24 thoughts on “News/Politics 3-2-23

  1. By the definition, this is genocide.

    “Russia’s Theft of Children in Ukraine Is Genocide

    Moscow is out to destroy a people.”


    “It is now increasingly clear that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a war of genocide. Mounted with genocidal intent, pursued with determined genocidal effort, the war is an assault not only on Ukrainians and Ukrainian nationhood, but the idea of Ukrainian-ness itself.

    It has involved the wholesale killing and mass rape of Ukrainians. And, with increasing obviousness, the war has involved the mass theft of Ukrainian children by Russia—an act of forced population transfer that meets the definition of genocide according to the 1948 Genocide Convention.

    Late last year, the Washington Post reported details of a Russian plan to ship Ukrainian children out of their home country, to give them new Russian families and Russian identities, and to in so doing destroy the Ukrainian nation one child at a time.

    The numbers are vast and difficult to confirm. But the stories are now being widely reported across Ukrainian areas occupied at any time in the past year by Russia. Most horrifically of all, orphaned Ukrainian children whose parents were killed during the country’s invasion have been scooped up by Russian troops, sent to Russia, and told they are little Russians—and that they were never Ukrainian at all.

    This is part of a larger cultural understanding of Russia’s genocidal war: The children can be taken and told they are Russian because, in the Russian official mind, Ukraine does not exist, never existed, and must therefore be stricken from history.”

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  2. So what this clown is saying is the feds can’t catch criminals at night.

    And if they aren’t really looking for them….

    “Merrick Garland: Firebombers of pro-life centers mostly come out at night…mostly”


    “The interesting things that come out of Senate hearings. Man.

    Take today, for instance. Republicans were planning on quizzing the Attorney General, Merrick Garland, about a number of things while they had him in the hot seat. Including the really eye-popping disparity in prosecutions between pro-life advocates protesting at abortion centers and the ongoing domestic terrorist campaign against churches, pro-life counseling, and pregnancy organizations.

    …Still, pro-life leaders discern a disparity in how federal prosecutors are handling property attacks in abortion-related cases.

    Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, the U.S. Department of Justice has issued press releases announcing four indictments of groups of pro-lifers charged with violating the FACE [Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act] Act (against one person in Ohio, 11 people in Tennessee, 10 people in the District of Columbia, one in Pennsylvania) and a civil lawsuit against a pro-lifer in New Jersey.

    …The Justice Department also announced a non-FACE Act federal prosecution for an attack on a Planned Parenthood abortion business in Illinois in January 2023.

    Yet since early May 2022, when a draft version of the U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade leaked, several dozen pro-life pregnancy centers and churches have sustained property-damage attacks from abortion supporters. Most have consisted of graffiti and broken glass, but some have included arson. Many of the spray-painted messages have contained threats.

    CNA has tracked and mapped more than 100 incidents of pro-abortion vandalism since the Dobbs leak, including at least 56 at pregnancy centers and 33 at churches of various denominations.

    The most egregious example of the lopsided DoJ witchhunt was the case of Mark Houck, a pro-life “sidewalk counselor” in Philadelphia, who, after some vile words were allegedly directed at his 12-yr old son, shoved the patient escort who mouthed them. All this happened outside an abortion clinic in 2021.”

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  3. But they don’t prosecute it equally.

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  4. Are you beginning to understand why Dems have allowed 3 million plus illegals to walk right in yet?

    “Washington DC City Council says bill for allowing noncitizens to vote is now law: report

    The law allows for qualified noncitizens to vote as long as they reside in the city for at least 30 days”


    “A Washington D.C. effort to allow non-citizens, including undocumented immigrants and foreign diplomats according to the Wall Street journal, to vote in local elections is now law.

    The City Council passed the Local Resident Voting Rights Amendment Act amid criticism from Republicans. Congress had a 30-day review period, during which lawmakers could have pushed to block the legislation.

    The review period ended last week, the council said Monday, WAMU reported. The House pushed to block the D.C. law from taking effect but the Senate ran out of time before the review period ended.

    The bill, introduced by council member Charles Allen, says that if a noncitizen is otherwise qualified to vote, they can do so in local elections so long as they have resided in Washington, D.C., for at least 30 days.

    “This bill is in line with our D.C. values and this council’s history of expanding the right to vote and welcoming new voices into our political process and government,” Allen said before the Oct. 6, 2022 vote. “Our immigrant neighbors of all statuses participate, contribute and care about our community in our city.

    Republicans quickly tried quashing the law. Under the terms, voters would have to be 18 years of age by the time of the general election and must live in D.C. for at least 30 days before the election and not claim voting residence in any U.S. state or U.S. territory.

    In January, House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer, R-K.Y., introduced a resolution to disprove of the legislation.

    “Voting is a pillar of American democracy and a constitutional right that undeniably needs to be protected and preserved for citizens of this country,” Comer said in a statement. “The D.C. Council’s reckless decision to allow non-U.S. citizens and illegal immigrants the right to vote in local elections is an attack on the foundation of this republic.”

