26 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-31-23

  1. My dad’s first little ‘greenhouse’ was basically used windows on boards–a cold frame. Then he made a little house with used brick for the bottom part and used windows on top. He made broad shelves for the plants. A neighbor girl and I actually slept overnight in that when it didn’t have any plants. (we also once put an old parachute over a truck bed and slept in that one night. I guess anywhere but home is a good place to sleep. Lol. Now I have grandsons who will sleep overnight on their trampoline.)

    My mother started a small business out of the little greenhouse. Others would ask for her plants. That grew into quite a large business with them selling to department stores. You just never know.

    We are off to a weekend with some of the grands. The two youngest are in a dance class at a local church that has them dance on Palm Sunday evening. That will be a first for us. The weather will not be good for travel, but we should get there before the worst. All prayers welcomed, of course.

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  2. Good morning! Kim is correct on the dogwood tree. The photo is one I took by the parking lot of our neighborhood church.

    I think I mentioned doing that a few days ago. There are several dogwood trees at the back of the lot. The woods behind the parking lot contain our county school’s cross-country track. It is a nice area for hiking. We are truly blessed with great nearby areas for short hikes.

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Rain has fallen and may continue.

    Today is the day I run food in to daughter. The last couple of times, she has not met me or when she did, was quite unpleasant. So I just leave food on the table in the foyer. We will see how she does today! Of course, I am also there to assist with laundry (making certain the coins go into the washer) and refill her meds. But she has not had my help with laundry for six weeks so no idea what she is doing with that.

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  4. Hymns: I am enjoying Peter L’s contributions and especially enjoy Up From the Grave. Very uplifting and encouraging to turn our eyes upon Jesus.

    As to the ten yesterday, I found all of them quite familiar and suspect that is from a lifetime of changing churches.

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  5. Kathaleena, that sounds fun! Sleeping in the greenhouse – I would have done something like that too! Maybe our daughter can use it when she comes to visit -she’s adventurous like that 🙂 She’ll often bring her tent and just camp in our yard overnight.

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  6. Morning! Sitting at Les Schwab waiting. Last night as we drove into town to pick up our neighbor from the hospital my “pressure low” indicator came on. Asking the Lord to get us home with no flat tire we made it! This morning the nice young man started to check the tire pressure and immediately saw it “you have a screw in the front tire”! Husband and eldest daughter are hiking … first he has seen her since last May…praying they have meaningful and sweet conversation on their hike😊

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  7. Well, “I owe my soul to the company store”.
    I can pay what I owe but it will short me on the quarterly payment that is due.
    My stomach really does hurt because of it. The real kicker is I didn’t make as much this year as I did last year. A big part of it was “self employment tax”.

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  8. And I have that gas bill … ouch. Almost $400. Better than last month’s by a couple hundred dollars, but still really not sustainable going forward. Although the heater should be able to be turned off (we hope) soon and won’t come on again until around November.

    Home from the beach / sea lion release story, what a gorgeous day out there (though jackets were in order). Good surf crashing and rolling in for the happy sea lions who bolted from their medical care crates and bobbed in the sea until they vanished, home again.

    And sunshine! Nice to be in/on beach sand again, last time I did this for another story my knee was giving me so much grief and the “sand walking” was a challenge.

    It felt good to be able to walk up and down the thick, sandy embankment today with no worries or pain.

    And I interviewed, for a second time, the multi-millionaire who, with her husband, has donated huge amounts to so many causes. I told her I enjoyed seeing the benefactor name of someone I’d actually interviewed on the various hospital wings named for them when I was in for my knee procedure.

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  9. HA! I was reading along and thought ‘oh how picturesque ‘ until Mumsee brought the darker side of reality to light. 😀

    I’m in the hospital with dad, but he’s being released shortly. It was another stroke we think but it was so mild it didn’t register on the MRI. He’s getting new medication. He’s feeling so well he would have bolted down the hall and out the door already if he wasn’t tethered to an IV. Smart thinking to leave him tethered until discharge paperwork is ready.

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  10. Found a butterfly stuck on one of my outdoor screens, his left wing was stuck on a long strand of dust and debris. I finally got some scissors and snipped it off as close to the wing as I could.

    He was on the ground near the side gate when I went back inside, didn’t look so good; but he was gone when I went back out about 30 minutes later. Hoping he was able to fly away.

    Although mumsee may suggest a different fate.

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