43 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-26-23

  1. Good morning, late!

    I finished listening to Bonhoffer and stumbled upon a book that sounds wonderful to listen to next, historical fiction that goes forward from where the biography stopped:
    Check this out! https://a.co/d/6G9ae0j

    I also started the biography of Martin Luther yesterday.

    All of a sudden I seem to be immersed in Germany😀

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  2. I was up early, 7 a.m., just read through the embargoed/advance copy of the port speech I have to cover today, it just arrived early today in my email. Meanwhile, one of the other editors is still trying to get a victim profile story out of me which has proven impossible, so far, to get (as I keep telling her); and I have a huge homeless story to finish up today (and that’s only about half done).

    Abby’s launched her morning playtime with the still-reluctant Annie. Starting the a loud and grand-gesture play bow, boom she goes down onto the floor, then Abby lies down so she’s at Annie’s eye level.

    But Annie remains uninspired, she’s sitting on her favorite morning heater vent to warm up. It’s the morning priority.

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  3. Good morning, all.

    Notes to self:
    Grandpa’s oxygen flows better when the machine is turned on
    Never never never give my dad cake after noon.

    Both dad’s were up many times last night (not due to the oxygen debacle, that was a very short lived incident this morning). Grandpa was up disoriented and needing reassurance at least seven times, my dad got up thinking the new day had started eleven times that I know of.

    Meanwhile, a beautiful day here. No sunshine but a dusting of fresh snow and low cloud cover. For visitors, we will have a social worker and a nurse at some point.

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  4. I’m 2/3 of the way through The Women of the Castle, Janice (thanks to Stephanie’s recommendation–I’ve known her for years), and while I can’t praise it as highly as she did (yet), it’s quite a read.

    Sad, sad, story. This is the third or fourth book/story about WWII Prussia I’ve read in the last year.

    One of the items I read was a memoir of a 94-year-old woman in my Bible study. Horrifying what happened to her as a child.

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  5. Bald eagles do look majestic. Maybe Ben was thinking of his stomach. We have so many bald eagles. We, often, see them eating deer carcasses on the sides of the road. Sometimes the ravens join them. God’s clean up crew is a blessing.

    I was in my sixties before losing either of my parents. In spite of my dad’s health issues, it was a surprise, and he was a couple of weeks shy of 88. My mom was 92, but it was her being in Florida that made her death difficult. Only my sister was with her. I did get to say a somewhat goodbye on Facetime. It is strange that you really do feel like an orphan. It is so much worse, though, for younger people, especially those as young as seven!

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  6. Coffee. It’s helping.

    There’s more variety in Presbyterian liturgies but I always enjoyed visiting the many Lutheran services with friends through the years, including most recently with Carol who had been Mo. Synod since she became a Christian as a young girl living in Brooklyn, upsetting her (entirely) non-believing family.

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  7. Lutheran Linda, here is a photo of the beautiful small church in downtown Decatur. I saw a You Tube of a Holy Closure service for the church so I assume it is no more.

    One funny from back in the day: the church gave away pens that had a mistake on the imprint that labeled them as Church of the Mess instead of Church of the Messiah😀

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  8. We now are again looking to purchase a church building, there apparently are a number of them going onto the market following the pandemic; especially in the mainline denominations that already were shrinking and barely hanging on as it was.

    We’ll see, we came close to making a deal a couple times several years ago but we are in what is considered very desireable “beach” real estate territory (and want to stay there as the church has been in the same area for 30 years, but always renting and leasing spaces) — so we’ve been out-bid consistently by developers who want to tear down and rebuild something else, whether homes or commercial-office-retail developments, shopping centers, banks etc.

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  9. I see that my former church plans to engage with the He Gets Us ads for the Super Bowl game . . .
    “He Gets Us…last Sunday, we showed a video about the He Gets Us campaign that is producing TV spots during the Super Bowl. We are looking for a team to help us reach out to the community contacts sent to us through this campaign.  If you are willing to serve on this team that will share the responsibility of assisting anyone who might respond to the national media spots before, during and after the Super Bowl, please contact me . . .”
    I have seen nothing on this yet from my current church. Are any of your churches planning outreaches?


  10. Just staggered in from dropping $500 on groceries . . . HOW can flour have nearly doubled in price since I was last there? (2 weeks ago).

    Mind you, I’m only feeding two people and the only meat was one package of bacon on sale . . . (lots of cheese, though, and score! 24 eggs!)

