42 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-18-23

  1. Good cold Saturday morning! It’s in the 30s, and we will have wind today so it will feel cold all day. Crazy yo-yo weather!

    Dj, I just saw your question at the end of yesterday’s thread. Since each state is different as to what must be filed, you need to ask your guy. Art does taxes for other states as people move around so much and may have three personal state tax returns or more for one year (a pain), but he has to research for the differences. I dare not ask him your question now when he is swamped😀 if I did, I better hang my head down and say quack🦆

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  2. Just kidding about playing duck, of course.

    I am trying a plant-based protein shake by Dr. Grundy. It is made with flaxseed, hemp seed, and spirulina. I got the vanilla flavor. I think the spirulina is helping my vision. Flaxseed is also good for diabetes. I am also researching probiotics. Does anyone have a brand to recommend?

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  3. One of my daughters has taxes that have to be paid in two states. She has a couple different businesses, as well. I cannot imagine her taxes. She keeps track of stuff with her computer and that alone is work along with gathering it all together. Thank God for those with a head for it all and the will to study it! Sad that it has to be necessary.

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  4. In my reading today my attention was caught by Jesus healing the ear of the man who Peter attacked during the arrest of Jesus. After all, Jesus did say to take a sword. I wondered if Peter’s betrayal was not just a matter of pure fear, but of wounded pride as well. I know we cannot ever know all the motivations of others. Still, wounded pride is often a reason we sin. At least for me. Just a thought to consider.

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  5. DJ, As Janice said each state is different. What I do know is that Mr. P receives a small Social Security Disability and a VA Disability. Part of the SS is taxed and none of the VA. We still have to report both on our taxes. I would err on the side of having it for the taxes than not.

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  6. Janice,
    I have been researching several things since my eyes. I took myself off of one medicine because I thought it might be affecting my eyes. BIG mistake so I put myslf back on it. It helps with my ADD. What I do know is that when I eat more protein I am more focused and less ADD. To that end I started Googling things and found the MIND diet. I am going to try that. It seems sustainable. I am interested in the protein powder you are using. Please let me know how you like it. I track my food- not for the calorie intake but because I would like to balance 40% protein, 30% fat, and 30% carbohydrates. Not surpisingly I can get plenty of fats and carbs but am having trouble getting all the protein. What I have found from “Dr. Google” is that I should be getting between 50 and 60 grams of protein a day.
    If you are curious, the app I use is MyPlate.

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  7. Thanks for the tax info. I’ll probably just be forced to go back to the government site and download my picture, Drivers’ license and do some video and/or Q&A thing to set up the new 2nd verification just to crack into it all. Sigh.

    I also need to set up a new Twitter 2nd verification this weekend — work gave us the instructions this week and said we have to do it before Monday or we could wind up getting locked out forever (not literally, but it’ll be way worse if you don’t do this, they said) if you ever have to sign into your account again.

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  8. Annie put in a rough night and is now in hiding in the spare bedroom. 😦 I left a small bowl of water in there for her, but finding and getting her out (it really hurts her when I move or try to pick her up) for the meds (a dose is due in about 2 hours) may be nearly impossible.

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  9. Kim, here is a link about Dr. Gundry’s ProPlant shake powder. I am having trouble with beans now so was looking for plant-based protein without beans or dairy. My breast cancer is estrogen related so I want to cut down on dairy since it has more estrogen with what all cows are fed. This fits the bill for me and my needs, and I just happened to notice my vision seemed a bit better just ftom being on it for three days.


  10. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Sun is shining, birds are singing and daffodils and crocuses are springing.

    Dad slept late this morning but is up and at em now.

    Husband and two children and son in law and two children headed down to the parade. Husband is the color bearer for the VFW post.

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  11. Thanks for the kitty love, she is still in the spare bedroom and not showing herself. She did meow earlier when I called her name, but not since. I go in there periodically and talk to her.

    I’m hoping the sleep and downtime are helping her body heal cope with this and she’ll eventually emerge having turned a corner and feeling at least a bit better.

    I did see online that many cats recover from this with no medical attention, so while I wish I could keep her medication on schedule, it is what it is. She had two doses yesterday so at least that was a start, something’s in her system that we hope will help and will be enough, for now.

    I’ll dose her again later today (assuming she’ll show herself eventually).

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  12. Well I thought I posted this morning but perhaps I didn’t hit “post”….I had only one cup of coffee at that point so that may have been the problem! ☕️

    Drove down to one of our last antique shoppes in the Springs. My favorite owner was there and it was fun catching up with her. Found a couple things I could not live without and one of the items is something I have no idea what it is but I had to have it. Now to find a purpose for it!

    Talking husband into taking me out to dinner as I have no desire to cook tonight.

    Sister in law and her husband and their puppy are supposed to descend upon us either Monday or Tuesday….we haven’t heard from them on a definite time yet. They will be here for a week and I am trying to prepare myself! 🙃

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  13. And just like that I heard from sis in law! Monday afternoon until Wednesday morning now .. shorter trip and not so much to plan for meals… 😊

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  14. Morning all. Weather supposed to be warmer today. The sun is shining on the tree tops and the snow is slowly melting. But worry not there will be more to cover the forest floor next week1 ⛄️

    Hoping for a good report on Miss AnnieOakley today. ♥️

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  15. We are set here to break a weather record today! We will have the lowest high for this date which will be in the 50s. With wind it feels really cold.

    I went to Sunday school. So thankful I felt like attending. I came home and watched the online service. Miss Bosley appreciated my return to resume her Sunday lap napping.

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  16. I can’t seem to find Annie, I am expecting the worst at this point. Last time I heard her meow (weakly) was 24 hours ago. Not a good sign. Prayers appreciated.

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  17. I made it to church today, first time in months. Very nice to get back with the family again, worshipping together, the Majesty on High.

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  18. thanks for your prayers; I was quite sure she had died in the spare room after not hearing or seeing her since Saturday morning, but last time she meowed when I called her — Saturday morning — it sounded like she was under the spare bed. But I couldn’t see her, couldn’t figure out where else she’d gone. …

    Hired some local guys to come and they quickly discovered she’d crawled up into the box spring so they just hauled the whole thing out. Now the tears. What a great cat she was. I’ll really miss her.

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