37 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-9-23

  1. Good morning!
    I know the car color is Mars Orange, but I think of it as Burnt Orange, one of the beautiful colors of fall leaves. Oh, how I love that color even when it’s looking like spring here.

    Time for me to help Art get ready for work. He needs more help these days. He is still not up to par after that heavy duty surgery.

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  2. Good morning all!

    Janice, hopefully he won’t need as much help as the weeks go by. These surgeries can take a lot out of you. Cyrus is still not 100%, but getting better. Every single day is a reminder of miracles and grace.

    I agree about the burnt orange. I the fall palette of color is probably my favorite. Colors are important to me. They are like music–they seem to speak and I can tell they affect my mood. That’s one reason I’m glad to be back in TN where even the winters are not devoid of color. (Although I admit that I sometimes miss the unique beauty of snowy landscapes .) The different kinds of mosses that grow in our yard near the bird feeder provide patches of lush green carpet after the grass dies down. Green is comforting to me.

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  3. My favorite color is blue. Anyone around me learns that quickly. I do like splashes of bright colors here and there. God has so blessed us with a world full of color.

    Yes, about recovering from surgery. True for those recovering from chemo, radiation etc. too. Remember to give yourself time to recover, too, Janice and Aj. Prayers continue.

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  4. Oh, I had a shock in helping Art this morning. He has a horrible situation with a toe he has neglected. He told me to get gauze and Neosporin. I had a meltdown and time of crying out to God when I saw it. Art now has a doc appt. to get things rolling in taking care of it. I really am in overwhelm land these days. I woke up thinking about my brother and giving it all over to God, again. Only that one time of communication in about seven weeks. And comminication with my friend, K, has dwindled which seems corelated to her daughter’s neglect of her in talking. But thank God for my Bible study friends and social media and here. I have the most friends I have ever had and we all love Jesus.❤

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  5. 🎂 Happy (belated) Birthday, Jo!🎂

    AJ- Nice color, but personally I don’t like that body style. What kind is it?

    All those SUVs look alike to me. The only way I can tell the difference is from the front or back. And most of them are ugly from the back. Give me a classic sedan look or the older SUV shape. We have a Dodge minivan. Not my favorite but Mrs L likes the higher profile and roominess.

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  6. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

    Then you would like our sky this morning, Kathaleena, blue it is.

    My living room walls are green. Very light green but enough to make me happy. Our bedrooms on the other hand…The big one in back is dark purple at the request of the three girls who had it first. The one across the hall is sort of yellowish with vines and flowers drawn on by the girls when they changed rooms. Next is tomato red and turquoise at the call of youngest. In the other wing we have two rooms teal and hot pink to match now twenty one’s socks when she was going to get two rooms after she turned eighteen but she put so many holes in the walls we decided one was enough. The room my dad is in (the guest room) is a more sedate cream.

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  7. Peter,

    It’s a KIA Seltos.

    It looks burnt orange in the pic. Today is overcast, so it looks red. But in the bright sun, it’s clearly orange.

    Even the paint is high tech. 🙂

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  8. Mumsee, I had to laugh at the colors the young ones chose for their rooms. It reminded me of my room as a teenager. I only had one opportunity to choose paint before I had my own home. I chose a strong pink— which would not have been so bad, except I insisted on black trim. I quickly tired of the black trim and kept thinking it would be so nice if only the trim were white. Too bad, too late, I had to live with it. :–)

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  9. You will never lose that car. I don’t think that I have seen one that color. Easy to find is something all of us need now. I always have to remember where I park at church.

    Interesting evening last night. The littles were eager to celebrate me and I had a hat that I had to wear. My youngest said the other family was coming but that it would be a while. Later she finally admitted that their dogs had gotten the pulled pork that they had spent two days preparing. So they had to go to the store to get more. It was good, but funny.

    Ok, they gave me a tv, which I wanted but now have to figure out. This will be a learning curve. I want to get one of those antennas at Walmart and see if I can get basic channels without paying. oh, what service to you all use. I would love to get fox news and old movies.

    But the best was their offers of help. Help to put up pictures and I was given the things for hanging pictures. And then older daughter found pictures of some end tables that they have, one of which I could use to set the tv on.

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  10. Good snowy freezing cold morning ya’ll!! Goodness will it ever end?! Aj you sure could test that car out around here but I wouldn’t advise it. Too many knucklehead drivers around here who do NOT know how to drive in this mess.

    Husband is clearing the driveway and he will be ready for a nice hot cup of coffee when he gets back in here. He is like Mr Monk when it comes to clearing the drive and cleaning up the property 😊

    Jo it sounds like a very nice birthday for you! New tv’s new cars etc…everyone needs a young person in their lives to guide them through all the new fangled gadgets on everything.
    We don’t subscribe to cable as our limited watching already has a channel for old movies and news. TV plus came installed with the tv and it uses Wi-Fi. We get NewsMax for truthful reporting and they also include the major liberal spin news outlets such as MSNBC, CBS,ABC,NBC. Then there is Pluto tv which has old movies, a Perry Mason, Twilight Zone, etc channels and it is free. Honestly there just isn’t anything on major networks I want to watch…not even local spin news.

