40 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 5-6-23

  1. Morning! Pretty birdies up there continuing to bring hope for Spring!

    Hoping to see some photos of fish being caught by Aj this weekend!

    It is a pretty morning with Springlike temps in these woods. Birds are flitting about and already I have seen a couple neighbors walking their dogs down the road. Me? I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee, listening to piano hymns on Pandora and just leading “the life of Riley”… some of you will get that and some won’t… 😂

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  2. Riley was my childhood friend’s Dad’s name, but I’m thinking you are not referring to his life😀

    It was so chilly here yesterday that in the valet parking cashier’s area, just inside the main building, had heat lamps turned on for those waithg in line to make payment. It was the first time I had seen those in use, and I had to move off to the side because they were too hot for me!

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  3. It was popular in reruns which went on for quite a while I think.

    ~ The second TV series ran for six seasons, from January 2, 1953, to May 23, 1958. It was produced by Tom McKnight for NBC and featured William Bendix. He was supported by Marjorie Reynolds, replacing both Paula Winslowe and Rosemary DeCamp, as wife Peg; Tom D’Andrea as schemer buddy Jim Gillis; Gloria Blondell (sister of Joan Blondell) as Gillis’ wife, Honeybee, and Gregory Marshall as their son Egbert; Lugene Sanders was Babs and Wesley Morgan was Junior. The character of Digger O’Dell was not resurrected as a result of actor John Brown having been placed on the Hollywood blacklist. Sterling Holloway recurred as neighbor Waldo Binney, another radio character.

    Nevertheless, this Life of Riley series with Bendix was a ratings hit, ranking at No. 16 in its first season, with four of its six seasons in the top 30, and ran for a total of 217 episodes. It then went into syndicated reruns. The latter portion of the fifth season, broadcast between April and June 1957, was filmed and originally broadcast in color, although only black-and-white film prints of those episodes were syndicated. For the final season, filming reverted to black-and-white. Sponsors of the TV show included Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer (1949–50), Gulf Oil (1953–58) and Lever Brothers (1957–58).

    In all of the show’s incarnations, the comedic plotlines centered around Riley himself, a gullible and occasionally clumsy (but big-hearted) man, and the doings and undoings of his family. Riley’s penchant for turning mere trouble into near-disaster through his well-intentioned bumbling was often aided or instigated by his arch best friend/next-door neighbor, Gillis. ~

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  4. Seems like it was still running in reruns through the early 1960s which was when I would have mostly remembered it from; daytime rerun fare when you were home sick — along with I Love Lucy, I Married Joan, etc.

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  5. One thing leads to another . . .
    I found an episode which opens with (shock) sonething on an election . . . too funny and timely! I have not watched it, but may find time later.


  6. We had a couple small tornados in city next door to us the other day.

    Local TV news interviewed a guy who said his grandmother lives in the south and she’d asked him what he did when it hit.

    “I ran outside!”

    No-no-no, she said, just what you don’t do!

    What do we know?

    Looks like I missed today’s coronation, but I’m sure we’ll see most if not all of it eventually in the photos and other aftermath coverage.

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  7. I’m currently watching the rerun of the coronation. Not that I care too much about King Charles, but to see the ceremony and rituals. I really hope he takes to heart the words of the clergy to seek Christ and live as Christ wants him to.

    I’m really just wanting to see Prince William and Princess Katherine and their children.

    His crown is 5 kg!!!! That’s 11 pounds!!

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  8. King Charles is the 62nd British monarch.

    Can we just refer to him as “62” like we do our presidents (by their number)?

    Saw an interview last night about how this coronation was being crafted to be a distinctly “multi-faith” event, big stress on multi-faith (rather than the specifically Protestant/Church of England roots to which the king pledges allegiance).

    Still, interesting to watch the pomp and grand ceremony amid all the history that’s represented and recreated.

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  9. 11 pounds, that’s a heavy hat!

    I’m sorry Harry and Meghan chose to step aside. I think Harry will someday regret much of that.

    They were such a charming pair early on, before Oprah, before the tell-all (true or merely perceived grievances) took over their purpose in life.

    I’m sure the public revolt and interviews “felt” good at the time.

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  10. Looking for smoke for some reason made me think of choosing a new pope …

    We’ve been spared our usual big fires this past year, thankfully, due to all the rain/snow and heavy moisture. Now flooding is a concern, much of the snowpack hasn’t had a chance to even melt yet. And our past fires have left many of our hillsides rather bare and prone to slides.

    2023 seems to be looking like an El Niño year so far (so more rain on our end, but warmer temperatures everywhere).

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  11. Going, going, close to gone. Going through the rest of the boxes. We are having a get together at my sisters tomorrow. Might be the last time to see my brother as his health is not good and they are moving to a VA place in Utah, near his son. But I got to the last box and found old family pictures to share tomorrow. I took pictures so probably no one else has seen these. I will probably let them go if someone wants them.

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  12. Wow on that description of Riley. Why do people think living that life is desired? Turning problems into bigger problems sounds like something to avoid!

    As for calling Charles “62”, why not C3? But then the next Charles would be C4. Hopefully that wouldn’t be an explosive reign.

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  13. Janice always finds the humor.
    It has been lightly raining all day, but I see the sun is out now. I think that I will use the time to take boxes of books to the car to be ready to drop them off tomorrow. I just decided to get another box to lighten these as they are full and heavy.

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  14. Good morning, everyone!

    I don’t think I have seen a female blue jay at the feeder. But the males I’ve seen this year have been surprisingly polite.

