21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-27-23

  1. That was just a picture taken with my phone. I have seen many, many pictures taken that night that show much brighter colors. It is always fun to see, though. My sidewalk is too slippery to walk far in the dark. The coyotes were yipping and dogs barking like crazy when I was outside.

    Good morning to all. I hope you all have a good week. Praying for you AJ, especially this morning.

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  2. Glorious! So beautiful and what a wonder it must be to see in person.

    We had horrid storms in the night. So much thunder, lightening, and rain here, but tornadoes and hail in other parts of the the state.

    I am enjoying the calm with coffee now more than usual after all that booming in the night.

    Lifting AJ in prayer alongside you right now, Kathaleena.

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  3. I know he has April 20 procedure Kizzie but thought I too would pray alongside today…😊

    Sky over us is blue now and very thick snow clouds to the west. I just hope they stay over there and don’t visit us … snow being cleared on the driveway now and all! Weirdest winter ever…and coldest

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  4. Beautiful night lights.

    I also missed the memo, but will pray anyway 🙂

    My shoulder feels better, still not 100% but less pain and more mobility. Taking extra-strength Tylenol which is helping. If it doesn’t fully come back I’ll check in with the doctor for an Xray.

    But for now, it seems well enough to type so no excuse to get out of a work day.

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  5. Just got the little league schedule. Well that filled up the calendar.

    We had a meeting yesterday for the Israel trip. I won’t be taking my wheeled carryon. They said the bus will only take one piece of luggage for each of us so it would have to be at my feet on the bus. No thanks

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  6. We are watching documentary after documentary. I have watched more TV in the past three months than in the first sixty four years of my life. Or, at least, had it on around me.

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  7. I finally did my taxes on TurboTax this afternoon! So glad to have that all finished. And I am getting a nice refund! 🙂

    I usually do them in early February, but let it slide a while, and then had some things come up that kept me from getting to them. Over the weekend, I determined that I would get them done today, and I did.

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  8. My taxes are being “done,” but I guess I forgot my W2 form, had to email that over today. They’ve had my stuff (well, most of it) since mid-March though and are just now getting to it; but it shouldn’t take them long. I often owe some to the federal government and get some back from the state, so it’s sort of a wash for me typically.

    A semi-warm day today with sunshine but another cold storm is coming Tuesday with rain and snow … What a year, but wonderful in terms of the long drought we’ve been suffering through.

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  9. I finally broke a sweat on my drivewey walk. There is another driveway walker a few doors down. It’s trending! Art started it back when he had his heart surgery😃

    I think I remember reading a long time ago that Marvin Olasky read books while doing that, too.

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  10. I finished up taxes today. The Federal refund is much smaller than the past few years, but I think it’s because of the end of the. pandemic. The good news is that for the first time in the 40+ years of living in Missouri I actually don’t owe anything! I’m even getting a refund for once.

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  11. Got our taxes in to my friend bookkeeper today. Came home to find husband had found another HUGE Rx receipt that wasn’t covered by our benefits ($500). Glad he found it before everything was done. We always get tax refunds because of our charitable donations and the extra non-covered medical expenses. We also get to claim mileage for doctor visits because we live so far out of town.

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