41 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-10-23

  1. Well he has hack in his name, what did you expect?


  2. Another trash Soros DA hiding evidence. It’s a pattern.

    Soros buys corruption.


  3. Nothing to see here, just Dems money laundering in multiple states thru ActBlue, using innocent victims for their scam.

    “$4.7 Million in Small Amounts of Money Donated to Democrats – Apparently Without the Donors’ Knowledge”






  4. I recall a few years back someone here posting how she thought Soros was just a right wing boogeyman.


    The impact of Soros and his money is evident throughout the Dem party.


  5. Why do I call it a fed op?

    Because it was. More than half the Proud Boys there were feds in disguise.

    And the feds involvement is evident throughout this fiasco.


  6. Yep.


  7. “Mostly peaceful….”


  8. I’m shocked….

    Oh wait, no, I’m not. This is what they pay him for. Nice to see some actual success from Biden’s policies for a change, even if it is for the Chinese.

    “New Report: Biden’s Green Energy Policy Strengthening China

    “The Biden administration’s ‘ongoing war’ against domestic U.S. oil and gas production, the report continues, puts America’s energy security, and its national security, in real jeopardy.”


    “A recent report published by the Institute for Energy Research (IER) asserts Biden’s push for Americans to stop using fossil fuels and fuel-powered cars is empowering China and hurting America’s national security.

    The Institute for Energy Research (IER) released a paper outlining how the ongoing effort by the Biden administration to get Americans to use renewable energy and buy electric vehicles is making the U.S. more dependent on China, thereby endangering America’s national security.

    “Due in large part to government intervention, the United States is becoming progressively more reliant on electric vehicles (EVs) and nonnuclear renewable energy sources for its transportation and energy needs,” writes Thomas Wackman, a fellow at IER. “These technologies rely on a large input of rare earth metals and other mined elements, particularly lithium and cobalt, the supply of which is dominated almost entirely by the People’s Republic of China.”

    The Biden administration’s “ongoing war” against domestic U.S. oil and gas production, the report continues, puts America’s energy security, and its national security, in real jeopardy.” [sic]

    Given Biden’s alleged fiscal ties to the communist China and his seeming willingness to aid it at every turn, the results may be a feature rather than a bug.

    However, this newfound reliance on “green technology” may get very painful soon. China is considering banning the export of technologies used to produce high-performance rare earth magnets deployed in electric vehicles, wind turbine motors, and other green-tech products.”


  9. Stop coddling the mentally ill.

    “Transgender Suspect With Communist Manifesto Arrested For Planning Shootings At Schools, Churches: Police”


    “Law enforcement officials in Colorado have arrested a transgender individual with a communist manifesto for allegedly planning mass shootings at schools and churches in the area.

    News of the arrest was made public on Thursday afternoon, but the arrest happened on March 31, just a few days after a transgender terrorist massacred six people, including three children, at a private Christian school in Nashville.

    The individual, who The Daily Wire is not naming due to company policy about not giving notoriety to mass killers or those who allegedly aspire to commit such atrocities, is a biological male who goes by a different female name and uses “she/her” pronouns.

    The 19-year-old was charged with criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree (two counts), criminal mischief, menacing, and interference with staff, faculty, or students of educational institutions.

    The suspect allegedly targeted Timberview Middle School, Prairie Hills Elementary, Pine Creek High School, and “other targets were churches,” KRDO reported.

    A family member turned the suspect into police, telling 911 that they had threatened to shoot up schools and had severe anger issues.

    A spokesperson for the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office told local media that the suspect was in the process of transitioning.

    Police said the home had “trash piled up all around the house to where it made it hard to walk inside” and that there were “numerous containers filled with half-eaten food with mold growing inside and numerous alcoholic beverage containers laying around the house.”

    The suspect allegedly punched holes in the wall inside the house and ripped a door off the hinges.

    The suspect allegedly “visibly shook” his head “indicating yes” when asked by law enforcement if he was going to shoot up a school. The suspect said that he had been planning the attacks for over a month and had started planning and writing a manifesto.”


    Yes a manifesto the feds will now hide as they’re doing with the one from the nut in Tenn.


  10. Compromised.



    “RFK Jr. filed a statement of candidacy with the FEC last week. He apparently intends to challenge President Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination. The AP could have framed the filing with the message of good will that he intends to promote, but instead covered the filing in a relentlessly hostile story by Michelle Price. The AP story is posted here.