    I thought I was going to be able to get a picture of a pileated woodpecker to show here, but I scared it away before I could get my camera out. I pulled up to a stop sign a couple of blocks from my house last week and was surprised to see a pileated woodpecker on the side of the road pecking at the ground. He was in the gravel and way too close to the road for comfort and he didn’t move away when I pulled up within about 10 feet of his position. I was afraid he might be injured because when I got out of the car to take a closer look he didn’t immediately fly away. But it turns out he was just teasing me because by the time I could turn my camera on, I looked up just in time to see him sailing away. I had no idea he had such a wing span! It was a good 2 1/2 feet!

    I’m glad he wasn’t injured because I have no idea how I could have helped him. I did have a pair of leather gloves in the car, but I’m not sure that would have saved me from his big beak. I guess all’s well that ends well, even if I didn’t get a picture. Maybe next time. I’m also hoping to get some pictures from the feeder before long.

    But for now, I have to go in to work early. I hate working on Sunday, especially when it’s an early day and I have to miss church. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen too often.

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  15. What an amazing wing span, Debra! I had no idea.

    We had a squirrel that stood in front of our car in the middle of the road and acted like it had squatter’s rights. It did not want to budge even when Art got only three feet from it. It just stood there in defiance.

    After the other encounter last week at the window with the unalarmed squirrel that we (Miss Bosley and I) peered at, I do wonder if they are rabid. Seems sonething is going on. Maybe it’s the crazy weather making them act out of character?

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  16. Well, another good visit with my brother and he is off again to his city life. We went up to visit step mom’s family and see the small private cemetery so we have an idea of what to expect in three weeks. Or I may be in Boise at the time, seeing to the delivery of twins. But the brothers were both there so they will know distances and logistics.

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  17. The town that my church is in is rrying to pass a Non-Discrimation ordinance that would trample religoous liberties of all faiths in the town, especially in regards to hiring employees. It appears it may get down to legal battles with some national groups fighting it out in courts. Such a wasteful thing to have to deal with.

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  18. Squirrels can virtually just freeze in the middle of the street.

    I was thrilled to see a squirrel leap up into (1st) Charlie Brown yesterday, though, CB is finally big and full enough to start attracting some wildlife!


    My elder (who’s recovering from colon cancer surgery and is now under followup treatments that will last several months) was at the podium today in church for the first time to lead in the congregational prayer. So good to see him up and around and back — and expressing gratitude to God for the process that allowed them to discover what was a life-threatening illness and to be treated for it. Whatever happens, he reiterated, is for God’s glory.

    His prayer, which covered our nation and the times in which we find ourselves collectively as well as specific personal and church needs, reminded us also to pray for God’s wisdom that is so desperately needed right now in a period that is filled with such anger, hatred and deep discord among people.

    Our sermon later also reminded us to preach the gospel as that is the only solution to what ails us as a people.

    Healing in our (and all) nations “will only happen if the Gospel is preached and believed. We are not saved by good laws … Good laws are the fruit of our salvation, not the cause.”

    Sobering thought.

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  19. Almost every year since Hubby died (I think we missed one, but that’s all), Nightingale and I have done something special together around Mother’s Day. Usually, we have gotten pedicures, and then on the same day or another, we have done something else special, like going to a local coffee shop for coffee and sweets, or the year we went to a lovely park with lots of different style s of gardens and had a picnic after walking through the gardens (that one with Chickadee).

    This year, in place of pedicures, we are going to get massages!

    I can’t believe that I am going to do that! I’ve never considered having a massage, and am afraid that I will feel too self-conscious due to being overweight. But I have decided to put aside that feeling, and let myself have this new experience. I think Nightingale was pleasantly surprised when I told her that I had thought about her suggestion and decided that I would like to do it. (But I am a little nervous about it. 🙂 )

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  20. I’ve only had a couple massages — kind of out of desperation, due to specific issues where my body or neck was ‘tweaked’ or stiff and I really needed some relief.

    I never felt very relaxed during them, to be honest, and would not consider them to be something I’d ever do for enjoyment. But that’s me. lol

    Now go and enjoy, Kizzie!

    You’re welcome.

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  21. That sounds nice, Kizzie. Glad that you moms can celebrate together. It helps forge a stronger bond.

    I went to both my Sunday school and church service without my mask . It was very nice to freely breathe. The attendance at the service and Sunday school was lower than I expected.

    Kizzie, do you have weekday lessons for your new Bible study group? The book we are using has something to do for every day of the week. Most studies are M-F. I am working ahead since son will be home soon and I will lack time to engage with the study.

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  22. Peter, no, but my sister has family near one of those. Those are in western Alberta and we’re in central Saskatchewan (about 10 hours from us). Our fires, thankfully, have been smaller grass fires and contained and out relatively quickly.

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  23. It rained a little earlier and that enlivened the frogs in our neighborhood. It’s so nice to sit on the porch and listen to them mingling with a variety of birds getting in their last songs of the day. It’s quite noisy. Miss Bosley would love to be out here until the dog across the street took aim for her.

    I need to go inside and prepare salmon patties for dinner. I could easily stay outside until dark. I hear a sweet dove which reminds me of a still small voice among the many.

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  24. Gorgeous shot of the mockingbirds, AJ. One of my favorite birds since childhood when they used to come to the mulberry trees in our backyard. (And the state bird of Tennessee, but not a species I see often in Indiana.)

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  25. Janice – No, this is a more casual Bible study, I guess you could say, at least in comparison to yours. We are reading a chapter a week, and then discussing it at our meetings on Monday evening.

    This may seem like a strange thing to say, but I am glad that I have been looking forward to the meetings, rather than merely feeling like it’s something that I “should do”. Until recently, I was going through a tough time in which that would have been my feeling, but God roused me out of that during a service not too long ago. And then it was time to (happily) sign up for our Ladies Bible and Book Study (that is the “official” name 🙂 ).

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