22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-14-23

  1. Good morning, all. Another beautiful day in the neighborhood. Snow is falling and the world is white. Husband is off to highway commission. Son in law is off to job training. Children are in from chores and getting breakfast. Grandpa is reclining to watch tennis after a hearty breakfast. My hibiscus teas is steeping or whatever tea that is not tea does in the tea pot. Hot glass of lemon water at hand. Is today Valentine’s Day?

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  2. Ah, a burst of spring! I could use that today. After several days where the temps were above freezing we are back in the deep freeze. Seems so much colder than before the brief warm up 🙂

    I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from husband for my birthday and am still enjoying them.

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  3. Now I have a beautiful camellia— from a woman in my study.

    Book of Acts study is finished.

    It was fantastic.

    On to Job next week— their choice.


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  4. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up the Sept. 24th issue of World from last fall. I am catching up with a few back issues. The surprise was to see Kizzie had written a short letter to the editor. The issue was stay at home dads. Her comment just pointed to the value of a mom’s work (and therefore the dad’s, if he was staying home with the children). It was very short and succinct.

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  5. That is a really fun surprise, Kathaleena!

    I just saw on Facebook that an older couple I know who are celebrating their 51st Valentine’s Day are going to represent their Christian Colleges at the Asbury College revival. It was the sweetest post!

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  6. Happy Valentines Day and oh that Cheryl is a blessed wife to receive such a beautiful bouquet …. Tulips are a hope of Spring!

    Went to Sam’s early this morning and rushed home to put things away. Ran back halfway into town to meet oldest daughter for lunch. She gave me red roses and Rolos!! How I love that girl. I gave her heart shaped chocolates.
    Husband took the trash totes down to the road for me. I will cook up a mess of eggs for his dinner!

    It has turned cold and snow clouds moved through. It was but a foretaste of what’s to come. I’m hearing the Palmer Divide (us) will see a foot of snow from this storm.

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  7. Well that is saying I will be frying up more than 2 or 3 for him. He usually likes them scrambled but friends gave to us a dozen fresh eggs from their hens and those he likes over medium 😊 He will have 5 most likely as they are small eggs.

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  8. I found my one daffodil in bloom in our yard. A sweet Valentine’s Day flower from God♡ i saw it when I was getting out for my first time back to walk on the driveway while I listen to Audible. I started the book I mentioned previously, How to Pray by Pete Greig. It is absolutely the best

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  9. such sweet valentine’s flowers. Well, I did not get anything or even an email, God put it on my heart to go and get roses for daughters and older grand daughter and then balloons and chocolate for the other three. My first time to be here to give them things.
    I want them to know how precious they are to me.

    I took a nap today. I had to get up and get right into Bible study to finish my lesson for today and then get a snack ready to take. I was so happy to finish the lesson. and it was a good discussion.

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  10. Nothing for me for Valentine’s Day, either, which is how I like it.

    We did have a power outage for most of the day. Husband wants to put a furnace in so we can be gone for vacations some times. And something about resale on the house. But that required the power company and an electric company to take our lines down and increase the load by adding some wires but they barely fit into the two and a half inch conduit underground. They will be back tomorrow for more power outage. My dad went hours without tv but he survived. And his outside walks were limited due to the snow. And then daughter’s babysitter (her brother and sis in law) decided they could not watch the children as they needed a date night so son in law has the children again. But they are quietly sleeping in the back rooms. He does such a good job with them!

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