55 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 11-29-12

  1. I should really go to sleep, too, since my first post was 6:19 a.m. Eastern today (yesterday, whenever). Does it sound like I need some sleep? Probably.

    Enjoy the conversation on a fresh thread, folks! πŸ™‚


  2. Good morning! (Barely.) I was watching the Exorcist.

    I was in college when that came out in the theaters and a co-worker in the Sears snack bar was so rattled after seeing it that she was trying to call the Vatican from the department phone on her break one Saturday.

    She was a lapsed Catholic and decided she’d better make sure she was at least on their ‘list’ so she would be covered just in case some demons came calling and were looking for a new home.

    We kept telling her she’d get in big trouble making a long distance call like that on the work phone. The call never went through. But she did try.


  3. Wow, I came expecting the thread to be empty since it’s still the middle of the night there, but no. all the night owls beat me to it!


  4. Just went back and read some of the threads from the last few days. Welcome, Meg!

    I wonder how many other lurkers followed us over from World Mag?

    OK, lurkers, just one little peep to let us know you’re there. OK?

    We won’t hurt you. Promise. Even Random will be good if you don’t poke him.


  5. Hi, Ajisuun. I’m not a lurker, but 6th Arrow just woke up for the second time tonight (and is back in bed now), so here I am.

    It really is too early to get up since it’s less than 5 hours since I went to bed. See you later!


  6. QoD: Why, when I as a believer have the power of Christ resting on me, does my free will constantly seem to override that power? Isn’t He stronger than I? Why don’t I simply believe God when He says in His Word that there is no temptation that He will allow that is greater than I can bear, and that in temptation, He will provide a way out?

    Another great QotD, Tychicus.


  7. Okay, let’s try this going-back-to-sleep thing again…

    Perhaps this thread can be called the Insomnia Thread today. πŸ˜‰


  8. You all know that we had a big reunion at out house last Saturday. Twenty four, everyone had a nice time. Everyone is home now.
    Afterwards, I found myself missing my usual coffee cup. Not that I don’t have lots more. It was just the Carolina Alumni cup I used. I was also missing a plastic glass I use for tea. I drink lots of tea, and I missed my plastic. We looked all over. It must have been misplaced. None of those people would steal a cup or glass. Besides, it’s something you could buy at a yard sale for $1.00. But we looked all over the house from Saturday to Wednesday. No sign of either. We looked every place they could be.
    Except in the dishwasher!
    We felt so stupid.
    No. We used paper cups and styrofoam dishes. Elvera and Polly cleaned up by hand.
    But we knew they had to be somewhere. Only we didn’t think of the dishwasher.


  9. Good Morning!

    First, a welcome for Meg! Glad you could join us. Finally. πŸ˜€ Don’t be shy. Post often.

    Machine is running full blast this morning. I had a decent night’s sleep for the first time in several days… πŸ™‚

    And AJ, hope you are having a great time! I missed my beach trip this year.

    Hope y’all have a good day.


  10. Good morning. Btw, it is Thursday Nov. 29th just to be clear πŸ˜‰

    Chas, it’s the little things that throw us off eh?

    Grateful for a normal day. Yesterday was my birthday and it threw the whole day out of alignment. πŸ˜‰


  11. Happy Birthday, Adios!

    /// 09)90 ( __%

    Those are cake crumbs because if you had your cake yesterday, there would be nothing left today. Hope they don’t turn into something else by the time they show up, getting me permanently banned or some such thing.


  12. Is it already the 29th? Time flies when you are adjusting to another culture and language and environment and country and time zone and job and currency and climate and…

    What sounds can you hear from where you are sitting?
    From the table in my room, I can hear: the squeak of the crank as a villager draws water from a public well, the beat of a makeshift drum as children amuse themselves for the afternoon, the occasional hideous bray of a donkey, the crying of babies, the murmur of villager’s conversation which may rise into the tone of debate, the ever present cooing of doves – the afternooons are relatively quiet.
    The mornings and evenings are filled with more sounds – the call to prayer, the crowing of roosters, the beep of gilly-gillies (the Gambian bus), the putt-putt of motorcycles, the clomp of hooves and the crack of the whip from horse or donkey carts, the calling of long and detailed greetings between villagers, the singing and shouting of school children- it is never truly silent here, not even at night, when the fruit bats beep and enormous crickets chirp and on special holidays the beat of the professional drummers and the singing and shouting and cheering go long and late.


