35 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-18-23

  1. The Dems and their brown shirts newest attack on your rights.

    Thru the backdoor.

    “FBI and Secret Service behind covert agreement stripping citizen’s gun rights, documents show”


    “The U.S. government conditioned a plea agreement with a defendant stipulating they sign a secret form, which was not authorized through Congress and has been slammed as “unconstitutional” by Republican lawmakers, that stripped their rights to buy, own, or use firearms, documents show.

    Between 2011 and 2019, the FBI, Secret Service, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement coordinated to obtain signatures on an internal form from at least 60 U.S. citizens that stripped their gun rights, according to newly obtained records and multiple Washington Examiner reports. In at least one instance, the bureau and Secret Service worked behind closed doors with what appears to be a government prosecutor who conditioned signing of the form as part of a legal case, the Washington Examiner has learned.

    “Dear Agent [redacted],” reads a June 10, 2019, letter written by a lawyer to a Secret Service agent in West Palm Beach, Florida. “You will find enclosed the NICS firearm form which has been signed by my client and his doctor. This is being provided in compliance with [redacted] plea agreement. Yours sincerely.”

    It’s unclear what the 2019 defendant was being charged with or why the FBI and Secret Service had involvement. The FBI redacted the case number on the document, which was obtained by the firearms rights group Gun Owners of America through the Freedom of Information Act and shared with the Washington Examiner.

    Secondly, it’s unclear why the government used the form, which registered people into the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System and asked signatories to identify as a “danger” to themselves or others or also lacking the “mental capacity adequately to contract” their lives. Second Amendment lawyers, including GOA’s outside counsel, Robert Olson, told the Washington Examiner that U.S. citizens can’t legally forfeit their gun rights.

    The person who signed the plea agreement was evidently not barred from owning guns until voluntarily signing the FBI’s form and the government asked the defendant to agree to a punishment comparable with a different type of crime, said Olson. Lawyers have previously honed in on how the form did not go through public comment through the Office of Management and Budget, which is required before the government collects information from the public.

    “There’s a bit of a contradiction,” Gilbert Ambler, a constitutional attorney who specializes in firearms law, told the Washington Examiner. “They’re having you agree you’re incompetent. If you’re incompetent, how is that a binding agreement?”

    Ambler added, “It’s an example of something more nefarious, which is individuals within the government pursuing a goal of disarming people. That is not something supported by our legislature. In fact, it is contrary to what our legislature has done because there are set forth conditions on when somebody can be disarmed.””


  2. Doh!

    It’s a virtual Utopia in Dem run cities.


  3. The persecution continues.

    And this is clearly incitement on the part of partisan Dems seeking to provoke a response from his followers.

    This is all they have left to distract you from the @#$% show that is the Biden presidency.



  4. Speaking of @#$% shows….


  5. Exactly what I would expect to hear from the water carrying lap dog class.

    First, reality….


    Then the spin from Dem propagandists….

    Evidence you say?



    Lather, rinse repeat.


  6. What a difference a letter after your name can make.

    If it was an R, he’d be the next Bernie Madoff. But since he’s a D, he gets a pass, and the media stares at it’s feet like good little subserveints.


  7. Media hardest hit….

    So what you see here is Hunter’s lawyers admitting the laptop is his, and so is what was on it.

    I’m sure the retractions will be coming along any minute now….

    Yep, any minute….


  8. Lather, rinse, repeat….

    Next verse, same as the first….


  9. Debra; we’ll probably agree to disagree but I have to add…..

    Initially, this was not a border dispute but regime change. The idea was a quick drive into Kiev, chase Zelensky out, and place a puppet Ukrainian. The plot failed because the military took too long, the special agents in Kiev failed, and Zelensky refused to leave. The conspiracy part of my brain believes that the offer for a ride out of Kiev by Biden was known in advance by Putin. At this point, there was no western support for a resistance. The “bio labs” weren’t mentioned nor were the US/NATO concerned about it.

    Once regime changed failed, the West/NATO became more involved. Biden’s response is quite cautious compared to many in NATO – Poland, the Baltics, Slovakia, and Romania as border countries are the leaders along with non NATO members Finland and Sweden. Germany and France for historical and geographic reasons are more reluctant. Meanwhile the UK and Canada are more supportive than the US; Canada has one of the largest and most active Ukrainian communities in the world.

    The failure of regime change led to a more limited focus – annex four-five oblasts, land connection to Crimea, secure water supply to Crimea and if possible cut Ukraine out of the Black Sea (Odessa). Isolationists in the West now call it a border dispute which should be negotiated. However, Russia claims border disputes all along its western frontier and a Russia disporia in the Balitics which they claim needs their protection. Eastern Europe fears a negotiated peace with concessions to Russia will only encourage Russia. Already there is a move to annex Belarus and a long standing dispute with Moldova.

