Our Daily Thread 9-27-14

Good Morning!

Happy Saturday!!!

Or Sunday, if it’s tomorrow. Or today if it is tomorrow when you read this…..

Now I’m confused.

And since I won’t have many more chances to do so this year…

imagesCAB3AFS0 ______________________________________________

On this day in 1779 John Adams was elected to negotiate with the British over peace terms. 

In 1939, after 19 days of resistance, Warsaw, Poland, surrendered to the Germans after being invaded by the Nazis and the Soviet Union during World War II. 

In 1979 the Department of Education became the 13th Cabinet in U.S. history after the final approval from Congress. 

And in 1989 two men went over the 176-foot-high Niagara Falls in a barrel. Jeffrey Petkovich and Peter Debernardi were the first to ever survive the Horshoe Falls.


Quote of the Day

“Our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.”

Samuel Adams 


 Today is Shaun Cassidy’s birthday.

And it’s Nikki Hassman’s too.


Anyone have a QoD?

90 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 9-27-14

  1. R & R for Jo, and R & R for Chas.
    Rest and relaxation for Jo, and rants and raves for Chas. 🙂

    Enjoy your R &R in whatever form!

    AJ, that Gone Fishing sign is perfect. Thanks for not posting a No Trespassing sign on here. It might encourage law breaking of the virtual sort.


  2. The Day has arrived. Several things have happened over the past few days to anger me. The landlord wants us to leave the utilities in our name until she closes on the house. Excuse me? I have deposits to make for the utilities on the other house.
    Mostly though I am sad.
    I also am still sick.


  3. Kim 😦

    Hang in there, hoping things look a little brighter after today.

    Moving is the pits even when you’re in the best of moods and physical health, let alone dealing with all you’ve been dealing with.


  4. Good morning. Becca’s on my computer, so I’m forced to text this, which means it will be short, as I’m an extremely slow texter.

    MIL is doing much better. Her pneumonia is responding well to the IV antibiotics and she was back to her feisty self yesterday. They’re going to keep her until Sunday. Her daughter is coming in from Chicago to help out for a week or so (yay!). The oncologist said they’ll follow up on the spot on her lung after she recovers from the pneumonia.

    Becca is fully recovered from the dreaded vomit virus.

    L.’s Homecoming dance is tonight. She looks beautiful in her dress. We picked it up from alterations yesterday before heading to the hospital, so Grandma got to see her in it, which delighted her.

    Thanks so much to all who prayed.

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  5. Good Morning all….
    Praying for you today Kim…seems the landlord will need to deal with the consequences of decisions made…now landlord will need to put utilities back in landlord’s name and take on that responsibility…not yours to take on when you are not living in the house…oh the nerve! I’m feeling like I’d like to punch someone for you….Lord knows I’m still a work in progress 😛

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  6. Kim, you’re in real estate and know better than I do.
    Nevertheless, I will remind you: Follow the protocol.
    If you leave something in your name when it isn’t supposed to be, and something bad happens. You are responsible. I try to be generous and accommodating unless I’m legally attached to the possible result.
    Like having someone’s credit card in your name.
    It happened to me once. About $2000 worth.


  7. Good morning. Prayers, Kim. That’s a lot you’re dealing with. So sorry. But you’re a survivor, and God will get you through all this, too.

    Third Arrow has her last behind-the-wheel session today with her instructor. She has been steadily improving and gaining in confidence. She can’t take her test until after she’s had her permit six months, which puts it in January. She does NOT want to take her test then, but wait until sometime after the threat of snow and ice is past — probably June or something. 😛

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  8. Husband says that as well, Chas, but we have six at home eligible to drive and only three are. The other three are boys, seventeen years old and almost seventeen. No interest expressed. Though they understand they have to pay for their own insurance and use of any car they drive. They seem content to either let the others drive or take a bike. I walked to town yesterday, a little over four miles, so I know it is not that tough to just hoof it.