  13. Gracias 6 Arrows and Mumsee!

    Let’s see, uh, hear, I can second kid in shower, seventh childing slamming the door on the way out, lots of cars on the street and lots of chatter on the sidewalk; the high school starts now and is half a block away.

    That is an easier Q than Tychicus’ QoD. I was trying to answer that one without sounding uppish. But I really do want to know why God sometimes sends me these big messages without opening the door to the messagees. I am speaking to about 400 people tomorrow, but God gave me this message over a year ago. What was in the waiting I wonder. Or sometimes He clearly arranges the moment, teaching a Bible study, but the message seems small and muddled until about 3:00a.m. day of. If that makes sense.


  14. Oh mumsee, thanks for the crumbs. Hope they don’t get you into trouble. I am gluten intolerant and I could tell you used gluten free flour πŸ˜‰ We had cream brulee last night.


  15. Good Morning, Y’all!

    From my seat…murmurs of conversations from the classroom next door and the incessant hum of the computer junction box for this wing… which for some reason is located in my classroom.


  16. What do I hear from here? Basically silence as hubby took some of the older ones for the last of the hunting season. Just leaving the sounds of one autistic child singing Jingle Bells (he was not comprehensible two years ago), an Asperger’s child singing Bad Boys while trying to do a word search (two years ago she was unable to speak or read or sit for long), an undiagnosed child singing about bagles, a fifteen year old sneezing while doing a word search like the second mentioned and singing I’ll be Home for Christmas, a sixteen year old going through a book of fairy tales, the flush of the toilet, the hum of the stove fan, and the usual ringing in my ears of tinitus….


  17. It’s quiet here. I can here a couple clocks ticking (including my grandmother’s old wind up mantel clock that is on the top of a tall narrow bookcase in the hallway). It needs oiling/cleaning/adjusting — or something — as the chimes sometimes are muted and it runs very fast, requiring me to turn back the big hand by 20 minutes or so at least once a day.

    And I can hear rain pattering on the roof, cars going down the wet street out in front of my house — and the cat’s demanding meows to be let out already. She has to be kept inside for about a week to let her wound heal. So she’s stubbornly planted herself at the shuttered doggie door, meowing over and over again.

    I’m guessing she very well could manage to escape at some point during all the juggling of closed/open room doors required as I let the dogs in and out while keeping her captive inside.

    She’s unhappy. But very determined to find a way out of here.

    Happy belated birthday Adios, I even missed seeing that on FB yesterday.


  18. Yes, Donna, that’s horrible. I was disappointed in you.

    I can hear the tick of the heater and the clicking of computer keys, and at the moment nothing else.


  19. Ticking clock, rumbling dryer, some sort of email arriving sound on my husband’s computer. Tapping IPad letters.

    Biggest question? Do I spend enough time with The Lord?


  20. From The Oxford Dictionary of English:

    Religion: The belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, esp. a personal God or gods.

    Philosophy: The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

    O’Rilly, last night, and Glenn Beck this morning were arguing about Christianity and Christmas celebrations. Arguing with an atheist, both got it wrong. They argued that Christianity is not a religion but a philosophy. I’m not sure Beck was serious because he often takes the other side of an argument to shoot it down.
    There are good arguments for Christmas celebrations, but claiming that Christianity is a philosophy is all wrong.


  21. O’Reilly especially is often “off” when it comes to the Christian faith. I’m not a fan of his generally anyway — but whenever he purports to state the Christian view of something, he more often than not mucks it up.

    Not that you could EVER tell him that, of course. He just annoys me. He knows it all and brow-beats his guests into silence when they disagree, basically saying “I’m right, you’re wrong, next topic.” He really can be a jerk. His interviews with people are horrible.


  22. And I’ll say, too, that I’m just not “missing” Glenn Beck now that he’s moved to some obscure station of his own that I wouldn’t even know how to find — presuming I’d ever want to.

    Fox News does a good job on much of its news coverage — and I like a number of their program hosts, including Megyn Kelly & whoever it is who hosts the weekend discussions on media coverage through the week. “The 5” can be amusing.

    But some of the other political show hosts are just too partisan and know-it-all (and sometimes rude to guests) for my tastes.