    The AP story suggests what it could to do President Biden when he gets around to announcing his bid for reelection. The headline would read something like “Compromised Biden to run for reelection.” The story would itemize his horrendous record in office from day one — a record including his erasure of our border and related flood of illegal immigrants that he has secretly redistributed around the country, his humiliating and disastrous order of withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, his suppression of American energy production, ignition of inflation to levels not seen in 40 years, his support of racial preferences and his promotion of racial division, his promulgation of illegal executive orders, his degradation of the military with woke nonsense, and so on. Suffice it to say that there is a lot of material to work with.

    Such an article would also take up the suppressed news regarding the corrupt Biden family business. Peter Schweizer shows what the AP could do in the Gatestone column “Does this compromise President Biden?” I learned a few things I didn’t know.

    Peter first justifies his approach to the subject. This seems self-evidently true, but it might be helpful to the chumps at the AP:

    It seems that in American media — which focuses on Wall Street firms holding fundraisers that focus on the role that big oil plays on Capitol Hill because of their lobbying but also because of their campaign contributions — we ought to have room to discuss, not campaign contributions to the Biden family, but money going into the Biden family’s pockets, in this instance, from China.

    When I say money going to the Bidens’ pockets from China, do I mean an American company in China? No. Do I mean a Chinese company in China? No. What I mean directly and clearly is the Chinese government itself, which is run, of course, by the Chinese Communist Party.

    That is what makes what the Bidens have done commercially with Beijing unique compared to anything that relates to corruption. I’ve been covering corruption for more than a decade. I’ve called out Republicans and Democrats. The Biden case, to me, is unique because it is not just rank‑and‑file corruption where somebody gets a paving contract for their business.

    We are not just talking about some American company giving a sweetheart job to a politician’s relative. We are talking about a foreign government, which happens to be our chief rival on the global stage, engaging in lucrative commerce with the family of the then‑vice president, now the president of the United States, Joe Biden.

    This is different and unique in the realm of this kind of stuff I’ve seen before. What are these relationships? How do they work? What is the relationship between the Biden family and China? What are the details? Why is it a concern?

    Even without Hunter Biden’s complaints of having to support his father, I would go so far as to say Schweizer’s account is shocking. It would be even more shocking if a mainstream media outlet ever got around to telling the story.”


    They won’t, as they’re compromised by commies too.


  11. Fed imagined, fed orchestrated.

    Since. Day. One.

    And at least 15 months prior.

    “Proud Boys leader was in touch with DC police for months before J6”


    “The trial of Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio over his alleged role in the January 6 Capitol Hill riot has taken some odd twists and turns thus far. That pattern continued this week when his attorney introduced text messages showing that Tarrio had been in regular communications with a D.C. Metropolitan Police officer for more than a year prior to the riot. He had regularly exchanged information with Shane Lamond, a seasoned veteran of the D.C. Police. The texts reveal that Tarrio answered questions and shared the group’s plans, with Lamond passing the information on to his superiors and sharing it with the Capitol Hill Police as well. It’s unclear how receptive the court will be to this argument, but this revelation certainly raises some interesting questions. (Raw Story)

    The leader of the far-right Proud Boys revealed at his trial text messages showing “regular contact” with a Metropolitan Police officer in Washington, D.C. in the 15 months before the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, reported The Washington Post on Friday.

    “Enrique Tarrio, then chairman of the far-right extremist group, repeatedly shared outlines of members’ plans in D.C. and elsewhere at the request of Shane Lamond, a 22-year veteran of the D.C. police department, according to text exchanges read by Tarrio’s defense in his trial on seditious conspiracy charges with four other Proud Boys leaders,” reported Spencer S. Hsu. “Tarrio argues that his relationship with Lamond showed there was no Proud Boys conspiracy to oppose police or federal authority, or plan to disrupt Congress’s confirmation of Joe Biden’s 2020 election victory on Jan. 6. Exchanges highlighted by the defense show Lamond forwarded his information to his D.C. police command, a Virginia State Police contact, and even U.S. Capitol Police.”

    Prosecutors are pointing out that most (but not all) of the text exchanges took place before plans for the January 6 rally took shape, so there probably would have been little of interest to the police. They also note that the online relationship between Tarrio and the officer had the appearance of being “inappropriate.”

    I’m not sure what this really does for Tarrio’s defense. After all, Lamond wasn’t acting covertly. Tarrio knew he was speaking to a police officer. So even if the Proud Boys were planning something illegal, why would he give that information to a cop? And if they were planning an attack and that information had been passed on to the Capitol Hill Police, how were they so woefully unprepared when the riot broke out?

