45 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-30-23

  1. Morning! It is -13 at my house and the roads are slick for the most part. I have left a message with my Vet’s office that I will be rescheduling Lu’s 8:30 appt for her rabies shot! A trip into town this morning not happening!

    Such a sweet house up there Peter! Thinking the photo was taken in the summer time!!

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  2. I had to laugh this morning when I saw the computer said it is -28, but there would be no rain for the next two hours. You think? That is a real temperature, not counting windchill. North of us they are still having a triple marathon. One part is fat tire. The John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon continues. The 40 mile and 120 mile winners were both women, I believe. God sure made people different. I am just thrilled I can stay home and continue quilting.

    Tomorrow we have to go out for a music event. It should be above zero, so that is good.

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  3. The photo is the farm house where we have the house church. The picture is from Google maps, obviously in the summer. The pastor (though he doesn’t refer to himself as such) and his wife moved there in 1979 since she wanted to live in the country. She is an artist and does beautiful landscapes, so their house has several paintings adorning the walls.

    We sometimes take walks down to the creek and enjoy the beauty. We also use the creek for baptisms.

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  4. Good morning, all. A beautiful day here as the sun has risen, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, outside it is minus one and supposed to feel like minus one, but indoors it is a balmy sixty eight. My dad is under his usual two blankets though he did mention while on his way to breakfast that it is a bit chilly this morning so I retrieved his light jacket he used to wear in his house all the time but has not been wearing here.

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  5. It’s warmed up to 40 here in California.

    Wind howled a long time last night. That’s another new winter phenomenon here.


    I figured that was a house church. 🙂

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  6. Ah, the house church, of course. 🙂 Thanks, Peter.

    My friends in upstate NY were meeting with several other families in a house church when I was visiting one of the times I was back there. I’d met one of the other families before, but they were mostly the group my friends knew through home schooling.

    Friends were between churches at the time, had left the Quaker meeting husband had gone to all his life (and was across the street from their farm house). We haven’t been in as close a touch in the past years so I’m not sure whether they landed in a church somewhere else or not; I guess last time I was there that home church group had disbanded and friends were meeting as a family (they had a big family) in their kitchen for Sunday worship.

    It’s cold here but not as cold as it is for some of you! And my followup with the GP was canceled, which is just as well. I already was confused about the time, they set the appointment for 1:45, the reminder call last Thursday confirmed that was the time, but then I got an email over the weekend saying it was for 10:45. Sigh. So now it’s for no time. (They did reschedule it for early February sometime, the 13th I believe.)

    I found a story (an easy one at that) to do, which is good, coming off of 2 super-busy, hectic weeks it felt sort of like having to start over today.

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  7. Good afternoon. That is a great looking location for a house church, Peter. Y’all are blessed.

    I cooked the frozen piece of back strap venison over the weekend. After reading numerous recipes it dawned on me that I could cook it like I used to cook London Broil. I put slices of garlic all over it with black pepper, rosemary and celery seed. At the end I put some Worcheshire sauce on it, and it really ended up tasting like fine beef steak nicely seasoned. I did not need to soak it in milk to be rid of the gamey taste. It is something I could easily enjoy every other day.

    A worker in Art’s office sent us 4 eggs fresh from a nest. Some hay in the carton authenicated their freshness. More precious than steak these days for those who bake!

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  8. It rained most of the night last night, not hard. But sounds like more action at higher levels with some snow again, it’s all so welcome.

    I found a dozen eggs at Ralphs yesterday for $8, better than the Sprouts’ costs.

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  9. This was a bit of a surprise weather year for us, I remember reading a story in late summer forecasting another dry fall & winter for LA (though I think they hedged a little bit by saying their forecast went through December 2022).

    Still, kind of a reminder that can’t always predict future conditions all that accurately. A meteorologist I interviewed once told me they’re great going out about 1 week; beyond that, it’s a little bit of educated guess work that’s involved.

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  10. My grandfather was a chicken rancher 80 years ago. He used to get his chicks from the town 20 miles south of us. Eggs here were $5 a dozen–limit two dozen. So I bought two dozen.

    Eggbeaters were more available than eggs. I bought one of those, too.

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  11. Local news says eggbeaters are doing well.

    I remember watching the oxen (in the snow) outside the window of my friend’s farmhouse during one of their at-home worship times one Sunday morning …

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  12. The local news also had a story on folks now buying chickens, but they noted it’s a very expensive venture, so maybe not so much of a savings. And we have coyotes, I think that’s how my one neighbors lost their chickens and rooster some years ago. They’ve never replaced them.

    But the cost of building cages and coops and buying feed … kind of a wash if not more expensive than just buying eggs even at these high prices out here.

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  13. Kare said Uck to chickens and I thought Cluck!

