24 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-20-23

  1. Well I’m shocked. 🙄

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  2. The majority of the American people, some Dems and independents included, are no longer buying the Jan6 lies.

    The feds orchestrated it, and set it off.

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  3. Shhhh….

    Govt. propagandists at work.

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  4. More on the perverts trying to normalize pedophilia at the UN.



    “A disturbing new report from the United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) adds to growing concerns about global leaders pushing to normalize pedophilia.

    The report “The 8 March Principles for a Human Rights-Based Approach to Criminal Law Proscribing Conduct Associated with Sex, Reproduction, Drug Use, HIV, Homelessness and Poverty” on the UNAIDS website offers legal guidance on issues related to sex, including involving children under age 18.

    Without any discussion about what the age of consent should be, the report suggests minors can consent to having sex with an adult.

    “Sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact, if not in law,” the report states.

    It also advises lawyers, judges and law enforcement to consider “the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and their right to be heard in matters concerning them” when considering enforcement of laws about sex with minors.

    The report continues: “Pursuant to their evolving capacities and progressive autonomy, persons under 18 years of age should participate in decisions affecting them, with due regard to their age, maturity and best interests, and with specific attention to non-discrimination guarantees.”

    In other words, Live Action News writer Cassy Fiano-Chesser pointed out “the report calls for sex between adults and minors to be decriminalized, so long as the minors ‘consent’ … Minors, of course, cannot truly consent to sex with an adult — something these so-called experts should know.”

    However, the report portrays the matter as an issue of rights and acceptance.

    The forward to the report was written by a “proudly gay” lawyer, Edwin Cameron of South Africa, who argued that laws about sex can make people feel ostracized because of their sexual behavior.

    “Criminal law may thus impel hostility, exclusion, inequality, discrimination and marginalization of individuals and groups, sometimes to the point of violence. As a result, human rights, democratic values and social inclusiveness all suffer,” Cameron wrote.

    He argued that laws criminalizing sexual behavior “codify discrimination” against people of different sexual orientations. Cameron did not mention it, but some now argue that an adult who is sexually attracted to children is a sexual orientation, not a pedophile.

    Another disturbing aspect of the report was its insistence that killing unborn babies in elective abortions is a human “right.””

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  5. More on ACTBLUE money laundering for Dems thru innocent victims.

    Funny the media hasn’t mentioned this yet.

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  6. The media is broken.

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  7. So it wasn’t just a rogue nurse making stuff up.

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  8. Dems won’t tolerate a black man leaving their plantation.

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  9. Biden is more likely to invite the criminals.

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  10. Just a reminder….

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  11. The feds are lying you say?

    Yeah, again.

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  12. Another kid shot, but the shooter was black, so no White House invite for these victims, just like when the trans girl shot up a church school.


    “Today I came across a story just like the one King imagined in his tweet. It happened in North Carolina. Here’s what took place according to local news reports. A group of children were playing basketball outside. The ball rolled into a neighbors yard and they went to get it. That neighbor was 24-year-old Robert Louis Singletary. He allegedly made threats to kill people and then opened fire striking six-year-old Kinsley White in the face and shooting her father in the back. Singletary is black and Kinsley White and her father are white.

    Kinsley’s mother told [reporter Ken] Lemon she was outside too, and said she heard Singletary make a threat.

    “He looked at my husband and my daughter and told them, ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Ashley Hilderbrand said.

    Hilderbrand said Singletary kept shooting, missing repeatedly until he was out of bullets.

    “I believe he would have got me and my husband too,” said Carolyn Hilderbrand, Kinsley’s grandmother. “He just run out of bullets.”

    Singletary fled the scene and there is now a manhunt for him. He has a recent history of violence.

    In December, Gastonia Police charged Singletary in the brutal assault of his 21-year-old girlfriend with a mini sledgehammer. They also said Singletary kept the victim inside his apartment and did not allow her to leave for over two hours. At that time, the man faced charges of assault with intent to inflict serious injury, kidnapping, and communicating threats. He was in the Gaston County jail on a $250,000 bond.

    Hopefully police can track him down. But the larger point I’m trying to make is that in a country of 300 million people there are always going to be terrible incidents, including, unfortunately, those where children are shot. Those cases naturally attract a lot of media attention simply because they’re so shocking. But even so, not all cases get the same amount of attention that the shooting of Ralph Yarl is getting from the media and progressive commenters.”


  13. 🙂


  14. Lies you say….?

    “The False Messaging on Vaccines Given to Pregnant Women”


    “The mRNA vaccines were released globally in early 2021 with the slogan ‘safe and effective.’ Unusually for a new class of medicine, they were soon recommended by public health authorities for pregnant women.

    By late 2021, working-age women, including those who were pregnant, were being thrown out of employment for not agreeing to be injected. Those who took the mRNA vaccines did so based on trust in health authorities – the assumption being that they would not have been approved if the evidence was not absolutely clear. The role of regulatory agencies was to protect the public and, therefore, if they were approved, the “vaccines” were safe.

    Recently, a lengthy vaccine evaluation report sponsored by Pfizer and submitted to the Australian regulator, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) dated January 2021 was released under a Freedom of Information request.

    The report contains significant new information that had been suppressed by the TGA and by Pfizer itself. Much of this relates directly to the issue of safety in pregnancy, and impacts on the fertility of women of child-bearing age. ”

    “Firstly, it is clear that regulators, drug companies and the government would have known that vaccine-induced immunity tails off very rapidly with this being observed in real world data with efficacy against infection falling to zero. Accordingly, the single point in time figures of 95 percent and 62 percent efficacy against cases quoted for Pfizer and ChAdOx1 (AstraZeneca) respectively meant almost nothing since a rapid decline was to be expected.

