Our Daily Thread 4-27-13

Good Morning!

The weekend has arrived. 🙂

And I’m goin’ fishin’. 🙂 🙂 🙂


On this day in 1521 Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan was killed by natives in the Philippines.

In 1805 a force led by U.S. Marines captured the city of Derna, on the shores of Tripoli.

In 1861 U.S. President Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus.

In 1865 the Sultana exploded while carrying Union POWs, many recently freed from prison camps. 1600 of the 2400 passengers lost their lives.

In 1897 Grant’s Tomb was dedicated.

In 1947  “Babe Ruth Day” was celebrated at Yankee Stadium.

In 1965 “Pampers” disposable diapers were patented by R.C. Duncan.

And in 1983 Nolan Ryan of Houston Astros broke a 55-year-old major league baseball record when he struck out his 3,509th batter of his career.


Quote of the Day

“Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future.”

Ulysses  S. Grant


Seems appropriate to start with some George Jones today.

About the only birthday choices today were Sheena Easton and Ace Frehley. I could do some Ace, but you probably won’t like it as much as I would, so I’ll spare you. I have another fuzzy haired choice instead. 🙂


Who has a QoD for us today?

40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-27-13

  1. Five days a week I drag my tired old self out of bed. I rush around on schedule to get out the door. Today I could have slept most of the day away and I was wide awake at 5:30.
    Oh well, I have 6 files hanging over my head that need to be closed out and it hasn’t happened at work, maybe it will happen at my kitchen table.
    This afternoon is filled with softball.


  2. Kim, is Chloe doing softball?

    Elvera is off to Belk. She bught a $5.00 card to support some chairty. The card can only be spent between 6 & 10 on Saturday. She will not let the opportunity pass. I doubt that much good comes of this.
    After that, our church is having a yard sale that she’s going to attend. I hope she doesn’t buy the things she gave them to sell. 🙂
    Lots of George Jones on the radio this morning. He was never one of my favorites, but I do have He stopped loving her today and some others by him.


  3. I noticed some time ago, the main difference between softball and baseball is that baseball players spit and softball players blow bubbles with gum.


  4. Good Morning! Spring has arrived in the Rockies…until Wednesday…then we will get more snow and cold…so, I am going to enjoy it while I can!
    Thanks for starting my morning off with the videos of Keith Green…I kept watching all of the videos and had a wonderful time in worship with one of my all time favorite worship leaders…I am so blessed to continue listening to the music our Lord blessed him to write and sing….


  5. NancyJill,

    My wife is a Keith Green fan too. I like videos like that that have more of the same in the sidebar or at the end. The Alan Jackson gospel video the other day had like 15 more gospel songs from him as well. I love me some YouTube. 🙂


  6. Speaking of household help, we did have a maid in Okinawa. Because it gave somebody a job. I was very resistant. Though I had four small children, I did not find it comfortable having somebody else come clean my house. I never gave her any direction, she just came and did. But I tried to encourage her to teach us to cook rather than clean. I did not like have a sixty five year old woman cleaning up after us so we precleaned and she did the deeper cleaning and ironed my husband’s uniforms.


  7. I posted a link last night to a new study that sums up the personality traits of people who own certain breeds of dogs. Scientists who did the study say it could help people decide what kinds of dogs to get (to match their personalities):

    Gundogs (think kBells, michelle) – sporting breeds like Setters, Retrievers, Pointers and Spaniels: owners are “very agreeable, very conscientious.”

    Hounds: “very emotionally stable.” (Anyone here own a hound? Yeah, I didn’t think so.)

    Pastoral dogs (think me and Cheryl) — collies, shepherds, sheepdogs, corgis: “Very extroverted” That’s it? Extroverted? Not also “brilliant, perceptive and creative”???

    Toy dogs (Tammy? I think poms are toys, so she comes out looking pretty good here): “Very agreeable; very conscientious; very creative and intellectually curious.” I suspect the people who did the study must own toy dogs. I mean, could they go on and on any more about how wonderful those owners are?

    And the so-called “utility” dogs (non-sporting breeds such as Bulldogs, Dalmatians and Poodles): “Very conscientious, very extroverted.”