    My Polish friends along with many other Poles have completely changed their perception of Ukraine politics. They were very critical of the Maidenhead revolt viewing it as instigated by Ukrainian nationalists from the Lvuv; a group whose grandparents ethnically cleansed the area of Poles and Jews. From 1944 to almost the 50s, a nationalist group fought the Poles and the Soviets in the mountains and forests and would attack any non Ukrainian villages (CIA funded of course) . However, Poles now view Russia as the issue and believe the Zelensky government is not part of the Lviv nationalists. Given he’s actually a Jew and speaks Russian as his first language, its fairly obvious.

    If it’s a border dispute, it probably won’t be the last and no one wants to open the wound that is the post 1991 borders. Zelensky isn’t the post Maidenhead president, he was elected as a centrist against his more nationalist opponenet.


  10. It’s quite common here to add a “no firearms” clause to probation and parole stipulations. Isn’t that the norm in some US states? I know in some US states, felons even after release can’t vote. If they can be deprived of the right to vote (a constitutional right) why not the right to bear arms? Is the right to bear arms so sacrosist that it’s more important than voting? Do you want released murderers, bank robbers, etc be allowed to own weapons?

    Who leaves stuff in their back seat when there’s a perfectly good trunk? Who leaves IDs in their suitcase? It’s with you or with your carry-on bag or in the trunk i.e. locked. I usually travel in much safer locations than US cities and I’m not that dumb with my stuff.

    With the exception of South Africa, the most violent cities in the world are all in the US and Latin America. Its not the political parties running these cities but long term historical social issues they all have in common — slavery, economic exploitation, native genocide, etc.


  11. Some things are just coincidences not a “squirrel”. The investigations into Trump, his family and his corporations have been going on for years. The left side of the internet has been following it for years and the coming indictments etc have been in the works for months only delayed by Trump’s lawyers.

    Hunter Biden now claiming the laptop is probably done on legal advice. By abandoning the laptop he gave up his right to the laptop only not any programs, information or software included within. Thus any information obtained through the laptop will not be permissible in a court room. He’s probably better off claiming the laptop even if its not his.

    The Biden presidency isn’t the %#^ show the right side of the internet wishes you to believe. It’s fairly decent – lowered insulin prices, infrastructure spending, record low unemployment, etc. Some things are beyond his control – supply chain inflation although made worse by the Fed’s reaction for example. His border policies aren’t much different than Trumps (he’s heavily criticized by the left). Sometimes I wonder if Republicans crying the border is wide open becomes an advertisement for more illegal migration.

    Inflation is slowing down; probably quicker than the so-called experts thought since it was caused by supply chain issues and green not monetary expansion. In many cities, inflation has been reduced to mostly increased shelter costs.

    Ukraine is not losing; it’s not winning but the Russia winter offensive was more or less a failure. It remains to be seen whether the Ukraine response matches their success last fall.


  12. We are officially the Banana Republic of America.


  13. Barney Frank is a poster child for corruption. However, the entire Congress has similar issues. Paul Ryan – who rolled back the Dodd-Frank banking rules – joined the board of directors of Frank almost immediately after finishing his political career. I’m sure more are moving from the congress to the corporate pipeline.

    Given all this corruption, it’s extremely likely Russia is already involved in the 2024 election process. The media does need to understand the difference between cyber attacks and an information/influence campaign. The more isolationist DeSantis and Trump will be heavily supported by Russia in various ways and Putin may see it as his one way of the quagmire he has walked into.


  14. Banana Republuc.

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  15. Water storage issues in Ca are frustrating and need to be addressed.


    Why It’s Hard for California to Store More Water Underground

    California has more storage space in aquifers than in reservoirs, but getting storm water there is proving difficult.

    Despite the storms that have deluged California this winter, the state remains dogged by drought. And one of the simplest solutions — collecting and storing rainfall — is far more complicated than it seems.

    Much of California’s water infrastructure hinges on storing precipitation during the late fall and winter for use during the dry spring and summer. The state’s groundwater aquifers can hold vast quantities of water — far more than its major reservoirs.

    But those aquifers have been significantly depleted in recent decades, especially in the Central Valley, where farmers have increasingly pumped out water for their crops. And as Raymond Zhong, a New York Times climate journalist, recently reported, the state’s strict regulations surrounding water rights limit the diversion of floodwaters for storage as groundwater, even during fierce storms like the atmospheric rivers this winter. …

    … This issue of using storm water to recharge groundwater sounds very simple, and it’s a solution that people have been interested in for a long time. But getting infrastructure, getting the money to do that and, in California, navigating the bureaucracy around water rights, is a big complication.

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  16. HRW & Debra, I appreciated your back-and-forth discussion late yesterday on Ukraine. I still lean more toward HRW’s approach — there also was a good discussion today on “The Journal” (fox) with WSJ reporter/commentator perspectives.

    It was good to read the two perspectives from both of you, along with some points I hadn’t thought about.

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  17. David French:

    ~ Of course we all have to wait and see the evidence, but based on the publicly-available information, I’m skeptical of the Manhattan DA’s case, as outlined below. “Untested” legal theories should not be used to prosecute anyone, including former presidents ~

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  18. Banana Republic.

    Aided by the usual suspects.

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  19. Truth.