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  11. We just gave a dozen eggs to a social worker who came by to talk with the dads. She was stunned that we give away thousand dollar eggs. Apparently the price of eggs is up.

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  12. Trey has been selling his eggs like hotcakes. We used to sell for $3/dz, but now have gone up to $4. I sold 8 dozen yesterday, and have another 3 dozen sold tonight. It is unbelieveable how much groceries cost. I don’t even buy meat.

    Feed has gone up by more than 50%. We paid almost twice the normal price for hay this year. We have kids coming within the next few weeks. Trey and I have been working on getting the barn ready. They always pick the coldest day to be born.

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  13. Citified girl reading that kids are coming therefore you prepare the barn!😂 It took me a second but I remembered RK was posting …. I get it now!!!!

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  14. Can one of you help me?

    We’ve been working on the newsletter sign-up for the last three days. Would someone sign up, and then let me know if they receive a second email from me within 5 minutes.

    You can unsubscribe right after you get the second email. We’re just trying to figure out if the link has been fixed yet.

    Just one person, announce yourself (so only one person needs to test for me), and then let me know what happens.

    Thanks. https://www.michelleule.com/newsletter-signup/


  15. A dozen eggs at sprouts is about $10. Seriously.

    I bought a pack of 6 eggs last week, almost cried this morning when I dropped one of them on the floor.

    And I just got back from a quick stop at Sprouts coming back form a mega long assignment — $100. What!? Some dog biscuits, milk, veggies, salad dressing, 3 frozen burritos, a loaf of sourdough bread, cheese and ham slices, 2 large cartons of Greek yogurt …


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  16. Port next door definitely outdid our other larger port that’s closer to me in terms of razzle-dazzle at their State of the Port affair and speech.

    They even had an in-house port band, “The TEUs,” playing Hotel California, with execs on electric guitars and drums; not bad, actually. One person in the button-down audience held up a lighter in the darkened room.

    And impressive videos with symphonic scores, darkened lights throughout the event, fancy food (reporters/photographers never eat at these things), probably 500-800 people but I still need to get a crowd estimate.

    (TEU stands for Twenty-foot equivalent unit, the measurement for cargo used in the industry.)

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  17. I got a dozen eggs today for just under $4. They aren’t what I regularly buy.
    Our awards ceremony is tomorrow night. I didn’t buy anything new to wear. I am wearing a dress from last summer as it is a tropical theme.
    I’m sure it will look nice with a Whig sweater and black wool coat. 😉

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  18. I’ll just have to forgo the “free range” variety for now, I guess.

    Kim in her summer wardrobe in January, lol. Glad you have a sweater or a coat to wear lol

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  19. What a day. I went to the chiropractor this morning. He really worked on my leg and back and made a tremendous difference. He actually took care of the sciatica. I am sore and he really worked some areas hard. But he told me now that I just need to walk.

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  20. Then I went to the coffee shop that my daughters run. Which is much more than a coffee shop as they roast their own coffee and make their own blends. They deliver coffee to every restaurant and grocery store in a twenty mile radius.

    I had a box for each of my daughter’s of their school papers and things, including report cards. I also gave them each their framed senior pictures and another frame that held a large picture of them in the middle, a 5×7 picture and then around the edges I had put a small school picture for each year of their schooling. It is fun to see how they grew and changed.

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  21. I’m not sure what I was thinking. It is actually hard for me to put all of the pictures up and I thought that they would enjoy having them. Yes, I do love the pictures, but I am cleaning out and wanted to give things to them.

    Well, my oldest daughter was very upset with me. I think that she was both hurt and angry. She said I won’t put these up, what do I want with a picture of myself. Moms are supposed to put up pictures of their kids, I will put up pictures of my kids.

    It was a little like she thought that I was disowning them instead of giving them treasures.

    Not sure what to do. I am very sad.

    I did get to see my granddaughter and give her a ride to school.

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  22. aw Jo that is too sad that she didn’t like having the pictures. Daughter and I discussed old photos today while we were having lunch. I have given her many of her old photos over the years and she treasures them. She asked me today if she could go through the old photos and take what she wanted. They are all in boxes and old albums in my sewing room closet and I told her I would love for her to have them.

    When son was here a couple years ago he and his wife went through his old photos and they took home with them many of his baby/childhood photos. They have a grand time going through them and showing them to their girls.

    Praying your daughter will see the heart behind the gift and cherish the treasure of them. ♥️

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