Our Daily Thread 11-9-13

Good Morning!

The weekend has arrived!

Now what?


On this day in 1872 a fire destroyed about 800 buildings in Boston, MA. 

In 1906 President Theodore Roosevelt left for Panama to see the progress on the new canal. It was the first foreign trip by a U.S. president.

In 1911 George Claude of Paris, France, applied for a patent on neon advertising signs.     

In 1938 Nazi troops and sympathizers destroyed and looted 7,500 Jewish businesses, burned 267 synagogues, killed 91 Jews, and rounded up over 25,000 Jewish men in an event that became known as Kristallnacht or “Night of Broken Glass.”

In 1965 the great Northeast blackout occurred as several states and parts of Canada were hit by a series of power failures lasting up to 13 1/2 hours. 

And in 1982 Sugar Ray Leonard retired from boxing. In 1984 Leonard came out of retirement to fight one more time. To this day I still say Marvelous Marvin Hagler beat him.


Quote of the Day

“Presumption should never make us neglect that which appears easy to us, nor despair make us lose courage at the sight of difficulties.”

Benjamin Banneker


Today is Phil Driscoll’s birthday.

It’s also Bryn Terfel’s.

And Tom Fogerty’s.

And last one, Alan Gratzer’s.


QoD? Anyone?….

42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-9-13

  1. ‘morning everyone.
    It’s Saturday, so it’s OK for everyone to loll around in bed for a while longer.
    Though I did expect Jo to be up and around, or rather ready to settle in for the night.

    Hi Phos. Hi Ajisuun.
    Tiptoe through the blog so you don’t wake any of the sleepyheads.


  2. I am around. I posted on yesterdays blog just a few minutes ago, while waiting for this one to appear. Saturday is about done here. it is almost 10:30pm


  3. Good Morning. The time change still has me boggled. I was wide awake at 6, My morning routine is a little different in this house. Two puppy dawgs need to be let outside first off. Amos sleeps at the foot of my bed and he came walking up the bed this morning to paw the covers away from me. A sure sign he needs me to get up. I tried to hold him and cuddle and pet, but he wasn’t buying it. He ran ahead of me into the kitchen to make sure I didn’t forget to let Lulabelle out of her kennel and let her outside.
    The family room of this house has three large sliding glass doors. While I love the view from the sofas those doors are HEAVY. While I struggle with the door, Lou cowers behind the brown leather chair like I can’t see her. While the dogs are out I get their breakfast and make my coffee. Have you noticed the absence of anyone else in this story. Yep, Mr. P and a the cat are still snoozing. They usually make it out when the coffee is down to half a pot.

    Today is the big Alabama/LSU game. The across the street neighbors are LSU fans. The next door neighbors and Paul are big Alabama fans. I currently have a Crimson Tide National Championship Flag hanging over my front door. I am NOT that kind of fan. I am persnickety like that.

    I shared a boating around the beach video with all of you yesterday. Janice made a comment about Ono Island. It is quite the exclusive place to have a home. There is a bridge over to the island and a guard at the gate. You have to state your reason for going on the island and the address where you are going. Back it the 70’s it is rumored that Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors had a home there as did several others. Kenny Stabler, The Snake, was from Foley and helped popularize the area and nicknamed it the Redneck Riviera. For a while everyone laughed and bought into that but we have gotten more upscale and suppressed the history of the Redneck Riviera. I think one of his wives still lives on Ono.


  4. Kim, jealously is an ugly thing. 🙂 I wonder what team the writer roots for and when was the last time they won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!

    Gee, we are obnoxious.

    As I tell Hubby, who considers Auburn to be the Harvard of the South, when you win a lot, you have more fans, when you have a lot of fans some of them are going to be jerks.


  5. Nice! Phil Driscoll doing Because He Lives.

    Of course, Kim, I also wondered if Yoko Ono had anything to do with the island when I first saw the name. Hopefully she is not the resident musician doing theme music for the locale. 🙂


  6. KBells, parts of it ARE true. It made me cringe and I thought twice about sharing it. Admit it, there are some fans that couldn’t find Tuscaloosa on a map or University in a dictionary, but by Golly they are Alabama fans. I currently say this as someone who has and A tag on the front of my Xterra. Of course I have been to two universities and one college and I have been to Tuscaloosa. I have a theory though that you ought to have to show your college diploma in order to buy a tag for the back of your car or truck.

    Of course, we also have to admit what Auburn hid in order to get that national championship they got.