    Chas, sorry but there was no category listed for owners of pet rocks. Off the top of my head, I’d say simply “stoic and firmly planted.” 🙂


  8. Yes, Mumsee, what about mutts? Afghan hound/poodle cross – somedays he’s more poodle, other days more Afghan.

    Chas, you and Elvera always make me smile 🙂

    We had our small group round up potluck last night. It was a good time, great food and fellowship. I’m so glad God blessed us with a house where we can host 14 people for a sit down meal. When we purchased the place, we hoped that we could use it for Him, but wondered if we were just too far from people. I guess God always knows.


  9. Mutts are the only dogs I’ve ever had. I had two as a child. They make great pets.
    Mutts and pet rocks are for oddball types.
    Elvera never called me an “oddball” though. She says I’m “unusual”.


  10. Mutts are all I’ve known for pet dogs, too. Funny to consider that in high school I had a friend whose family owned a pure bred poodle named Mutt. The last dog I had was brought into the plant nursery store where I worked as the weekend bookkeeper. A person brought in a whole litter in a box. It was in the spring and many people were coming in and checking out the free puppies. By the end of the day one was left. She came home with me. She was a mix of black lab and dachshund. She looked mostly like a lab with shorter legs.


  11. Marlowe was a highly bred Golden Retriever
    Amos is half poodle/half shi tzu
    Snoopy was half collie/half German Shepherd

    I think I am pretty well rounded. 😉


  12. No Mumsee, you’re “unusual”. You have to admit that.

    Elvera’s back. She spent her $5.00. She bought an outfit for less than half price. And she had her eye on a blouse a long time, and finally bought it for half price.
    She did that before I got her. She would go to Tapps, an upscale dept. store in Columbia and watch something until they lowered the price. That isn’t the rason I got her.

    We never knew what charity she was buying the ticket from. She asked someone in the store. The lady explained: we buy the ticket and spend it. Belk sends the amount of those tickets received to various charities. I have no way of knowing that we didn’t contribute something to Planned Parenthood.


  13. Has anyone here slept on a futon? Is it comfortable?

    Emily currently sleeps on a fold-out couch/bed (whatever they’re called – you know, it’s a couch but with a bed folded up inside), but it’s old & starting to fall apart. She’s thinking of maybe replacing it with a futon.


  14. Heidi is a mix of Mini Schnauzer (a terrier breed) & Pit Bull (which are also terriers). According to Donna’s link, that means I am emotionally unstable.

    So yeah, it’s pretty accurate. 😉


  15. Some people love them. I’m thinking the key would be being young — & still physically quite flexible? 🙂


  16. Karen, I have never slept on a futon, but we once considered one; so I know what it is. I have slept on a fold out couch. A futon would be much better. We have, downstairs, a couch with a pull out double bed. It’s fine for children. I doubt that it would be suitable. In lieu of a real bed, I suspect a futon would be a good choice.


  17. 🙂

    But we also have Kane, a very mellow American Bulldog. Not sure which category he’d go in. With the regular bulldogs, maybe? According to that, I am conscientious, & that really is true of me.


  18. That’s the nice thing about dog breed mixes. 🙂

    OK, I’m going out to buy some white vinegar. I read where that will kill foxtails & make them easier to pull out of the ground. Because of the animals, I really can’t use regular pesticides out there.

    I did find what looks to be a long-buried dog toy out there today. Only the wooly-fuzzy arm was sticking above ground. 🙂


  19. i believe the intent is to give the plant an acidic environment as opposed to alkaline. Alkaline loving plants don’t like vinegar. It is supposed to work on quite a few weeds.


  20. Ah, Keith Green. I met a lot of “Christian” singers and groups when I worked in radio. Keith was one of the few who were real, not just in it for the fame.

    I only remember mutts growing up, except for the Springer Spaniel that got left at our house by a friend of my dad’s. It was not registered as a full bred, but had all the characteristics. She was a funny dog in that she hopped instead of running.


