32 thoughts on “Our Daily Thread 1-21-23

  1. Good morning. Sun is thinking of coming up. I dreamed of the farm last night, as yesterday was my grandfather’s birthday. We were installing new water lines. I could even see my uncle’s pickup in the driveway. Makes me miss them.

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  2. My heart hurts for you, Kim. Amos looks like a dog I would love.

    I thought Janice and Michele’s comments on grief were very insightful. With each new grief, we seem to relive others. We do all grieve differently for sure. I have a friend who is grieving having to leave her house. Her husband just could not keep up with all the work involved. They are fortunate that their daughter and her husband bought their house, moving back from a few states away. My friend has been puzzled about her feelings, but I reminded her that she does have a lot to grieve. When you move at this time of life, it is often because you have to do so. The excitement of moving as a choice is a totally different thing. She is resigned and determined to make the most of the move, however, knowing it was necessary.

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  3. Good morning, all. Did I mention busy? Very nice having son in law here and he is stepping up and being a huge help. Grandpa was awake many times last night but I slept the first few hours and picked up the last couple while son slept. Grandpa has been doing a lot of measuring and carpentering. Yesterday he was asking for the tin snips and those squares of metal out in the garage as he wants to cut them down and the tin snips would handle it just fine. Early this morning he wanted me to bring in those boards from the garage and move the wall over about three inches to the left and fix those boards with the nails poking up as they would be hard on his bare feet. I pointed out that not only should he not be walking on the wall, but we didn’t have any nails pointing up there. And so it is here in the little house on the prairie.

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  4. I hit send before I meant to do so.

    Last night I thought of Kim and this morning. I also thought of how fortunate Amos was to have all his girls nearby and available to give him loving care for the end time. Many people are scattered and can’t make that happen. Thinking how Kim said Amos cleaned egg off the morning breakfast plates and how we have our fried eggs on paper plates each morning that Miss Bosley gets to clean up afterwards. It’s all the little routine habits that will be missed😪 Sending prayers up to God to comfort you, Kim.🙏

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  5. I am surprisingly OK. The house “feels” different.
    The vet, Dr. Dixon was so sweet. I had seen her back in the Fall. She told me then he wasn’t ready and he would let me know when he was. She walked in and through tears I told he that he told me he was tired. She talked about losing her Golden when she was in veterinary school
    and almost quit.
    She gave him a sedative and he slept and snored. They left us with him for a little while. She gave back and gave him the intravenous medicine to stop his heart.
    I did what I promised to do. I held him and kissed him and told him how much he was loved.
    Dr Dixon loved that Maddie sent pictures and we took his squeaky toy – that he hasn’t played with in months- and they will be cremated with him.
    The clinic could not have been nicer.
    This morning in the dark I saw his blanket at the door of the bed and thought he was there. When I woke up no stretched I lifted my leg around where he would normally be.
    I know I made the right choice.
    I started writing out a history of how I got him when the last thing I wanted was a dog. I started crying so ultimately I copied and pasted Michelle’s words and made my post on FB

    While I know it’s not the same, all day yesterday I kept thinking about God sending His Son to die knowing it was what had to happen. It was the right decision and had to happen.
    Perhaps dogs are sent to teach us about selfless love.

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  6. My pleasure Kim.

    I hope it helped you, and that you know Amos was loved by us too, because he was loved by you. They’re family, and their loss is felt by those who love them.

    Prayers for you and yours.

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  7. …and this is why I love my husband….
    Last night we were sitting in the living room watching TV. I noticed Amos’s bed wasn’t in front of the fireplace where I had left it. I asked him where it was. “In the dining room under the window where it belongs”.

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  8. Good morning, all. A beautiful day in the neighborhood with just enough snow to track a turkey.

    That was very sweet of your husband, Kim. He loves you and he loves the animals. Good man.

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  9. home from Portland and ready for a nap. When we checked the availability of standby seats, there were none except for the 6:45am flight. So I got up at 5. My sweet grandchildren got up to say goodbye and give me a hug. This flight had 90 open seats so I was quite comfortable. But now I’m tired.

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  10. Had I mentioned that Nightingale bought me a combination Keurig and regular coffeemaker for my birthday? It turned out that it made the coffee too weak, which was a complaint mentioned in some of the reviews on Amazon. So Nightingale sent it back, and ordered another one that was more expensive, but had excellent reviews. (The other one had mostly good reviews, too. She wouldn’t have ordered something with generally bad reviews. 🙂 )

    The new one is really good, but it is even more high tech. It has a touch screen! A coffeemaker with a touch screen! It can make either a pot of coffee or Keurig-type coffee pods. And the coffee comes out tasting even better than my old coffeemaker.