    Congress can find other ways to block the law, WAMU reported, such as prohibiting D.C. from spending money to implement it. ”


    The Senate didn’t run out of time, they intentionally killed the clock, with nary a whimper from the R simps like Graham and Romney.

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  5. Kizzie,

    I finally got around to reading your post from the other night.

    What a load of BS.

    “Perhaps those who disagreed with “It’s okay to be white” understood what was behind the saying.”

    Or perhaps it’s just crap some lefties made up. No one knows about it because it’s a fringe minority who may (note may) believe such stuff. But right away it’s a 4chan, Qanon conspiracy believed by all right wingers.

    Give me a break.

    The left doesn’t control the language, nor do they get to decide which commonly used phrases they dislike and will attempt to ban with garbage like this.

    It is in fact OK to be white. Just like it is OK if you’re brown, pink, yellow, red, or greenish tinted. And it’s OK to say so.

    This is just garbage, which is exactly what I would expect from the ADL. Stop falling for this stuff.


  6. AJ, do you support the statement “Black Lives Matter”? Would you really say that black lives don’t matter? Or do you understand what is “behind the statement”?

    Your growing rudeness on this forum is troubling to many. You can disagree with people who post, but it’s helpful when you do so politely.

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  7. AJ – That wording – “It’s okay to be white” – is very specific, and not the usual wording of a professional poll (the word “okay”, specifically is a casual-use word). So probably the 53% who agreed that it is okay to be white had not heard of it before, and the 26% who disagreed either disagreed with the words themselves or with the meaning behind them (two different things), and the 21% who were unsure could have seen in this that infamous “Have you stopped beating your wife?” twist.


  8. What exactly in that ADL post was wrong, btw? It was short and concise. As the saying goes, a stopped clock is still correct twice a day.


  9. You say that no one knows about the saying. But even before I looked into it, I could tell – due to the phrasing – that there was more to it than the words themselves.


  10. I saw the article about it’s ok to say you’re white. My immediate thought was when did it not become ok? Well my next thought was when BLM decided it wasn’t.

    Then white folk decided we needed to apologize for being white. Like Sally Field
    While accepting her lifetime achievement award on Sunday, Field apologized for being white, telling her Hollywood colleagues in attendance that her fight in life, “as hard as it was, was lightweight compared to some of yours. I thank you, and I applaud you.”

    I observe most of this virtue signaling is coming from people who pretend to be other people and get handsomely paid for it. Thusly we must listen to their admonishment and behave accordingly!

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  11. _______________

    ~ … The severity of this scandal should concern Christians on at least two levels.

    First, democracy hinges upon the availability and priority of the truth and truthful investigation as necessary pillars for self-government. Without the truth, we are but mere subjects to interests that appease our preferences or even lie to us. Elections require trust in their administration for the project of democracy to work as designed. But underneath the elections are underlying realities central to democracy. Democracy requires the truth for its deliberations to proceed with integrity.


  12. Sorry, post incomplete!

    Trying again:


    ~ Attention Fox News: The truth will set you free

    Dominion lawsuit shows the importance of truth over tribe ~


    ~ The severity of this scandal should concern Christians on at least two levels.

    First, democracy hinges upon the availability and priority of the truth and truthful investigation as necessary pillars for self-government. Without the truth, we are but mere subjects to interests that appease our preferences or even lie to us. Elections require trust in their administration for the project of democracy to work as designed. But underneath the elections are underlying realities central to democracy. Democracy requires the truth for its deliberations to proceed with integrity.

    Without access to the truth and without truth at the forefront of our deliberations about what is necessary for the prospering of our nation, political communities are robbed of the very foundation that makes the operation of government intelligible—the faithful execution of just order. When God ordained the institution of government in Romans 13, central to its calling is the propagation of the truth as a reflection of God’s own nature (2 Samuel 8:15; Psalm 72; Isaiah 32:1).

    While mainstream journalism’s credibility deserves historic levels of distrust owing to its own complicity in peddling preferred narratives, that does not justify a purportedly “conservative” institution doing the same. Instead, we should recognize the communication of intentional falsehood for what it is—a subversion of sound order.

    But even more central to the concern of Christians about these events is the priority of Christianity as a worldview of truth. The truth is embedded in the very essence of Christianity’s claims. So, we do not look on in disappointment at what FOX pundits did merely because we are Americans upset at the shock of actions like these, but because we are Christians. All throughout Scripture, believers are told to be unwaveringly committed to the truth. Bearing false witness is a sin (Exodus. 20:16). We are to “put away falsehood” and “speak the truth with his neighbor” (Ephesians 4:25). We are fundamentally people who pursue the truth (Philippians 4:8). Brothers and sisters, we cannot be people who continue to spread falsehood about elections merely because of partiality over preferred outcomes (Proverbs 28:21).

    Declaring something to be without it being so is a lie, perhaps underwritten by postmodernism’s denial of objective truth. Christians should renounce such a subversion of truth, not adopt it when situations we find displeasing tempt us to obscure the truth and pervert justice.

