34 thoughts on “News/Politics 4-4-23

  1. Nothing to see, move along….

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  2. Disband the FBI.

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  3. Broken. Disband.

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  4. Another top quality Dem candidate.

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  5. Clown Alert!

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  6. The American legal system is far too politicized. You need to avoid electing prosecutors and judges.

    The FOX host is throwing squirrels left right and center. He’s right; banks should be investigated and there are countless financial crimes in the US that are ignored mostly because banks are “too big to fail” and politicians need campaign donations. The elites are not afraid of Trump – he’s one of them but more reckless with money and blatant about fraud; he and his family have a similar record of questionable foreign money than any other politician. Other members of the elite are afraid he will make mistakes in power as they see him as incompentent only interested in his own welfare not the country nor his own “class”.

    All of the squirrels don’t take away Trump may have committed election fraud or at least enough evidence to warrant a trial according to a grand jury. I find it interesting for the FOX host to claim the comment “sources say” suggest the DAs office leaked and a felony was committed. Meanwhile McCarthny and other Republicans are demanding documents, communications and testimonies related to the indictment. Clearly Republicans have no problem with the DA office committing a felony.

    Is this indictment worth the time and effort? probably not as more serious campaign issues are investigated in Georgia etc. Is the DA trying to boost his career; probably and there’s an other reason to get politics out of the justice system.


  7. From Jeff Childers:

    According to reports, chubby Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg intends to charge the former President with 34 counts of … something, we don’t know yet, but don’t worry, it’s going to be epic — in TDS victims’ minds, at least.

    Trump’s Secret Service detail has been negotiating with Bragg’s office and the President will not be photographed for a mugshot, handcuffed, jailed before the hearing, or anything like that. New York officials made it sound like it was their idea, since Trump is “not viewed as a flight risk.” Okay.

    🔥 The New York Times must have been feeling a Trump arrest hangover, running a ‘guest essay’ Friday headlined, “Trump’s Prosecution Has Set a Dangerous Precedent.” The essay was penned by former federal prosecutor Ankush Khardori.

    Mr. Khardori first mused about how little it actually took to shatter the longstanding 230 years of respect and precedent in protecting former U.S. presidents and not endlessly torturing them with political lawfare for the rest of the their lives. After all, this is not a case about national election interference or fomenting insurrection or even any federal charges at all, for that matter. As far as anyone knows, the case against Trump boils down to mischaracterizing a payment on a state tax form, having deducted a settlement payment as an expense for “legal fees” when it should have been marked down as a gift or something.

    The pending charges against Trump are all under STATE law. Do you have any idea just how many state criminal laws there are? Too many to count.

    All the salacious details about Stormy Daniels’ so-called occupation — or her alleged relationship to the former President — are just that: salacious details. They aren’t relevant to the legal charges at all. It could just as easily have been a payment to settle a dispute with a wedding venue or something.

    Mr. Khardori splashed right past the frivolity of this historic prosecution to its guaranteed outcome; in other words, Katie bar the door:

    But at least one thing seems clear: Mr. Bragg may have been the first local prosecutor to do it, but he will probably not be the last. Every local prosecutor in the country will now feel that he or she has free rein to criminally investigate and prosecute presidents after they leave office. Democrats currently cheering the charges against Mr. Trump may feel differently if — or when — a Democrat, perhaps even President Biden, ends up on the receiving end of a similar effort by any of the thousands of prosecutors elected to local office, eager to make a name for themselves by prosecuting a former president of the United States.

    As Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson tellingly observed over 80 years ago, “It is not a question of discovering the commission of a crime and then looking for the man who has committed it; it is a question of picking the man and then searching the law books or putting investigators to work to pin some offense on him.”

    Khardori wondered about Hunter Biden, and speculated whether some intrepid Red State prosecutor might soon find a creative way to charge Biden’s son and even other Biden family members. Maybe Hunter didn’t account for all HIS expenses the right way, or fill out all HIS state forms correctly either.

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  8. March 31st has usually been “trans” awareness day. Ususally marked by perfunctionary speeches etc. Just another “blank” awareness day that apparently is important. I would say it’s more than a bit awkward that the time for the perfunctional speeches and empty talk came after a school shooting in which the shooter identified as trans. Perhaps America has become so numbed by school shootings that its just another Wednesday…. However, it must be noted that frequently school shootings are followed by gun buying by gun right activists fearing a backlash to their rights. After a shooting its not unusual for the community associated with the shooter to try to distance themselves from the individual while trying to prevent a backlash.

    Not sure how you blame Joe Biden for gas prices. OPEC cutting production to raise prices is pretty standard going back to OPEC’s founding.


