35 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-18-23

  1. The cat got the color right!

    Good morning from cold again Atlanta. Oh, the difference a day makes.

    For those who have used Bible studies that involve a workbook, what has been the most meaningful study you have done? My ladies group is looking for a new study.


  2. 😂 Aj that was my very first thought when I opened the blog. “Oh look it was a cat and a ball inside that Chinese balloon”!!! If only it were so innocent!

    Cloudy warmish day here…in the forties and snow will be melting. I am heading to an HOA meeting where it should proved to be exciting as homeowners rail against this preposterous proposal of the 5 member board. In the end the board may win with their deceptions and proxies but that doesn’t mean homeowners are going to take it lying down!

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  3. Janice, tonight at 5:30 for a Vigil Mass at the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, 120 Broad Street in Charleston; tomorrow at the 11:00 worship service at St. Michael’s Church, 71 Broad Street in Charleston; and a concert tomorrow at 6:30 at St. Paul’s Church, 316 W. Carolina Ave in Summerville.

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  4. So glad we don’t have to deal with an HOA. My sister’s solution was to join the board, but she loves that kind of thing.

    Weatherwise we will have a nice day. Hopefully in every other day as well.

    My granddaughter had to have a endoscopy. She is five. She was greatly excited about the whole thing. She is a nonstop talker and talked the medical personnel’s ears off, apparently. When they told her that she was going to have a 5-minute nap, she told them to make sure then, that it was a 5-minute nap and not a 6-minute one. Maybe one day she will be the head of them all. It will be interesting to see what she grows up to do, should we all keep living and the Lord tarry. I am thankful all went well and that it was far easier than when her sister has anything done.

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  5. Sun is up, but hasn’t quite reached my home yet.
    A good day to stay home and work on taxes and putting all of these things together that I bought this week.

    Did I mention that I called an office about my taxes yesterday? I had to leave a message as they were busy. As I was driving up the hill on my shopping trip, God nudged me to stop at the office as I was going right by there. The gal was so friendly and found me on their computer from years ago. And loves the gal who has been doing my taxes who moved to Idaho. In fact this office still has her name.

    What a relief. I knew that I needed help this year. What with being overseas for half the year and having my home as a rental for half the year. AFter this I should be okay.

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  6. Janice our family did the Behold Your God video study with a workbook. Hands down the best study I have ever done. We were between churches not knowing where the Lord was leading us so in the between time we ordered that study and it was an amazing time in the Lord and with each other.

    We moved to this community because the of the HOA , having been in town and the nice neighborhood in which we had lived for 24 years had become “the hood” with the HOA going defunct!! For the first few years here it was wonderful and I joined the board serving for 2 years. Then everything went “south” due to a dastardly agitator in the community. He went around like prowling lion spreading lies and causing discord. Truly the darkest time in this community. Three friends moved from here due to what happened. Now again I am rethinking if we want to stay. It’s amazing how “power” feeds the ego of even those on such a low level of “governing”. No wonder our federal government is in such a mess!!

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  7. Thank you for that recommendation Nancyjill. It sounds great!

    Linda, that area in SC, so close to my heart, yet still too far distance wise! People shall be truly blessed to go to those concerts!

    I had hoped to go back to church tomorrow since communion will be taken, but I am still too weary. The personal care for Art is taking a toll. I had more energy this week in some ways, but feel more tired today.

    Art had put an open-toed support stocking on the leg with the toe issue and it made the toe area swell so I am back to doing the daily wrapping of his leg which in itself is easy but it is added to other care that takes me away from care for myself. I tell myself that this too shall pass, but as folks get older you start to wonder, will it really pass or just get worse. Prayers appreciated.

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  8. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Snow expected. Heavy cloud cover. Another wonderful February in Idaho day.

    We are watching the Washington Journal on CSPan this morning. The topic is child care and I am afraid I am not on board.

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  9. Saturday at last.

    Now to get over the “morning” mood struggle.

    Coffee and a shower are needed to get over that hurdle.

    Heater is on so the house should warm up shortly.

    Happy weekend everyone.

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  10. My friend saw this on Facebook:
    “SOME CONTEXT FOR THE ASBURY REVIVAL. Asbury University is named after Methodist leader Francis Asbury (1745-1816), who was only 26 when he came to evangelize the American colonies. He became a leader of the 2nd Great Awakening. It’s estimated that he traveled 270,000 miles on horseback preaching and planting Methodist churches. But circuit-riding wasn’t glamorous; prior to 1847 more than half of Methodist circuit riders died before the age of 30 because of animal attacks, exposure to bad weather and the hardships of travel. Their sacrifice was a seed that died in the ground and produced a massive spiritual harvest.