    The other possibility is that there really weren’t any such plans among the Proud Boys and the entire riot was spontaneous, as most defendants have repeatedly said. But if that’s the case, it’s pretty hard to make a seditious conspiracy charge stick and that’s one of the more serious charges Tarrio faces.

    If the court is honestly interested in getting to the truth of the matter and not just throwing the book at Tarrio as hard as they can, they should probably get Shane Lamond on the stand under oath. What was the nature of his relationship with Tarrio? Was he in touch with any other members of the Proud Boys or different groups that wound up traveling to Washington?

    We previously learned that the FBI had been embedding people with the Proud Boys. Now we find out that a cop was texting one of the group’s leaders more often than a couple of teenagers who are dating. How could the Proud Boys have ever gotten away with anything without law enforcement knowing about it? Something here absolutely doesn’t smell right. If any of the Proud Boys actually took part in property destruction or assaults on law enforcement officers on January 6, then they should be dealt with like any other rioter. But it really sounds like the courts are trying to make an example out of the Proud Boys, and that’s not how justice is supposed to work.”

    But the corrupt judges keep allowing this BS.


  12. Sharing this not to be argumentative — I’m reading Paul Tripp’s “Reactivity: How the Gospel Transforms Our Actions and Reactions” and am feeling way too convicted regarding online participations — but this piece struck me as containing much truth for where the Republican Party finds itself these days. (And, yes, mea culpa – mea culpa — it is from the Dispatch, but it’s the ideas I think are important to consider); it also confirms, in my mind, why the much-divided and angry party, unless something drastically changes, is unlikely to win a national election in 2024, which is, after all, right around the corner now:



    Meet the Whigs
    Republicans should remember that they are a third party.
    By Kevin D. Williamson


  13. From the piece (sorry, I’m hitting something for paragraphs that’s posting it too soon):


    ~ … We live in a time in which politics is both tribal and sacralized: Having abandoned the old faith and the old creeds, Americans (and not only Americans) have sought out new sources of meaning and identity, and the majority of us have settled—in a moment of catastrophic national stupidity—on politics as the substitute for religion, family, and community. (You can read about why and how this happened, and what it means, in The Smallest Minority.) It is that cultural tendency and not some newfound ideological inflexibility that makes bipartisanship, compromise, and consensus effectively impossible in our time: If those on the other side of the aisle are not merely Americans who disagree but our enemies, then cooperating with them in any way represents (so this line of thinking goes) a kind of moral contagion. That is why both Republicans reject, even in the form of hypotheticals, compromises in which they get 90 percent of what they want in exchange for giving the Democrats 10 percent of what they want—and why Democrats do the same thing.

    Naïve partisans, be they Republicans or Democrats, always tell themselves the same things: The other side fights dirty, and we’d get our way if only we fought dirty, too; the other side is uncompromising, and we’d get our way if only we were equally uncompromising; the people are really on our side, and the other side only wins because the people are misled by nefarious and powerful forces behind the scenes; if only we would really fight, then we could do whatever we wanted, and not have to work with the other side. All of that is delusional, but it is what people think—and it is about 90 percent of what they hear on talk radio, Fox News, MSNBC, etc.

    Ironically, Republicans are now at their least compromising on abortion at precisely the moment when the Republican Party’s rank-and-file foot-soldiers are less committed to the anti-abortion cause than they have been in a generation, their numbers having been swelled by social-media populists, most of them with no particular religious attachment and having undergone no particular moral formation, who admire Donald Trump because of his hedonistic porn-star shenanigans, not in spite of them. These Republicans are socially and culturally much more like their Democratic opposites than they would care to admit, and their politics is a politics of grievance-airing and status-seeking. …

    … The Trump-era Republican Party talks a great deal about “winning,” but it often behaves like a party that does not want to win—which is to say, if it were a party that did not want to win, it would behave in much the way it does. It is an angry party for angry people, it demands new and invigorating things to be angry about, and taking a source of anger off of the table by winning—even if it is a limited compromise win—would be a kind of psychic net loss for today’s Republicans.

    How is that working out? The Republicans lost in 2018, in 2020, and in 2022. And 2023 has seen the victory of the leftwardmost candidate in the Chicago mayor’s race along with the loss of conservative control of the state Supreme Court in Wisconsin—in an election that was fought largely on abortion. Republicans are currently rallying behind a proven election loser who is laboring under the weight of felony indictments related to his dalliances with porn stars and Playboy models, and who is likely to soon be carrying the weight of more indictments related to his dalliances with coup-plotters and every species of crackpot found in the vast Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina of the American Right.

