13 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 2-3-23

  1. It’s official, there will be 6 more weeks of media coverage. 🙂

    Phil still made out better than Fred in Quebec. 😲

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  2. Morning all!! Beautiful day here and let the snow melt commence!! We might reach the mid 50’s!!
    Going to have coffee in town with neighbor and we might visit the Senior Thrift store before heading home. Just need to get out of here for a bit on a nice Springy day. What does Phil know anyway!!???

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  3. We’re getting a little warmup in the coming week (daytime highs in the 60s) but it may be short-lived. Possible rain Sunday, but the northern part of our state will get most of that.

    The snow on the mountains is gorgeous, had some nice views on the drive into DTLA yesterday for that work assignment.

    I am very glad it’s Friday and may put in for Monday off, I have my work “anniversary” day I need to take. I forgot about it one year and missed the window of time so lost it. I’ve tried not to do that again!

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  4. Good late morning! I had my last treatment today. Six weeks finished. Now to get all the lines and stickers removed and begin using meds and oils for skin repair. I am to expect peeling like from sunburn. I did exercise my arms, shoulders and back in PT today.

    I did not ring a bell. Now I am thinking that may be reserved for the end of the five years that a person has followup visits with the radiologist.

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  5. Yay Janice!!!! Thankful that is behind you and continued prayer covering for total recovery!

    Husband completes his first week today and has three more weeks to go!

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  6. Janice, I was glad to see that there will not be six more weeks of winter in your neck of the woods because we’re scheduled to hit Jekyll Island in a little more than three weeks (leaving on 26th and spending two days there).

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  7. Good morning, all. Brother left for home today. Other brother leaves for Alaska tomorrow. Two sons and a granddaughter arrive from Colorado and New York tomorrow. Lots of coming and going around here. Downsizing is not quite how I had imagined. Tomorrow we will have eleven people here. But then they head down to the burial and it will just be us seven for a while.

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  8. No, burial will be in Boise in his plot next to first wife. Hers will be in her plot next to first husband. Maybe Florida, maybe Ohio, I don’t know.

    She is doing well. She had been praying he would die as it is better to live with God than exist on earth, as she said and told him repeatedly.

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  9. Empty trash bins hauled up, mine & neighbors’.

    Story turned in (2nd one of the day), still waiting for the graphics department to send over a couple pieces that go with the cruise ship story. Weekend photo assignment made.

    Have another little schools one I can write, I suppose.

    No word from neighbors, but don’t expect to hear until later today; she should be out of surgery and in recovery by now.

    Flannel sheets arrive today from Amazon. I used to have a set of those, from a long time ago — I’m talking like 30+ years ago — but not sure what happened to them, I must have given them away. They generally felt too warm for the most part so I never used them much, they were a Christmas gift from my aunt. But these days I think I’ll appreciate them more. (Needed the newer ones anyway, to fit these huge new mattresses.)

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