    I will mostly use the regular coffeemaker option, but the single-cup K-cup pods are fun for a treat now and then. We have a couple special flavors – Chocolate Raspberry and Cinnamon Dulce Cappuccino – and I will be buying more to have on hand.

    Speaking of which, I was talking about that with a friend at church, and she said that Keurig. com has the K-cup pods for a less expensive price than elsewhere, at least with the subscription she has, which has a percentage off the regular price. So I will be comparing those prices to what I can find on Amazon.

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  11. Oh, that reminds me that when I was at the hospital and trying to use the unfamiliar coffee maker (maybe Altera?), I was really challenged in trying to read each step it told me to do. Thankfully there are always people willing to help🙏PTL for helpful people!

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  12. Sorry for your loss, Kim. I remember as a child when my dad took our dog to put him down. But we saw how much he was suffering. It was hard, but we survived.

    My dad swore there would be no more pets, but my sister took on cat sitting for a friend of hers. The cat had 4 kittens. We ended up adopting one fo them.

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  13. Not vacationing here but when one is retired I suppose every day can feel like vacation. Except I do still have to clean, cook, laundry, watch the dogs, shovel snow, grocery shop, pay bills…so no…no vacation here 😊
    The roads were icy this morning but coming home from church the ice had melted for the most part and was a less scary drive home! Going down steep hills on solid ice when a deer decides to saunter across the road in front of you is so much fun!! 😳 🦌

    Your coffee maker sounds fun Kizzie. Does it have an espresso feature as well? That is what I am needing..espresso! A friend has an espresso feature on hers and for me that’s a game changer. Dropping hints to husband to order one. I buy big boxes of the Keurig pods at Sam’s but the coffee in them has been tasting rather stale…perhaps that is why I like espresso so much lately…smells and tastes stronger! 😊

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  14. Thank you all for walking this path with me. You have know about Amos since he entered my life. I haven’t emptied him water bowl. I asked Mr P to handle that tomorrow when I am gone. I’ve looked at it for 2 days and can’t do it.
    I know I made the right decision and am mostly at peace with it.
    I will heal. Did you see the flowers my office sent ? It meant so much that they understood just like it means so much that all of you understand.
    Thank you and I love you.

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  15. We have a coffee pot that has both a pot and pod feature. My husband makes a pot a day, but the pod side comes in handy for using with the pods or just heating water to make tea etc. Not so fancy sounding as yours, Kizzie, but plenty good. You can program it to come on in the morning, but my husband doesn’t bother. I am usually up before he is, and I put hot water in the carafe to warm it up and start the coffee maker. I can’t have coffee right away, so it doesn’t matter if it is ready for me.

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  16. NancyJill – No, it doesn’t have an espresso feature – at least, not that I know of.

    The funny thing is that I had no desire for a Keurig, and neither did Nightingale, but she started looking at coffeemakers and thought that maybe the duel coffeemaker would be nice. And since I started thinking about it, and tried a flavored K-cup pod, I have decided that it is a nice feature to have. 🙂

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  17. Amos was a very good dog. And he had a very good owner.

    Abby and I got out for a walk late this afternoon, almost dusk but not quite.

    I had a lot of errands to run yesterday and the cat kept waking me up last night, on the hour, demanding to be fed, not sure what’s going on with her but I’m going to switch to one of her other food flavors to see if that’s it. I felt like I got a very poor night’s sleep, though, so wound up taking a 20hour nap to make up for some of it.

    I didn’t get much accomplished this weekend — weekends just go by too fast (because they are too short!)

    Abby has needed a lot of “work,” which they said she would.

    Mass shooting we had in our county today ended in one of our local towns, 22 miles south of where the shooting took place. Not sure what his connection here was, but it ended right near an Amazon store we were talking about at our home group this past week as the hosts live so close to it.

    No motive released but it would seem to be a personal / romantic vendetta of some kind (putting together his visits to ballroom dance studios where he may have had connections?)

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  18. I could hear Abby chewing on something last night as I was watching TV.

    She’d somehow found and brought in a heavy metal mount with two large screws in it.

    I got it away from her before we wound up with a doggie dental bill.

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