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  11. I’m with Peter about bringing back the classic-shape SUVs. I have one of the newer ones as well, it’s pretty much all that’s made. I think Michelle said there’s some gas-saving advantage to the low-slung and longer shapes, more like wagons, but I just find the cargo & head space lacking compared to my last Jeep — and they were both considered “mid-sized” SUVs.

    Oh well, the new car designers don’t seem to have my number on their phones.

    Meanwhile, I’m always mistaking my car for something else as there are maybe a gazillion dark gray newer SUVs out there now, all with the same shape and look. I’ve tried to break into and take home a Ford Explorer and any number of other cars in supermarket parking lots over the past couple of years.

    Off to the port this morning for a media terminal tour and lunch. I’ve toured this terminal before, it’s almost fully automated now and one of those looking to become net-zero emissions someday soon.

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  12. Janice, as long as Art doesn’t have a seafood or iodine allergy, the best thing to put on his toe would be the iodine preparation called Betadine, available in most drug stores. I speak as one who spent three years dressing toe wounds of every possible description.

    A belated “Bonne Anniversaire” to Jo.

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  13. We have Amazon Prime and watch free YouTube videos. Despite my being the daughter of a cable TV pioneer (he’s even in the hall of fame!), we got rid of cable 11 years ago.

    We tried a regular antenna to pick up San Francisco stations, but it didn’t work because we’re up against a hill a block away. We don’t even really get radio here.

    So, wi-if is important. We have a DVD player and a library card (Hoopla has movies!) and that’s how we manage.

    Have the kids set it up and don’t touch anything!

    (Not that not touching something necessarily helps. I’m in computer hell this morning on all computers, myself. I’m on an IPad until the Engineer can save me. Sigh.)

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  14. We have Dish because the grandpa who died had to have tv though he never really watched it. We watch golf, tennis, Lawrence Welk and home videos my brother puts up on youtube and a few minutes of Jeopardy before he goes to bed. My dad has the tv turned on first thing in the morning through bedtime but he does not really watch it. He just sits with his memories but the tv distracts when the memories get too deep.

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  15. Debra – When Nightingale was a teenager, she painted her room hot pink, and painted the window trim black. I think she also had one wall that was black, but I’m not sure if I am remembering that correctly. (Although, I think I am, because it seems that that wall had to be painted over in white before the whole room was repainted a milder color.)

    The girl who had my bedroom before we bought the house had her room painted lavender. And that’s what it still is, because I like it. 🙂

    Should I be embarrassed to admit that the room hasn’t been repainted in the 22 and a half years that we have lived here? I’ve heard of other people repainting their walls every few years, but there is nothing wrong with the way it looks, so I leave it as is.

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  16. Ha, Kizzie. I wanted to paint my room black, and when parents wouldn’t go for it, it wanted a real hot pink too. In the end I allowed myself to be persuaded to accept a solid strong pink with black trim. It wasn’t long before I regretted the black, and not too long before I admitted to myself that my mother’s choice of a softer pink would have been better. My room was an uninsulated back porch that had been enclosed so it had 3 walls that were half window. Even black walls would not have made it a dark room. Oh the things that seem important when we don’t know any better. :–)

    I think your walls are yours to paint or not paint as you see fit. And be happy with the outcome. :–)

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  17. My teen bedroom walls were yellow and orange, furniture all orange.

    Girlfriend next door had different colored walls — deep electric blue, dark red and some black in there somewhere. Dark red carpet.

    This was a long day, had to don safety vest and hard hat (orange!) for media tour of one of the the large, now almost all-ZE, terminals, so lots of getting on and off a bus, to watch trains, trucks, cranes, ships, shipping containers do their thing. Repeat.

    We did get a box lunch but none of us had time to finish it as they hustled us back on the (electric, of course) bus too quickly for the next leg of the tour.

    Janice, Art’s toe sounds painful, hope it can be “fixed” quickly.

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  18. I forgot to mention that in a bedroom that I had for a couple years as a teenager, we painted the upper half of the walls red, and the lower half was some kind of paneling, which was already there. It was quite a large room, in a bit of an L-shape, so the red did not quite overpower it, although it was quite a dramatic look. (Although I love red, I would not do that again. 🙂 )

    That was such a cool room, on the second floor of a bungalow-style house. There was a tiny room off to the side, which became my “dressing room”, with my clothes and such in there. Those rooms were the only ones on the second floor, as the long hallway leading to it had storage closets on one side and access to the low attic on the other (IIRC).

    One part of the L was my “bedroom” part, and the other, larger part, was like a little sitting room, with a TV, stereo, and a couch-like thing. (It was small and inexpensive, not a real couch.)

    I miss that room.

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  19. oh, my goodness, dj! Thanks for sharing that, it puts my bills into perspective. Wow
    I am learning. on these warmer days I turn the propane stove off and then on in the evening and off when I got to bed. Or I can keep it at a very low setting.
    Those storms last month really raised my bill. But my house seems to be very well insulated. Of course it is 20 degrees cooler downstairs.