  9. Calls to disband the FBI amuse me. FBI has been political since it was founded and now the right is concerned? They created and funded the beast for a century.

    Also amused by people who proclaim they work for the taxpayers. You don’t – you work for an institution and you answer to administration. I don’t work for the taxpayers, I work for the school board and answer to them, they in turn answer to the taxpayer.

    However, Julie Kelly amuses me more. Trying to discredit an agent because of their handwriting/printing? Nobody under 35 knows how to print and especially handwrite. The fact they needed to fill out a form by hand is shocking – you’d think the FBI would have filleable pdfs.

    The FBI probably produces these types of fact sheets and guides on a yearly basis updated annually and probably are as useless as the fact sheets they use to give parents to detect if their children were using drugs.

    The EAP list of activities for FBI employee support and morale isn’t too much different than some I’ve heard of in the corporate sector. If anything this list is on the cheap. Many corporations do wine tasting tours, workplace fitness centers, etc. I had a date who arrived after her office’s Friday afternoon fun day – that month it was axe throwing.

    The Biden admin downplayed the balloon incident for the very simple reason – the US has their own network of spy balloons etc over China. Both China and the US know the other side is doing it.

    Its been over 40 years since Reagan cut taxes and promised to shrink the federal government. He never did the latter but the decline in tax income led to an infrastructure defecit which has plagued the US ever since. The US has been coasting on infratstucture build in the 50s and 60s and has neglected since.


  10. Send in the clowns….

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  11. HRW,

    You guys sold out.


  12. “Underwhelming”…..


    “Update: The court has now published the indictment, and it’s pretty underwhelming. The grand jury added a count for every ledger entry associated with the two payoffs by noting that they had the intent to defraud, etc etc. Here’s one example:


    AND THE GRAND JURY AFORESAID, by this indictment, further accuses the defendant of the crime of FALSIFYING BUSINESS RECORDS IN THE FIRST DEGREE, in violation of Penal Law §175.10, committed as follows:

    The defendant, in the County of New York and elsewhere, on or about May 22, 2017, with intent to defraud and intent to commit another crime and aid and conceal the commission thereof, made and caused a false entry in the business records of an enterprise, to wit, an invoice from Michael Cohen dated May 22, 2017, marked as a record of Donald J. Trump, and kept and maintained by the Trump Organization.

    Again, who was defrauded? What crime was being concealed? It is not a crime to have an affair or a fling. It is not a crime to arrange to keep it silent in exchange for financial considerations. The indictment never even bothers to address those questions, only offering a mindless repetition of this boilerplate language while adjusting for specific invoices, checks, and ledger entries 34 times.

    In other words, this is precisely the case we thought Bragg was bringing. It’s good to have the indictment in hand now, but as it turns out, it was hardly necessary.

    Update: Count NRO’s Dan McLaughlin among the underwhelmed, too:”

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  13. Exactly.

    If you won’t stand up for Trump’s rights, then you’re not standing up for your own. This is about basic rights and due process, which we all have, even the criminals.

    “”A Pox on Bragg: We All Are Trump Now

    Even tough men deserve fairness and justice.”


    “One of the many great tragedies prompted by the reported indictment of the 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, is that so many conservatives now are forced to step aside from engaging in the exciting run-up to the GOP presidential primaries for the 2024 election. Despite the exciting lineup of choices to kick out Biden and Kamala, the order of the day now is to close ranks behind Trump.

    Except perhaps for Andrew Johnson, no man ever has been as persecuted — and unfairly so — from the moment he entered the presidency. Johnson was a quirk of history. He was a Southern Democrat from Greenville, Tennessee, who joined as Republican Abraham Lincoln’s running mate amid the Civil War. Andrew Johnson never was supposed to be president. However, secessionist John Wilkes Booth murdered Lincoln moments after the Civil War ended, and suddenly the victorious Northern Republicans found themselves led by a Tennessee quasi-Dixiecrat. They never accepted him, made his life miserable, impeached him for a non-offense, and came one vote short of convicting him.

    Other than Andrew Johnson, no other president has been so persecuted, demonized, and tortured as Donald Trump. He is too strong to say “They are torturing me.” So I will say it. This is unbridled torture, outside all bounds of behavior in American history. This garbage is why America ends up with so many mediocrities like Biden and Kamala leading our country into quagmires — because truly great Americans decide: “I don’t need this.”