    Janice we are too low brow for Ms. Ono. The island was discovered by the Spaniards and named for something else.


  7. In the top ten dumbest fans, I know the list is flawed because I didn’t see Redskins fans on there. But Redskins fans don’t have much to cheer about lately. There were incidents of domestic viloence when the Redskins lost.

    It’s sad when a sports team can become such an important part of your life. SC came close to winning a basketball championship when Frank McGuire was there. They named the colloseum after him. But I think they’ve built another. Mary graduated in the Frank McGuire Colleseum. I think the presint one is Colonial Life Colloseum. I wonder where they got the money for that one?


  8. Kim, most of the State is either an Auburn fan or an Alabama fan. I’d guess that Bama fans outnumber Auburn fans. There are going to be a few jerks and losers with nothing else to cling to and they will be attracted to a winning team to give themselves something to fell good about.
    Also whenever someone brings up Harvey Updyke they should also mention Tide for Toomer’s. This was an organization of Bama fans that raised nearly $50,000 to try and save the trees at Toomer’s corner.
    Ps, I didn’t go to the University of Alabama. I graduated from UAB. Hubby didn’t go to Auburn. He graduated from Montevallo.


  9. Well if we’re gonna talk about rabid sports fans, I’ll chime in as a huge sports fan. I’m not rabid though, I have all my shots. 🙂

    Now on to the Tide fans.

    Dynasty is not a term I use lightly when it comes to sports. While Alabama’s play in the last several years is good, it’s not a dynasty. They take years to build, and are good teams long term. They’re getting there. But not yet.

    I do use it for Coach K’s Duke Blue Devils. No one has been better at any sport over the last 30 years.
    (Did anyone else watch Duke take apart Davidson last night? I did! That Duke crowd is a crazy bunch.) 🙂

    And where did Coach K get his start?

    ARMY baby! As a player under Coach Bobby Knight. Yes, THAT Bobby Knight. 🙂
    He then went on to coach the ARMY team. From there on to Indiana as an assistant coach under Knight. Then on to Duke where he’s been since 1980. As good a coach as Knight was, the apprentice has long ago surpassed the master.

    He took his program to “postseason play in 30 of his 33 years at Duke and is the most winning active coach in men’s NCAA Tournament play with a 82–25 record for a .767 winning percentage. His Duke teams have won 13 ACC Championships, been to 11 Final Fours, and won four NCAA tournament National Championships.” That people, is what THE sports dynasty looks like.

    Yes, even more of a dynasty than my Yankees, who are 2nd on the list. 🙂

    Billicheck and Brady are a distant third, but they have more to win yet before they’re done.

    And no Cowboys fans, you didn’t make the cut for that run in the 80’s. Sorry.


    See, I’m not rabid.


  10. Chas, you can’t say r–dskins anymore. 🙂

    I’m off to the movies today (“Gravity”) with my cousin who also has to make a stop at one of the shops (Jjill) next to the theater to return something.

    I allowed Annie the cat to go out for a bit this morning — she’ll stay close because the animals haven’t gotten fed yet. Her bite wound is healing well, I think, but I don’t want her out and about so much that she loses the scab that’s formed.

    I saw the video Kim posted yesterday but didn’t have time to watch it — I’ll go back to it today. I’d like to live on a private island. Do they have a castle by chance? Or a cute log cabin would suit me fine. But I don’t tolerate humidity well. 😦

    So nice to be able to sleep in today a little bit. We’re having a warm fall so far, in the 70s and very dry and windy (I think it hit 80 the other day). But the nights are cold. Still haven’t flipped the heater on, trying to hold out to avoid those horrendous gas bills that come every winter when I become too dependent on that forced air heat! It feels SO good first thing in the morning …

    Sweatshirts over layers and fuzzy moccasins are having to suffice for now!


  11. Oh, thought Dynasty was a TV show about the Ewing family. Or maybe AJ is spelling “Duck” wrong, and the picture is one of the Robertsons without facial hair.


  12. So, this turned into a sports thread?
    It’s very difficult to relate to fans of college football. I have never heard anyone raving about a college team. Must be a southern thing.


  13. They may officially do away with “Redskins”, but it will take a generation to get past the name.
    They should call them Palefaces.


