47 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-25-23

  1. Happy Saturday!

    The pollen count in Atlanta was the highest ever for the month of February this past week. Already some blooms are losing petals in the rain on the Bitthday Tree, and we have not gotten into March. I wonder if all the blooms will be gone by the 11th. Never has this happened.

    I hear beautiful birdsong near my window. I believe it is a mockingbird.

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  2. We’re going to have to build an ark here pretty soon.

    Poured all night long, still pouring this morning.

    And, not particularly a surprise considering this dog, but Abby seems to be freaked out by rain, she won’t go out in it. We’ve had two indoor accidents in the past 24 hours, her first ever. Me, not happy.

    I was out with her on a leash in the backyard at around 2 a.m. but to no avail other than to scare her even more.

    I put out trash bags on my poor wood floors last night and still have some unused painters’ tarps in the garage I’ll bring in today.

    And, I’m hearing a steady drip-drip-drip in one spot in the living room on my still fairly new roof …

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  3. Good morning, all. And a beautiful day in the neighborhood here as well. A beautiful sunrise glistening off the snow with brilliant blue sky. A proper winter day. High expected at forty one, currently nineteen. The deck should be perfect for walking once the frost melts off.

    DJ, Not to alarm you or anything, but sounds like you must have had a mountain lion in the backyard. Surely it was not the rain….

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  4. Morning and poor Abby and poor Dj having to navigate all those anxieties 😞 is she scared of the falling rain or just it being wet? Could you go out with a golf umbrella and let her do her business…anyone freaked out yet at the suggestion? It’s been done. Sometimes we go to any length to accommodate out pets and not have to clean up after them!

    40 and oh so windy around here.

    Heading to the HOA meeting to vote and praying level heads will prevail…and that I don’t end up having to pay 2800.00 for the new cistern this board is demanding. It has gotten quite contentious 😞

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  5. Is that a cistern for your home?? I thought that Colorado would not allow such a thing. I know that you can’t use a barrel to collect the rain from your roof.
    Cloudy and cold here, but no rain for now.
    I think I will go to the store and get more tea and perhaps zicam. Looking ahead, sorry Dj, it is supposed to storm all of next week.

    My ikea chair is almost together. Just couldn’t get a couple of holes to line up. Try again. I do enjoy putting things together and puzzling it out. And the directions are good, I enjoy simple graphics.

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  6. It’s stopped raining for now, Abby’s in the backyard (my idea) but not before I had another mess to clean up in the bedroom. I did notice her going again in the backyard and praised her.

    She’s so skittish (and large and strong) and can start to bolt still while on leash so I’m a little wary to taking her out right now on leash beyond the backyard.

    I have a covered patio, she could go there (Cowboy wound up doing that in his last couple months). While I don’t like that, either, very much, it is outdoors and is way preferable to indoors, of course.

    Happy owner, happy life. …

    We’re supposed to get a little break in the rain tomorrow, but then as Jo said, it starts up again Monday and goes through at least half of the next week.

    Today was to be microwave day, dropping off the old one and unpacking the new one. We’ll see. I also have some eye drops to pick up at the pharmacy.

    At least my car is now clean, thanks to the rain.

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  7. Jo and I could work together on projects like that. I am fairly good at getting things put together but have trouble reading directions. I probably increased my skill level during the days of helping put together all those lego structures😀

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  8. Ptayers for a good outcome with the HOA meeting, Nj. I never forget my friend’s headaches when she became president of her group for awhile. Oh, the many personality conflicts. I think she had some sleepless nights.

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  9. Someone tweeted this today w/the comment:

    “The ’70s cannot be explained … ”

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  10. We are home and it’s all over with except for the crying! The results will be posted this afternoon and some owners stayed to observe the count due to 2 of the three counting are ones on the board pushing for it’s passage. Everyone behaved well and some board members continued to push their false narrative and had no answers to many questions presented to them.

    The cistern is in our common area park where we already have one. Plus we have two more in the community on easements. A total of 30,000 gallons of water we have and they are wanting to add a fancy 30,000 gallon one at the cost of over 400,000 dollars…they say it will make us good citizens!
    We are a small community of homes 2 and a half to 5 acre lots in the trees. I will never purposely purchase a home in an HOA again. And we are actually allowed to have a rain barrel now. They passed some thing a couple years ago that would allow us to do that.

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  11. New microwave:
    Panasonic NN-SN65KW Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology, 1200W, 1.2 cu.ft. Small Genius Sensor One-Touch Cooking, Popcorn Button, Turbo Defrost-NN-SN65KW (Amazon)

    (I bought white so saved $30 plus dollars, plus it matches my old appliances anyway)


    Old microwave was an earlier model of the same thing which really served me well beyond its years.

    But the SAFE E-drop-off site — which is in town near the sanitation yard and free mulch distribution plot and community gardens — was closed, likely due to the non-stop rains. They’re only open 9-3 on Saturdays so I’ll have to wait until next week I guess, will leave it in the back seat where it’s wrapped in 2 overlapping green trash bags.

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  12. That is what we have in the older model! I needed the black but all they had was stainless so that is what we have. But it looks like Amazon has black! And that is the size we need as our microwave shelf is small! Thanks for the info!


  13. I was cautioned about HOAs when I was house shopping and wondered about buying into a condo/townhouse development. But I was making the move with 3 dogs and my realtor said I might not want what could be the hassle of an HOA along with pretty limited outdoor space.