  20. More truth.


  21. Along with DJ’s point – does melting snow have to be political?

    The reservoirs are full from the spring melt off in the mountains; some reservoirs are full for the first time in years as there was above average snowfall. Hence water went down the river. Perhaps they can create larger reservoirs but the river below needs water too. Down river from at least one reservoir, the river ecological system is breaking down; salmon and other fishing stock are depleted as rivers become too small for habitation. Its a balance – human need for water and down stream fishing, tourism, and the environment in general.

    Managing water properly is incredibly difficult (if you ever had a leak in your home you know water is hard to trace and manage) ; I would propose California hire Dutch water engineers as the Netherlands manages its water in mind numbing detail. They monitor just about any water movement. During a FIFA semi-final, they estimated over 70% of Dutch people flushed a toilet during halftime simply based on the information they routinuely have while monitoring the water.

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  22. The Trump saga has been winding its way through the court system for years. The Biden saga has just begun. Perhaps it will result in charges perhaps not. I doubt the Trump charges will stand up – the burden of proof is huge in a case like this. Normally corporations and CEOs settle out of court and pay a fine for anything appearing illegal but I think Trump likes the attention and playing victim.

    As for the DA allowing plea bargains – isn’t that the norm in the US judiciary system?

    I’m always amused at angry tweets proclaiming the world is laughing at us and calling American bureaucrats and democrats leftist Marxists. When you engage in hyperbole, it may work to get attention or a laugh but sometimes it’s just sad. The world has been laughing or criticizing the American judicial system long before today. America is notorious for excessive prison sentences and biased judges and prosecutors. Electing Trump also amused the chattering classes of Europe. And no, Democrats are not leftists Marxists; not even close.

    Not sure what video and pictures of Hunter Biden smoking crack and having sex has to do with the Biden adminstration. The laptop may contain other relevant information but if you lead off with crack smoking and porn, nobody is going to take the political accusations seriously. Given the laptop has been passed around with no chain of custody and information taken from it without a warrant, whatever is in the laptop will never see a courtroom.


  23. HRW, yes we will have to agree to disagree on Ukraine. And I will just have to hope that DeSantis wins the election, and more humble, less bloodthirsty men and women accompany him in Congress next term.

    My own senator, Marsha Blackburn (R), is probably losing my vote next time she’s up for re-election. She not only favors warring in Ukraine, but she made a trip to Taiwan shortly after Pelosi did last year, showing her willingness to fight China there too.

    It is really mind-boggling to me. We seem determined to create WWIII one way or another. And it may come eventually, but not with my vote if I can help it.

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  24. Interestingly I would agree with you on Taiwan and probably any non European country with the exception of the Anglo American world and maybe Japan/South Korea.

    It might be my European background with friends and relatives. With Europe, I might have cultural bias and a tendency to see the dispute as between authoritarian vs liberal democracy. A dispute I wouldn’t see elsewhere. Maybe this makes me Eurocentric – my leftist friends would not be impressed.

    DeSantis doesn’t impress me; he seems to be willing to say and do the things needed to get attention and a reaction. This would mean he’s not too humble and his behaviour in Florida doesn’t strike me as peaceful. Obviously I don’t like his policies but that’s neither here nor there for now. His approach to foreign policy is similar to many Americans (and some Canadians) who view the foreign through the domestic. The historical and cultural rationale behind alliances and support do not occur to DeSantis or most North Americans.

    Are we a violent species prone to war? My Calvinist heritage sometimes whispers to me; total depravity of man.

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  25. “Here we go again — an outrageous abuse of power by a radical DA who lets violent criminals walk as he pursues political vengeance against President Trump.

    I’m directing relevant committees to immediately investigate if federal funds are being used to subvert our democracy by interfering in elections with politically motivated prosecutions.”


    But lying NT clowns see threats everywhere.

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  26. “Legally pathetic”

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  27. Just a reminder once again, some pigs are more equal than others.


  28. Don’t hold your breath.

    This would require cojones, something sadly lacking from the establishment types.


  29. Just remember milquetoasters, you’re enabling him by your silence.

    Still gonna sit quietly are you?


  30. Trump gets charged for BS, this scum shot and killed an unarmed 95lb woman and he walks free.


  31. Yep.

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  32. Because the establishment is full of useless invertebrates…..

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  33. 2 years, no trial, not even a date yet. All for misdemeanor charges. All allowed by a corrupt DC judge.

    “Wait…That’s How Long a Jan. 6 Defendant Has Been Detained With No Indictment”


    “We discussed this on the Triggered Podcast this week, but this can’t be legal. This sounds like something out of North Korea, Hussein’s Iraq, or Castro’s Cuba. We have a person detained for nearly 90 days without an indictment. Why? Well, this person was around the Capitol Building during the January 6 riot. Leslie McAdoo Gordon of Redstate, who served as a special agent for the Department of Defense Investigative Service and is now an attorney, detailed this sordid tale of prosecutorial misconduct. Being an attorney who has gone through the motions involving cases at the federal level, Gordon details how the government botched this arrest and detention from the beginning starting with the fact that there was no preliminary hearing. It’s a lengthy post but a step-by-step recount of how this man has been detained illegally without trial or charge:”


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