Our Daily Thread 3-22-23

Good Morning!

Today is RKessler’s birthday!


The header is from Janice.


Anyone have a QoD?

34 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-22-23

  1. Happy birthday, Rkessler! May it be a lovely day for you and your family.

    The header is a photo of a mystery structure along our nearby walking trail. It looks similar to a leftover chimney from an old fallen home. Perhaps it was a reworked one from the remains. I suppose it could be called a ‘storystarter.’

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  2. Interesting picture . I bet some oldtimer somewhere knows what this is. Ah. but how to find them. Perhaps a good reporter could find them.

    Happy birthday, Rkessler!

    The stones remind me of all the ones my parents used for different things. My dad made a grilling tower. It had a tall chimney in the back and a square partway up to be able to grill on. Later, they built stone walls all around a patio area in the back of the house. It was low enough to be able to step down from the lawn on one side. The other side was flush with the door step and a sidewalk coming around from the front of the house. Cement was poured on the ground in squares, which made for a perfect four square court. There were two posts to hold up a porch roof on the side next to the house. We did a lot of grilling, playing and even dancing on that patio. I have no idea where the stones ended up.

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  3. Morning! And Happiest of Birthdays to you dear RK!! ❤️ 🎂

    Guests have left and now I shall vacuum dog hair galore!! Their little fluff ball left tufts of white hair everywhere…but he was a delightful playmate for Pip. All in all it was a lovely time with family.

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  4. Your dad was very resourceful, Kathaleena. That sounds like it brought much family enjoyment. My childhood friend down the street had a backyard barbeque pit put in made from bricks. They grilled a lot of steak on it. I think I enjoyed the smoke from it😀

    My parents never got into grilling. When I was in college, my boyfriend’s dad would do grilled rotisserie chicken and twice baked loaded potatoes wrapped in foil, and I can still remember how good those meals were to my unaccostomed palate.

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  5. Happy Birthday, RK! Hope your day is wonderful.

    Beautiful stones in the header. It looks like it’s in the shape of a tall tree stump.

    Kathaleena, love the description of the patio your dad made. We would often see very old stone fences in Connecticut. Long ago, people cleared the farmland and made fences out of the stones from the land.

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  6. And we’re finally getting sunshine.

    Lots of rain and mountain snow again yesterday and overnight.

    This morning, the sun shines.

    But we’ve loved the rainy season we’ve had, it was so long overdue and really needed. I’m just hoping it wasn’t a one-season wonder and that it will usher in a more normal weather pattern for us again in the years ahead.


    Love the stone pillar.

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  7. From yesterday: I remember those days. The boys would wander and come home shredded. The girls would wander and come home pregnant. We knew girls from boys back then.

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  8. Trail markers, cool, I can see that …

    The year without summer is something I’ll have to read about. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone. …

    So the sun went away, clouds and a smattering of more rain arrived, now the sun is back.

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  9. I do remember a summer here maybe 7-8-10? years ago, where summer seemed very mild, understated, no big heat (yay), not a great time for regular beachgoers — and it left locals wondering where their summer had gone …

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  10. ah, 2010 — found the Labor Day story I did.

    ~ Parks and beaches are typically packed on Labor Day, viewed as the traditional end of summer and frequently among the year’s hottest days.

    But this year was an exception.

    The holiday winding up an unusually cool Southern California summer brought out fewer crowds and left many feeling let down as they headed into the start of another school year.

    “It’s been very disappointing,” said the hot dog cart operator stationed at I Street and the Esplanade in Redondo Beach. “If the sun’s not out, people don’t come to the beach. A place like this is very weather-dependent.”

    … This summer’s below-normal temperatures were a result of cooler water temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, said Brian Edwards, a meteorologist with AccuWeather.

    “There were below-normal water temperatures throughout the Pacific area and especially off the coast of Central and Southern California,” he said.

    Average temperatures typically peak in late August and early September in the Los Angeles area.

    But this August, highs stayed mostly in the 70s – and the low 70s at that for many days, Edwards said. …

    … For Redondo Beach residents and surfers Chris Miller and his wife, Kristi Ericksen-Miller, the summer has been a bummer.

    “It sucks,” Ericksen-Miller said as the couple began unloading their gear from their SUV. “It’s been hard but it’s Labor Day so we decided to see if we could get some sun.

    “The water has been very cold,” she said. “All summer people have been wearing wet suits.”

    Her husband made note of all the empty parking spaces, a rare sight at the beach on a summer holiday.

    “Everything’s deserted,” Miller said. “It’s kind of spooky.” … ~

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  11. Reminds me of all of the memorial stone towers that God commanded the people to make and then tell their children the story, like the crossing of the Jordan.

    Someone I am praying for just had a mini stroke. Sometimes God does things to get our attention. I will continue to pray.

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  12. Mumsee – Reading in “The boys would wander and come home shredded. The girls would wander and come home pregnant.” I momentarily forgot that you were referring to cats. 😀

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  13. Old Tom (from late yesterday’s thread) … Yeah, “shredded” would be a good way to describe how he looked when he came home. Tired and wounded, but he seemed pleased at the same time.

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  14. Talk about a weird auto-correct spelling … I was writing about “government officials gathered” when ‘gathered’ appeared as ‘catheter’

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  15. My mom would make rotisserie chicken, as well. We had a regular grill by then and there was an attachment to turn the chicken around and around. It always took longer than she thought it would. She said that just made us all appreciate it more. No doubt, after smelling it for hours. Makes me hungry thinking about it and I just ate. 😉

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  16. Dj, you are fine on love and truth. Subjects touched on in our group seem to show the possibility of some belief in universaliam by at least one person. How to gently use love and truth to correct a possible misconception? It would be good to find a study to give us a clue what to do, of if a study addressed it, that would be the simplest way.


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