    Francis Asbury’s life was marked by white hot spiritual fervor. After being sent to our shores by John Wesley, Asbury wrote: “We must reach every section of America, especially the raw frontiers. We must not be afraid of men, devils, wild animals, or disease. Our motto must always be FORWARD!” Like a modern Joshua, Asbury possessed the land, in spite of his frequent ailments. He never married, perhaps because he knew his sacrificial lifestyle would be difficult for a wife. He was so loved by his Christian brethren that more than 20,000 people followed his coffin when he was buried in Virginia after his death at age 70.

    Asbury University is named after this giant of faith. I think it’s fitting that the revival that erupted last week on the campus also reminds us of Francis Asbury. I’m not listening to religious critics who are skeptical of the music being sung at the revival, or worried about “emotionalism,” or which translation of the Bible is being used, or which denominations are represented in the audience. God please forgive us for the cold, heartless Phariseeism that quenches the Holy Spirit. Francis Asbury would have been thrillled to see young people repenting and worshipping Jesus. May this holy fire spread to the world, and may an army of young Francis Asburys be sent out to claim the nations for Jesus.

    Saw this on FB.”

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  11. We ripped out all the drywall around our closet this morning so we can access the whole space (there was quite bit of depth deep in past the door frame) and this afternoon we will rip out the studs and prep the floor for installing the flooring in our bedroom. Once we’ve save up again, we will purchase IKEA PAX closets to slide into the opening and have such usable storage and closet space.

    We’re also going to use the old closet light as a junction and run conduit to the wall (which will all be hidden by the closet inserts) and then drop wiring down inside the wall so we can install an outlet behind the couch in the family room. It will be nice to be able to plug in a lamp or two without needing a cord running across the floor.

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  12. Greetings from windy, NM. I have completed week 1 of training at a detention facility. I am planning to work PRN and not do the racetrack this year. Its interesting.

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  13. Thanks for the update, Rkessler.

    I hope the detention center has materials available from Christian Library International Prison Alliance. They supply books, Bibles, and Bible studies to inmates. The Chaplain can request to be a part. It is a wonderful and effective outreach.

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  14. Tomorrow morning for church, my friend Christine and I are going to wear our matching tops. 🙂

    (We didn’t purposely buy matching tops; we just happened to each buy the same color and pattern of the same style. 🙂 )

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  15. Hello all! I don’t know if this has been posted on the blog in the last few days, but I was blessed and thought I would pass it along. This is the chapel service–the teaching of the word—that launched the extended worship and events at Asbury University. The text is Romans 12:9-21.

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  16. A cold Sunday morning, with another cold (for us) week ahead.

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  17. I saw bibles and devotional materials in the library when we had our tour. It is my understanding that they currently do not have a chaplain, but that the librarian leads bible studies.

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  18. Good Sunday all! Rk’s wind has crept north and boy howdy is it ever cold and blowy out there! Brrrrr

    Church was good and now it’s home for the rest of the day…snug and warm!

    You will have to take a photo when the blouse twins make their debut Kizzie then send it to Aj to share with us all!!

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  19. We had an interesting church service to followup last week’s service. Last week was wonderful. But the pastor admitted being convicted that he’d fallen short. He had failed to allow the congrgation to respond to the Spirit. Today was mostly a time of prayer and communion. It was beautiful. One man from my Sunday school class was weeping when he related in his prayer that he had served in the children’s area this morning and a boy had cried when his father had dropped him off. He said he hopes we will all feel like crying if we ever feel separated from our Father God [by sin] and that he realized how Jesus felt when separated from His Father when going to the cross. I was weeping, too, by myself here at home and imagined no dry eyes in the sanctuary.

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  20. Sorry the matching-shirts didn’t happen! Next time ….

    We’re in the last chapter of Revelation now, it’s a book that we started — I believe — not long after the pandemic began so we’ve been at it a while in our sermons.

    I had some plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries and honey (homemade by the bee hive maintained by our small home group hosts, so good!) for lunch.

    Annie’s been under the weather in the past couple days, sleeping more than usual, not eating much or drinking much. She began to feel better, it seemed last night, she even woke me up again in the middle of the night for food, something she hasn’t done in a few nights.

    I’ve been worried about her and I didn’t even get upset when she got me up in the middle of the night, it was reassuring to see her appetite was somewhat returning. I’m still worried about her, she needs to eat more so I’m starting to put some extra tuna “topper” on her regular food, gave her a little bit of milk this morning.

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  21. Good day, and a beautiful day in the neighborhood with a cold wind blowing.

    I am enjoying a nice plate of onions, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, cranberries and fresh eggs all fried nicely in butter. Thinking of Chas.

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