  21. Baseball over. Sunburned. All fed. Mr. P (my Marylander) discovered tonight that I do not do crawfish. Thankfully I at boiled peanuts at the ball park. 😉


  22. Karen, futons are all over the map. You can buy one for $100, and it’s the sort of thing you can sleep on for one night when you’re 20. When I bought my house in Nashville, I went to a futon store and bought two pieces that were really furniture: a “couch” and a reclining chair. I chose my fabrics and chose my mattress. I didn’t go with the absolute best mattress because he told me that I didn’t need that level of support (I was thin and didn’t plan to sleep on it very often). It needed to be assembled; it was wood. When I had company, I usually gave them my bed and slept on the futon. Otherwise I left it set up as a “couch,” and I sat on it a lot. When I slept on it, I actually found it more comfortable than my own bed. (Of course, I had an old mattress, but I didn’t find my bed uncomfortable.) In fact, I chose to bring the futon chair with me when I moved, because it is an absolutely wonderful reading chair. (My older stepdaughter sat in it at my house, and asked us to keep it, too.) It’s wider than a typical overstuffed chair, and with wide wooden arms, very cozy. I do a lot of my work sitting in it. I’ve even put it back to recline and napped in it, though I didn’t buy the footstool that would have made the chair also function as a bed. The pair (couch with two drawers underneath and chair) cost about $1,000. I don’t remember what each piece cost on its own, but you really can get futons for any level of cost/quality today.


  23. The dog actually belongs to the Kid and neither child nor dog is always very agreeable or very conscientious. I’m really a cat person. What does that say about you?


  24. Please pray for my friends and others who are fighting a HUGE grass fire in strong winds – 2 miles wide, 20 miles long at last word – very dangerous situation. My hubby used to be the fire warden down in Grasslands NP and so we know how fast it can go and how very dangerous it can be. They’ve already lost the new campground structures and some historic ranch sites. But safety is key. Thank you.


  25. The pastor is preaching the 10 Commandments. Today was the third. “Thou shalt not misuse the name of teh LORD thy God” NIV.
    I was familiar with the trivial use of God’s name, e.g “OMG”;
    but he illustrated something I hadn’t thought of before.
    The President, in ending his talk to Planned Parenthood, said, “God bless you”.
    To pronounce God’s blessings on something obviously repulsive to God is a misuse of His name.
    To pronounce God’s blessing on a same sex marriage would be doing the same thing.
    There are probably other instances, if I thought long enough.


  26. Today’s message was from 1 Corinthians 5. Carefronting fellow believers with love and compassion and a view to restoring them. A very difficult topic.


  27. “Hold fast to the Bible. To the influence of this Book we are indebted for all the progress made in true civilization and to this we must look as our guide in the future.”

    Grant was a very successful general, a fairly mediocre President, and if that quote is an indication, a terrible philosopher.

    The Bible is a book of myths. As a work describing how the universe, world, and human race came to be, it has been made obsolete by empirical science (which does not have “all the answers” but it far more accurate (IMO) than anything in the Bible. As the only animals with abstract reasoning and knowledge of our own mortality, we have questions that will never be answered.

    Sex is very dangerous and very attractive. All mammals have the urge to mate, produce, and care for young. It’s a subjective issue about how many humans there should be on earth. As there is no sign of Jesus returning, the only purpose of a religion such as Christianity or Islam is to produce more small intelligent animals to indoctrinate with unlikely belief systems. I have no particular enthusiasm for Planned Parenthood, but there are to me rational reasons to limiting human population, and that involves using technology such as birth control.

    If Planned Parenthood offends or irritates you, what do you suggest instead? People are going to have sex. Always have, and probably always will. Is there a Christian organization equivalent (but not offensive to you) to PP?


  28. How could a Christian organization be equivalent to PP? Christians are not to be killing their children. Perhaps you have us confused with the followers of Molech.


  29. Random/Modesty – The problem we have with Planned Parenthood is not so much with the distribution of birth control, but that they perform a great many abortions.


  30. If the Bible is a book of “myths,” why bother, why your intense obsession with it, Random?

    The entire topic of religious belief seems to drive you in some inexplicable way. Where does that come from?


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