35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 3-6-23

  1. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood. Fresh skiff of snow on the walking deck. It ought to melt quickly. It is March in Idaho.

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  2. Unruly weather all week. Our county is out of drought conditions completely (thanks be to God).

    Daffodils and crocus are up.

    Between storms yesterday a lovely walk under blue skies with fantastic clouds.

    Even I took a much needed break! 🙂

    Today, I get to hold a newborn at work.

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  3. Another beautiful church building!

    We have two more days of lovely perfect weather and then, Poof! It’s gone. I say perfect, but the yellow pollen is covering the car, so there is that. And the bugs are out and about. Pollyanna would not notice such things.

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  4. Morning! Lovely stone church up there!
    25 degrees blue sky fresh air in these parts!
    Late lunch with eldest daughter then rush home to prepare fruit cups for monthly dinner with our neighbors at 5!
    Puppy guest was picked up late last night and we all have been recovering this morning. Pip is the happiest dog having her people all to herself… ahhh normal once again!

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  5. Question, but not question of the day: Do your churches often have cell phones ringing during services? There were 7 – SEVEN!!!! different phones ringing yesterday during the sermon. One person even answered their phone, albeit quietly, in the sanctuary (but I could still hear him talking). I don’t understand. I checked that my phone was off before we left home and then again in the car. If you’re on call (we have many doctors, but it wasn’t their phones) you will feel it vibrate when it’s in your pocket. Sigh.

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  6. I have known of a children’s leader who took up phones from children to hold them until after the program was over. At least one parent objected. I have mixed ferlings about that. As long as children are abiding by class rules, it is probably okay for them to hang onto their phones.


  7. I always put my phone on silent as we walk out the door headed to church. Only once I think did a phone ring during the service and the elderly gentleman was so embarrassed. We all kind of chuckled as he blushed crimson red!! We are a very small church of 50 or so of mostly old people so we understand forgetfulness 😊

    M just the thought of holding a newborn sent my heart to a pale ache of “awwww”. I cannot recall how long it has been since being blessed to hold the newness of life in my arms but I do know it has been oh so too long!!! Enjoy every moment!!

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  8. I try to remember to turn my ringer off and so does everyone else. We seldom hear one. Sometimes we may hear a ping. We have a veterinarian, who gets emergency calls, but not with a ringer. She is on the praise team so always up front. The worst is when a phone rings at a funeral service. Anyone can forget, but seven seems a bit ridiculous. Maybe the church needs to find a way to remind people.

    Nice looking church building.

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  9. It’s also very strange to see California getting PA’s winter weather. We had like an inch and then it turned to rain on Sat. and was gone Sunday. That’s it for the year. Plenty of rain, but no snow.

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  10. It’s been a mess in the mountains — they’re used to snow, it’s why many folks choose to live up there either all year or part time, but not this much all at once, so the snow plows they have weren’t very effective in what became blizzard conditions. One of our San Bernardino reporters interviewed folks over the weekend, it’s been a huge challenge with supplies, including just food and the basics, and just getting in and out of homes.

    Looks like I’m on beach shooting follow today.

    Sun is out here but it’s still cold and maybe more rain later this week.

    As for phones in church, we’re pretty well trained. Rarely happens, I just turn the sound on mine off. Some do use phones for their (online) Bibles to reference, so looking at a phone isn’t always being out of line. 🙂

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  11. Occasional ‘random’ phone sounds/rings happen, but it’s usually an oversight so I like to show grace — people usually get super-embarrassed if that happens (rarely).

    Stuff happens.

    We had a packed sanctuary yesterday, and yet another new young family taking membership vows and baptizing their 3 young children, 1 infant; it’s part of the reason we are searching (again) to try to set up a lease or purchase agreement with a church in the area that has larger facilities that they no longer fill (usually the mainline denominations).

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  12. And after missing an important call from my neighbors the other day, I switched my online “ring” from a soft drum beat (best for offices but it can get missed if one’s away from the phone even in another room and other noises are going on) to a LOUD bell chime!

    It just “rangCHIMED” for the first time this morning and yikes, I’d really be embarrassed if that went off in church!! But I won’t miss another call, ever, no matter where I am, that’s for sure.

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  13. Since my church is large and uses screens, I believe there is a reminder there to silence phones.

    I never will forget going to an early morning, like 6:30 a.m. early, program with my lead children’s ministry teacher who was a retired Georgia state missionary, and her phone went off, probably her alarm, while Dr. Henry Blackaby was speaking. Priceless embarassing moment!

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  14. Thanks, Kare. I did try different ways to silence it, but nothing worked until I found you had to totally silence it. Yes, it even happened in the middle of a funeral and I did not know how to make it stop.

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  15. I don’t know what my phone ring sounds like. I always have sound off and almost nobody ever calls me. I can sometimes catch the call if I see the words that somebody is calling. And I don’t have voice mail set up. I am a brat.

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  16. Actually, Janice, I responded immediately with the pictures. I wondered if something went awry or if you were just not impressed or some other valid reason.

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  17. And while mumsee doesn’t answer her phone, she does send texts on it. 🙂 I was impressed seeing that, I thought .(ala mumsee) … “What in the world …?”

    Just a few weeks ago a woman’s phone went off in church and I saw her get up and dash out quickly, she probably was fumbling to turn it off and couldn’t. I felt for her!

    We used to be reminded from the pulpit but haven’t been for some time, I think most folks have figured it out or gotten the message; until they get a new phone, perhaps.

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  18. Mumsee, I did not find anything in email from you yhis year. Did you text them to my phone or send by email?
    There have been glitches with my email and it appeats I may at times miss some batches on some days. The same thing happens here at home. We get one or two pieces of snail mail a day and then suddenly a box full. It is odd how it happens.


  19. Now that I’ve lived with the new phone ring sound … eek. You’ll hear this one coast to coast.

    Reminds me of the bells that rang at some point in “It’s a Wonderful Life”

    But louder. Way louder.

    This better not go off in church if I forget to turn the sound off!

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  20. Jo, I also just turned the sound way down before someone showed me how to turn it all the way off. There are lots of little things to know about phones. It is very helpful when there is someone to help.

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  21. I’ll have to change my new phone sound, last time it rang about 30 minutes ago (it was in another room) I thought, “Oh, that wind must really be kicking up tonight, the wind chime is going.”

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