she’ll mouth the leafy ones and you think she’s eating them until you see them on the floor later.) So far she has readily eaten carrots (though they come back up whole a few hours later, so now I avoid letting her have them), potatoes, cucumbers, squash, broccoli, corn, lima beans, green beans, and probably some others. Now when I peel a squash or a potato, I call her into the kitchen for a few of the peelings or the end of the squash, and she’s happy enough to get them.

    In fact, that same roomie who didn’t eat veggies? I used Misten as an object lesson more than once, of how good something tastes. She’d threaten Misten, “Watch out or she’ll be giving you lima beans or broccoli,” and the next time I ate one of those I would give it to Misten. It worked for everything but spinach.

    But I think she’d take a slice of cheese over a potato peel, given the choice.


  29. I guess I didn’t do my own ranting and raving here yet (just responded to a few people’s comments), so I’ll add mine now.

    Hmm, I rant and rave all week, though, and by the weekend I forget what all the fuss was about. 😉

    End-of-weekend-brain syndrome. 🙂

    Or that should probably be a 😦



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