9 thoughts on “News/Politics 2-2-23

  1. Call it what it is.

    The largest human trafficking ring in the world, led by Biden, the US govt, and the cartels.

    “‘Largest Crime Scene in the Country’: Arizona Sheriff Blasts Biden Admin on Border Crisis

    “I have personally experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a border county. Currently, this is the ugliest I’ve experienced.”


    “Arizona Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels blasted President Joe Biden’s administration’s lie, silence, and lack of action about the southern border.

    Dannels testified at the House Judiciary Committee’s “The Biden Border Crisis” hearing.”

    “National Review has snippets of Dannels’ opening statement:

    “I have personally experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a border county. Currently, this is the ugliest I’ve experienced,” Dannels said as part of his prepared remarks.

    “Border-related crimes are at an all-time high. Death, murder investigations, aggravated acts against my citizens…and, yes, assault against law enforcement officials,” Dannels said.

    “My fellow sheriffs and have tried to partner with this administration to include the President of United States, with high hopes to share a collective message, a collective action plan, support the rule of law, prioritize our southern border and provide updates on community impacts and concerns — with little to no success,” he said. “By allowing our border security mission and immigration laws to be discretionary, these criminal cartels continue to be the true winners.”
    Dannels told Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) that statements made by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayokas declaring the border is secure and closed have never been true and are still not true.

    Issa also asked if “border czar” Vice President Kamala Harris’s comment about a secure border is “inaccurate.”

    “Yes, it would.””

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  2. Chip Roy was doing the job more R’s should be doing yesterday. Calling out the lies from the Biden water carriers at the WaPo, where democracy dies.

    And Dems too.

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  3. Ah yes, the old Jedi Mind Trick…..

    Hunter is not the criminal you’re looking for….

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  4. They never cared about truth, and still won’t admit the truth now. It was all about getting the Bad Orange Man.

    “Woodward: I tried to warn you journalists about the Steele dossier”


    “Consider this one of the more interesting pull quotes from a gargantuan effort at the Columbia Journalism Review to determine what went wrong in Russiagate. Washington Post reporter and author Bob Woodward only plays a small role in this four-part series as a voice in the wilderness of narrative journalism, but significant enough for Fox News to highlight.

    The authors of “Trumped Up: The Press versus The President” spoke with Woodward about where everything turned poisonous. That’s an easy point to identify — the Steele Dossier, swallowed whole by mainstream media outlets despite its clear and obvious problems. Woodward reminds CJR that he went on air at the time — on Fox — to call it a “garbage document,” only to be roundly ignored by his fellow reporters, especially at the Post:

    Two days after the Senate announcement, Bob Woodward, appearing on Fox News, called the dossier a “garbage document” that “never should have” been part of an intelligence briefing. He later told me that the Post wasn’t interested in his harsh criticism of the dossier. After his remarks on Fox, Woodward said he “reached out to people who covered this” at the paper, identifying them only generically as “reporters,” to explain why he was so critical. Asked how they reacted, Woodward said: “To be honest, there was a lack of curiosity on the part of the people at the Post about what I had said, why I said this, and I accepted that and I didn’t force it on anyone.”

    Give one cheer to Woodward for getting this right, but he didn’t exactly go out on a limb after that to counter the narrative. Woodward has himself been known to push a narrative or two and to cut corners at times in order to succeed. His celebrated achievement in the Watergate scandal has been overblown and mythologized, to some extent by Woodward and Carl Bernstein, in ways that overlook the work done by others.

    At least Woodward recognized the danger of swallowing whole dubious claims simply because they fit your preferred narrative. The lengthy CJR report damns the media in general for doing exactly that, and in particular the New York Times for refusing to admit it:

    One result of Durham’s investigation has been to further discredit the dossier in the eyes of many in the media. It prompted the Washington Post to retract large chunks of a 2017 article in November 2021, and to follow with a long review of Steele’s sources and methods. The Wall Street Journal and CNN did similar looks back.

    The Times has offered no such retraction, though the paper and other news organizations were quick to highlight the lack of firsthand evidence for many of the dossier’s substantive allegations; “third hand stuff” is what Isikoff now calls them. But they rarely, if ever, pointed out that the origin of the FBI inquiry was itself third hand information, at best.

    This look at the reaction in the NYT office to the conclusion of the Mueller report is priceless for its window into narrative journalism:

    The end of the long inquiry into whether Donald Trump was colluding with Russia came in July 2019, when Robert Mueller III, the special counsel, took seven, sometimes painful, hours to essentially say no.

    “Holy @#$% Bob Mueller is not going to do it,” is how Dean Baquet, then the executive editor of the New York Times, described the moment his paper’s readers realized Mueller was not going to pursue Trump’s ouster.

    Baquet, speaking to his colleagues in a town hall meeting soon after the testimony concluded, acknowledged the Times had been caught “a little tiny bit flat-footed” by the outcome of Mueller’s investigation.

    To this day, the NYT remains defiant about its coverage of Russiagate generally and the Steele dossier specifically. Baquet told CJR that the Times “covered the story better than anyone else,” and pointed to the awards won for their coverage at the time. CJR’s analysts scoffed at Baquet’s defense, and that forms the core of their retrospective on the damage done to journalism:

    But outside of the Times’ own bubble, the damage to the credibility of the Times and its peers persists, three years on, and is likely to take on new energy as the nation faces yet another election season animated by antagonism toward the press. At its root was an undeclared war between an entrenched media, and a new kind of disruptive presidency, with its own hyperbolic version of the truth. (The Washington Post has tracked thousands of Trump’s false or misleading statements.) At times, Trump seemed almost to be toying with the press, offering spontaneous answers to questions about Russia that seemed to point to darker narratives. When those storylines were authoritatively undercut, the follow-ups were downplayed or ignored.