  9. Mumsee, access to a car in Northern Virginia gives a guy access to the world.
    For a while, Chuck was going with a girl in Maryland. I never understood why he didn’t date some of the girls in our church. There was several there that I would have chosen if I were in his position.
    Fortunately, it didn’t last long. He met and married a girl who was a waitress in a restaurant he worked in.


  10. That is the way we see it, and it seems odd to us that they did not jump at the opportunity. I suspect it is because they are all good friends and would be going places together anyway. And the fact that they are kept incredibly busy on the idea that busy folk don’t have time to get into trouble. It appears to be working. One of the seventeen year olds was talking about how he is enjoying the Fair this year. He worked hard all summer, made lots of money, and is spending some of it on food, some on knives, some on rides. And he gives the drivers gas money but does not seem to miss driving. Peculiar.


  11. Michelle,

    I have never read Oswald Chambers. I have tried. You keep name dropping, guess I will try again. Perhaps if I did not have the attention span of a gnat….


  12. I don’t care, I really don’t. But i can’t imagine how she can spend three hours at Blue Ridge Mall. And she’s missing the Georgia/Tennessee football game.


  13. None of my boys were interested in driving and two of them were 17 before they got their licenses. We had to force the oldest one to take driver’s training and get his licence at 16, but that was because we were driving across the country the following summer and I couldn’t do it by myself (my husband got a job in CA while we were in New England. The kids and I followed several weeks later).

    That’s been true of a lot of guys we know. The girls are at the DMV the day they turn 16, but the boys, not so much. For one, it was to much responsibility. We did home school driver’s ed with him (and my oldest) in Hawai’i. USAA sent us a young driver’s video which was all about the dangers and required care and responsibility with a license. Will was so traumatized by the video, he just kept renewing his permit.

    His father, a Navy Captain, finally told him years later when he was about to graduate from the Maritime Academy: “You MUST get your driver’s license. You’re licensed to drive a ship into every port in the world, but I refuse to drive you to your first duty station as an ensign!”

    Will managed just fine. He’s now a LCDR in Naval Intelligence . . . 🙂

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  14. Three hours at the mall? I am impressed! I get dizzy when I have to keep flipping through clothes on a rack. I guess it has to do with when I had all those eight hour shifts in the Junior Dept. at a big downtown department store as one of my college days jobs. I like to quickly find what I need and then escape. Otherwise I might think I have time warped back to working there. 😉


  15. I wonder if the driving thing might also be generational.

    I hear of a lot of young people now who are not overly anxious to drive nowadays, but when I was a teen-ager we also were waiting at the doorstep, as Chas put it. Boys and girls, we couldn’t wait to hit the road. 🙂

    Annmsw’s comment — “Becca’s on my computer, so I’m forced to text this, which means it will be short, as I’m an extremely slow texter” — reminded me of the cartoon I saw of the family dog lounging stretched out on the sofa and the owners all sitting on the floor to watch TV. 🙂

    And Kim, I’ll come over with nancyjill, I can still throw a pretty good swing.

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  16. This is from a few years ago, but the article is still (maybe even more so now) relevant to today. The author laments the declining standards of literacy in today’s culture, and how young people (as well as some adults now too, unfortunately) “are unable to formulate and transmit ideas and are, quite frankly, intellectually enfeebled.”

    The problem can be tersely and accurately described as the ongoing infantilization of the culture, a pathology that needs to be attacked at the root, if it is ever to be resolved. In the famine of books, conversation, directed studies, and even “literate strangers” at the supper table (to quote E.D. Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy), can we be surprised at the anorexic lack of verbal stamina, limpid thinking, and intellectual substance that cripples the development of our children? Starvation does not generally produce robust vitality.



  17. Our son was rather late in getting his driver’s license, too. It saved a lot of money on car insuance that helped pay for his education. I also told him I would give him some of the money saved as a little nest egg. He went to school and lived in a dorm on top of Lookout Mt. He finally got to use our car up there toward the end of his time there. It all worked out okay.