    We recognize a bit of how and why the hate unfolded. Trump was incredibly nasty and occasionally quite coarse during the 2016 GOP primaries. He descended into an idiotic comparison of hand sizes with Sen. Marco Rubio and insulted fellow candidates Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina for their looks. Similarly, he went after Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife’s appearance because she is not as glamorous as Melania, and he intimated that Cruz’s father could have been involved in the John Kennedy assassination. There was more nonsense with Lindsey Graham’s phone number. These were outside the pale and opened doors for evil destroyers to step in. But truth is that the Left went after Trump even before he stepped outside of civility. They accused him falsely of racism. Mistranslated a Yiddish comment about Hillary getting “schlongged” in a primary as being a misogynistic reference; it was not. They called him an anti-Semite — as vicious a lie as there ever was. They accused him of racism for referring to a federal judge as “Mexican judge” when any fair-minded observer knows that’s how New Yorkers talk: Rudy Giuliani is an “Italian” and so is Andrew Cuomo. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a “Puerto Rican.” Robert Kennedy was “Irish.” And a federal judge with Mexican ancestry is “Mexican.” Trump never questioned that judge’s Americanism, only his biases on immigration law — and that was fair.

    Yet it never was Fiorina or Rubio or Cruz who went after him once the initial hurt wore off by election time. Graham, Rubio, and Cruz became strong Trump backers in the Senate. Rather, the vicious hate stemmed from the Hillary side of the aisle.

    The Clintons are despicable and vicious. Enough ink has been spilled on this — the people they destroyed in pursuit of their power, their ruthlessness, corruption, the misogyny of the one, and the cynical defense of his misogyny by the other. We now know that Hillary funded the most heinous character assassination efforts, funneling money to Perkins Coie, who funneled the money to Fusion GPS, who commissioned the bogus Steele Dossier. Hillary’s campaign sent Perkins Coie $5.6 million, and the Democrat National Committee sent another $3.6 million. That led to the Russia Hoax and the endless Mueller investigation that turned up almost nothing besides Paul Manafort’s ostrich jacket. And it was not only the despicable Clintons. It was Nancy Pelosi conducting an annual impeachment. One had something to do with a call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, which Adam Schiff falsified by reading into the record a completely mendacious mobster-like transcript, and which briefly got some guy named Vindman a guest appearance on Curb Your Enthusiasm in which he ends up with the pretty lady on a vacation flight after she purloins another guy’s passport and flight tickets. The second impeachment? Another pointless exercise in futility. And then the third annual travesty, the rigged Jan. 6 Committee hearings by a one-sided panel that covered up all inconvenient evidence. Time has evidenced that Jan. 6 was no insurrection. In all, a grand total of two people have been convicted of sedition. Not a shot was fired. Cops escorted some invaders deeper into the Capitol. A guy put his feet on Pelosi’s desk. Sentences typically have been for periods of less than a year. If only the Bolshevik and Maoist Revolutions had been such.

    Trump made mistakes during his presidency. All presidents do, even the greatest ones. Franklin Pierce dropped the ball with Bleeding Kansas. Teddy Roosevelt announced too soon that he would not seek reelection, rendering him a lame duck who no longer could push through legislation. FDR tried to pack the Supreme Court, and that blew up on him. Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra. Clinton allowed Osama Bin Laden to escape. The first Bush blew the economy, and the second Bush got America into an Iraq War that may have been one of the worst foreign policy blunders in American history, disrupting the bloody decade-long war and perpetual Shiite–Sunni animus between Iraq and the Iranian Ayatollahs, freeing Iran to focus instead on creating nuclear bombs to destroy America. Obama’s “Operation Gunrunner” sent Mexican drug lords deadly assault rifles that murdered Americans.

    So Trump made mistakes. He trusted Paul Ryan to see him through funding for the wall. He initially made some poor Cabinet choices like Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. Trump blustered unhelpfully too often. But Donald Trump got a ton more things right and may have left behind the most impressive first-term presidency in American history. The economy boomed, and unemployment numbers reached record lows for all sorts of historically disadvantaged groups. He did not get us enmeshed in a single war, and he kept Russian President Vladimir Putin out of Ukraine just by being Trump. He extinguished the all-star starting lineup of international terrorists like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Qasem Soleimani. He confronted and tamed the North Korean Dough Boy, Kim Jong Un. He started building that big beautiful wall, brought back American jobs, and successfully imposed tariffs without starting a trade war. He got Europe cheapskates to cough up more money for NATO. And he named consistently top-notch conservative federal judges — from district courts to appellate circuits to the Supremes. He got ventilators to states so fast that even bitter political foe then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo felt obliged to thank him. And Trump’s Operation Warp Speed got vaccines developed in beyond record time. The more he succeeded, the more Democrats hated him because he proved impervious to their persecutions.

