12 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-26-23

  1. Funtastic header! Look at that beak refection♡

    The weather is still
    a chillin’ in ATL.

    I discovered a poke salad (weed) forest on our property yesterday and took down a lot of it, some plants a foot taller than myself. The stalks were way too thick for the loppers, but tender enough that with several lopper bites around the base I could bring them down. They are very lightweight despite their size.

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  2. Good morning, all. A beautiful sun filled day in the neighborhood here. I have sent my two youngest to clean the yards so I can mow. Husband is doing some last minute grounds work before heading off to Boise where he will deliver a second crib to daughter and his truck so they will be able to move the family until they find the right large vehicle. He will take the bus home.

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  3. Janice – Yes, I did enjoy it, and am very glad that I signed up for it. There were eight of us, only two of whom I was not familiar with. We are hoping for more when the study gets going. My friend Christine told me (via text) that she couldn’t make it this past Monday, but will be there next week.

    (Please pray for her, that she will indeed come. She seems to be having some troubles lately, and not attending church much. She used to be there every week, and quite gung-ho about it.)

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