21 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-24-23

  1. Morning! ‘Tis a beautiful morning in our next of the woods. Sun shining, bluest of sky and a tad bit chilly!
    Sis in law texted me that they saw a bluebird flitting about on their way out of our area the other day. So Spring must be lurking! Snow tonight through Monday….. ⛄️

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  2. The bluebird makes me happy; made me smile. Yesterday was the first day that truly felt like spring to me. I did have to laugh when we exited a store, and I commented that the coolness felt so good after the heat of the store. My husband replied that is a matter of opinion. Have I mentioned he is always cold, and I am usually too warm? 😀

    Then last night I was able to see the northern lights from my sidewalk. I was once very spoiled as a teen to see those lights in the most amazing light show ever. That evening the reds and greens were brilliant and dancing with white swirls all over the sky. These were not bright but were definitely dancing. They are always fun to see. What a world our Lord created!

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  3. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with a blanket of fresh snow and more coming down but looks like it won’t last too long. Planning to run into town (well, drive) for food delivery to daughter but that may need to wait a bit.

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  4. Northern lights sound beautiful.

    We have the sun out this morning, though it’s still quite cold.

    I have a morning assignment I’m having to rush out for but otherwise hoping for an easy Friday. I went to be early (for me, 10) last night, getting up at 5 a.m. yesterday wiped me out, I’m really not (never was, never will be) used to that.

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  5. Good morning/afternoon everyone! Love the little bluebird in the header. We have bluebirds at the feeder fairly often and I never tire of seeing them. This year we have 2 new additional kinds of bird that have not come before. The bluejay seems to have discovered us. He’s not coming every day, but enough to be noticed. And he’s mostly in Peachy, scouting the terrain, or on the ground where his innate pushiness is not as apparent as it would be up in a crowded feeder.

    The other newcomer is what I have tentatively identified as a brown thrasher. They’re very striking with a reddish brown and white color pattern. They’re about the size of the mockingbird or maybe a little larger, and have a similar build with long tail feathers. They have relatively long legs and I’ve seen them run across the yard like a little roadrunner. But perhaps the most interesting feature I’ve seen is the way they eat. They have long bills, not quite as long as a woodpecker, but close. And when they eat they remind me of a lumberjack raising an ax and slamming it down on a log. They stretch their necks high and slam the beak down into the ground with all their might. I almost expect to see their little legs come up off the ground with all the force they use. And they eat this way even when the food is visible on the surface of the ground. I first noticed them last year in the neighbor’s bushes where they seemed to be nesting. They are interesting to watch although they don’t seem to want to be a spectacle because they don’t stay out in the open for long.

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  6. Reminds me, did Jo get her woodpecker issues resolved?

    Long morning assignment with probably a dozen speakers out at a very windy port location. Busy rest of the day ahead with 2 stories.

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  7. Debra, the brown thrasher is the Georgia state bird. They nest on the ground. I saw them here in our yard years ago but have seen none for a long time. Maybe the two outdoor kitties we had . . .

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  8. Janice, we never had that many birds when Samster was alive. Of course, we didn’t put up a feeder then either. I’m hoping we can retain our bird friends when we get another dog. Cyrus just said ‘we need to get another dog soon’. And the way he said it I know he’s starting to get desperate for one. It’s time. Now we just have to save the money and find another mini dachshund.

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  9. They spend a lot of time outdoors as they are just sharing germs from different illnesses indoors. Need to break the cycle.

    Yes, spring is definitely here. These are just spring snowstorms. A few inches that quickly melt. Daffodils were not even phased but they are not open yet. My Moscow brother has crocuses up and blooming though.

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  10. Debra, can’t live without a dog. 🙂

    Finally got both stories turned in, 2nd one is being read by an editor now. Long, long day.

    Received the condolences card from my vet today, can’t believe it was only a week ago I lost Annie Oakley. 😦

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