    The Whigs couldn’t figure out what to do about the great issue of their time. The Whigs also were home to a great deal of anti-immigrant and nativist sentiment associated with what would become known as the Know-Nothing movement and the short-lived American Party, which ran ex-Whig Millard Fillmore for president in 1856. Whig bigwig William Seward, who would go on to serve in the Lincoln administration, put it thus: “Let, then, the Whig party pass. It committed a grievous fault, and grievously hath it answered it.”

    Republicans who don’t believe in third parties should pause to reflect that they are in one. ~


  14. The old Republican party was nothing but compromise. Usually in favor of big business and war at the expense of the schmucks who voted for them. I’m not against compromise. It’s the Williamsons of the party who are the obstacles.

    And try as I might, I can’t recall Williamson being so hostile to the cruder voters of the party during what I think of as the ‘tits and thighs’ era of Fox News. I guess the compromise s were all going in the ‘right’ direction then?

    Anyway, it seems like a lot of verbiage to say ‘Trump is a degenerate and so are his supporters.’ Maybe he gets paid by the word


  15. I don’t know how we escape the political mess we’re in — and on top of that, all the shootings? Those are becoming more common, not less. Again, I keep going back to the question of what’s going on spiritually in our land.

    It’s superficial to just see this as politics. It’s a larger breakdown that’s occurring, I fear. It may not be permanent, but it seems to be so entrenched now.

    That’s where prayer, rather than partisan arguing and bickering, becomes (as it always is) the greater work for believers.


  16. But compromise is required in a republic, in a pluralistic society, in order to simply govern. This isn’t the heavenly realm quite yet … It remains a fallen world governed by fallen people.

    Strong-armed rule doesn’t go over well in the U.S., whatever “side” is trying to exert it.

    That’s why I say we need wise leadership — but there seems to be little room for that in our current environment.


  17. @4:17 — and that’s the dilemma of the modern-day Republican Party that is fast becoming irrelevant, hopelessly divided, along with hyper-angry, which makes it unattractive as well, when it comes to national politics.


  18. And the mass shootings that are only multiplying (and are not “political”)?

    ~ Louisville mass shooter was live-streaming massacre on Instagram, police confirm ~

    I hope I’m wrong, but this all strikes me as a culture and a nation that is spinning out of control.

    I think our problems are a lot bigger than who may or may not win the next election.


  19. DJ, perhaps we’re not meant to escape this political situation. As Christians perhaps we’re meant to just endure it, while doing the best we can. The situation must run its course and reach it’s destination. The country must run its course and reach its destination. And so must we.

    Our character as a nation, as the Church, and as individuals is on display. And my hope and prayer is that we are being purified not destroyed. (Well, we know the Church is not being destroyed, but I pray that our nation is not either.)

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  20. DJ, Prayer is the key, I think. It’s in prayer that we can get the peace of mind to follow an informed conscience.

    And that will take character regardless of which party one is voting for…or not voting for.

    We do have to give each other the space to do that. Wherever it leads. At the same time, it’s unrealistic to think there are not interpersonal consequences for voting your conscience. Love is not always cupcakes and roses. Sometimes there’s anger and frustration. We can survive that too by keeping our eyes on him.

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  21. “Anyway, it seems like a lot of verbiage to say ‘Trump is a degenerate and so are his supporters.’ Maybe he gets paid by the word”

    Exactly Debra,

    Just more of the same ol’ from the NTer Williamson and his establishment stooge ilk.

    More status quo and weak kneed R’s please!

    Makes me wanna puke.



    Maybe folks are angry because the party dinosaurs never want to change their stone age ways, and their habit of knuckling under to Dems at the slightest bad press.

    And you don’t really want leadership, you want milquetoast, squishy pushovers who never raise their voice and always compromise their so-called principles just to get along. Thankfully that era is over for the majority of the party.

    You, Williamson, and your ilk are the third party, you’re just to smug to see it. You are not the majority in the R party. Take a look at the polls, you’ll see I’m right, whether you want to admit it or not.

    While you dither and wring your hands, Biden and his friends are running roughshod over the country. Wake up.


  22. Meanwhile,


  23. While you worry about mean old Trump….

    Churches are being targeted, by the degenerate shooters and your govt.