  18. I also saw an article recently that said Millennials (those coming of age by around the year 2000) and younger people are much more likely to take public transportation than we baby boomers, who still love-love-love our cars.

    The problem where I live is that public transportation isn’t very practical — LA city alone is almost 500 square miles big and once they tore out the old Red Cars (brilliant move), we don’t have that great of a rail and subway system that’s been built since. It’s convenient only in very limited circumstances.

    The city officials, though, seem to think we can all be persuaded to ditch the car and ride our bikes to work instead — with visions of making us into a U.S. west coast version of Amsterdam — are adding really wide bike lanes to all our streets. Which, of course, narrows the roads and thus only snarls our already congested traffic all the more (while there’s typically no one in the bike lanes).

    Gotta love Big Brother. 🙂


  19. We too have a reluctant driver–a girl. And another one who took to it right away and drove herself to her senior year of high school (which was good, considering it was the year we got married; we didn’t have to worry about taking her to school).

    I’m of the previous generation, but I was a bit of a reluctant driver and a bit of a driver who was forced to wait whether I wanted to or not. We weren’t allowed to drive our parents’ car (not even after we’d been licensed a couple of years), so it didn’t make sense to get a license until I had the money for a car, and getting money for a car came slowly since it was hard to get a job within walking distance and the one I finally got (McDonald’s) was pretty stingy on the hours they gave. So I was 20 before I got my license then my own car, then a better job, then moved out. Well, I moved out at 20 after several months at the new job, so it’s possible I got my license at 19. But I was at least close to 20 and thinking of myself as 20, because the way I remember it is that I got my licnse at 20.


  20. Donna, bike lanes don’t bother me if they’re narrow, because it’s a whole lot better than having cars mingling with traffic like they did in Chicago. (Many people bike to work there, which means they’re in and out of the parked cars and a serious nuisance, and sometimes a danger. One guy ran into the side of my car once, trying to cross the street when I had the right of way.) But I get annoyed at the carpool lanes that give fewer usable lanes on the road.


  21. Our bike lanes here are quite generous (and they include added “buffer” box-shaped zones for parked car doors possibly opening up) — I understand the safety for cyclists, obviously. But out here there are simply a lot of car drivers (by necessity, most commutes are somewhat long) and far fewer cyclists on our busy roads.


    And they’re putting the lanes in everywhere, it’s a massive plan that is being gradually implemented throughout the city. The problem is that our normally congested streets are losing car lanes to accommodate the new bike lanes, thus slowing traffic down even more.

    I love bikes but even when I was younger I never had the nerve to ride in heavy traffic, bike lane or no bike lane.


  22. I hear you about OC, Mumsee, and certainly sympathize. They’re putting out a more up-to-date version of My Utmost for His Highest, which may make it more connectable to the modern reader. I’ve read it for the last 15 years and it has marketedly changed my expectations of God and my reaction to him–to the positive. You might consider reading the fast devotions on line each morning at http://www.utmost.org.

    In other news, I’ve been given blanket permission to use OC quotations in my novel. I’m now rewriting the beginning, yet again, to make my heroine more likeble. This weekend it needs to be done!

    And the Oswald Chambers Publications Association is meeting next week and my book will be part of the discussion–prayers there, please. This could make or break publication. (Still haven’t heard from all the publishers yet).

    God is in control of this project in wonderful ways (figured that out from My Utmost for His Highest) and all the stories I’ve told. I’m just curious to see how it will unfold.

    (And, frankly, I’d love to be done with this book AND WWI!)

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  23. BTW, a facility manager I know well, tells me Kim needs to call the utility company and tell them to turn off the utilities at the old house as soon as she’s out. It’s the only legal way to get out of remaining responsible for the bill.

    But I’m sure she knows that.

    I just wish all this was easier for her . . . .