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  20. I have all white walls now, and would love to paint the inside — but it’s a job. And first I really need to get someone out here to do some touch-up work and repainting on the exterior wood trim (windows, porch railing).

    Our electric bills are supposed to go down next month. As Chas might say, I don’t understand none of that.

    Story is in, like a whirlwind this day was. And I’m already feeling stiff from all the boarding and de-boarding of that bus, walking through terminal areas, robotic battery charging buildings, the control room where longshore workers can now unload containers using real-time computer screens. Long day. And busy.


  21. I have had issues all day with seeing the blog..and still the news thread gets stuck and won’t load🥴

    The bedroom my baby sister and I shared was baby blue. When older sister was married and moved out we each got our own rooms! She painted her room deep navy blue. Took my parents lots of yellow paint to cover it when she moved out

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  22. I was mistaken about that one wall in Nightingale’s room. Although I was thinking it was black, because I remembered that the wall had to be covered up before the final painting of the whole room, I could not picture it in my mind. So I asked Nightingale.

    She said that that one wall was silver, and then I remembered. It was silver, and she wrote and drew all over it, in an artistic style. It was the writing and drawing that had to be covered up.

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  23. I am amazed at all the different color of walls y’all were allowed to have. My room was not really ‘my room’ but it was a room in my parent’s house that I got to call mine. It stayed white. I did have a rose colored lamp with a rose colored shade. When it was the only light on, it cast a pink shade over all in the room. My pretend pink painted walls!

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  24. My mom drew the line at having different colored walls in the same room, they all that to match — so light yellow was OK, with orange accents (we had narrow crown molding around the top so that got painted orange).

    This was the late ’60s, after all.

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  25. LA Times:

    Get ready for a massive SoCalGas bill this month, as natural gas prices soar

    The warning Southern California Gas Co. issued to its customers was unusually blunt: “There’s no easy way to put this,” the company said. “January bills are likely to be shockingly high.”

    … SoCalGas and other utilities have attributed the sudden and dramatic surge in prices to unusually cold winter weather in California and the Pacific Northwest, which boosted demand for heat, as well as supply and distribution constraints.

    … Court said prices are being pushed higher in part because of natural gas supply that has been shipped in the form of liquefied natural gas to Europe, which had been building stockpiles in the face of natural gas cutoffs from Russia since that country invaded Ukraine in February.

    “This is about all the LNG we are exporting to Europe,” Court said. “They’re selling our natural gas to Europe because they get a higher price.” The resultant inventory shortages lead to higher prices for U.S. consumers, he said — and the companies can put on the squeeze because “consumers really need it.”

    Although the broad reasons for the price hikes are easy to explain through supply and demand, the details on company pricing decisions are hard to come by — as was made clear in the aftermath of last summer’s sky-high gasoline prices.

    … California depends on other states for 90% of its natural gas, most of it from New Mexico, Wyoming, Texas and Alberta, Canada. Natural gas production in California continues to dwindle. Natural gas and oil production are tightly related, and oil production in California is about two-thirds of what it was in 1985.

    To combat the emissions of greenhouse gases, California political leaders are aggressively moving the state away from fossil fuel production and consumption toward solar and wind power. The California Air Resources Board is planning to implement a ban on new natural gas heaters, water heaters and furnaces in the state by 2030. The Los Angeles City Council passed a similar measure last May.

    That will reduce greenhouse emissions and alleviate indoor toxins from gas heaters and stoves. But that will further decrease natural gas drilling in California. And California policies are in effect forcing existing oil wells to shut down, said Kevin Slagle, spokesperson for the Western States Petroleum Assn. “With fewer wells, you have less production,” he said.

    Although the nosebleed level of natural gas prices now may prove an anomaly, both the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission expect average natural gas prices to trend higher at least through 2030.

    Both agencies, along with the Public Utilities Commission, the governor, and the legislature, are struggling to transition away from fossil fuels without raising fossil fuel prices in the meantime so high that it provokes a public outcry.


  26. We are looking at painting some rooms this spring. I like saturated colors with deeper tone on tone shades. The previous owners painted just before we purchased and lots of peachy tan tones which are too pastel for me. We have been here 13 years and it’s time to change more things up! New lighting, bannisters and perhaps replace the deck …

    Gas bill came today here too! Last month 255.00 This month 220.00 with 4 less days in the billing cycle so not getting any better. Electric bill doesn’t come for another week 🥴
    Still snuggling under the BBB (big brown blanket) and wearing thermals under my jeans and sweatshirt!!

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  27. I had light blue walls in my last room. I think the big room I shared with my brothers was white. Our current one is lavender, Mrs L’s choice. But it looks too red for her. That’s the problem with seeing it at the store in bright lights as opposed to the lighting in the bedroom.

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  28. Our electricity is two ten every month but the last couple of months have seen much greater use so there will come a settling at the end of the year. Meanwhile, we are toasty warm with the wood stove sending particulates into the air for all to inhale.

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