23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-16-23

  1. We have all the dull greens of late winter. Only the red apples have some brightness other than the snow. Spring will be welcome with its bright, fresh growth. It will be a long time coming for us.

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  2. Good morning! I was wondering the same, is there a Waldo in the photo?

    I have been online shopping at Walmart. I found a footrest/footwarmer for Art to use at his desk here at home as he always complains of cold feet. I never knew there were so many options! We shall see if this one works for him. It can be used freestanding as one option which he might like to block the nearby vent that blows air from the heat pump furnace that keeps windchill on his feet. This warmer has a fan that blows warm air. I also looked at foot heating pads and all sorts of heated fluffy food beds and socks.

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  3. I had to study and study but I found Waldo. I need to take a picture of the ones in my yard. They are here every day and keep the lawn well mowed. Not that there is an actual lawn. And don’t forget the turkeys.

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  4. White tail deer? We mostly only see mule deer around these parts and they tend not to be “flashers”….they mostly go “boing boing boing”!! 😂

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  5. Okay, my life is wild, as usual, so, in the interest of laughing with joy, let me tell you a really wonderful story I heard today from my walking partner.

    This is true.

    She got a text from her sister-in-law saying, “You will never believe what just happened.”

    A curious text from a staid retired medical researcher–so my friend called her.

    My friend’s 36-year-old petite niece, let’s call her Kay, was feeling poorly and given the pain, thought she might have a kidney stone.

    Her husband took her into the ER where, to everyone’s shock, the tiny 100-pound woman gave birth to a 5-pound baby boy.

    (They estimated his gestational age at 34 weeks. She had NO IDEA she was pregnant).

    Or, her first child, the sister-in-law’s first grandchild– a baby no one knew was coming.

    “I hope they wanted children,” my friend mused.

    My reply:

    They do now. When God hands us something so entirely out of the blue and unexpected, we have a choice: accept it or reject the gift.

    That family, stunned, elated, shocked, is joyful.

    Kay went to the ER expecting an ultrasound and kidney stones.

    She brought home a little boy.

    Celebrate with me. My friend and I told stories and laughed all the way back to her house this morning.

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  6. I did have a memory of that white streak as this banner photo, I think, may have run in the past — and it brought up “deer” in my mind — but I still wasn’t seeing the shape.

    It did look like there might be turkeys somewhere …

    Long port online presser, cargo dropping, cruise biz rising — for now.

    The pandemic has caused havoc at the ports and in our overall supply chain, as we all know; way up to way down, and where to next, no one knows.

    But warehouses remain packed out here; discounts are appearing in order to move all this product out before room is needed for the next peak cargo surge that’ll bring new back-to-school/holiday shopping/fall fashion goods sometime this summer, as usual. “They” say.

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  7. Lonnie Frisbie was/is a controversial character. I read his biography several months ago, and I’m still not sure what I think–but God used him wonderfully.

    I’m looking forward to this movie which chronicles a time when I, too, came to saving faith not far from Costa Mesa. Many people I know have attended or been changed because of the ministry of Calvary Chapel. (We attended Calvary Chapels in Monterey, Silverdale, and Honolulu).

    FYI: https://youtu.be/SVsDBXYs330

    Many will recognize the guy playing Lonnie Frisbie. It’s so curious to hear him speak without an accent! LOL

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  8. OK, random post here, but Abby seems to sometimes have hiccups.

    I looked it up, says not unusual especially for young dogs, and her episodes don’t last long so that indicates also nothing to worry about.

    She’s also a licker (hands, face). I’m not big on dogs that lick, so …

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  9. DJ – I think Heidi had occasional hiccups when she was a puppy. But as I type that, now I’m not so sure, but the idea seems familiar.

    Janie is what is called a nervous tooter, which is related to the other end of a dog. 😀

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  10. Yes, it seems associated mostly with puppies or very young dogs, but can appear in adult dogs as well — unless these are long periods of hiccups that don’t go away, it seems to be considered nothing to worry about.

    Hers are just a few in a row, I’ve noticed it maybe 3 times now, didn’t identify it before as “hiccups” just strange sounds she’d sometimes make in her throat, but it happened last night again when we were going to bed (so it was quiet) and she came in and got onto her dog bed (so close to me) and started hiccuping but stopped after just a few. I thought, how odd, looked it up on my iPad …

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  11. Kootenay gets hiccups😀

    I saw the white flag right away. We see lots of those up here.

    Michelle, that’s an amazing story! How stunned they must all be!

    And we continue to have shortages of many things. Husband could not find his brand of contact lens cleaner at any store. I couldn’t even order coloured printer paper and had to go to the store to pick it up and there were many empty shelves in the office supply store. I am completely out of one of my prescription medications and the pharmacist is saying there won’t be more until May!! It’s so strange. I always feel I should buy at least 2 of everything in case the next time I need it it’s all out.

    Sister and BIL have flown home (first class – they were excited to be given hot meals with real cutlery) and BIL is now admitted to emergency to see the first doctor.

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  12. I don’t know about dogs, but I have found that calcium can help with hiccups or any little muscle twitch. Maybe puppies grow so fast and calcium is used in bone building at a rapid pace so maybe they need a little more in their diet to supply musvle needs? Just a logical guess.

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