    Very grateful now. I have a nice-sized backyard, great for dogs, and nice neighbors. 🙂

    No cisterns. Can’t you just fill up clay jars and tote them in when needed?


    We had a break in the rain for a few hours late this morning so I was able to run some errands, got to the pharmacy, Home Depot & grocery store (where it started raining again right as I arrived and remembered I’d detached the hood to the jacket I was wearing as it needed de-shedding, thanks Abby!).

    Huge black sky over the coast fast coming in.

    One of our inland editors on Twitter said she heard the rain stop, only to look out to see what appeared to be snow falling — they’re at the foot of our local mountains that are getting quite a good snowfall.

    Abby, meanwhile, has remained in the backyard all this time, from the looks of it. She wags her tail and doesn’t appear to be distressed anymore. I think it was the plastic coverings I put on the floor that now is making her nervous indoors. High anxiety with this one. Sigh.

    I’m hoping to take her for a short walk, if we can get another break in the rain.

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  14. NJ @4:36 — great! Yes, I’ve been very happy with mine and it was a good size as my space is really limited, too. And yes, they did have black! I thought of getting black but decided just to stick with white since it still matches other stuff I have (and had the bonus of being cheaper anyway).

    I bought another kind of microwave before that one and it totally crashed after like 2 months, took it in for repair, crashed again, just returned it after that (some department store purchase). So the Panasonic was great, had some extra nice features plus it just lasted forever!

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  15. Well we get to pay 2800.00 to the HOA for a fancy neighborhood cistern we don’t need.🙁 63 for 27 against which means the other 43 homeowners who didn’t bother to vote get to pay it right along with us!

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  16. We have had snow in LA before, including on the peninsula and at the port where I live. But it’s been a while.

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  17. Something’s dripping through, flat roofs are a pain. Real Estate Guy said could be a drain issue, there is tree debris everywhere, my car was covered in leaves when I went out to leave for errands this morning.

    Once the rainy season is behind us I’ll deal with it, find someone to check it out, maybe the roofers will be in the area again, too.


    Just got back from a fairly long walk with Abby (planned a short one but just keep going), we went up to the neighborhood park with the duck ponds. Got rained on a few times, I assured Abby we wouldn’t melt. Ducks were liking the weather.

    When we got back she finally came back inside. Better than lying in a dug-out dirt/mud hole in the backyard, she finally figured.

    On the other hand, her living in the backyard would cut down on the bathroom accidents in the house.

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  18. I live in a very quiet area so I notice when a Plane goes overhead. I have a free flight radar app so I enjoy checking the comings and goings. This last one was going from London to San Jose and it also went over Saskatchewan. So maybe I said hello to Kare today!

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  19. Raining now, but earlier we had a break so I went out on errands and to get my weeks groceries. I am sitting here eating Kalamata olive bread dipped in hummus.

    I also went to the local hardware store and bought a hammer. I don’t have any tools other than my Leatherman and needed it to put up pictures.

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  20. I see on Facebook someone got a new friend.

    And she’s so stinking adorable.

    Congrats Kim. 👏

    And I stole your pic. Let me know if it’s OK to post, or send me some.

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  21. Woke up to the sun shining !! Rain will return by tomorrow, but today? Gloriously dry and normal.

    And no Abby accidents last night! I took her out late in the back (she just stands and stares at me) so after a while, I went back in, slid the door shut and left her for 15 minute or so, then let her back in at 11 p.m. before going to bed.

    She has issues, probably one of the more unusual dogs I’ve ever had. She even resisted coming back in (I had her on leash again by then). I need to step up the treats.

    But this morning, she seems more relaxed, I think the weather just threw her for some reason. She’s still adjusting to me, this new home and doesn’t like changes or things that are new.

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  22. So good to see that on FB, Kim.

    They’re never a “replacement” for our old friends we lose, but they do bring new life to us when it’s needed.

    And usually a few frustrations, but those will pass (I keep telling myself) 🙂

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  23. Our Hispanic pastor did the sermon today. He is associated with a seminary out near where Peter lives. I would love to share the service with you, Peter, but I think you don’t check in here very often.


  24. I got up to get ready for church this morning. But it is raining here, but in town it is snowing. So not knowing exactly the weather, I decided to stay home and watch it later online.

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  25. Church was good this morning. The worship songs had me really thinking about and praying for a friend and former classmate of my son’s who lost their 9 mo old baby girl yesterday. She was scheduled for a liver transplant, but 24 hours out suddenly got really sick and they couldn’t do it and she went to be with Jesus. So very sad.

    Sermon was from Ezra (we’re working our way through that book – started in fall). God requires holiness. Holiness requires of us; recognition (of our sin), repentance, submission and obedience. Pastor said he wanted to say that God desires holiness in us, but the fact is He requires it. Thankfully with repentance He provided a way for us.

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  26. Thanks, Kare. We need to hear that daily.

    Well I got my first Ikea chair put together and then tried it out. Nice chair. Now I should probably put the next one together on this stormy day.

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  27. That is so sad, Kare. Can’t imagine.

    Thanks for the sermon reflections.

    We sang some of my favorites today, “All Creatures of our God and King” (all verses from the Trinity Hymnal), “10 Thousand Reasons” (Ps 103), the Doxology.

    It’s still dry out here today, big white clouds, cold, spectacular snowy mountain views, some big thunder still rumbling around in the sky.

    Rain is supposed be back for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and cold temps continue well beyond that. But I think this weekend was the BIG storm.

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