  23. Sounds: Live-streamed classical music coming from my computer (Beethoven’s Piano Sonata #30, played by Helene Grimaud). Ticking wall clock noticeable during the quieter parts of the sonata. Jingling keys as 5th Arrow rearranges different keys of his onto different rings . His whispering to himself as he proceeds. Furnace running. New musical work starting: Felix Mendelssohn’s Athalia Overture, played by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra. Feet overhead on the wood floor upstairs. Cheerful voices of 3rd and 6th Arrows from upstairs, then a squeal of delight and laughter from #6.

    Now I’m going outside to listen there. To be continued…


  24. Random is less fun if you don’t poke him every once in a while. πŸ˜‰

    I can hear the hiss of white noise through the baby monitor as Grace finishes her (becoming more rare) nap. Yarn balls tumbling in the dryer (instead of dryer sheets). and Mike next door working on his truck. Though I do wish his driveway was more than literally three feet from my window…


  25. Glad to be here again for a few moments!

    What do I hear? Discussion from the reception area about work being done on the office building, music from the public radio station on in that same area (classical music), chair is squeaking as I move, keyboard clicking as I type, hum from computers running, bells jingle on the door as person departs from reception area to outside, conversation continuing in the parking lot yet unable to distinguish the words spoken, and a truck or other large vehicle passing by outside.

    Biggest questions about my relationship with God? Why am I blessed to know Him as much as I do and yet I seem to have so little influence on those around me to help them to desire to know Him more? Why I had to go for so long without knowing much about Him on the personal relationship level? Why it has taken so many years to have those I consider to be true Christian friends? Why did He make me so awkward in my ability to share Christ with others? How can I better serve His needs in this world?


  26. Sounds (continued) — from outside:

    Squirrels running through dry leaves in the woods. Leaves on trees, rustling in the breeze. Crows cawing overhead. Steel wheels rumbling over train tracks eight miles in the distance. The whistle of a second train. Small plane flying high overhead. Vehicles on the highway as they rush past our little dead-end road. Sound of the outdoor cat’s paws as they strike the deck while he runs toward me. The rhythmic feline “motor” as the cat nestles in next to me, leaning against my thigh. “Chick-a-dee-dee-dee” sounding from the woods.


  27. My exchanges with Ree remind me of when I played tennis. As a child, before video games had been invented, I played various sports, all very badly. While I was training (along with a bunch of mostly white, mostly Vietnam draft-dodging interns to teach in ghetto schools) I co-teamed with β€œPam” a sturdy young woman who had grown up on a farm in South Dakota. (Not sure why she came to Seattle to train to teach in ghetto schools.) On our breaks from being massacred by our (mostly black mostly sociopathic) fourth graders, we played tennis to get our ya yas out. I was male and larger. Pam was more coordinated than I and probably a little stronger (having grown up on a farm and all). All and all Pam was slightly better at tennis than I was (though both of us were terrible, but we were close enough for the games to be interesting and entertaining. As we didn’t much care who won, we had no trouble keeping score.)

    (After the training, Pam rushed back to South Dakota. Not many ghettos there, I guess. I have no idea if she was religious or not. But I would guess she was.
    Ree is probably smarter than I am but she is handicapped by being immersed in religious beliefs. Each of us is sure we are right, so it’s difficult to keep score. If Ree is right, she will wake up in Heaven. If I am right, neither of us will wake up.


  28. Kind of like a skillful top spin tennis return dropped just over the net , Ree implied that I am like my youngest sister, Paula, a person who suffers from logorrhea. I would reply that the Bible (an incredibly tedious and long-winded document), is the worst example of unnecessary verbosity one can find. Of course, modern humanity has no interest in such mouth-runnng. I figured modern humans, always improving on our past blunders by making them worse, would be translating the Bible into β€œtweets.” Indeed after I found at least forty examples in Google of people tweeting the Bible I became weary of such stupidity and stopped counting.


