30 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-17-23

  1. I’ve forgotten the name of that one above. Seems like it might be Formosa but I am not 100 percent.
    I had a lovely dream sometime this morning. I awoke and tried to remember all the details but as happens you can’t always remember the dream. I do know that it was about my father and he had Amos with him.
    I wanted to go have lunch with him at Taco Mama but I kept taking short cuts that led to dead ends. Of course Amos was riding in the truck with Jimmy.

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  2. Jin continues to grow. She has learned how to bark and is quite pleased with herself. She wakes Mr. P in the middle of the night to go poo. She is consistantly using the training pads that have become my flooring. She knows her name and most of the time comes when she is called. She stops at the back door and I walk in first. She mostly stays at my side when she is on her leash…we are working on doing that when she isn’t on the leash. She is still opposed to going potty outside but loves to go out and play. She knows to sit for a treat when she has earned one.
    She is mostly rotten and spoilt. I’m not saying who is the cause of that, but I think you can guess.

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  3. OH! I finally got my taxes straightened out. It took a call to the IRS and I had to be on hold for about 30 minutes. I have to say when I got a representative she was WONDERFUL and figured out what the problem was. She was so nice and good that at the end I asked if there was someone I could speak with regarding her helpfulness. Her manager called me within 30 minutes and I gave the rep compliments. She will receive some sort of recognition.
    The problem was that when I set up my online account with the dreaded department it only showed past payments from other years. It only showed the one payment I made after setting up the online account. The under money was under Mr H’s profile. Now everything is merged and that department shows exactly how much was paid in quarterly taxes for 22.
    DEEP Siggghhhhhh

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  4. I had an odd dream this morning that woke up Mrs. L. I was standing on a porch looking at an odd creature. It had a frog’s body and a snake’s tail. It was red and black striped. It moved like a snake, but rested like a frog, including the way they flex their fore legs (kind of like doing push ups). Then, all of a sudden the body part jumped up and bit my finger, then reconnected with the tail. I tried running but could only walk slowly while the creature followed on the ground. What woke Mrs. L was my moving and heavy breathing.

    I usually don’t remember dreams so vividly, but this one was scary.

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  5. Good morning!
    My Bible study has been in the book of Daniel with all those prophetic dreams so your dream, Peter, seemed to fit right in with my reading!

    Loved hearing about Kim’s dream. The sweetest reassurance.

    Glad the tax situation got worked out.

    A train is passing and making the windows rattle more than usual. It must be carrying a very heavy load.

    After warming up to 70 yesterday, the evening kept the warmth, but we have a freeze warning for tonight.

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  6. The above azalea is specifically named George L. Tabor.

    I found something from an Atlanta gardening expert related to it. I believe that this expert lived at one time beside a lady on an adjoining street where Wes mowed grass.

    I have several all white azaleas that are this same size and style. This short art icle calls them ‘sports” of George L Tabor. Maybe like Albinos?

    And as the short article says, they are more cold hardy than other azaleas. I can attest to that as they are thriving through this cold patch. It mentions Formosas but indicates they are more of a lavender type color.


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  7. What a night for dreams around here. Peter, that’s pretty much a nightmare? Yikes.

    I’m a bit worried about Annie Oakley the cat this morning, she left my bed (where she usually sleeps all night) at some point during the night and then this morning I haven’t seen her … but she did meow when I called to her in the spare room, which is a spot she also goes to sleep or withdraw sometimes.

    But nothing since, she hasn’t come out which is really unusual, especially now that I’m up.

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  8. 11 degree morning ⛄️ and cloudy…but they promised sunshine today…stomping foot!!! 😊

    Poor Annie… maybe she is tired of the rain … hoping she comes out of hiding soon

    Very pretty azalea… how I loved having them about when living in SC. Brook green gardens has been posting amazing photos of the flowering trees and plants causing me to want to be there and not here!

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  9. Found her in a corner in the spare room, looks like she’s been hit with some bloody diarrhea, lovely; I have a call in to the vet to see if I can just bring her up, but apparently (some) Fridays are now appointment-free days for them (?) so they need to see if someone can see her on an emergency basis.

    She really doesn’t feel well. 😦

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  10. And juggling also a port assignment I had at 10 (but it will be available via video afterward) and some other work assignments that have to get done today for the weekend …

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  11. Well this may not sound like much but I have everything ready to go to the accountant Monday, including my mileage.
    The past two years I have had to file and extension and get it done sometime in the Summer.

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  12. Yuck, on that nightmare, Peter. A snake in frog’s clothing. 😦

    I forgot the oatmeal in my oatmeal bread again! Second time I have done this. I did put some on top after coating it is egg white. It will taste good anyway with the soup I will make for supper.

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  13. Likely case of gastritis, vet said 80% of the cases in cats clear up in 3 days, but he did take some sampled — sent us home with some mediations which Annie, I’m sure, will love. Poor cat. 😦

    She was in for her physical not too long ago and nothing was on the radar back then, so hopefully just one of those things that hits and goes away.

    Now I have to play catch-up for work.

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  14. There is nothing like puppy greetings!! I hope Annie noticed her puppy was happy to see her ♥️ … and praying this med gets her on the road to feeling better quickly!

    I told husband this morning that there is no one on this earth happier to see me get up in the morning than Pip. She is full of wiggles, kisses and oozes “I’m so happy you are up”!!

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  15. It’s a very soggy day here so I had to drive in the rain to PT. Today I had to do some tests of my fitness level, and I passed which was nice. The therapist is getting ready to do a new plan so I wonder if I will get more strength building exercises. I think I do have new small muscles in my arms that were not there before. Those resistance bands give a good workout.

    With the rain falling outside, all I want to do now is nap. Miss Bosley thinks that is a grand idea.

    I felt badly that I did not have a dollar bill to tip the valet parking guy today.

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  16. I’m working, Annie’s sleeping an Abby’s begging for dinner.

    Poor Annie is just curled up on my bed, so quiet, I can tell she still doesn’t feel well.

    Abby’s sticking her nose on my desk every few minutes. In case I’ve forgotten she needs to be fed.

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  17. I’ve been fed. Miss Bosley has been fed.
    We are still waiting for Tax Man to return home and get his dinner.

    And like on cue, I hear his car splashing in our driveway puddle. He shall soon br fed.

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  18. We are home and fed after a lovely afternoon at the museum/park. Enjoyed a short video on the Nimipu. My dad had a great time! We all did. Son in law and grand children went also so that was a bonus fun time!

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  19. I have groceries. Came in under $100 (only by $8, but that counts).

    Question for the tax man: I received medical leave payments from EDD but am told that money was not taxable (no wonder I felt so much richer during those months!).

    So do I even have to report the amount I received to the tax preparer? I can get it, but not easily as the government website has changed its backup verification requirements that are ridiculously complex.


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