27 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-31-23

  1. You people are still sleeping?

    I’m on my second cup of coffee, have a load of laundry washed, dried, and folded, and am heading up for a shower.

    Plus posted today’s stuff, and like 20 news stories.

    Ya’ll need to get with it.

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  2. Nuh, I am not still sleeping. Been up since 6:30. I find I have to do devotions first thing in the morning. I feel blessed to be able to do that. It isn’t always possible at every stage of life.

    I am sorry we have to venture out today. Unfortunately, husband has a gig. We will take advantage of being out and about and take care of a couple of other tasks, too.

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  3. Ok ok…morning!! I awakened at 2:30am wide eyed and bushy t…never mind! I did doze off on the sofa for an hour or so while reading. Such a strange season of to sleep or not to sleep … that is the question!!

    Very lovely traditional church up there. I love church pews and stained glass. We meet in a high school atrium!

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  4. I’m sitting here waiting for my daughter to shock her father when she comes downstairs for coffee.

    Her roommate has COVID for the fourth time, so CR came home for a few days to hang out in her old room.

    Or the rest of the house. We’ll be gone most of the day.

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  5. I had to look twice—the church in the photo looks a lot like ours— only we don’t have any pipes up front.

    It was a special architectural package for Lutheran churches in the 1950-1960s, I think. L-Linda may know better.

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  6. Good morning, all. Shower done, laundry sorted and started, Dad dressed and fed and installed in front of golf, Bible reading done (still hanging out in Colossians). My brothers plan to come by today, the Moscow brother for a short visit before heading to Alaska for a month, Boise brother for his regular four days every two weeks. I wrote it on the schedule so dad will be watching for them.

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  7. The peller stove has ceased to function. That is okay as it is an auxiliary heater for the extra room over the garage. We are getting a repairman in at some point and he will either replace the auger motor or find some easy fix that we will be kicking ourselves for not doing on our own.

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  8. Good afternoon! We are not suppose to see the sun here until Saturday. It’s been foggy, cloudy, and dreary but not cold. It seems right for now and much like the two winters I spent in a dorm at Georgia Southern which was an hour from the coast (either Savannah or Hilton Head).

    I did not sleep well last night but thankfully felt the joy of the Lord early this morning. After treatment I made breakfast and took care of a few things before I decided a do over on sleep would be a good thing. So I napped this morning which I never do. Needless to say Miss Bosley was very happy with the situation.

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  9. Dad has been out for two walks already this morning, both with snow coming down so he went at a pretty good pace. First was a simple walk on the deck (which is rather large and an almost wrap around the whole house). The second was in search of a black truck he had seen abandoned out there somewhere. I suspect he saw when my son came by and parked at an odd angle as only a twenty four year old boy in a truck can do. No truck. He is worried they ran out of gas or something. I tried explaining we are too far outside the travel path for that to happen. We are thinking he may be working his way out of hospice.

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  10. https://www.wsj.com/articles/raising-chickens-egg-prices-coop-cost-11675113477?st=qwb28by60l6g8fo&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink

    ~ Raising Chickens for Cheaper Eggs Gets Expensive Fast

    Grocery shoppers, frustrated by the record prices of a dozen eggs, are increasingly choosing to go right to the source by bringing chickens home.

    The price for a carton of eggs is up 60% year-over-year, according to the latest Consumer Price Index. Eggs are just one example out of hundreds of items that eat further into Americans’ budgets than they did a few years ago. Some shoppers hope a do-it-yourself approach to eggs will help stretch their budgets, and bring a little joy to their backyards.

    Those who have raised chickens for years, however, say these newbies don’t always understand the tricky logistics of maintaining a coop—and won’t necessarily break even on the price of eggs. … ~

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  11. ~ … Of course, chickens’ value doesn’t come purely from their egg production. In some families, they become part of the household.

    In Hilary Weekes’s case, the chickens took the message a little too literally. She says all 11 managed to break into her home through the screen door while the family was out one day. They made themselves comfortable on the countertops and couches.

    “It was utter, utter chaos,” says Ms. Weekes, an agent for commercial photographers and directors in Hailey, Idaho.

    She doesn’t blame the chickens. After her children dressed some up in scarves one winter and took them sledding—and fashioned homemade diapers for others so they could come inside—she says she might have felt confused if she still had to sleep out in the greenhouse, too. ~

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  12. If you have anything left to do in January…get to it! I have turned off all of my alarms and am having a sleep fest. I got up before daylight today and then went back to bed. I am taking some PTO, as I ended up giving away 45 hrs last year. I capped out last pay period at 360hrs, so have determined to take 3 days a month this year.

    I am starting a second job at the prison about 60 miles away so that we don’t need to work at the track this summer. I have 2 weeks of training to do, and then hope to pick up a day or 2 a month, prn. That job begins in mid February. I will be making $10/hr more than Miguel and I make together when we work at the track. I am looking forward to not having every weekend I am off taken up with work.

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  13. The picture is, of course, our granddaughters looking over the sanctuary from the balcony. We think it is beautiful and peaceful and you’re darn tootin’ that we all have our preferred pew!

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  14. Interesting fact about this Lutheran church layout (assuming it’s the same as ours), it’s laid out in the same proportions as the Temple in Jerusalem.

    My husband took his 3rd and 4th graders through one time and explained. The Holy of Holies would be behind that back wall.

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  15. Okay, now I have a little time to explain about inner healing.

    It is NOT new age. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to “walk back with you in time,” to show you where you need to forgive people and thus be set free from emotions which often cripple.

    I’ve been through it in 1986 (for those of you who have read my memoir), the early 1990s (based on that Jim Wilson book How to Be Free from Bitterness), and then in the year I worked with a counselor who helped me recognize and then work through all my unresolved grief–part of which involved forgiving the [usually] hapless people who either didn’t recognize how they hurt me, or did so callously.

    When I talk about inner healing, I’m asking God to show me where the deep hurt is in my past. I recognize the hurts, acknowledge them, and release all the people involved–sometimes including myself–with forgiveness.

    It is NOT me pointing at people (or even myself) and complaining about how awful they were–feeding the seed root of bitterness.

    It is NOT about calling them up and complaining and accusing. It’s about me forgiving–and usually not saying anything to them.

    It’s about releasing it all into God’s hand, allowing Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit to comfort me and move forward.

    What is hard, is recognizing where I have held grudges, been bitter, felt deeply hurt or overlooked. Those are the emotions I have to recognize and then release with forgiveness.

    Once done, I’m lighter and freer.

    I’m also easier to get along with because I’m not carrying emotional baggage and throwing it at innocent people who accidentally stepped on a wound from long ago.

    Psalms 73:21-28 (NKJV)

    21 Thus my heart was grieved, And I was vexed in my mind.
    22 I was so foolish and ignorant; I was like a beast before You.
    23 Nevertheless I am continually with You; You hold me by my right hand.
    24 You will guide me with Your counsel, And afterward receive me to glory.
    25 Whom have I in heaven but You? And there is none upon earth that I desire besides You.
    26 My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

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  16. Wow, Michelle, that sounds like something that I need to do. But where do I find a counselor??
    Finding the right person to listen and to help heal can be difficult.


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