39 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-25-23

  1. Morning all! The ground is all glittery this morning! The deer are wandering through causing the dogs to want to go out and join them in a game of chase!

    How I love stone buildings and that one up there is so pretty. Is it limestone?

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  2. Such a beautiful church building, I assume. In Atlanta, I know of at least one old church building that houses a fancy restaurant, or at least did before Covid.

    I have so many new things to add to my schedule for after treatment care. For one thing, apply vitamin E oil daily for a year. Does anyone want to recommend a brand? I received disharge instructions today so I have a week to think of any questions, and I suppose, also, to buy supplies. Amazingly, I think I bought just the right amount of tubes of Calendula cream to see me through the 6 weeks .

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  3. Cold. I have bloodwork this morning in about 45 minutes so will be off and running, then another long and probably hectic work day with the homeless count story info coming in to write up.

    It’s weeks like these I wish I didn’t still feel like I had to keep working. 😦 It’s a real slog sometimes.

    But Abby’s happy, always, in the mornings. Maybe today will be the day the cat plays with her …

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  4. I think we had an earthquake this morning, or so I see on Twitter.

    This is the 33rd year anniversary of my mom’s very unexpected, early morning death. 😦 I’ll never forget that day.

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  5. An amazingly quick and easy blood draw (for me, I have trickster veins), she got the vein on the first (and very) gentle stab.

    So in and out for that, and now work starts, but I did have time to cook up a quick omelette after getting home and the coffee is just now done.

    Mornings are hard for me always, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned numerous times. I’m far from perky or upbeat, mentally or physically. I grumble a lot. But after I’m up a while I’m fine. And Abby’s helping, she so crazy-happy first thing in the morning, she loves it when the cat and I get up.

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  6. Remember the dog who used to just sit on the couch, keeping an eye on you and cat? You wondered if she would ever lighten up. She is a joy to read about.

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  7. mumsee @12:57, yes, she’s come a very long way in quite a short time.

    She hardly moved in those first few days. When Annie finally emerged from the spare room after a day or so, she crept around on the other side of the room, just staring at Abby, wondering, probably, what was wrong with that dog that didn’t ever move.

    “She’s just scared of us, Annie.”

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  8. I do smile a lot when reading about Abby. Thanks for sharing her, Dj.

    The article you shared about dog and cat names was on the local Fox news this morning. I’d already shred it with Art last night so I told him we are ahead of the local news thanks to Dj in CA.

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  9. My dad’s death anniversary this year (March 12) will mark 53 years since his passing.

    I was 18 I think? He was 54. But he’d been sick for 3+ years. Very hard years for our family.

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  10. My folks were married seventy three years ago, today. My mom died forty years ago two months ago. She was fifty two and I was twenty three. It was sort of expected but never expected. I remember having dreams we would dig her up and give her a new cancer treatment and she would be fine. The mind can be a strange place.

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  11. So I am not part of the democratic part, but today I got two things from them. They are pushing their agenda. I will keep the part that is a list of the republicans and what they voted for. It is showing who they are targeting so I know who to pray for.

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  12. I have three boulders that I would like to move. I think you can rent a bobcat and am wondering if that would work. It is a little tricky to miss these.

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  13. Wow, a lot of our moms died young here. When mine died I was 31 and she was 55, so long ago. We always thought Dad would go first because he took such poor care of himself and was five years older to begin with, but cancer took her and then he lived another 20 years.

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  14. Wow, it’s amazing to think I had a mom longer than most of you–but it sure didn’t feel like I had a mom as long as I expected. Her father died the 2 years before she did at 103; her mom only three years before at 92. She was young by her family’s standards.

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  15. I’m overwhelmed by a ton of copy the young reporter sent me to include in my story. I appreciate her earnestness, but yikes.

    Peter, that’s so hard losing a mom at 7 years old.

    I’m registered nonpartisan so tend to get campaign material from all sides. Prayer is needed all around, I’d say.

    We’re living in a time where partisan folks on every side seem particularly agitated and angry, even aggressively so, which is not a good mindset for the nation at large.

    I’d say we all need mercy, wisdom, clarity and guidance.

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  16. Aj # 6:03, so true.

    And when my mom died, 30 years after my dad’s death, I had that weird sensation of being an orphan — even though I was nearly 40 years old.

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  17. My dad died at age 74 and my mother at 84. She lived longest of all of her birth family members. My dad died at the same age his mother had died, and both had strokes. My mother had heart failure but was terribly afflicted with osteoporosis and in a wheelchair from that for several of her later years.


  18. My dad was 70 (I was 43, soon to turn 44) when he died of cancer. I’ve always said that if it weren’t for that awful cancer, I could imagine him living into his 90s, healthy and spry, as he was pretty healthy in other ways. Mom died at 73, five and a half years after Dad’s death, and she, too, died of cancer. The oldest grandparent I had died at 68, and the rest died in their 50s – one on each side from cancer, and one from some horrible disease that I don’t know the name of.

    Hubby died at 62 (the age I am now). His dad died at only 50-something, but his mom lived to be 88.


  19. 2 of my grandparents were in their 80s when they died.

    Long day, this has been “one of those weeks.” More to come tomorrow.

    I had Abby half in my lap tonight, she can’t be on the couch for now, but she can stand next to me sitting on the couch and throw the front half of her over my lap.

    She’s making me laugh tonight, she’s acting so silly around Annie. Please play with me! Please!

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  20. Goodnight mumsee & household.

    I’m doing a load of wash, but may turn in early (for me) after that.


    From a cop friend on Twitter tonight:

    ~ So much negativity and madness on social media. Need a cleanse for a couple of days. See ya in a few. ~

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