  29. QOD: Why am I so slow at taking God at His Word? Long ago, when I was a new believer, repeatedly getting saved as I recited the sinner’s prayer, I prayed that He would give me faith to believe. I then set that aside. Looking around me now, I see that He has answered that prayer more than I could imagine. In recent years, for inexplicable reasons beyond eleven special needs children dropped into my life, I have found myself unable to hold a coherent train of thought. Making Bible study and prayer time challenging to say the least. I am the type who needs my sleep of at least eight hours. Anyway, I used to ask Him to help me keep every thought captive. That did not work, so I explained to Him that I could not do it even with His help so would He please just do it all for me. He gets me up every morning, an hour earlier than I was accustomed to and reminds me to spend time with Him. It is amazing to me. So, the question, why don’t I apply that all the time?


  30. Modestypress, “If Ree is right she will wake up in heaven…” And that means, too, that if she is right you have an eternal destination of heaven or hell. I see you neglected to mention that. God is in charge in the sense that He draws people to Himself through various means. The Bible does say that He wants to see all people saved (but not all choose to go with Him in the way He has chosen). I believe Ree is right on this one. Time will tell the destination for each person when it is their appointed time to die. Hoping to see you in heaven some day, Modestypress, even though you are reluctant to believe at this point.


  31. My husband and I have seen some excellent films lately, Secretariat, Lincoln and For Greater Glory. If you have not seen For Greater Glory, I think it is a must see for a part of history that has not been heard of or publicized much and for its message about how easily religious freedom can be taken away by a ruthless government intent on squashing what it mistakenly feels is an overreach of power by the church. The film is inspiring and also requires some kleenex for catching the tears of the viewers. It is rated R because of the violence so it would not be for younger members of a family.


  32. Ree is probably smarter than I am but she is handicapped by being immersed in religious beliefs.

    To the contrary. I’m not smarter than you are. If it looks like I am, it’s just because I have the advantage of a coherent view of reality from which to speak by virtue of the fact that it’s true.


  33. Mumsee, did she actually make bagels from scratch or did she do what I consider is making make bagels. You cut them in half and put them in the toaster.


  34. uh, um, er, she took some flour and salt and sugar and yeast and water and mixed them properly, kneaded them, let them rise, boiled them, let them drain, and then baked them. So, she did not grow the wheat or mine the salt or process the sugar or grow the yeast or mix hydrogen and oxygen for the water.


  35. We have been discussing healthy eating for years and she wondered if bagels were a healthy choice. I explained that the currents were not so much. We looked at the ingredients, she asked if I happened to know how to make them. It went from there.


  36. Thank you, Ree. I am glad you have a “more coherent view of reality” than I do. I have my doubts that “coherent” and “accurate” are truly synonyms. I suspect that a person might have a very coherent view of things (as in internally consistent and not contradicting itself) which is quite inaccurate.

    I remember working in my last job, teaching computer classes in a library. One person showed me a document he was writing about how aliens abducted him. He seemed fairly intelligent. I don’t have the document any more, but it was well written and seemed coherent. I also considered him quite mad.

    A woman, who also seemed intelligent and coherent, kept pestering me about about how the library’s computers were spying on her. She kept pointing out to me strange phenomena she noticed when she was using a library public computer. To me, these occurrences were explicable by problems with the computer’s hardware and software. For example, she erased a file from a floppy disk. The name of the file popped up again on a menu. The problem occurred because the hard drive of the computer (off limits to patrons) was keeping a copy of the file until the nightly purge. She was sure the computer was keeping a file she tried to erase for nefarious purposes. She was coherent and cuckoo. In my opinion.

    Are you cuckoo? I won’t call you that. Are you coherent? Certainly. Are you correct? In my opinion, absolutely not. But there are far more people here who agree with you than with me, so you must be correct. By that token, Barak Obama is the President of the United States. What kind of God would let that happen?


  37. I just re-read Chapter 2 of John Barry’s book about Roger Williams. During Roger’s early years in England, Sir Edward Coke took Roger under his wing because Roger knew shorthand and was intelligent and useful. Coke was one of the greatest jurists in England’s history and instrumental in laying the groundwork for law becoming more powerful than an individual (King in England and eventually a President in the United States), as well as limiting on legislative bodies (such as English Parliaments, and eventually American Congresses).

    Barry skillfully portrays Coke as an arrogant and flawed man, but also a brilliant and brave participant in English history. At great risk to his own safety, Coke courageously asserted the superiority of common law over even the King. At this stage in his life, young Roger was only a bit player, but one close to great events in history and the evolution of the idea of the idea of a system that protected individual rights.


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