30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 4-7-23

  1. Good morning all. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. We will be off to our youngest daughter’s. She will host the oldest and her family on Sunday. Tonight we will attend a Good Friday service with her.

    Our church is having a Seder Meal which is led by a Christian Jew. He is a hospital chaplain and does sermons from time to time at our church. I am sure that will be a blessing for many.

    Our weather should be far nicer than the foot of snow and power outage we had last weekend when visiting our oldest daughter and her family. The weatherman and news reporters were giddy when it was announced that 60 degrees is coming next week. It has been a long snowy winter. This is supposed to be the first day of the death of winter, as one friend put it. We are ready for spring. What a blessing!

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  2. Good morning! Beautiful scene in the header. Makes me want to go for a hike.

    Weather guy said we had summer yesterday, we’ll have spring today, and we’ll have winter tomorrow. Who needs a cedar chest for winter clothes?

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  3. Good morning all! It’s chilly and rainy today, but I can’t complain—even the birds don’t seem to mind the weather. The woodpecker, cardinal, crow, finches and sparrows have all been by for breakfast.

    Dad has physical and occupational therapy at home in a little while. And then we’re all planning to go out for a bit. He still can’t drive so we try to go somewhere almost daily so he can get out.

    Kathaleena’s Seder Meal sounds very interesting. We have nothing special planned for Easter weekend except church on Sunday. God has been so good to us: we’re all well, at home, and have what we need. It is enough. :–)

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  4. I have been to a wonderful Seder Meal put together for a churchwide fellowship meal. It was done by a Messianic Jew and was awesome. We even had some of their wonderful music. So glad to have good memories of church like that from the past. Horseradish by itself packs quite a punch!

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  5. Morning! That photo reminds me of my uncle’s farm. We had so much fun as kids playing in the back of the property. A pond, a creek, a pony barn and a big hill to climb!

    Warming to the 50’s today and the snow melt continues. Ready for rain showers instead of snowstorms. 😊

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  6. Kathaleena – Sounds like you have gotten all of the snow that we didn’t. It has been an unseasonal winter here in Connecticut, although the weather did seem to get colder as spring came closer. 😀

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  7. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Warm warm warm. Must be in the forties already. Lots of clouds but should be dry for a few hours.

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  8. Meanwhile in Canada, the snow pack is still well over my knees (and I have long legs). It’s still freezing hard overnight (0F or colder) which slows down the daytime temps and melting. It’s supposed to get a little warmer soon, but I’m hoping not until husband is back home to help with muddy dogs🤣

    Tomatoes, peppers and cabbage have all been transplanted to slightly larger pots – they will stay in these until they go into the garden. Broccoli and cauliflower will get promoted tomorrow.

    Husband is down south protecting the sage grouse in their leks. Some photographers just get too close when the grouse are dancing.

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  9. Our rain seems to have passed, nothing more on the horizon (though a windy day is forecast for next week). We’re hitting 65 today but then lower temps again until next Sunday when its supposed to be 70.

    Jo, wondering about the violence in Israel and whether your trip will be affected? There was a woman in my BSF group quite a few years ago whose trip was postponed due to unrest (it was pretty much a blanket pause on all church and other tourist trips planned during that period). They did finally get clearance to go, but it was quite a wait until things settled down. Hopefully things aren’t at that level now, though.

    Did you get that recliner moved into the house?

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  10. We bought the front to back warranty for my car. As we are getting older and less willing to deal with things. Anyway, husband took my car in for muffler fix but they said it is in the gray area and then decided to replace the muffler if we give them five hundred dollars. What is the point of the warranty?

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  11. If anyone makes the bars, press the crumble down to even layers so nothing sticks out in little peaks and burns. I cook it for 25-30 minures at 350°, not as long as the recipe says, but that may be because I use a slightly differeny size pan.
    You can sub peanut butter and other fruits.

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  12. I’ve got almost all my travel arrangements done for May and June.
    Other than a 90 minute break to meet my daughter at Costco, I’ve been working on this since 9:30.

    Just don’t have the final decision on the flight home from the east coast. We can fly on frequent flyer miles, but we’d return home to San Francisco at 1:20 in the morning . . .

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  13. Well, that free car wash cost 1100 dollars. Muffler, brakes, oil. Verbally, we were told these things were covered, but in the small print…. That dealership will not be getting any more of our money if we can help it.

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  14. You should let them know what happened, and that you will not be using their services any longer. Maybe that will help them think twice before doing the same to someone else.

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  15. I doubt our little purchase makes a lot of difference in the big scheme, but they do know and the feedback opportunity will be taken and friends and relatives will know.

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  16. My impression of these warranties — and I think mine is still in place for my “new” used car that I’ve had for 2.5 years now and am still paying for — is they cover the big, unexpected things that “shouldn’t” go wrong when they do, stuff that conks out prematurely.

    Basic maintenance is not covered, as far as I remember. There may be warranties like that but they’d cost a bundle.

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  17. Those auto warranties are a waste of money. We got one on our minivan but we have to take the car to the dealer for any oil changes, etc. or the warranty is void. I’d rather save the $40+ and do it myself, especially since they use an oil I don’t like. Plus I’d have to save all my receipts for the oil and filters. Oh, well. The car is paid off and we no longer owe them money for the warranty.

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  18. Oh no, hard to face a change in vet. I’ve been going to mine for something like 30+ years. We were both young back then. lol

    The little black and white cat from next door, LiLu, let me pet her for the first time today. She visits my yard and porch frequently and I always talk to her, she likes hanging out there, but she’s never come close enough to let me pet her. So I just talk to her. Tonight, she did come close, and even acted like she wanted to come inside.

    It’s always an accomplishment when you earn the trust of a cat, it takes a lot of time and patience.

    Got Abby out for a later-than-usual walk, but we missed last night (I wasn’t feeling so good) so had to get her out tonight. It’s been a busy day with errands, banking, grocery shopping, ran the car through the $9 automatic car wash (it hasn’t rained in a week and the jeep was showing its dust), filled the tank (we’re back to over $5 a gallon for regular).


  19. I’ve probably already broken my warranty, I’ve taken my car to Jiffy Lube for oil changes, I still need to get established with a local mechanic – last one (where I took the Liberty) was in between here and work but that’s out of the way now.


  20. okay, I got on my computer to type.
    I haven’t been on here much lately. I seem to be mostly on my ipad and I don’t find it easy to post from it.

    My chiropractor appointment got cancelled today. But I had called my sister so still went up to see her. I had found pictures of my grandmother and my dad with their siblings that I wanted to share. Just a brief visit but it was good.

    I sent my kids a picture of a mirror to see if anyone wanted it. My colorado daughter wanted the measurements. So I called her as I went to measure it. We spent some time talking but not about much. I never got to ask about things with her husband Just to make contact was good. She does not call me and I know that she is busy. She mentioned being grateful that my sister kept in touch. that was a surprise. My sister and her husband decided not to have children and she really appreciates mine.

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