    And the kind of R’s you like say not a damn thing….

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  24. Where’s Lindsey and McConnell? Romney? Any establishment shills speaking out about this will do.

    I’ll wait.

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  25. Hawley and Jordan. This isn’t the so-called “leaders” of the R party, this is the renegades doing this. The rest don’t have the guts or decency to defend their base.

    “Rep. Jordan Subpoenas FBI Director Wray to Hand Over Documents Associated With Operation Targeting Catholics

    “Americans attend church to worship and congregate for their spiritual and personal betterment. They must be free to exercise their fundamental First Amendment rights without worrying that the FBI may have planted so-called ‘tripwire’ sources or other informants in their houses of worship.”



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  26. AJ – re: “And you don’t really want leadership, you want milquetoast, squishy pushovers. . .” and “You, Williamson, and your ilk are the third party, you’re just to smug to see it.”

    Have you not been taught that in intelligent and rational discussions or arguments, “you” statements are to be avoided in favor of discussing the ideas or matters, but not the person?

    Excuse me for using a “you” statement here, but you do this on a regular basis, telling me or DJ or HRW what we supposedly really think, in an uncharitable way. Reminds me of those “discussions” I used to try to have with YA, in which she would tell me what I was really saying or really thought, twisting my words and intents.

    I’m sure you are aware that “ilk” is a word with a negative connotation. And calling DJ smug for expressing opinions you disagree with is just plain rude and insulting. Aren’t you the one who recently mentioned a Bible verse about treating each other with kindness?


  27. I think I’ve mentioned reading Paul Tripp’s “Reactivity” book about online communications which have come so intense in our age — I’m reading it for me, because I feel I need it. I think we can fall into this pattern we see too often. From the book (which I highlighted):


    ~ Disrespectful, dismissive, vengeful, mocking, motive-judging, and condemning reactions never produce healthy, loving, vulnerable, honest, reconciled and unified community where confession, repentance and forgiveness are encouraged. ,,, The ‘drive-by shooting’ reactions to something that you disagree with or that has disturbed you in some way is individualism run amok. … If you keep slugging me when I speak, I am going to quit speaking to you. ~

    (And that should not be our goal, that we just walk away angry and in a huff then just quit speaking to one another — but it is where this pattern can lead.)

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  28. And


    ~ The level of cruelty, dismissiveness, and downright mockery that lives on Twitter (and other social media sites) within the Christian community is breathtaking and disheartening … Being theologically correct does not give you the license to be mean. Defending a biblical truth doesn’t make it ok to mock the person you disagree with. Standing for what you are convinced is right does not give you permission to question the thinking and integrity of the person who has taken another position … ~

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  29. To add to those quotes that DJ shared, I would say that not only should we as believers not be expressing ourselves in those ways – either to fellow believers or unbelievers – but it also shouldn’t merely be a matter of “just not saying it”. If we have those thoughts in our mind, even if we don’t express them, then we need to repent just as much as if we had uttered or written them.

    “For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”
    (Latter part of Luke 6:45)


  30. We all need grace for all of this, amen?

    And another section I really liked:

    ~ Reactivity is not new; you can trace it back to the garden of Eden. What is new is that this way of responding has become normalized. I am afraid that we have been used to what Twitter and other social media sites have become. Wet have often passively accepted the denigration of our political discourse. .. We cannot, we must not, normalize a reactivity culture that is more of a culture of harm than a culture of grace. I need you and you need me, but if we keep slugging one another, sooner or later we’re going to quit talking. …

    … By the power of God’s amazing grace we can do better. …

    … (re John 1:34) Now, I will speak for myself here: this kind of love is not natural for me. If I am going to live out what God has chosen to be the norm for his children, then I need to start by confessing how utterly foreign this kind of love is for me and cry out for his rescuing and transforming grace. … I need to be rescued from me, because until our Lord returns, I will continue to be a flawed person, living near and relating to flawed people in a fallen world. In the world that I have just described, God’s norm is only ever the result of the powerful operation of his grace. … ~

    (The author goes on to talk about the things “we cannot allow to be normalized” — emotionally driven responses, anger-driven responses, disrespectful responses, self-righteous responses — the need for humility – , vengeful responses (repay no one for evil … , Rom. 12:17-21), the love of controversy, tribalism)

    “Conviction is a good thing and should not be resisted. It is God giving eyes to see and opening hearts to receive … (but): God’s grace doesn’t just forgive; it empowers … it transforms. … ”

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