27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-10-23

  1. Good morning from Chill Atlanta. I think it is in the 40’s going up to the 60’s.

    Art brought home our tax return. We owe the Feds and are getting a good refund from the state. It happens that way most of the time.

    Garbage trucks and a big yellow school bus passing on the street along with a lawn mower buzzing nearby would make sleeping late a near impossibility. Except fora cat in the lap.

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  2. Morning all!
    It should be in the 60’s today and I have much to do. For certain these windows are going to open and let fresh “spring” air inside for a bit.

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here, temp around fifty and headed to the seventies. Lots to be done so this will be an outdoor day for the school children. Spring cleanup is still going strong.

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  4. Sober Cycle is also free for Kindle on Amazon. It is a true story of a woman who fought alcoholism by taking part in a fundraiser event cycling from Michigan to Texas.


  5. Ah, a Monday off.

    Eating some shredded wheat and waiting for coffee, had my shower and Abby’s sitting next to me with another case of the hiccups this morning.

    Already got the car moved down to the curb in case neighbors have appointments today.

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  6. Like

  7. Sounds like a cruise ship is heading out of port, just heard the series of horns ending with the one long blast indicating departure. A Princess ship was leaving port yesterday when I drove by.

    Still miss hearing the Disney ships — when they were visiting here one season, they’d play “When You Wish Upon a Star” as they headed out to see.


  8. Ouch.

    Seen on Twitter:

    ~ Rejecting faith, Americans “have sought out new sources of meaning and identity, and the majority of us have settled—in a moment of catastrophic national stupidity—on politics as the substitute for religion, family, and community.” ~

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  9. I did not even get on here yesterday, a busy day.

    I went to early church. Hard to go alone as no one in my family here goes.
    Alos I couldn’t find my favorite shawl very sad, but I just found it in a duffel bag that I had never unpacked!!
    When I got to church, as I went to my seat someone gave me a brief hug and I started to tear up, so sweet.
    Had to go home to roll out the crescent rolls which is a lot of work, but they were well appreciated.
    I left around 7 to come home cuz I was falling asleep. after taking out the trash, I just went to be, I had nothing left. after getting up at six to go to early church.

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  10. So. Daughter just dropped the children off. No word to anybody, no request to watch them. Son in law had just gotten here from work so they are in good hands but it is bizarre. According to her schedule, she has them Monday morning to Thursday afternoon. Two weeks ago she had them less than an hour and a half all week. Looks like the same this week as well. Prayer for wisdom for son in law. He really wants fifty fifty.

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  11. so this morning: I got a blocked call last week from a friend who is 95. She left a message but her number was blocked. I know that she goes to Macarthurs church. So I found the number of the church online after I couldn’t even remember the name.
    I called the church and tried to explain myself. I knew that her son works at the church as head of security. So the secretary says, oh you mean Tom’s mom so she connected me to Tom. I explained myself to him and he said he would call her.

    S0 sweet Norie called me later. She was apologizing and saying that she still wants to support me. And she wanted something from Israel. We went together in 97.
    It was a strange way to get in touch, but she has supported me from the first day. Gave me a hug and whispered “my missionary”

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  12. Good detective work, Jo, glad you connected with your friend.

    I just walked Abby, then gave her dinner (a little later than usual today). The gardeners were here a couple hours ago and did their thing, we chatted informally about an estimate for tree trimming.

    I had to smile when I told him, “But I’d like to avoid doing it during nesting season,” I didn’t expect that to come out of mouth! lol

    But that’s what my late church friend Norma always would specify when it was time to trim her trees, and I think it was found written out in her paperwork when my former pastor and his wife (executors of the will) were going through everything. They laughed at that, it was “so” Norma who was a true animal and nature lover, such a tender heart for all the creatures.

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  13. We had a wonderful few days with our youngest daughter’s family. Our oldest daughter’s family came for Easter, so we got to enjoy being with them again, too. It wasn’t until they left that I remembered I had some DQ gift cards for all the grandchildren. One family of grands will have to wait a little longer for those now.

    My SIL likes to do steak. This year he chose to cook them by a new process. He left them in sealed packages in warm water for a certain amount of time and then seared them with a heat gun. One set was seasoned with some mildly hot spices and another set had a butter garlic sauce. They were very good. Most of us would like ham better, but it is their choice, of course.

    Actually, the cream puff pastry dessert is what we all look forward to the most. That has been a family tradition for many years now. At Christmas time it is Monkey Bread. Yay for tradition!

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