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  24. Mumsee- You can’t win the “football thing” until all the games have been played. The last game starts after 10PM EDT, so it will be late tonight before it is decided. However, I am not at home this weekend, so I won’t be checking the results until Sunday night or Monday morning.


  25. Thank you, Donna. I just voted the way I thought best. Nothing special. And, of course, winning isn’t everything. It is how you play the game. I am so proud of the rest of the contestants for their willingness to step forward and give it the old college try. Good for you guys! And they take losing so graciously, very admirable….I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate being allowed into the inner circle so I could play. It is so wonderful of you all, and to think that little me won, just like that. But you guys tried and that is really what counts, isn’t it? I guess the only thing left to say is “Go Boise”.

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  26. And thank you Six Arrows, for that little reminder to the folks running the show. It appears the postal service is running a little slow with the winnings from the last two weeks. They might want to try other channels. Fed Ex and UPS are pretty good out here. Just a little suggestion. You folks do what you need to do to keep honest. Thanks again, Six Arrows.


  27. Just doing my part. 😉 And nice acceptance speech there, Mumsee.

    Notice how helpful and complimentary I am being. I am sure Mumsee will love to give me a cut from her earnings. For my advocacy, you know.


  28. Why thank you, Six Arrows. It was not planned in advance. I was so surprised to win. It came as a total shock. I am not very much of a sports fan, you know, never having actually watched an entire football game in my entire life. We are discussing football, are we not? But that is okay as I have not watched an entire basketball game either. Or baseball. Well, I have watched many of them live, just not on television. So really, that was just my heart felt thoughts on what a terrific experience this whole thing has been. And now, Six Arrows, don’t you be at all surprised if you get a little something in your Christmas envelope this year! Thanks bunches!


  29. And why in the world would they want to start playing so late? Don’t they have a reasonable bed time? EDT, must be being played in Hawaii.


  30. I know what you are talking about, Six Arrows. Did you see how they let me choose my teams and then stepped aside to let me win? You don’t find nicer folk around. Thanks again, everybody…


  31. Oh, my, thank you, Donna. This is almost embarrassing…but I understand your appreciation. I can really appreciate all of my fans because, without you, where would I be? Really, that is almost too much. It was just a little victory. Well, a rather incredible victory with all the powerful contestants involved. But seriously, I did not do all that much. I just took the information presented to me and did the best job I could. That is really what is expected of each of us, is it not? To do the best we can with what we have….

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  32. Oh, now really, Six Arrows, this is too much. Though it does make you wonder where the rest of the folk are. Seems like they might want to be here as well, to share in the excitement. Maybe they are watching some sport event on television.


  33. What sport event?

    Speaking of sports, it’s time to gather the children and start throwing together the meatloaf for supper. 😉


  34. My children are not here. My husband has them. All of them. Well, the ones still living at home. I am free today. I am cleaning my room and planting hydrangeas. I ordered the bargain deal where they send you a zillion left over trees from their season, trying to off load on people for a dollar. They sent me twenty five hydrangeas. I have never grown a hydrangea but it is a good time to start.


  35. Mmmm. Meatloaf sounds good. I just cut up the zucchini for the casserole. But meatloaf sounds better.

    Our special Drought magazine came out this week that included my story about yards. The headline they put on my story was something like “Give up the lawn.” They ran a photo with my story showing a nice lawn with sprinklers. But it would have been more fitting (and brutally much more realistic) if they had run a pic of my very own, ahem, “lawn.” A missed journalistic opportunity.


  36. Wish I could send some rain your way, Donna and Michelle. We’ve had plenty of it, and water in the basement now and then in the not too distant past, maybe as recently as a couple weeks ago.

    Kitchen’s cleaned up, meatloaf’s in the oven. Maybe fish on the dinner table in a certain Pennsylvania home tonight? Hope AJ and family had a good day. 🙂


  37. This comment on a blog post about the ISIS crisis moved me to prayer. How does one witness to those who don’t understand what Islam stands for?