    Jesus tells us that the “truth will set you free.” Jesus, of course, meant this in the context of declaring Himself to be that very truth. Salvation is found in Him alone. But the principle still applies to the situation at hand: Living by the truth, though it may not be convenient, will always be a source of freedom. As we understand the truth, there is no greater privilege or calling than to live freely in response to it (Psalm 15:2-3).

    Many will argue that the mainstream media has been proven wrong about a host of matters (from the origin of COVID to the effectiveness of natural immunity), and they will be right. But Christians must seek the truth and investigate facts.

    Acknowledging the truth is not surrendering to “the Regime” nor is it to exonerate the abysmal state of mainstream media’s own deserved scorn and responsibility in helping tear our nation apart. It is, however, to acknowledge that reality and fact are not bendable according to human will, whether at the discretion of the political left or the political right. ~

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  13. And the intro:

    ~ The 2020 election was not stolen. Believing it was stolen requires marshaling evidence to sustain such a claim. But time and time again, Trump-appointed judges dismissed lawsuits that alleged election tampering. Even President Trump’s own attorney general, William Barr, denies the election was stolen.

    Despite evidence never being produced to vindicate the claim of a stolen election, we now know that popular hosts on FOX News knowingly let unsubstantiated claims go unchallenged by guests, despite private messages that expressed their doubts about the election being stolen. While privately conceding among themselves that the election was not stolen, the hosts would go on air and raise the ire and indignation of Fox viewers at the prospect of a stolen election. The goal was clear: To placate the network’s base of viewers in hopes of not losing its market share to other conservative competitors.

    FOX News owner Rupert Murdoch has now acknowledged under oath that the network’s hosts endorsed narratives that network executives believed were false as FOX faces a $1.6 billion lawsuit from Dominion, the company that oversees voting systems used in elections. … ~

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  14. I haven’t checked this newsletter “Tangle” out yet, but might be worthwhile taking a look:


  15. I was agreeing quite a bit with your story, DJ, until you posted the intro which states categorically that the election was not stolen. There they fall into the trap they’re imputing to other Christians who view in known facts differently.

    2020 was not a normal election by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. More data is needed. We’ll probably get that in time. Viewing the election as stolen is a matter of opinion right now I think.

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  16. What additional data is needed, do you think? It seems to me (and many, including those in the Trump administration) that this has been challenged and legally examined many times over with the same result.

    It’s beyond time to move on for the good of the republic. Elections have been disputed before — the losing party (until Trump) has always managed to straighten up, buck up and show up at the inaugural, acknowledging that the nation is bigger than its periodic warring political factions.

    Shake hands, build a thoughtful and strong — but loyal and respectful — opposition, and focus on the next election.

    As the World opinion piece said: “reality and fact are not bendable according to human will, whether at the discretion of the political left or the political right.”


  17. Ah but lest we forget those pesky hanging chads 😜

    I do believe fraud was taking place in the past election as there were so many coming to the aid of those who wanted Trump out of the White House. All will come to light one day but by then we surely won’t care.

    There were a few reports of our voting machines not counting votes which happened to be in favor of conservatives but it was quickly shut down by the media. Because we all know they report only the truth and all…especially Denver 9…oh yes they are a bastion of integrity!


  18. DJ, To move on prematurely is to deny the public the opportunity to gain some measure of trust in the media.

    Among other things, I still have questions about the way the PA bureaucracy and courts apparently ignored their own election laws.

    I don’t hold a firm opinion on this subject, other than to think it’s important for all information to come out . Of course there’s not much remedy now, but bringing these things to light, even years later, can be helpful I think.


  19. PS. I don’t watch FOX news except for a few times a week I see a Tucker monologue or interview. And I occasionally watch Gutfeld’s monologue to find out what the more more crass libertarian take is on the daily happenings. All in YouTube.


  20. Understood, Debra. I’m just always searching for anything that’s more news than opinion — realizing bias exists in that, too, but I think I’m grown up enough to figure that out when it’s happening and filter it somewhat.

    The flat-out wild “opinion” on the left and right now bore me and I just don’t find it helpful; rather, it serves mainly to agitate and rile folks up. I think we’re there already 🙂

    I think some of these ‘talking heads’ have simply found a schtick and a way to get incredible rich and famous, and they dote on that. I don’t have a lot of respect for that kind of political commentary, it’s typically way over the top, emotionally-charged and crafted for a markable purpose.

    And yes, it is important to make sure we can know as much as we can, but it has been more than 2 years now.

    There is always some amount of fraud in all elections, it’s a fact of human nature. Rarely is it close enough to make a difference in the outcome, but it should be rooted out whenever and wherever it can, of course.

    I’m all for voter ID being required along with other measures that will hopefully keep things as close as fraud-proof as possible (not entirely possible, however).

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  21. I’ll watch “news” on both Fox and CNN (and local stations for different stories).

    Best weekly program on Fox that’s an “opinion” show is The Journal — features a rotating group of editors and reporters and opinion writers from WSJ each week who offer smart, mostly conservative but sometimes also with some helpful diversity, and a deeper look at political news than you’ll often get elsewhere.

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