    We have Medicare Advantage with Aetna which now gives 75 dollars worth of ‘healthy’ groceries per quarter per person on a credit card along with 90 dollars in OTC medical supplies. It is very tricky to find the eligible items. This will be part of my new unpaid occupation. I had my first adventure with it today. Art has not received his card so I think it could have been stolen. Another thing to deal with during tax season.

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  14. Restaurants and places that serve eggs are probably going to switch to powdered eggs if this keeps up. So much for sunny-side up or over easy. Scrambled it is (but that’s the way I like them best).

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  15. I can get brown, green, blue, pink, white, and speckled eggs by reaching into the can on the counter but they are not organic. They are tasty though.

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  16. Ours are not organic either, semi free range. I let them out of the coop once they have layed their designated quota for the day. It usually gets them half a day of freedom.

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  17. I just walked about 30 minutes in the driveway and heard the farm animals not too far away, probably clearing off a yard on the street behind us. I also saw them within acterr mpory fenced area beside the fire station where I took my glass recycling items. That location also does aluminum can recycling. It’s conveniently located across from my neighborhood Publix.

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  18. Now I want to drive my trash cans up and down the driveway. Jo raises the bar.

    I never received my middle class relief debit card from the governor.

    And I’m wondering about the EDD medical leave statement, I printed out the last statement from my account on the web site, but it said somewhere I should get a 1099-G form in the mail by the end of January and I don’t think I did.



    I remember getting a basket of multi-colored eggs when I was on the more rural part of the Peninsula we’re on visiting an ocean-view ranch with a friend and our dogs some years ago. So cute.

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  19. We had our highest bill ever in December and we were gone for a week of it with the house temperature set at 55.

    Beware, DJ, electricity tariffs are going up in Feb and possibly March.

    These are increases the power companies should put in place in October— except they didn’t. 😦

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  20. In the interest of downsizing, son in law’s dog, who has been living in the town house with seven other dogs, two grandchildren, and three adults, is now moving out here to live with Jake in her run. Seems the house folk decided it was not such a bright idea to keep the two intact male dogs in the same house.

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  21. Of course, this waited until the free dogs smashed the kennel holding the confined dog and a big dog fight with lots of damage on both sides. Happily, the children were not involved.

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  22. Sounds awful (the fight), mumsee, hope both dogs survived.

    It’s been raining all afternoon but the gardeners still showed up.

    Higher costs, of course. I will never retire at this rate.


  23. (Higher costs comment re @7:28); neighbors had a $700+ bill from DWP, they have two large freezers, a hot tub in the backyard, so more electricity than I do, but sheesh.)


  24. Aw, Aussies are such nice dogs.

    I’m having to tell Abby “leave it” now with Annie sometimes — Abby really wants to play but starts running up to Annie when the cat’s just trying to walk from the living room the bedroom.

    Abby really does want to play but she moves fast and is SO tall, she rushes right up to Annie, and it discombobulates the poor cat.

    She does “leave it” when I tell her to, though, so that’s good. She’ll walk away and Annie can continue on her journey. I’ll have a completely neurotic cat if this continues.

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  25. Our natural gas heating bill was between two and three hundred and covered that Arctic freeze period. So glad that is not the norm here.

    Abby sounds like a really sharp or smart dog. I was thinking when you first got her that the leash was always on her. Maybe she developed a fright over that thing always trailing her like a snake? But I suppose it might be more likely that someone whipped her with a leash.

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  26. Gas bill last month 255.00 and electric 110.00. Highest we have ever paid. A couple homeowners said just their gas bill was over 700.00 last month! We have tight windows and a newer energy efficient furnace. We don’t heat the basement and rarely use the gas fireplace. We are wearing sweaters and fleece jackets in the house lately and turning the heat down to 67 during the day 60 at night.


  27. Abby did have her leash on for several days after she arrived, it was the red nylon leash the fosters brought her here with.

    After a few days Abby managed to chew it off so it was just a stub left on her collar.

    My last gas bill wasn’t horrible, $130 or so I believe, but my heater also was out for part of that month. This will be the first month when the heater’s been on and running, every day, not at night — but I’m expecting a very high bill this time.

    Fortunately, I don’t run the heater from around March through November at all.

    My ceiling fan in the bedroom is out again, when the remote dies, the fan dies and last time it was a pretty frustrating job to get it running again because it all has to be re-synched. Real Estate Guy took care of it last time, but he’s trying to avoid ladders these days so I am not sure I can find a handyman to do this task (which seems to need re-doing every 3 or so years).

    I’m thinking the remote isn’t worth it, I should just get a fan that operates from the wall switch, if that’s possible in there. The ceiling fan in the dining room has been running without problems for 24 years now, it’s turned on and off with a wall switch.

    The remote is handy for the bedroom. And I do need that fan (and will need it soon, by spring).

    I think I’ll take the remote and photo of the fan in to Lowe’s — which is where I think I bought it — and see what they recommend.


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