News/Politics 5-13-13


Kermit Gosnell has been found guilty on at least 3 of the 4 1st Degree Murder charges. These were for babies born alive.


More on the other charges as it becomes available.


Also guilty of involuntary manslaughter for the death of Karnamaya Mongar, the woman who died in a late-term abortion.


What’s interesting in the news today?

There’s lots to choose from, so short and to the point.

First, Benghazi. I told you before of rumors that Benghazi was a CIA weapons operation. That idea is being floated again.

Geraldo: My sources tell me they were in Benghazi to round up missiles to send to Syrian rebels via Turkey, from TheRightScoop

CBS reporter  Sharyl Attkisson is being censored by her own network. She has dogged the administration on Benghazi, and now the network appears to be cracking down on her for it. It appears she may be fired for it. Now questions have been asked about ties between the Obama admin and CBS.

Top Obama official’s brother is president of CBS News, may drop reporter over  Benghazi coverage from TheDailyCaller

Benghazi Whistleblower’s Attorney Claims NBC Spiked Him Being a Democrat Who  Voted for Obama, from NewsBusters

Of course they did. Otherwise the “partisan hack” label they tried to use on Hicks would be exposed. Doesn’t fit the meme.

Issa wants the Presidents hand-picked review committee before Congress, and under oath, from TheAP 

CNN: Decision was made to drop reference to terror group from talking points at meeting in White House from TheRightScoop

That whole Patreus thing deserves a second look too. He appears to have strongly disagreed with the edits to the talking points.

 Watch out for Petraeus in Benghazi scandal, from TheWashingtonTimes



Next up, Syria.

If You Think America Should Go to War in Syria, You Haven’t Been Paying Attention from PJMedia

Under the black flag of al-Qaeda, the Syrian city ruled by gangs of extremists, from TheTelegraphUK


Then we have the IRS scandal. Let the investigations begin.

Ways and Means to IRS: ‘Provide All Communications Containing Words ‘Tea Party,’ ‘Patriot,’ or ‘Conservative’—By Wednesday from CNSNews

Giddy up! 🙂

Senior Internal Revenue Service officials knew employees were singling out  conservative groups for extra scrutiny as early as 2011 from Politico

So much for it being just a low level operation.

IRS targeted groups that criticized the government, IG report says, from TheWashingtonPost

10 crazy things the IRS asked Tea Party groups from HotAir

Six times the IRS has been accused of punishing President Obama’s political opponents from TheWashingtonFreeBeacon

And now it appears the IRS targeted other groups as well.

‘The IRS: First they Came for the Tea Partiers, Then They Came for the Jews’ from PJMedia


And in Other News….

Prosecutor to seek aggravated murder charges against Ariel Castro, citing what he said were terminated pregnancies among captive women, from


Here’s more on the story from last week about the SEAL families demanding accountability.

SEAL Families Looking for Answers, Claim government officials, military brass have brushed aside concerns from TheWashingtonFreeBeacon


Let’s hope there’s a lot more ObamaCare fallout to come for Democrats. 🙂

Grassley: Baucus Retiring Because He’s ‘Fed Up’ With Obamacare, from NationalReview


And the last one. I told you Saturday about Prince Harry’s visit to the US to honor the wounded and those that gave all. Here’s an update, with tons of photos from Saturday’s Warrior Games with wounded vets. The guy’s a real Prince, in more ways than one. 🙂

Prince Harry opened  the 2013 Warrior games in Colorado Springs today, played sit down volleyball with wounded  service members, from TheDailyMail


13 thoughts on “News/Politics 5-13-13

  1. George Will has now brought up impeachment.

    This is a grave time in our nation. The wall is crumbling and it’s dangerous. We need to be praying.


  2. Hubby says that he thinks the IRS/Tea Party thing is a red herring. He thinks that Benghazi is going to be so damaging that the administration is willing to throw the IRS under the bus to distract from it.


  3. Senator Inhofe from Oklahoma is also talking Impeachment, but he is honest enough to state that conviction is unlikely over Benghazi. I remember that the House was going to impeach Nixon over abuse of Power with the IRS. From the Daily Caller ( “In a 2012 speech, Sen. Mitch McConnell noted, “The head of one national advocacy group has released documents which show that his group’s confidential IRS information found its way into the hands of a staunch critic on the Left who also happens to be a co-chairman of President Obama’s re-election committee. The only way this information could have been made public is if someone leaked it from inside the IRS.”


  4. What’s interesting is to watch what the opinion class on the left is saying — some are emerging quite critical.

    This from Maureen Dowd:

    Not sure Benghazi will wind up hurting Obama as much as it does Clinton. But both that & the IRS mess are making a mark. Impeachment seems like a stretch to me at this stage, but it certainly has awakened some in the press (at long last) to be more critical of this administration, which is a move forward I think.

    And the little I caught of the news conference this morning had the president sounding very defensive and downright prickly (in the “how-dare-you-question-us” sort of way). Not a good tone in which to respond.

    Guess the buck doesn’t stop at the WH anymore, eh?


  5. Rachel Maddow recently spent 15 minutes reviewing each Republican attempt to claim a scandal worthy of impeachment. It began the minute Obama was sworn in in 2009.

    I don’t thin Bengazi will be any different. Here’s Bush Jr’s Sec’y of Defense Gates;

    The IRS thing is interesting but I must confess I’m smirking since the real left ie socialists have had the IRS and the FBI investigating them for decades and they still are — Occupy and wikileaks etc are constantly being tracked by gov’t agencies.

    Personally I find the House Republican elimination of the 40 hour week far more worthy of impeachment/recall etc.


  6. I’ll address the impeachment issue briefly tomorrow HRW. But if you want a preview of it, check out Nixon’s articles of impeachment. One of the charges was exactly what Obama has done here.


  7. And, yes, liberal groups have been — and could be again — targeted. The whole thing is simply wrong. Can we all agree?


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