22 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-23-23

  1. We have had our share of winter beauty this year for sure. Our January has been wonderful with mild weather. We all know that won’t last, however.

    If I were ever to have a twenty hour nap, it would be at this time of year, Dj.

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  2. And we had lots of rain!!!! yesterday (that is VERY unusual for January) so the beautiful frost is gone. Next week the polar vortex is supposed to move in bringing us -40 temps again. Ugh. The poor deer, moose and elk – they will have one solid crust of snow to try and get food through and to walk/run on while breaking through to the softer snow underneath.

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  3. Good afternoon from chilly Atlanta. Today the wind blows and rattles the light tan beech leaves. They hang on there until the new leaf buds shove them off in spring.

    Folks are praying for me, I can feel it! I felt better today than yesterday😀

    The trees in the header are a spectacle of majesty!

    I splurged on a pumpkin pie from Publix. To me, any season is a reason to have pumpkin pie. I threw the edge crust out for our wild critters to enjoy.

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  4. And a book for 99 cents by Kathy Harris which involves breaking in a new dog😀 . . .
    Deadly Conclusion

    A Fast-Paced Suspense Book You Can’t Put Down
    In the thrilling conclusion of the “Deadly Secrets” series, dog trainer Keely Lambert breaks in Titan, a new shepherd, during a rescue mission to find little Conner Wells. Aided by childhood friend, Beau Gardner of the TBI and Conner’s uncle, Keely finds the boy deep inside Beaman Park.
    But Conner is not all that Keely found. On the way back to the welcome center, she notices something sticking out of the dirt—the military dog tags of her father who disappeared more than two decades before.
    The discovery sets Keely on a hunt to unearth her father’s killer, only to be thwarted by multiple setbacks—the murder of Beau’s father, the kidnapping of her mother, and her kennel being set on fire in the middle of the night. After Keely is kidnapped herself, Beau leads a manhunt to find her before the outcome reaches a deadly conclusion.

    I have not read her books.

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  5. Thanks, Janice.

    Janice, I am amazed by your photos that you post. You find the beauty and bless the rest of us.

    Sunny here today, but still chilly.
    So nice to see the sunshine.

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  6. Hello? Is it morning? I don’t know where the days are going but they are flying here. Nurse came by and visited the grandpas and declared them in very good condition.

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  7. Thank you, Jo. This is the time of year that I sometimes have to pull photos from previous years because there are not that many things to take pictures of in the dead of winter.

    I walked in the driveway and listened first to my Glorify devotional app and then to Bonhoffer. I have less than an hour left on Bonhoffer. It has been so good but at the same time so horrifying in the parts about the Nazi war crimes.

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