13 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-9-23

  1. I meet a lot of interesting people at the cave. Last week it was a nephew of Mario Andretti. Yesterday a man and his 20-something son from Israel. He had been here as a child with his parents. They donated a copy of Tom Sawyer in Hebrew.

    A few weeks ago the man who played Darth Vader in Rogue 1 visited the cave.

    I’ve also met two relatives of Mark Twain, one from his father’s side, and one from his mother’s.

    And several years ago a missionary to PNG was there. I wish I had had more time to talk to her. Remember that tour, Jo?

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  2. Good morning!

    That is fascinating, Peter. I would love to see that cave and tour guide sonetime! It would be fun to have a blog tour and see everyone here😀 i wonder where the tour would begin. Maybe with Kizzie, then to PA, and up to Canada then go round to those in CA and then to Mumsee, the Cave, South to Fair Hope, and back home?

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  3. Oh, I’d get to go to the Black Forest and MN, too, in my adventures. Dreaming, dreaming . . .

    We had a good Bible study this morning❤ So much to pray about afterward.

    I may have found someone at church to help me get started on my first home repair project. Thankful for the hope I have on that.

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  4. I took that cave tour in 2006, but if I knew Peter from World Mag Blog I didn’t know his cave tour connection. We enjoyed spending two days and a night in Hannibal.

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  5. Husband and I have often talked of doing such a trip to meet my blog friends and to meet his Christian Game Warden friends. It would be such fun and you’d get to see so many different landscapes!

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  6. After Bible study a friend called and asked if I might like to go out for lunch. I think I surprised us both and said yes. She was over near Sam’s which I had already planned to go to so we met there. We got to Downwind Restaurant by our small airport at 2 p.m. giving just enough time before they closed at 3 p.m. They had a fish special, a kind we jad never heard of from Australia. I suppose an airport has special access to different things. It was very good. So thankful we could catchup with each other in person though we talk frequently. I hope we will soon get back to walking over at the boardwalk park.

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  7. Oh, I had that in Australia. I went there many times until they closed down for covid.

    Working, working on the application for deaconess. They consider this like a staff position so the application is very thorough. Very thought provoking as I look back over ministry that I have been involved in.

    Now to get to the doctrinal part. They forgot to send it to me yesterday so I went into the office today to get a copy. Later she emailed me a copy in Word so I am writing it out longhand and will type it later.

    Brilliant sunshine here. Supposed to warm up soon and stay that way.

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  8. We stopped in Hannibal and took the cave tour. I also remember touring a mansion that was moved at one point to a higher section of land. It was all quite enjoyable. That was 47 years ago, however, long before Peter’s time.

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