    Trump and his acolytes in the conservative media fueled the ensuing political storm, but the hottest flashpoints emerged from the work of mainstream journalism.

    The damage to journalistic credibility has been nothing short of catastrophic, CJR notes. Prior to 2016, the American press enjoyed a relatively high rating for its media credibility. By 2022, a Reuters poll showed that it had dropped to the bottom of a 46-nation ranking, with only 26% of Americans believing mainstream media to be credible sources of information. Undoubtedly, the clear bias in reporting on the farcical Russia-collusion claim and the undeniable drive by editors like Baquet to push Trump out of office has played a large part in that disillusionment.”


    The media built this, so make them own it.

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  5. Well look at that.

    Amazing what leaders can accomplish when the threaten the money flow to leftist idiocy, huh?

    This is a great thing, and that’s why Trump is already trying to copy it.

    “College Board Bends The Knee To DeSantis, Drops CRT and BLM From AP African American Studies, Adds “Black Conservatives”

    NYT laments: “The College Board purged the names of many Black writers and scholars associated with critical race theory, the queer experience and Black feminism. It ushered out some politically fraught topics, like Black Lives Matter, from the formal curriculum. And it added something new: “Black conservatism” is now offered as an idea for a research project.”


    “Gov. Ron DeSantis is on a roll when it comes to squeezing “wokeness” out of the education sponge. Yesterday we reported on the defunding of CRT and DEI, DeSantis Takes Wrecking Ball To “Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion” Bureaucracy In Florida Public Universities:

    The budgets for DEI are gone:

    Prohibiting higher education institutions from using any funding, regardless of source, to support DEI, CRT, and other discriminatory initiatives;

    And the ideological litmus test of DEI hiring statements are gone:

    Prohibiting postsecondary institutions from using discriminatory political filters, including political loyalty oaths and DEI statements, in the hiring process;
    This will wipe out the DEI bureaucracy. Expect the ACLU to claim this violated the court injunction [as to the STOP WOKE Act].

    DeSantis previously had rejected the Advanced Placement African American Studies curriculum because it was too radical, pushing Critical Race Theory and promoting Black Lives Matter, among other things. Contrary to the lying media, he did not oppose the course, but objected to the leftist curriculum and wanted improvements.”


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  6. Tell them to @# #%^$ ^#%##%^$^$.

    “Marine recruiters try to lure dismissed unvaxxed troops back”


    “Most of us probably knew this was coming after the Pentagon was forced to repeal the COVID vaccine mandate for the troops last month. The Marines had been hit particularly hard, with more than 3,700 troops being discharged after refusing to take the shots and nearly as many stuck in limbo with pending exemption requests. Very few exemptions were granted for either religious or medical reasons. But now that the mandate has been removed, some recruiters have been sending out text messages to the people who were discharged, inviting them to come back to the ranks. But as Alpha News reports, not everyone is ready to forgive and forget just yet.

    Marine Corps recruiters are sending out texts to former members who left active or reserve duty over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate asking if they would like to rejoin now that the Secretary of Defense has overturned the mandate, screenshots of the texts obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show.

    Corps recruiters reached out to Individual Ready Reserve Marines — “men and women who had left the active or reserve forces” — alerting them that the COVID-19 vaccine mandate has officially been repealed, a Marine Corps Recruiting Command spokesperson confirmed. The recruiters then ask if the members would like to discuss options for returning to service if they were among the thousands discharged for refusing to take the required vaccine against COVID-19, multiple screenshots of the messages obtained by the DCNF show.

    A spokesperson for the Marines was quick to point out that this was not some new, official policy that was handed down from the top ranks. These are individual recruiters who were taking the initiative to try to lure back some of the troops that were discharged.

    They may manage to bring back some of the troops, but text messages obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show that some of the discharged Marines are distrustful and in no mood to take the recruiters up on their offer. One of them responded by saying that he had been “belittled by command” for more than a year and had to fight to get an honorable discharge. And after all of that, he asked if they think that “the second they take that requirement away I’m running back?”

    The same former Marine went on to state that they could bring the mandate back “tomorrow” and he would be stuck right where he was before. That may or may not be true, given the position that’s been taken by the courts, but it’s easy to understand how many of the dismissed troops would be suspicious.

    There’s a limit to how much people will put up with and that includes many of our men and women in uniform. The Marines in particular are not a good group to push around. When diplomacy ends and the fighting begins, it’s almost always the Marines who are the first sent to the front lines. Some of these former members clearly feel like their own government has essentially spit on them, giving many of them less than honorable discharges over their refusal to participate in a medical procedure they opposed.

    Sadly, this is something that we’ve been discussing here since the first mandates began to roll out. It seemed obvious that the mandates would have to end eventually, but it was never going to be as simple as flipping a switch. And now it’s going to take some time before we get our military back up to the required staffing levels, assuming we ever do.”

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  7. Sure, we found nothing…..

    After we tipped off Biden we were coming and gave him and his lawyers the weekend to hide and destroy evidence. Wink, wink….

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  8. Preach it.

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  9. Keep digging R’s.

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