    I may be incorrect, but I personally believe Trump did in fact do wrong stuff with that pole dancer on the lower rung of our social order. I believe he indeed paid her six figures to keep quiet. Why hush money? I guess he did not want his wife and kids to know. Indeed, one may wonder why the pole dancer is not investigated for blackmail. But it is obvious he did not pay her off to advance his political aspirations. So we now are amid the Fourth Annual Trump Ordeal.”

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  14. Meanwhile, I’d expect another spike in the coming week for him.


    The gag order is mute, the judge did not impose one. Yet.

    But the surge is real, and growing.


    “Even as Donald Trump prepared to fly to New York for his arraignment, those close to the former president were crediting the man who put him in so much legal jeopardy for the best polling bump he has seen in years: The Trump campaign tells RealClearPolitics that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is helping clear the field of Republican challengers, thereby easing his return to the White House.

    “In the short term,” John McLaughlin told RCP, “this is really helping us in the primary.”

    On the eve of the arraignment, Trump’s longtime pollster says his candidate “is getting significantly stronger, in spite of what they’re throwing at him, and it’s not making a dent in the general election numbers.”

    McLaughlin predicted that even the worst-case scenario, a potential court-ordered gag order putting the candidate in a verbal straight jacket on the campaign trail, would “backfire,” telling RCP, “If he can’t speak out because of the trial, if they try to take his civil rights and his ability to run, it’s only going to lead to more support for him.”

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  15. Glenn Kessler is still garbage.

    He accuses Trump sons of intimidating the judge by posting pics of his daughter.

    But reality is they linked to news stories on her Biden/Harris connections that were already widely available and viewed by millions.

    Stories like this one.

    This is yellow journalism. He’s trash, like his work.

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  16. Not to be outdone, the clown formerly known as Tom Nichols chimes in….

    CONTENT WARNING because Tom is a foul mouthed grifter.

    Yes Tom, how dare they post relevant facts….

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  17. AJ – My “guys”?? I have no “guys”. There’s been bipartisan support for FBI political witchhunts since day one. The only thing new is some Republicans are now questioning the FBI’s legitimacy which indicates the Republicans are moving away from the center.

    Not surprised the indictment is underwhelming – its fraud not murder.

    The Spectator link at 5:32 is amusing. No one has whined more than Trump and his supporters continue to whine about any time he is questioned and the legalities of his business are questioned. He’s a greasy businessman who has learned that the more you whine and complain the less you have to pay. Then the author goes on a Clinton rant….one wonders if he did not see the irony. The idea of persecuting a president for politcal gain was perfected under Gingrich and the Republican party. While complaining about Democratic actions, the author couldn’t help but champion similar behaviour by Republicans.

    Then there’s the claim that Bragg is clearing the Republican primary field and Trump will return to the White House. Trump may win the primary but he won’t win the general. He will lose to Biden by the same margin as before. The polls are consistent. As much as left leaning voters dislike Biden, they will vote for him if the alternative is Trump. Biden won on an anti-Trump vote not a pro-Biden vote. A Trump candidancy only motivates people to the polls to vote Democratic. Motivation has always been the Democratic party problem and Trump solves it.


  18. Oil dependency = Biden’s first hours in office shutting down Keystone

    Its been over 40 years since Reagan cut taxes and promised to shrink the federal government. He never did the latter but the decline in tax income led to an infrastructure defecit which has plagued the US ever since. The US has been coasting on infratstucture build in the 50s and 60s and has neglected since=

    So now we’re blaming Reagan 40 years later?!! What about all those buffoons we have had in office since? And those all caring Democrats telling the poor citizenry not to worry because the government will take care of ‘em. Most terrifying words according to Reagan “I’m from the government and I’m here to help”!!! Heck it’s not just our citizens now given the promise to be taken care of…millions of illegal invaders are taxpayer benefactors!
    With the exception of Trump they have all sent our economy into orbit and totally ignored “infrastructure”. A couple of them too busy entertaining Hollywood elites and canoodling with an intern in the Oval Office!
    We have the biggest buffoon sitting or sleeping in the WH now who doesn’t know what day it is or where he is at the moment!! He endorses and promotes every evil known to mankind but somehow he’s just good ol’ Joe who beat Trump…the bad tweeter…


  19. Boom.

    This seems important.

    Uhhhhhh….. 🤔

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  21. This is embarrassing.

    You smell that?

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  22. I’m having old computer issues tonight, but the above quotes can actually apply to any side you want to choose 🙂 — see? equal opportunity — or to all of us collectively in the US, perhaps (I’ll give HRW a pass).

    Article takes a look at the legal charges. There will be more debate and analysis to come, clearly.

    Lots of missteps all around to get us where we are, but I’m just sorry the nation finds itself here.


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