    “I don’t know what brought me to your post but i do believe it was for a reason.
    Although the believes we have are different we also feel the pain for what is happening. ISIS is not only killing christians there killing anyone that doesn’t agree with them. I would like to just say this is not what islaam stands for and we do honor jesus (may peace be upon him ) we love and respect him so much that there is a chapter in the quraan named after his mother and we are obliged to say peace be upon him when we mention his name.
    I hope this crisis ends soon because christians and muslims used to live peacefully toghether in these region.”

    So sad.


  38. wow, that is the most comments ever from Mumsee! So nice that you are having a quiet day, though you are certainly stirring things up around here. I think the fellows are quaking in their boots and afraid to comment.
    We lived 20 miles from town and I waited to get my license til I was 18. My brother was only 10 months younger and he drove us to school.


  39. Stirring things up? Me? Oh, no, I was just thanking my many fans for their congratulations on my football victory. Would you care to add you congratulations? There is no limit on how many you may give. And all are, of course, appreciated.


  40. Mumsee is so inspiring with her uber humility. We all need to use her as an example.

    And I don’t mean in the sense of that old saying, “Never say a person is good for nothing. They can always be used as a bad example.”


  41. A little free time brings out the winning personality of Mumsee. She set herself up for a win/win situation. I want to know where is the big W. After all, it is a mad, mad world created by Mumsee, Inc.

    The stomach bug has obviously gotten into my brain this evening and caused a bit of a warp.


  42. No. There is more to get out of the house tomorrow. A lady is coming to clean it. At least I won’t have to do that and if there are any complaints they can make them to a third party.
    If I am not better by Monday I am going to the doctor. It has moved into my chest.
    We have paid through the end of the month so I will switch everything on Wednesday
    I am calling it a night. Goodnight.


  43. Don’t nobody talk about football today!
    Football is a dumb game. Guys running up and down the field trying to catch a guy and throw him down. The getting together to plan what to do next.
    BTW It was Mizzou 21- Gamecocks 20 if anyone cares.


  44. A preacher is coming today in view of a call.
    He has been here before. Everyone loves him and his wife. She sings. It is already decided, we will call him back. Everyone I hear wants him back. He was here before we came. He’s coming from a large church in Opelika, Al. That’s where Auburn is.


  45. I seem to be frequently sitting in the dark this evening. The power has gone out quite a lot. beginning with an hour and a half this morning. Then they said that some bamboo had grown into the wire and taken out a connection. Not sure what the problem is now. We have our own generators so normally the power comes back on in a minute, but not today.


  46. Me p and I had a rough first night in our new house. He didn’t sleep because he was in pain. I coughed and hacked sniffed and snorted and blew my nose all night. This confused poor Lulabelle. She and Moe really aren’t sure about this latest adventure.
    Oh and I had to have George come get Amos yesterday. The next door neighbors were kind enough to let is put the dogs in their back fenced yard. I heard scratching at the sliding glass door and there was Amos Housini. We aren’t sure how he got out but he ran away home. Guess he was making sure he didn’t get left. 🙂

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  47. Awww, sweet Amos.

    Moving can be very confusing for dogs. I remember boarding mine (I had 3 at the time, Ellie, Fritz and Mercy) on the actual “move day” and then having someone deliver them to the new house (which was on the other side of the harbor from where I’d been living). On the other side, a friend was going to get them settled into the fenced backyard and then wait until I got there with the moving truck.

    But like all my moving days, this one completely fell apart. The movers arrived several hours late, I lost my keys and apparently the dogs, once they were dropped off at the new house, got loose, resulting in my friend chasing them down the street in the new neighborhood (all unbeknownst to me, she didn’t tell me that until a few days later).

    The next day, as the movers arrived (it was too late to bring stuff into the house the day/night before), two of my dogs got into a horrific fight in the backyard, prompting vet visits early the next morning.