    Similarly, the concept of a two-dose “course” was inaccurate as endless boosters would likely have been required given the rapid decline in antibodies and T-cells observed in the monkeys.

    Most importantly, the data does not in any way support the “safe” conclusion with respect to pregnancy; a conclusion of dangerous would be more accurate. The assurances of safety were, therefore, completely misleading given the data disclosures in the recent freedom of information release.

    Regulatory authorities knew that animal studies showed major red flags regarding both pregnancy loss and fetal abnormalities, consistent with the systemic distribution of the mRNA they had been hiding from the public.

    Even in March 2023, it is impossible to give these assurances, given the fact that important studies have not, to the best of our knowledge, been done.

    Pfizer elected not to follow up the vast majority of pregnancies in the original human trials, despite high miscarriage rates in the minority they did follow. Given all of the problems with efficacy and safety, the administration of these products to women of childbearing age, and administration to healthy pregnant women is high-risk and not justified. “


  15. The twitter feed of the Proud Boys testimony shows him editorializing and analysing instead of describing what he saw – I was surprised the DA only objected two or three times. The man was pretending to be an expert; he wasn’t.

    He also pretended to be shocked – what did he expect to happen? Has he never seen footage of riot police before? They pepper spray, fire rubber bullets and throw flashbangs. If they were properly prepared they might have had a water cannon and or a long range acoustic device that can cause permanent hearing damage. Almost all urban US police departments have these weapons and use them. You join a protest that breaks rules and /or turns violent, you leave. If you stay the above will happen.

    Sniper? Unless they were on the roof with sniper rifles scoping out particular targets, there weren’t any snipers. And before people wonder if I claim to be an expert; I would think the above is all common sense.

    The Rasmussen poll is meaningless – did govt agents help provoke? Of course, they did. I would answer they did. Police routinely escalate situations even when they don’t have to (we’ve all seen youtube videos). In riots, escalation allows them to use more force than normally allowed and thus clear the streets faster.


  16. You don’t need the Discord leaks to know some NATO members aren’t happy with Canada’s lack of defense spending. To assert the WP is carrying water for the gov’t based on this article is simply weird. Mind you, these are the same legacy media that the FBI won’t release the tapes of Jan 6th to. Can’t carry water for the gov’t if the gov’t’ won’t release the tapes to them.

    The point many non-religious leftist try to make regarding the Taliban vs evangelical Christians are both are attempting to use the gov’t to enforce religious morality and rules. In general terms they may have a point, but the comparison is over the top. However, the point remains – the contradiction between individual rights and laws inspired by religion is present.


  17. The Lifesite article is an exercise in bad journalism. None of the direct quotes from the UN report mention rights of paedolphiles – I’m sure if the report said anything resembling this, Lifesite would quote it. Instead they relied on “experts” to interpret and speculate.

    Similarly, they quote Cameron but need to rely on the weasal line “he didn’t say it but others have suggested….” Given he’s from South Africa and gay; he’s probably referring to the criminalization of sexual orientation and sexual acts (not pedeophilia) which is quite common in Africa. South Africa is one of the few African nations not to ban homosexuality and sodomy.

    However, this did remind me of an excellent expisode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in which he discusses child marriage. Apparently child marriage is legal in 40 states and 20 of these have no exceptions. Despite attempts to ban it, it’s legal in some American states for an adult to marry a child. Worth the watch.

    Rules regarding consent, rights, etc vary depending on geography and activity. They should reflect the maturity of the person but often do not. We are criminally responsible at 12. Sexually responsible between 14 and 18 depending where and with whom. Although the western world agrees alcohol responsibility is 18 or 19, in the US it’s 21. And we could go on…

    Now the medical age of consent in many jurisdictions is 12 but is often left to the doctor’s discretion. Hence, the advice to navy doctors is legally correct. Therapists rarely disclose conversations that have with children to the parents – it’s not therapy if there’s no confidentiality. I still have no idea what my daughter said to her therapist when she was 13 to 15. And I have no idea when she started using birth control. Should doctors tell parents about child disclosures on gender and orientation – no. When we discuss things with our doctor we need to believe we can be honest without repercussions.


  18. North Carolina, Rochester, Texas, Kansas City, etc ….. at what point do people get fed up? High school kids walked out in protest in Kansas City; as a generation grows up with live shooter drills, more walk outs, and more protests will keep occuring and eventually they will vote….and its not for the Republicans.

    From the hotair article AJ linked this morning;

    “But the larger point I’m trying to make is that in a country of 300 million people there are always going to be terrible incidents, including, unfortunately, those where children are shot.”

    Is this resignation? Because no other developed country accepts this point. The firearm homicide rate in the US is 4.46 per 100,000 Serbia at 0.72 and Canada at 0.52 are the closest developed countries. When school shootings occurred elsewhere, countries took measures to prevent them. All the US seems to do is “thoughts and prayers” which is only marginally better than shrugging shoulders. In case anyone thinks, other countries compensate by using other means – no; the homicide rate in the US is 6.5 while NZ is 2.6 and Canada is 2. (the discrepancy in firearm related death rates is even worse – having guns readily available increases suicide and accidental death rates)

    In North Carolina, a man on bail was able to have a gun? Why? He was charged with a violent offense – any bail condition should have included house arrest and no firearms. An 85 year old kills someone who knocked on his door – older people have to renew their driver’s license why not a gun license? If you don’t trust someone with a car, don’t trust him with a gun.
    Americans have the right to bear arms but also the right to vote. Voting requires registration, age limits, identification etc. Free speech can be limited (eg no drag queen story hour) to protect children so why not limit the right to arms?


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