23 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-7-23

  1. Good morning! A train is passing, and just as I typed that in there was a little boom. I always wonder what those kinds of noises are about.

    It may reach 70ยฐ here today. We have a few days to bring out more flowers before it turns cooler.

    I saw several trees in spring bloom yesterday. I need to go back and get some photos. They are beautiful, but there is that thought that they bloomed before their time.

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  2. Morning all! Sun is shining and there is a thick frost covering everything! I wonder if that is why the air smells so fresh and clean!

    Oh how fun to drive a brand new car! Thankful for the blessing of it for you Aj!! We shall expect to see photos of it tomorrow!! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Janice I hope the birthday tree isnโ€™t early blooming! When I see a photo of that type of tree I am always reminded that it is a โ€œJaniceโ€ tree!

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  3. How exciting, Aj! Rejoicing with you.

    My husband must be the only one in the world who doesn’t get a new truck even though his wife urges him to do so. Lol. I think he may see the need more now than ever, though. I want a four-wheel drive vehicle for our winter driveway.

    Houses tend to make some booming cracking noises when it gets really cold. I don’t know if many of you hear that.

    We live quite close to a train track, but I don’t noise the noise too often. Of course, we have no windows open this time of year.

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  4. Happy for your special delivery, AJ!

    I need to look at the top of the Birthday tree to see if anything has popped yet. It needs one more month to hit it right!

    I have heard pipes rattling here before but not the house making large popping sounds. The kitchen floor has creaks!

    I have two Bible studies today. It is a tiresome week with this recovery. I may only last for an hour with each study instead of two hours each.

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  5. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood here. Should get up to forty one with rain. My dad should be able to get several walks in. He has increased his walks from looking out the door to three loops of the deck (it is sort of a wraparound on three sides and a little more of the house), four times a day. He is getting much stronger and often attempts to go without his walker. We don’t really encourage that but it happens.

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  6. Good morning all! It’s a sunny day here too, and a warm 49 degrees. I’m really hoping it doesn’t get too warm before spring. Last year our peach tree was full of blossoms in March and we got a dusting of snow. It didn’t produce a single peach. It’s a very young tree. We just planted it a few months before Cyrus got covid, but it produced wonderful peaches while he was in the hospital. It really encouraged him to see the pictures of his tree and knowing it would continue even if he died. When your physical reach is shortened, little things seem to matter so much more.

    Mumsee, I’m glad to hear your dad is staying active, and that he has a large sheltered place to walk. Activity can be the difference between life and death. C put an app on our phones that measures our exercise. He and Dad both watch theirs faithfully. Dad walks at least a mile a day, and C usually walks 4 miles.

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  7. Our house booms but usually it is just the deck doing that, though it does it a lot when temps get down low.

    I thought of getting something to keep track of his steps, sounds like a good idea and a good way to incentivise.

    We put the walker where he can get to it on his independent efforts. We do encourage independence as that is healthy as well.

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  8. Good morning. Gently falling snow here.

    Took pictures of all the goats and their kids to send my milk ladies. When I started to post the pictures, I found they were all gone. Over a years worth of pictures, all of our vacation pictures etc. I cried. I have made a resolution to make prints of all important pictures I would like to keep.

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  9. Look how daintily she holds that โ€œcup of tea.โ€

    I don’t know, since she doesn’t have her pinky out.

    AJ- How’s that girl doing in married life?

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  10. She has no connection, she just loves that museum.

    It has an entire floor of doll houses, which cycles in new ones frequently.She loves that.

    She was there for the Alice in Wonderland premiere.

    She and Isaac seem to be enjoying married life.๐Ÿ˜

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  11. Thanks all.

    I love the new car, only it doesn’t have that new plastic smell. They treat them now with something so they don’t have that stink.

    It has soooo much tech I will have to get used too.

    Lots of added safety stuff too.

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  12. oh, yes, the tech stuff. Yup, have fun figuring that out. I am sure that your daughter could help.

    I am glad that my car is simpler and that my kids have helped me figure out some things.
    Beautiful sunshine here.

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  13. I do not look forward to learning the new tech in a new vehicle. We keep the manual handy as it is. I have had to pull it out more than once to learn what some symbol or bell or whistle is.

    Your daughter would have loved all the doll houses and miniature rooms my mom created. It is a fun hobby.

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  14. I do still notice the new car fragrance in the car Art go back in April. I like that fragrance. The car has too much tech. The safety features are so helpful such as a light on the passenger side door mirror to indicate a car in the blind spot and a dinging noise when getting out of the lane lines.


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