  14. Linda, you are excused. It IS hard to root for a team with a turtle as their mascot. 😉

    KBells, it’s all in good fun and I like to take a jab every now and the with some of my rabid Alabama fans. Even my ex-husband looked at me and laughed. “Kimberley”, he said, “You have managed to marry a bigger Alabama fan than I am”. He enjoyed saying that to me WAAAY too much.


  15. AJ, Bama has won the most National Championship in the modern times (since 1936) and the most BCS championships,. They have won the 3rd most championships in the history of college football. This is counting all the years there was only three teams. Bear Byrant is the 6th winniest coach of all times and Saban the best in the country right now. Only 6 teams in modern times have won back to back National Championship and Bama’s done it twice. That, my friend, is a Dynasty. 🙂


  16. Kim ,it is just that I have been through this many times with Hubby. He has worked on both campuses and according to him as soon as you step on to the Auburn campus little blue birds surround your head and begin to sing sweetly. Lambs and fawns and kittens frolic about your feet and everyone is good and kind and honest and all your dreams come true. In Tuscaloosa you have to be careful where you step for all the brimstone popping up through the sidewalks. Or something like that. I’m may be exaggerating a little about what he said. 🙂


  17. Just checking in to see if anyone was up early this morning. It is Sunday evening here. Tomorrow is a pupil free day. It is the Wycliffe International Day of Prayer. So we will all be meeting in the morning to pray and then it is a teacher work day at the primary school. I need to get ready for this week and also for a new student who just returned with his family and a new babybrother. So on Tuesday I will have 13 students and then on Wednesday another of my students leaves on Furlough, so back down to 12.


  18. Hi, Jo. Sounds like you have a perfect size class. Are any of the students early readers? Are you teaching letters by name and sound? If I recall correctly, the Montessori approach was to teach the letters by sound. I taught them by name, but we had a cute book titled something like The Monster’s Book of A, B, Cs which had a monster on each page (cute, not scary monsters) making the sounds of each letter. We all used Word Bird books from the library to help at that stage.


  19. Good Morning all. Amos isn’t used to the time change yet so he has me up early. There is a reason he is known as the Alarm Dog. Lulu doesn’t care, she just wants to play.
    Trying to keep them quiet. As I said yesterday, we have overnight guests and I don’t want to wake them too early. Coffee is brewing and the day is starting out chilly but beautiful.


  20. Just reading the facts for today – actually, yesterday. My great uncle by marriage, a classical musician, was arrested the day after Kristallnacht. He was interned in the Buchenwald concentration camp. This was before the terrible scientific system of the Final Solution and the methods used to reduce the Jewish male population were random and brutal. He witnessed the guards pick men to be chased across the prison yard. The slower ones were killed by the guards’ long knives and dogs, the faster ones ended up against the electrified barbed wire fence and were electrocuted. He was taken into a cellar, where men were beaten into unconsciousness. As he was tortured, he came to the realization that Jesus was the promised Messiah. Before the Final Solution, prisoners were sometimes released and his friends used their influence to get him out and to a hospital. From there, he was able to escape the country and eventually made his way to Canada. The rest of his family were later murdered during the Final Solution. He went on to minister for the Lord for many years.


  21. There is no sex in Gravity. There are a few curse words. It is suspenseful. I pretty much knew how it would end and was still on the edge of my seat.


  22. I’d say yes for older kids, knells.

    There are some ‘words’ but not thrown around gratuitously (and more than understandable when you’re untethered in space, after all!). And it is intense from beginning to end (I found myself almost holding my breath to help everyone conserve oxygen), but really some spectacular effects in 3D. And as the reviews said, theistic in its view and some moving scenes of self-sacrifice.

    The lead character is not religious (at one point she tearfully reflects aloud that she probably should pray but no one ever taught her how). It brought to my mind Paul’s assertion that all men *know* there is a God …

    Good movie, well done.


  23. Couldn’t help thinking of Chas this morning in church. Pastor Kris was preaching from Zechariah 12. (Although I’m not sure that’s the exact chapter he has mentioned a few times, but I think it might be.)

    He finished by exhorting us to take the things of God more seriously than we have before, with a sense of expectation that God will move mightily in our congregation, our town, & the surrounding towns. One example he gave was showing up to church several minutes early to pray, rather than moseying in as service is starting.

    Next year, we are going to strive to be a church that offers our “firsts” to God. We will begin the year, as we have for several years, with a 21-day Daniel fast. On the first of every month, we will have a one-hour service of worship & prayer. And of course, we are exhorted to give our “firstfruits” to God in tithes & offerings.


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