    And we were in the middle of an intense heat wave. It was April/May but temps were close to 100.

    Fond memories. Not.


  48. The sermon today was on “Loving Intervention”, with Matthew 18:15-20 as the text. I appreciated that our pastor included verse 20, as I often hear that verse quoted by itself (“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them”), and not as frequently in its wider context.


  49. I see that, as of the moment, I am the last poster on each of the four weekend threads. Does that mean I’m good at killing the threads? At least I’m good at something. 😉


  50. And picking up on that moving day story, I still couldn’t find my keys so I’d had to leave my over-packed VW at the old house when the movers finally came (I rode over the bridge with them in the big truck, it was almost sunset by then).

    The day after my stuff finally got moved in, boxes strewn everywhere, I had to call a locksmith & get a ride back over the bridge to my former place to meet the locksmith there to get a new key made for my car which I was still locked out of. Still in the middle of a sweltering “spring” heat wave.

    Janice, it’s wise of you to stay put.


  51. Our sermon was on Rom. 8:33.

    Our pastor opened by noting the remarkable evolution in western ethics during just his lifetime (59 yrs old): “Behaviors in the 1950s which would have brought shame and embarrassment are now endorsed by media, culture and government. … We’ve gagged out a culture of undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving and unmerciful pagans. Not only are these (former) virtues dismissed, but their antitheses have replaced them … One of the great dangers of living in a culture dismissive of the law of God as a standard for life is the extraction of the effectiveness of that law to show the human heart that there are a great many charges that can be legitimately leveled against every one of us.”


  52. Our message was by the previous pastor who is coming back; as explained at 6:54. One woman was so certain of her vote that she didn’t wait for the business meeting after the service. She put her ballot into the collection plate.
    I’m not certain that it was counted.
    Doesn’t matter. I’m certain he is being called.
    He is a good preacher.


  53. I told you that Dr. Jones has stopped teaching for physical reasons. Another guy and I are stepping in to do the teaching. The other guy said that this morning’s lesson was his last. That means that I will be teaching Hebrews. They (?) say they’re finding a permanent teacher.
    I hope they do that soon.


  54. Almost done. Mr P has a little more to get. I is amazing how tolerable a house can become when it has your stuff in it.
    Somebody. And I’m not saying who, but it isn’t me, has too many clothes. He has taken up half a master sized walk in closet and a spare room closet while ALL my clothes are in half of the master closet. Something isn’t right about this.

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  55. We moved into this house, a 2-family home, in late August of 2000. We were moving all of our stuff in, as well as all of my MIL’s stuff. It was a very hot (in the 90s), very humid day. Even with about four movers helping us (Lee paid for a moving company to move us), it took about 12 hours of almost constant motion.

    Lee bought the guys lunch & then dinner, & ended up “tipping” them each $50 for their hard work.

    I hope to never have to move again, but I leave that up to God, & hope He agrees with me. 🙂


  56. I’m afraid I didn’t “tip” or feed the movers I hired — the cost went way up on me (I gasped when I saw the bill) because it wound up being a 2-day event (but only because they were 4 hours late arriving and then said they weren’t “told” by their boss that mine was to be a “full” house move).

    I wound up sleeping on the floor with the dogs the first night (since I had nothing, not even a change of clothes — and I didn’t have my car to go out even buy anything). Then they returned with all my stuff the next morning.

    I was sure happy when I finally had a change of clothes, I was exhausted and really sweaty after all of that.


  57. Just actually used my machine and sewed up a or repaired a hole in a skirt. I never get around to doing this, so it is monumental that that tiny project is done


  58. Jo quit at 88?
    When I saw the new picture, I thought today’s WV was up.
    And Samuel Adams was right. for two centuries America (The USA) was the refuge for millions.
    And we got the best. That is, people who were willing to risk the change.
    Off to the Y now.


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